Macau Surgical Forum 2007 Hepatobiliary _ Pancreatic Surgery by linzhengnd


									13-Jun                           Time       Venue      Speaker                  Topic

                                                   Chairman : OT Lei & MS Lei

                                                        HM Tung
         Opening Ceremony &                                               Development in
                                                      (Hong Kong)
          Conference Dinner   18:30-21:30    3/F                        Gastro-intestinal and
                                                       SW CHIU
                                                                      Cardiac-Thoracic Surgery
                                                      (Hong Kong)
14-Jun                           Time       Venue      Speaker                  Topic

                                               Chairman : M Fok & JWY Lau
             Henry Fok
         Foundation Lecture                              JS Lei      Aggressive management of
                              08:30-09:00    4/F
                                                       (Nanjing)          Intestinal fistula

            Symposium 1                       Chairman : P O’Brien & Furtado

                                                                    Restrictive or Malabsorption
                                                        WJ Lee
                              09:00-09:20                            surgery for Obesity : Asian
                                                        P O’Brien     Laparoscopic adjustable
                                                      (Melbourne)      banding : An overview
          Bariatric Surgery                  4/F
                                                        KM Chu
                              09:40-10:00                               Intra-gastric balloon
                                                      (Hong Kong)
                                                        S Wong      Management of Obesity : The
                                                      (Hong Kong)         team approach

                              10:30-10:50                                       Q&A

                              10:50-11:30    4/ F                           Tea Break

            Symposium 2                        Chairman : OT Lei & JML Zhu
                                               MKW Li          Laparoscopic or Open
                       11:30-11:50    4/F
                                             (Hong Kong)      colectomy : Debate ends
                                                            Laparoscopic gastrectomy :
                       11:50-12:20            (KOREA)
                                                            From anatomy to application

Laparoscopic Surgery                          JYW Lau       Surgery for Bleeding ulcer :
                                             (Hong Kong)          When and Who
                                              SYK Law      Esopahgeal cancer : Endoscopy
                                             (Hong Kong)           to Laparoscopy

                       13:00-13:20                                     Q&A

                          Time       Venue    Speaker                  Topic

                                       Chairman : PHM Tung & MS Lei
                                              MH Zheng     Laparoscopic surgery in China :
                       13:30-14:30    4/F
                                             (Shanghai)      the Present and the Future

                          Time       Venue    Speaker                  Topic

   Symposium 3                         Chairman : SK Lam & W Sung

                                                ZS Li
                       14:20-14:40                          Digestive Endoscopy in China
                                              BCY Wong        Capsule and Small bowel
                                             (Hong Kong)            enteroscopy
    Frontiers in
                                      4/F      ZT Jin          Current application of
     Endoscopy         15:00-15:20
                                             (Shanghai)        Endoscopic Ultrasound
                                               EKW Ng         Endoscopic resection of
                                             (Hong Kong)       digestive tract cancer

                       15:40-16:10                                     Q&A
                                             Main Entrance
                               16:30-18:00                             Tour to Macau Hospitals
                                             Macau Tower

                                  Time       Venue    Speaker                   Topic

                                                Chairman : WSZ Chao & SS Lee
               Dinner                                  JJY Sung       Future of Gastro-intestinal
                               18:30-21:00    4/F
                                                     (Hong Kong)              endoscopy
15-Jun                            Time       Venue    Speaker                   Topic

                                                Chairman : JC Law & CSW Chiu
           Macau Surgical
         Association Lecture                                        Advances of Minimal invasive
                               08:30-09:30    4/F       Beijing
                                                                           cardiac surgery

                                  Time       Venue    Speaker                   Topic

            Symposium 4                       Chairman : HHC Cheung & WK Zhu

                                                                      Cerebral protection during
                               09:30-09:50              Japan
                                                                     surgery for aortic aneurysm
                                                     SWK Cheng        Endovascular stenting for
         Thoracic & Vascular   09:50-10:10
                                              4/F    (Hong Kong)       Thoracic arch aneurysm
                                                      LC Cheng     Surgical treatment of Aortic arch
                                                     (Hong Kong)              aneurysm

                               10:30-10:50                                      Q&A

                               10:50-11:15    4/ F                            Tea Break

                                  Time       Venue    Speaker                   Topic
          Symposium 5                       Chairman : WB Chan & Yuen

                                                     KH Ho
                           11:15-11:35                          Thoracoscopic surgery in China
                                                    HS Chang    History of cardiothoracic surgery
                                                    (Macau)                in Macau

         Cardiac surgery                  4/F       WH Tsui      Application of RFA in Cardiac
                                                  (Hong Kong)               surgery
                                                    K Zhong        Neonatal congenital heart
                                                  (Quangzhou)               disease

                           12:35-12:55                                       Q&A

             Lunch         13:20-14:30    3/F

                                           Main Entrance            Tour to Macau Hospitals
                                           Macau Tower                     City Tour

16-Jun                        Time       Venue      Speaker                  Topic

                                                 Chairman : S Io & IT Ip
         Video Session                                          Replay on Gastro-intestinal and
                           10:00-12:00    4/F
                                                                Cardiac-Thoracic Surgery Video

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