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Kristofor McMahan Kristofor McMahan


									                                     Kristofor McMahan
6105 Tiffany Oaks Lane, Arlington, TX 76016     817-343-8046

     •    Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor 3369, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion TES Construction Set v1.1, Quake 4
          GtkRadiant 1.5, Quake 3 GtkRadiant 1.3, Scrolling Game Development Kit v1.4.6, Torque Game Builder
          1.5, Valve Hammer Editor 4.1 ( Half-Life 2 )
     Asset Creation and General Level Design Skills
     •    3ds Max 7, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Binary Space Partitioning, Lighting, Texturing, Scripting, Terrain
          Construction, Model Placement, White-boxing, Documentation, AI, Balance and Flow, UV Unwrapping,
          Low to Medium Polygon Modeling, Writing Dialogue, Atmospheric Audio
     •    C++, VBScript, Lua 5.1, Unreal Script, Oblivion Script, Torque Script, Microsoft Office Certified,
          Sony ACID, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.1, Context, WOTgreal v3, Subversion SVN v1.4.5

     “Unseelie” – The Guildhall at SMU                                                        October 2007 – March 2008
     Combat Designer/Scripter/Level Designer, Team Half-life 2 Project
     •    Designed and developed encounters for a single-player level for a third-person action-adventure on
          a fourteen person team (BSP, Textures, Scripts, Prop Placement, Entity Placement, AI)
     •    Scripted major gameplay elements such as turrets, portals, and switches for use in all levels
     •    Assisted other level designers with gameplay scripting and combat balancing

     “Unannounced Game Technology Demo” – Lifeline Studios                                         July – September 2007
     Scripter/Programmer, Torque Game Builder Internship Project
     •    Designed and developed an inventory system in Torque Script for an isometric game with three
     •    Designed and developed a drag-and-drop user interface with Torque Game Builder GUI Editor
     •    Created a prioritized bug list for a Release Candidate based on frequency, repeatability, and effect
          on gameplay
     “Atman Labs” – The Guildhall at SMU                                                      October 2007 – March 2008
     Level Designer, Individual Half-life 2 Project
     •    Designed and developed a single-player level for Half-life 2
     •    Created and maintained a Level Design Document
     •    Scripted five puzzle-based encounters to take advantage of physics within Source
     •    Focused on helping the player realize common real-world misconceptions about physics through
          experimentation within the level
     •    Major focus on creating an interesting world to contain the physics systems and presenting ingame
          information through an onscreen narrator to guide players through the level
     “Firefight” – The Guildhall at SMU                                                                   April – June 2007
     Level Designer, Individual Quake 4 Project
     •    Designed and developed a single-player level for Quake 4 focusing on tactical gameplay
     •    Designed, built, and detailed four rooms: an elevator shaft, an exhaust dissipation area, a test lab
          with enemy spawners, and a Strogg hangar (BSP, Textures, Scripts, Lighting, Model Placement, AI)
     •    Scripted two enemy spawners that follow a spline-based track, spawn random enemies at specified
          points along the track, and use believable sensory effects during spawning and their eventual
     •    Created and maintained a Level Design Document

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                                    Kristofor McMahan
6105 Tiffany Oaks Lane, Arlington, TX 76016     817-343-8046

     “Burgled!” – The Guildhall at SMU                                                     January – March 2007
     Level Designer, Team Unreal Tournament 2004 Project
     •   Designed and developed a team-based objective project for Unreal Tournament 2004 on a ten person
     •   Created and maintained a Level Design Document
     •   Developed a multi-player level (BSP, Textures, Lighting, Static Mesh Placement, Balancing)
     “Sub Rosa” – The Guildhall at SMU                                                    July – September 2006
     Level/Game Designer, Team Scrolling Game Development Kit Project
     •   Designed and developed a 2d side-scrolling game with the Scrolling Game Development Kit on a two
         person team
     •   Designed, blocked out, and populated a single-player level
     •   Developed a foreground, mid-ground, and background tileset with Adobe Photoshop
     •   Developed a soundtrack for the game as well as cut and edited sounds for use in the game and menu
     •   Created a Game Design Document describing the game design, story, environments, technology, and
         necessary assets
     •   Developed a VB script for projectiles, spawning, win/loss conditions, jumping, menu navigation and
         a final boss

     Level Design Student                                                                          2006 – 2008
     The Guildhall at SMU
     •   Participated in multiple short term level design projects, solo and with teams
     •   Developed 20 assets in 3ds Max 7 and Adobe Photoshop
     •   Developed a text adventure game using Microsoft C++, PS3 Pandemonium
     •   Developed a 2d strategy game using Lua, Lua Siege
     •   Developed a cooperative board game and game manual outlining the directions for play, required
         pieces, and detailed rules, Corporate Chaos
     •   Developed an Oblivion project including seven scripts, a populated town, quests, and 50+lines of
         dialogue, The Devils Known

     •   4 year summer internship at the Makens Company (a commercial real estate firm) creating aerials,
         demographics, tour books, doing research, and assisting associates in any way possible
     •   8 years of playing trumpet in both the Martin Warrior Marching Band and the TCU Horned Frog
         Marching Band
     •   2 years as the President of the Honorary Marching Band Fraternity at TCU
     •   1 year as the Treasurer of the Honorary Marching Band Fraternity at TCU

     The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University                                                 March 2008
     Plano, Texas
     Masters of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development, Specialization in Level Design

     Texas Christian University                                                                       2001-2005
     Fort Worth, Texas
     •   B.B.A., Finance
     •   Minor in Criminal Justice

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