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					2011 Census of Population and Housing

‘it’s not all about language’

                                   Ben James
 Assistant Director, Census Management Unit
              Australian Bureau of Statistics
    A quick overview of what I am talking about;

• What makes Census a multicultural marketing
• What strategies is the ABS employing to reach their
• What data is available from Census, how you can use it
  and how to access it
• How you can help to ensure the quality of this rich data
The Census is conducted by the ABS every 5 years, with
  the next Census on August 9th, 2011.

Why have a Census?

• Measures the number of people in Australia on Census night,
  their key characteristics, and dwellings in which they live.
• Democracy - House of Representatives
• Funding to State and Territories
• Planning of Services and Infrastructure
• Helps define what our communities look like
 The Census as a
Marketing Campaign

• includes everyone in Australia
• undercount is not uniform
• no ‘one size fits all’ solution
             How did we perform in 2006?
Net undercount, State/Territory of usual residence
  Are we getting the full picture of Australia's
Net Undercount, Indigenous persons by State/territory of usual residence, 2006
  Are we getting the full picture of Australia's
In 2006 there were approximately 1,366,000 people who
   did not state their country of birth.
Who are we missing?
China – 23%
India – 23%
Philippines – 14%
Vietnam – 13%
Greece – 12%

These numbers indicate the number of people born in these countries who did not answer the question
   OR did not return a Census form.
   What are some of the challenges?

• Access to culturally diverse
  groups in the community

• Distrust in Government

• ‘It doesn’t relate to me!’
 What Strategies is the ABS Employing?
• Engagement
   community events
   peak bodies
   local governments
     What Strategies is the ABS Employing?

• Recruitment
   office staff for strategies
   field staff from the community
     What Strategies is the ABS Employing?

• Targeted PR and Advertising

   currently in early stages of
    campaign design for 2011
   creative work is being focus
    group tested
   will include multi-cultural radio
    and press
   Census inquiry service
    language helpline
How can the Census help you with your
  multi-cultural marketing campaign?
Recognising Australia’s cultural diversity
         Recognising Australia’s cultural diversity
People who speak a language other than English
As a percentage of people aged 5 years and over
Based on Place of Usual Residence, 2006, Sydney (Statistical Division) by Statistical Local Area
       Recognising Australia’s cultural diversity
Recent Arrivals
Overseas born people arriving in Australia on, or after, 1 January 2001
Based on Place of Usual Residence, 2006, Marrickville (LGA) by Collection District

                                                                                       Percentage of the
                                                                                     total LGA population
       How you can access Census Data
•   All the Census data used in the previous slide is accessible via the ABS website for free!
•   Census Data for 1996, 2001, 2006 Census easily accessible, at different levels of geography
    (e.g. suburb, LGA, Capital City, State, Australia)
•   Look for Census Data in the left-hand panel
•   You will need to choose: Topic, Census Year, Location & Product
•   A number of free online tools are also available:
       –      Quickstats – summary of key Census data
       –      Census Tables – Data tables on a specific Census topic
       –      CDATA Online – Create your own tables
       –      MapStats – Create your own maps
       –      Community Profiles – Profiles of key Census characteristics

•   The National Information Referral Service are there to help you find what you need.

                           Call them on 1300 135 070
How you can access Census Data
  How you can help ensure the quality of this rich
                  data source?
Get involved!
     sign up as a Collector or Area Supervisor
     promote and advocate Census amongst your friends and
    Contact details:
    (02) 9268 4254

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