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					Microsoft® Unified Communications
Microsoft communications uses the power             your company’s people will have the           online and if so, if they’re free or busy.
of software to streamline communications            power to work better together, connect        Presence information is updated
between people and organizations                    more easily to processes and information,     automatically based upon network status
regardless of medium, platform, device, or          and work wherever and
location.                                           whenever they want –
Imagine the complexities of modern                  with the tools they know
communications condensed into a                     and use every day.
seamless experience with one address
book, one Inbox, and one login across
every mode of communication. That's
what Microsoft is doing.                            Rather than struggling
                                                    with separate
We're combining e-mail, voice over
                                                    communication tools
Internet protocol (VoIP), instant messaging
                                                    and interfaces,
and audio-, video- and Web conferencing
                                                    employees using unified
into an integrated, intuitive system built
                                                    communications enjoy
around people, not technology. And we're
                                                    increased access to
building it all into the Microsoft Office
                                                    people and information
system the world knows and trusts.
                                                    at the right time, in the
Companies can break down                            best way for the
communication silos and build a cost-               situation.
effective, secure, and reliable next-
                                                    By having insight into
generation communications platform.
                                                    people’s availability or
Integration with existing IT, e-mail, and
                                                    “presence,” users can
telephony systems means you can add
                                                    easily connect with the
VoIP without ripping and replacing your
                                                    right person easily and
existing investments. Cost effective and
                                                    quickly. “Presence”
easy to manage, Microsoft unified
                                                    icons – color-coded
communications offers the choice of                                                               and Outlook calendar information. Users
                                                    dots – appear next to contact names
managed software on-premise or fully                                                              can control who has access to their
                                                    within Microsoft Office programs such as
hosted solutions available through                                                                presence information.
                                                    Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word,
partners.                                                                                         Users can click to communicate right from
                                                    Microsoft SharePoint sites and more,
From a business perspective, that means             letting people know if their colleagues are   within the Microsoft Office system
                                                                                                  programs. Simply click on someone’s
                                                                                                  name and choose the best way to reach
   Unified Communications Software and Services
                                                                                                  them, either by sending an e-mail, making
                                                                                                  a phone call, sending an instant message
    Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007
                                                                                                  or perhaps scheduling a meeting in person
    Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007
                                                                                                  or with Web conferencing.
    Microsoft Office Communicator
    Microsoft Office Live Meeting                                                                To meet the demands of today’s mobile
    Microsoft® Office System, including SharePoint, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office   workforce, you can make secure
     Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and more                           communications accessible from
    Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services: hosted e-mail, filtering, archiving, encryption and      anywhere. Users can view their email,
     backup                                                                                       schedule, contacts or collaborative
                                                                                                  workspace from their portable device,
                                                                                                  from home or when on the road.
All vital business messages can now be                               Weyerhaeuser Company: Connecting People around the Globe
managed in one place. With Microsoft
Exchange Unified Messaging, all message                              Industry: Manufacturing
types, including voice mail, e-mail and fax                          Customer Profile: Weyerhaeuser Company manages millions of acres of timberlands and
messages appear alongside one another in                             manufacture, distributes and sells woods products. Headquartered in Washington State, the
the Outlook Inbox.                                                   company has 50,000 employees with operations in 18 countries across North America, South
                                                                     America, Europe and Asia.
Efficient Operations
                                                                     Business Situation
Microsoft unified communications can                                 Weyerhaeuser wanted to give employees working in different time zones better options for real-
help to reduce infrastructure costs and                              time communication. Public messaging systems did not provide the tools needed to fulfill
consolidate third-party solutions. Because                           industry regulatory requirements. The company also wanted to streamline administration of a
the unified communications presence                                  more comprehensive communications solution that would be easy to use and manage.
engine is built on Active Directory, you can                         Solution
leverage a single user directory for all                             Weyerhaeuser had Microsoft Exchange Server and added IM, presence awareness and Web
communications. This integrated solution                             conferencing. Weyerhaeuser deployed Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services, federation and
                                                                     the Public Connectivity Pack.
eliminates the need to maintain multiple
user account repositories and directory                              Benefits
                                                                     Faster, timelier communications, convenient, easy-to-use system, support for regulatory
                                                                     compliance, minimal administration and tighter security.
Microsoft unified communications
provides professional-grade reliability,
availability and scalability. It helps simplify
the deployment and management of                                communications. It provides your                                 builds off and integrates with your existing
communications infrastructure, making IT                        organization with flexible layers of defense                     messaging and telephony investments.
operations easier and more efficient, and                       to match specific areas of risk. With                            In addition, this infrastructure was
provides flexible options for structuring                       frequent and automatic updates to junk e-                        designed to be highly extensible.
network protection.                                             mail filters and anti-virus signatures, it is                    Developers and partners can integrate
                                                                easier than ever to protect sensitive data                       these rich and consistent communications
By integrating with existing management                         and systems.
and monitoring tools such as Microsoft®                                                                                          into business process and existing line of
System Center Operations Manager 2007                           Unified communications also helps                                business applications using APIs and
(formerly Microsoft Operations Manager)                         customers address compliance and privacy                         Microsoft Visual Studio®. There is a broad
and Microsoft Management Console,                               policy requirements. New encryption                              network of experts and solution
unified communications improves                                 technology helps keep messages                                   development partners providing custom
administrator productivity. An intuitive                        confidential, both inside the organization                       development.
administrative console helps IT managers                        and over the Internet. New compliance                            With these advantages, Microsoft’s
find and fix problems quickly, without                          tools help simplify organizational                               software-based solution easily adapt to
using multiple tools.                                           governance by enabling administrators to                         your organization’s changing business
                                                                set policies for filtering, examining, and                       needs, for more information, please visit
Built-In Security Protection                                    archiving e-mail, voice-mail, fax and                  
                                                                instant messaging.
Microsoft unified communications helps to
increase security and compliance with                           Future-Ready Foundation
policies and regulations across all
                                                                The increasing complexity of
                                                                communications infrastructure and
                                                                applications can require expensive
                                                                consulting and customization to fully meet
                                                                organizational needs. But Microsoft’s
                                                                software-based solution allows you to
                                                                build your next generation communication
                                                                infrastructure cost effectively, because it

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