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I Issue     No. 13                                                                                                           May       19971

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                                                                                                                              '0· -
                                                                                                           Las Hijas del S6l: /
                                                                                                           The Uprising of   ') ,"-

                                                                                                           Chicana Latina Women

                   _._._   ..   _-_   ... _----- ...                                                             . MEChA will host its First
                                                                                                            Annual Women's Educational
             ..El Grupo Folkl6rico Los
                                                                                                            Forum on May 15th, 7-lOpm,
      Mejicas was' ....... ed in 1972 by .
                                                                                                            College 8 Dining Hall. The Forum
    UCSC unive                      d
                                                                                                            will educate and present resources
    has remain
                                                                                                            that are available both on and off
 '~rganiZatio~                                                                            es.
                                                                                                            campus. It is also a way to give a
    Tllenrission 0 . '.                                          •..•.... ··Mi!j
                                                                                                            voice for Chicana Latina mujeres
    promote cliltunil pri . •. nd raise                          the opportunity to bea part of a
                                                                                                            at UCSC to show that we are
    awareness of MeXico's beautiful                              play at the barn theater, By The
                                                                                                            empowered. Tentative speakers:
    culture through the art of tradi-                            Dawn's Early Light, where they'
                                                                                                            Chicana Movement: Betita
    tional folk musicand dances.                                 performed a series of dances from
                                                                                                            Martinez, involved in the move-
   Los Mejicas also serves as a                                  thenorleno region of Chihuahua.
                                                                                                            ment from its beginnings.
    social and support group for                                 They also participated in the state-
                                                                                                            Chicana in the Arts: Yolanda
    Chicano Latino students and                                  wide Mexican Folk Dance Confer-
                                                                                                            Lopez known for her depictions of
    other students at UCSC.                                      ence in Salinas, Danzantes Unidos,
                                                                                                            La Virgen de Guadalupe.
              The dance group learns                             and UC Berkeley's Reflejos de
                                                                                                            Chicanas in the Community:
    and researches the traditional                               Mexico's 10th Anniversary Concert.
                                                                                                            Anna Sampaio, lecturer from Santa
    dances of Mexico and later                                             El Grupo Folk6rico Los
    performs throughout the sur-                                 Mejicas is honored to celebrate
                                                                                                            Self Defense: Patricia Pacheco,
    rounding cities of Santa Cruz,                               their 25th Anniversary Spring
                                                                                                            assists women in self defense and
    Pescadero, Felton, Capitola,                                 Concert on May 30th and 31st at
                                                                                                            domestic violence.
    Cabrillo, Watsonville, and                                   the UCSC Perfoming Arts Theatre
                                                                                                            Chicanas in the Labor Force:
    Salinas. Los Mejicas is an                                   at 7pm. Tickets are on sale NOW
                                                                                                            UNITE, activists who's goal is to
    extremely active group at UCSC.                              at the ticket box office at 459-2159.
                                                                                                            stop injustices in the work environ-
    They have been apart of various                              For more information regarding this     '.
    events throughout the academic                               special event call Manuel Fonseca-
    years such as the UCSC                                       Director at 426-7554.
    Multicultural Festival, MEChA                                      i Los esperamos!

  ,                                               Chicano Latino Student Life Resource Center
                       Chicano Latino Student Life Resource Center
                                                                                 -overcoming obstacles in my path
                                                                                 -stopping violence in America
                                                                                 -La Raza vs. U.S. Politics
                                                                               * Brief profile: name, address,
                                                                                 phone number, age, major, and
                                                                                 ethnic background
                                                                               For info. and submissions:
                                                                               Lowrider Magazine Scholarship
           Academic- Year              public/private college. For info. and   Fund
    Ambassadorial Scholarships         applications:                           P.O. Box 684
Funding for one academic year in       Gloria and Joseph Mattera National      Walnut, Ca. 91788-0648
another country. May be used for       Scholarship Fundfor Migrant             DEADLINE: MAY 31
undergraduate, graduate, or voca-      Children
tional study. For info. visit their    BOCES Genesco Migrant Center                UC Hispanic Chamber of
webpage: <http://www.rotary.org>.      Holcomb Building, 210-211                     Commerce Scholarship
Availability varies.                   Genesco,NY 14454                        For more info.
DEADLINE: APRIL~JULY                   DEADLINE: ON GOING                      1030 15th St. NW #206
                                                                               Washington, D.C. 20036 or call
    Multi-Year Ambassadorial                Mexican American Grocers           (202) 842-1212
            Scholarships                            Association
Funding for 2-3 academic years of      For students in need of financial       Mexican-American     Legal Defense
study in another country. May be       assistance. For info. and applica-         and Educational Foundation,
used for undergraduate, graduate, or   tions:                                               MALDEF
vocational study. For info. visit      Mexican American Grocers Associa-                   Law School
their webpage <http://                 tion                                    For prospective law students, based
www.rotary.org>. Availability          405 NSan Femando Road                   on academic achievement, commu-
varies.                                Los Angeles, CA 90031 or call (213)     nity involvement and financial
DEADLINE: APRIL-JULY                   227-1565                                need. For more info. call (213)
                                       DEADLINE: ON GOING                      659-2512.
      Cultural Ambassadorial                                                   DEADLINE: MAY 31
            Scholarships                         Lowrider Magazine
Funding for 3-6 months of intensive               Scholarship Fund                      National Hispanic
language study and cultural immer-     The L.M. is offering a scholarship to            Scholarship Fund
sion in the country where that         assist Chicano Latino students in       For more info.
language is spoken. For info. visit    finishing their college education.      Selection Committee
their wedpage:<http://                 The students must:                      P.O. Box 728 Novato, CA 94948
www.rotary.org>. Availability          * be of Latino descent
varies.                                * 3.0 GPA or higher                          Financial Aid Resources
DEADLINE: APRIL-JULY                   * Active college soph., jr., or sr.               for U.S. Students
                                       * Two letters of recommendation         For more info. send a self-
    Gloria and Joseph Mattera             from: instructors, clergy, employ-   addressesed stamp envelope (90¢
  National Scholarship Fund for        ers, or counselors                      postage):
          Migrant Children             *  A two page essay, typed and          Dr. Samuel Marks, USC Civic and
For students whose parents are            double-spaced, describing one of     Community Relations
migratory farmworkers. Must be            the following topics in your own     835 West 34th S1, Suite 102
enrolled/accepted at an accredited        words:                               Los Angeles, CA 90089-0751
                       Chicano Latino Student Life Resource Center

 Marine Physical Laboratory of
   the Scripps Institution of

 Oceanography, UC San Diego                 ...
                                            ...                    .
A summer of research experience in          Hi •.    ,,',,'' ',.

marine science and technology for
juniors and seniors considering a
career in scientific research. 40 hrs/
week $9.98 for 10 weeks. For
more info: http://www-                   Watsonville. Intern will work with        communication skills
mpl.ucsd.edu.                            the Project Director collecting             *Computer skills: Macin-
DEADLINE: ASAP                           information about progress within            tosh preferred
                                         the citizenship process. Must speak         *Handle multiple tasks
        Student Volunteer                Spanish. June through August.               *W ork independanlty
       Connection at UCSC                    A summer lunch program to               *Meet deadlines
A student run resource and referral      work with children in community             *Preferably Jr./Sr.
service to provide opportunities for     based program in Watsonville.                       Please send resumes & cover
students to gain greater knowledge       Bilingual Required. June through          letters to:
and receive hands-on experience in       August.                                   Office of Mayor Susan Hammer
their field of interest. Location:                 For more info:                  801 North First St, Room 500
2nd floor, Student Center, M-F           Celia Organista                           San Jose, Ca 95110
llam-4pm or call 459-3363.               c/o Adelante                              Attn: Carolina Camerena
                                         18 B. West Lake Ave.                      Fax number: (408) 277-3775
        United Farm Workers              Watsonville, CA 95076                     DEADLINE: MAY 16
    Internship opportunities avail-      (408) 724-2997
able for people interested in re-        DEADLINE: ASAP                                Monteray Bay Organizing
searching the strawberry industry;                                                             Project
analyzing the worker organizing                   Mayor Susan Hammer's                 Interns will research, explore
campaigns; consumer support                       Office City of San Jose          and analyze the various ways in
network.s, working at building              Seeking a summer intern for            which public and private policies
effective network s of community         June-August. This is a non-paid           affect the political, social, and
activists. For more info. contact        position for up to 20 hrs/week.           economic well-being of the Latino
Arturo Mendoza at (408)763-4820.         Responsibilities include:                 population of the area. For more
DEADLINE: ASAP                           Constituent CaseWork:                     info. contact Ken Smith at 479-
                                          *Research request                        7502.
   Internship Opportunities in            *Draft response                          DEADLINE: ASAP
           Watsonville                   Special Projects:
    Work with the project director,        *City Budget issues                                Women Care
analyze the local Latino vote              *Media & Public Information                Seeking Bilingual intern for a
(registration and turnout) in              *Gang Policy issues                     Latino Outreach program. Work
Watsonville, compare '94 & '96             *Public Policy Issues                   involves assisting the Latina
electoral data. Must be very             Related Duties:                           Outreach Coordinator a couple
competent in computer databases            *Database entry and mainten-            times a week in Watsonville;
and Mac with the ability to format          ance                                   contacting organizations, labor
and analyze data.                          *Weekly reports                         camps, clinics, etc. For more info.
                                           *Other tasks assigned                   contact Amber Sumrall or Lynn
    A project to revisit research        Requirements:                             Boule at 457-2273.
conducted two years ago that               *Excellent oral & written               DEADLINE: ON-GOING
studied citizenship programs in
                     Chicano Latino Student Life Resource Center

             Campus and Community Events
             MAY 5                             MAY 8-15                               MAY 16
Chicano Art:     A Panel with        Photo Exhibit by Janein Chavez:      Noche de Artistas presented by Las
Yolanda Lopez, Mia Gonzalez,         De la gente Morena, de la Costa      Girlfriends, UNAy SALAD. Porter
Celia Rodriguez, and Larry           Chic a, Oaxaca. Reception            Dining Hall, 7-1Opm. Last day to
                                     Friday, May 9th, 2:30-5:3Op.m        be in the program: May 5. For more
Trujillo.   McHenry    Library,
                                                                          info., Lisbeth 471-8797.
                                                MAY 10
                                   Hermanda's Basketball Tournament                 MAY 16-17
             MAY 7                 to raise funds for numerous com-       Students of Color Conference,
PeUcula Argentina: La Historia     munity service projects in Santa       College 8 Dining Hall. For info.
Oficial. Cas a Crown, 8-10pm.      Cruz. For more info. contact Gina      contact Benigno at X5188.
                                   Peralta 460-1202, ginal@cats.
             MAY 7                              MAY 12
Dr. Myrna Cunningham, Rector                                                           MAY 16
                                   C.H.E. Elections for the next year's
General ofURACCAN- Univ. of                                               Gathering of Courage. Student
                                   core members and a special guest
the Autonomous Regions of the                                             Center at Dusk (7-8pm).
                                   speaker. For more info. contact
Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua,
                                   Soraya, soraya@cats.
"Building a New Society: The                                                           MAY 18
Empowerment of the Indigenous                                             "Unity through Diversity,"
People of Nicaragua", 7:30pm,                   MAY 14                    Multicultural Festival, Upper
Senior Commons Room, Crown         Multicultural Festival Poetry
                                                                          Quarry, 2-5pm.
College. For more info. 459-2033   Night, Oakes Lawn, 4:30-9pm.
or 426-2798.                                                                        MAY 30-31
                                                MAY 15                    EM.P. Student Colloquim, Page
                                   MEChA Women's Caucus, "Las
             MAY 8                                                        Smith Library, Cowell College,
                                   Hijas del S6l: The Uprising of
Lalo Lopez from La Cucaracha                                              Time: TBA. For more info. call
                                   Chicana Latina Women". College 8
will be holding a presentation,                                           EOP 459-2296.
                                   Dining Hall, 7-1Opm.
Merrill Dining Hall, 8pm.                                                         May 30-31
                                                MAY 16                    El Grupo Folk6rico Los Mejicas
             MAY 8                 Nuevas Formas de Danza Folkl6rica,     will celebrate their 25th Anniver-
"Take Back the Night", Rally: 7-   Dance teacher &choreographer,          sary Spring Concert, UCSC
8:30pm, March: 8:30-1Opm           Rafael Zamarripa, Visiting Professor   Performing Arts Theatre, Fri. &
Bay tree Bookstore. Sponsored by   in Latin American Studies Stanford     Sat. 7pm, TICKETS: 459-2159.
the UCSC Women's Center.           University, 5-7pm, 105 Oakes Col-      For more info. Manuel Fonseca-
                                   lege.                                  Director 426-7554.
                     Chicano Latino Student Life Resource Center

                 8) Career
       UCSC Career Center            and Summer Housing Office in
      Are you graduating this        the Housing Services Building and

  Y     year? Do you want to se
        cure a job before you
graduate? June 1997, and Recent
                                     at Student Employment located at
                                     125 Hahn Student Services. The
                                     1997 Season will run from Sun-
Graduates, come by the UCSC          day, June 22nd through August
Career Center to get information     31st, 1997.
on internships and jobs opportuni-
ties. For more information, visit    Academic Success Workshops
our web site         at     http//   The Coalition for Student Aca-
www.ucsc.edu/ucsc/careers.           demic Success (CSAS) offers
                                     workshops to support your goals
       Chicana Latina                at the University. All students
       Pipeline Project              are invited to attend. See next
The Chicana Latina Pipeline          column for details. Disability
Project offers peer counseling,      related accommodations: For
drop in hours every Monday and       more information call 459-2089.
Wednesday, 5-8p.m., Women's
Center. Contact Adriana or           Kaplan, GRE and LSAT run.
Norma x2072 or gorda@cats or           Location and time TBA. For
mona24@cats.                           more information call EOP
   Student Summer Jobs
    Available For 1997               Senior Thesis Support Group
The Conference and Summer            The Chicano Latino Student Life
Housing Office will hire approxi-    Resource Center hosts a support
mately 35 students to work this      group to encourage students to
summer. Applications and job de-     accomplish their research goals.
scriptions are at The Conference     For more info. contact Larry
                                     Trujillo. x5608 or larryt@cats.
                    Chicano Latino Student Life Resource Center

    JiestA                  de (ASc1lmerieAs

Items for sale include:
  Tortas, Virgin Margaritas, Frutas, Pan Dulce, T-shirts,
  Popusas, Aguas Frescas, and Puerto Rican Food

 This event is coordinated by Union de la Raza, Merrill and Crown College,
                          Casa Latina, and Casa Crown

                   Las Girlfriends, SALAD &
                  Union para Nuestra America
          •                                         ••
          : Noche De Artlstas :

                       FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1997
                          PORTER COLLEGE
                             DINING HALL
                                7-1 aPM

       Last day to be in the program is May 5th, for more
       informtion call Lisbeth 471-8797 or Maya 477-0918.

    For more info. about Union para Nuestra America:una@cats,
     SALAD:frieda@cats,  or Las Gir1friends:lasgirlfriends@cats.

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