THE DREADED IRS FORM 990 (DOC) by gegeshandong


									                                                             April 1: Deadline for July issue of magazine. To
                                                             submit “Best for Women” club activities and media
                                                             mentions, see the Submission Guidelines in the
                                                             members area of the website

                                                    Place an ad and help
The Focus Reports database is a tool to help clubs find
                                                             support the website. Check our Region Website for
successful projects. There are many ideas to choose
from. You may also submit your own focus reports
                                                             March 1 is the time to: Send in a picture or an article
online. Go to, then
Programme, select the link to enter focus reports            on your club activities to our Newsletter chair Joyce
online (near the bottom of the page). The SI member          Jones .
login username is “sia” and the password is
“philadelphia” then submit your reports.                     You should have already received the Call to
                                                             Conference..continue to make arrangements.
                                                             We look forward to your attendance. Don't
                                                             forget opening will be on Friday and we are
                                                             hoping to have you share in our exciting NEW
... To improve the lives of women and girls in local         format with fun and business. Make Huntsville
communities and throughout the world.                        your destination.
The Renaissance Campaign will be extended to 2010.           _____________________________

Microsoft has provided SIA with free email addresses
for each Soroptimist club. Clubs will be able to view
their club email from any Internet-enabled computer,
by going to the website, and using your
new email address as the required “Windows Live ID”
and your six digit club number as your
password. Clubs will have all mail from SIA forwarded
to this email address eventually and it might be a good
way for SR Chairs to communicate with the clubs too.

SIA Bylaws Revision
                                                                        There is much to do!
The first draft of the proposed revision was sent to the                            Come
Governors already. The revision will be considered by
the delegates at the 2010 convention and then
                                                                              April 23-26, 2009
submitted for approval by clubs via mail ballot. The
matrix of changes and the draft revision were mailed to                        Huntsville, AL
all club presidents in early February in the club mailing.                          for the
Clubs should review the draft and submit comments or               83rd Southern Region Conference
possible amendments to HQ by September 1 2009.
Governors were also asked to make sure that the
revision is distributed, or made available at region                     Fly Me to the Moon!
conference. I will probably email it to each club.
Official visitors, staff and board members in attendance        The Countdown to Launch Continues!
at conference will be prepared to answer any                  
questions.                                                        _____________________________
March 8th: Commemorate International Women's Day by
visiting the Live Your Dream website, where the winners      July 3-4, 2009: The Soroptimist Women¹s Leadership
of the Live Your Dream Art Contest “What Woman               Institute is at the Westin (Michigan Avenue) in
Inspires You” will be posted.                                Chicago, Illinois. This seminar is where Soroptimist's
                                                             Leadership Development Program will be unlike any
Soroptimist Grants for Women and Girls; All                  other. It is open to ALL Soroptimists who have an
proposals are due to SIA HQ by March 19th.                   interest in improving their personal and professional
Application forms can be found in the members area of        leadership skills. Experienced and emerging leaders
the website.                                                 alike will be able to identify leadership strengths
                                                             and areas for improvement and then personalize a
                                                             program to enhance performance in career and
community. Watch for more information and get ready
to register online on the Meetings/Convention page in
the members' area of Attendance is
limited to the first 400!
District Meetings:
District I October 23-24, Coral Gables FL,
District II October 16-17, Holiday Isles FL,
District III October 9-10, Columbus GA,
District IV October 2-3, Music City TN.
July 7-10, 2010: The 41 Biennial Convention is
at the Hilton in San Francisco, California.
August 23-25, 2011: Hilton Hawaiian Village in
Honolulu is the site of the 2011 Governors Round
Table, Soroptimist Women’s Leadership Institute
(August 25-26, 2011)
July 18-21, 2012 Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu is
the site of the SIA Convention.

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