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Sheet1 - CLA Student Services


									             U of M Majors
Major                                         Code          College(s)
Accounting                                    ICS/ESC/CIS   CSOM
Acting                                        ASE           CLA
Actuarial Science                             CEI           CSOM
Aerospace Engineering                         IRE           IT
African American and African Studies          IES           CLA
Agricultural Education                        SEA           CEHD
Agriculture and Food Business Management      ESC           CFANS
Agriculture Industries and Marketing          ERI           CFANS
American Indian Studies                       IES           CLA
American Studies                              ESC           CLA
Ancient Mediterranean Studies                 IES           CLA
Animal Science                                RIE           CFANS
Anthropology                                  IRE           CLA
Applied Economics                             ESC           CFANS
Applied Plant Science                         IRE           CFANS
Architecture                                  IEA           CDes/CLA
Art                                           ASI           CLA
Art History                                   AES           CLA
Asian Languages and Literatures               ASI           CLA
Astronomy                                     IES           CLA
Astrophysics                                  ISE           IT
Bachelor of Individualized Studies            Varies        CLA
Bio-Based Products                            IRE           CFANS
Bio-Based Products Engineering                IRE           IT
Biochemistry                                  IRS           CBS
Biology                                       IRE           CBS
Biology, Society and Environment              ISR           CLA
Biomedical Engineering                        IRE           IT
Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering                      IT
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering       IRE           IT
Business and Marketing Education              SEC           CEHD
Career & Technical Education                  RIS/SEC       CEHD
Chemical Engineering                          IRE           IT
Chemistry                                     IRE           CLA/IT
Chicano Studies                               IES           CLA
Child Psychology                              SIE           CLA
Civil Engineering                             IRE           IT
Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology        IRA           CLA
Classical Civilization                        AIS           CLA
Clinical Laboratory Science                   ICR           CCE/Ctr. Allied Health
Clothing Design                               ASR           CDes
Communication Studies                         SAI           CLA
Computer Engineering                          IRE           IT
Computer Science                              IRE           CLA/IT
Construction Management                       RES/RCE       CCE
Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature   AIS           CLA
Dance                                         AER           CLA
Dental Hygiene                                SAI           Dental School
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior              IRE           CBS
Economics                                     IAS           CLA
Electrical Engineering                        RIE           IT
Emergency Health Services                     RSI/ESI       CCE
English                                       AIS           CLA
Entrepreneurial Management                    ESA           CSOM
             U of M Majors
Major                                            Code          College(s)
Environmental Design                             RIA/IRS       CDes
Environmental Horticulture                       RIA/IRS       CFANS
Environmental Science                            IRE           CFANS
Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management   IRE           CFANS
Family Social Science                            SEA           CEHD
Finance                                          ESC/CEI       CSOM
Fisheries and Wildlife                           REI           CFANS
Food Science                                     IRA           CFANS
Forest Resources                                 RIS           CFANS
Foundations of Education: Early Childhood        SAE/SAI       CEHD
Foundations of Education: Elementary             SAE           CEHD
French and Italian Studies                       ASE           CLA
French Studies                                   ASE           CLA
Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies              IES           CLA
General Management                               ESC           CSOM
General Management: Self Designed                ESC           CSOM
Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development          IRS           CBS
Geography                                        IRS           CLA
Geological Engineering                           RIE           IT
Geology                                          IRS           CLA/IT
Geophysics                                       IRS           IT
German Studies                                   AES           CLA
Global Studies                                   SEI           CLA
Graphic Design                                   ASE           CDes
Greek                                            ASE           CLA
Hebrew                                           ASE           CLA
History                                          SEI           CLA
Housing Studies                                  SRI/REC/ERS   CDes
Human Resource Development                       SEC/SEA       CEHD
Human Resources and Industrial Relations         ESC/SEC       CSOM
Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major    Varies        CLA
Information Technology Infrastructure            IRE/IRC       CCE
Inter-College Program                            Varies        CCE
Interior Design                                  AES/EAS       CDes
International Business - co-major only           Varies        CSOM
Italian Studies                                  ASE           CLA
Jewish Studies                                   IAS           CLA
Journalism and Mass Communication                ASE           CLA
Kinesiology                                      SRI           CEHD
Latin                                            ASE           CLA
Linguistics                                      AIS           CLA
Management Information Systems                   CIR/ISR       CSOM
Manufacturing Technology                         REI           CCE
Marketing                                        EAS/SEA       CSOM
Materials Science and Engineering                REI           IT
Mathematics                                      ICR           CLA/IT
Mechanical Engineering                           RIS           IT
Medical Technology                               ISA           Medical School
Microbiology                                     IRS           CBS/CLA
Mortuary Science                                 RIE           Medical School
Music                                            ASI           CLA
Music Education                                  ASE           CLA
Music Performance                                ASC           CLA
Music Therapy                                    ESI           CLA
             U of M Majors
Major                                         Code                   College(s)
Neuroscience                                  IRA/IRE                CBS
Nursing                                       SIA/SEA                School of Nursing
Nutrition                                     SIC/ISR                CFANS
Operations Management                         ECI                    CSOM
Pharmacy                                      IER                    College of Pharmacy
Philosophy                                    SAI                    CLA
Physics                                       IRE                    CLA/IT
Physiology                                    IRE                    CLA
Plant Biology                                 IRS                    CBS
Political Science                             SEC                    CLA
Program for Individualized Learning           Varies                 CCE
Psychology                                    SIE                    CLA
Public/Non-Profit Management                                         CSOM
Radiation Therapy                             RIS                    CCE
Recreation Resource Management                RES                    CFANS
Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies         ESA                    CEHD
Religious Studies                             SAI                    CLA
Respiratory Care                              RIS                    CCE
Retail Merchandising                          ESA/SER/AES            CDes
Risk Management and Insurance                 ICE/ESC                CSOM
Russian                                       ASE                    CLA
Scandinavian Languages and Finnish            ASE                    CLA
Scientific and Technical Communication        EIA                    CLA
Sociology                                     IES                    CLA
Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance                          CLA
Spanish and Portuguese Studies                ASE                    CLA
Spanish Studies                               ASE                    CLA
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences              ISR                    CLA
Sport Management                              RSE/SIR                CEHD
Statistics                                    IRE                    CLA/IT
Studies in Cinema and Media Culture           AIR                    CLA
Supply Chain Management                       ECI                    CSOM
Technology Education                          RIA                    CEHD
Theatre Arts                                  AER                    CLA
Urban Studies                                 IES                    CLA
Youth Studies                                                        CEHD

Many of the above majors are also available as minors.
Please see the link to minors for a list of minors that are not available as majors.

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