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                                ANNUAL REPORT

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A   T L A N T A   • S   I S T E R   • C   I T I E S   C   O M M I S S I O N
2007                                                                                                            Annual Report

ANCIENT OLYMPIA                        GREECE

                  BRUSSELS                      BELGIUM

                                                     BUCHAREST                            ROMANIA

                                                                                           COTONOU                                         BENIN

                                                                                                                       DAEGU                          KOREA

                                                                                                                                    FUKUOKA                       JAPAN
                                                     LAGOS                                                NIGERIA

    MONTEGO BAY              JAMAICA

                      NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE                          GREAT BRITAIN

                                                                    NUREMBERG               GERMANY

                                                                                               PORT-OF-SPAIN                        TRINIDAD

                                                                                                                                RA'ANANA                      ISRAEL

                                                                                      RIO DE JANEIRO                                BRAZIL

                         SALCEDO                           DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


                                                          TAIPEI                                              TAIWAN

                                                                                                    TBILISI                     REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA

                                                                                                                                     TOULOUSE                      FRANCE

a       t l a n t a •           s        i s t e r •                     C         i t i e s                           C       O M M I S S I O N
2007                                                           Annual Report

To            The Honorable Shirley Franklin                                                      INTRODUCTION             2
              Mayor, City of Atlanta

              The Honorable Lisa Borders                                                          Commission Reports       3
              President, Atlanta City Council

                                                                                                 Committee Reports         6

From          Teri Simmons
              Atlanta Sister Cities Commission

                                                                        I am pleased to submit to you
                                                                        the 2007 Annual Report of the
                                                                        Atlanta Sister Cities Commission
                                                                        (ASCC). In addition to the activi-
                                                                        ties of the various committees,
                                                                        ASCC has met monthly to carry
                                                                        out its role and function in rela-
                                                          tion to Atlanta's Sister Cities program.
                                                          We were pleased to serve the City of Atlanta
                                                          and its international community during 2007
                                                          and look forward to the continued growth and
                                                          expansion of the Sister Cities program under
                                                          your administration.

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a    t l a n t a •   s    i s t e r •      C     i t i e s          C     O M M I S S I O N

The Atlanta Sister Cities Commission
                                                                                            Annual Report

                                                                                                          Atlanta's Sister City Committees
The Atlanta Sister Cities Commission (ASCC) was chartered by the
City of Atlanta and codified in Atlanta City Ordinance No. 1979-71. The           Name of City                       Date of       Chair/Representative
organization is managed by a Chair, elected by the ASCC member-                                                     Affiliation
ship. The appointee must be ratified by a majority of the Atlanta City
                                                                                  Ancient Olympia – Greece            1994        Margo Alexander, Ph.D.
Council. Teri Simmons was elected as Chair, and Dr. Arnold Heller as
Vice Chair, in 2007.                                                              Brussels - Belgium                  1983        Mr. Georges Hoffman

                                                                                  Bucharest - Romania                 1994        Mr. Nick Modares
The full 'board' of the Commission comprises the Chair, three ad-
ditional Mayoral appointees and two members appointed by the City                 Cotonou – Benin                     1995        Charleise Young, Ph.D.

Council. In addition, the chairpersons of each Sister City Committee, or          Daegu - Korea                       1981        Mr. Young Kang
their designee, serve on the Commission.                                          Fukuoka                             2005        Ms. Sumiko Renfroe

The Mayor's appointed members in 2007 were Cedric Suzman, Ph.D,                   Lagos – Nigeria                     1974        Augustine O. Esogbue, Ph.D.
and Samuel Bacote.                                                                Montego Bay - Jamaica               1972        Mr. Vin Martin, Atty

Elections are held annually to select a Vice Chair, a Secretary and a             Newcastle-Upon-Tyne                 1977        Mr. David Smith
                                                                                  - Great Britain
Treasurer. Each elected officer serves a one-year term. Elected officials
                                                                                  Nuremberg - Germany                 1998        Mr. Shean Atkins
of the Commission are restricted to two consecutive terms in office.
                                                                                  Port-of-Spain - Trinidad            1987        Ms. Norma Kendall - Hamlet

Officers include:                                                                 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil             1972        Mrs. Wilma Kruger

                                                                                  Ra'anana - Israel                   2000        Arnold Heller, Ph.D.
          Secretary                       Charleise Young, Ph.D                   Salcedo                             1996        Mr. Victor Ramirez
          Treasurer                       Samuel Bacote                           - Dominican Republic

                                                                                  Salzburg - Austria                  1967        Senator Judson Hill

                                                                                  Taipei - Taiwan                     1974        Mr. Charles Liu/Mr. David Yu
Other standing committees of the Commission are listed opposite.
                                                                                  Tbilisi - Republic of Georgia       1988        Mr. John Smith, Jr

Staff                                                                             Toulouse – France                   1974        Mrs. Betty Davis

The Commission is supported by the staff of the International Affairs
Division of the Mayor's Office. The staff participates in monthly and
special meetings, helps shape the Commission's policy and acts as                      Atlanta Sister Cities Commission - Standing Committees
liaison with the Mayor. In 2007, Claire McLeveighn, director of External
                                                                                    Committee                                            Chair
Affairs and International Relations, and David Constant, International
Affairs Manager, played a vital role as coordinators for the Mayor's              Executive Committee                               Ms. Teri Simmons
Office.                                                                           Fund Raising Committee                            Cedric Suzman, Ph.D.
ASCC maintains a web site with press releases, annual reports and                 Nominating Committee                              Vin Martin, Atty
information on each of the sister cities.
                                                                                  Economic Development                              David Smith

                                                                                  Education                                         Charleise Young, Ph.D.
         www.atlantaga.gov/International/SisterCities.aspx                        Public Relations                                  David Smith

                                                                                  New Cities                                        Augustine O. Esogbue, Ph.D.

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A       t l a n t a •            S     i s t e r •          C      i t i e s                          C           O M M I S S I O N
Commission Reports                                                                           Annual Report

    Economic Development Sub-Committee
                                                                                 v  Participating delegates included representatives from sister cities
    v The Atlanta Sister Cities Commission Economic Development
                                                                                 Nürnberg, Germany; Montego Bay,
    Sub-Committee spent all of 2007 in planing for its second Economic
                                                                                 Jamaica; Ra’anana, Israel; Salcedo,
    Development Partnership Forum held on March 12 through 14,
                                                                                 Dominican Republic; and Taipei,
    2008. Titled 'Greener Cities: Public Transit and Green Space Policies'
                                                                                 Taiwan and representatives from
    the event was aimed at facilitating the exchange of economic
                                                                                 Ningbo, China; Porto Alegre, Brazil;
    development practices and increasing awareness of economic
                                                                                 Ahmedabad, India; and Kingston,
    conditions among Atlanta’s sister cities.
                                                                                 v   The conference was coordinated
                                                                                 in cooperation with CIFAL Atlanta,
                                                                                 the only North American affiliate
                                                                                 of the United Nations Institute for
                                                                                 Training and Research (UNITAR), and
                                                                                 with the support of the Atlanta City
                                                                                 Council’s Advisory Committee on
                                                                                 International Relations (ACIR), the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Com-
                                                                                 merce, with support from the Atlanta Beltline, Inc. and the BeltLine
                                                                                 Partnership; and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.
                                                                                 v  The forum highlighted the benefits of public transit and green
                                                                                 space programs worldwide and helped communicate the City of
                                                                                                                Atlanta’s environmental initiatives,
                                                                                                                such as Sustainable Atlanta and
                                                                                                                the Beltine project, which the del-
    v  The forum, co-hosted by the City of Atlanta, and CIFAL Atlanta                                           egates had the option of touring.
    was designed to broaden participants’ knowledge of the benefits of
    environmental improvements in land use and transportation poli-                                                Photographs show participation in various activities
                                                                                                                   of the Economic Development conference.
    cies and to enable delegates to return to their respective countries
    with a method for managing the opportunities and challenges                                                    Below - the Ningbo, China delegation.
    presented by the sustainable planning of cities.

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A       t l a n t a •            s      i s t e r •          C      i t i e s                   C       O M M I S S I O N
Commission Reports

    Economic Development Sub-Committee (continued)
                                                                                                            Annual Report

    v  The format of the conference was based around a best practice
    sharing and case study methodology that invited political and pro-
    fessional participants to share best practices and to deliver concrete
    action plans for their cities.
    v  A Welcome Dinner in the Atrium of Atlanta City Hall enabled
    delegates and their Atlanta hosts to meet in a festive environ-
    ment. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin welcomed all the guests and
    recognized sister city anniversaries and individual leaders for their
    contribution to the sister city program.
    v  With a year in planning and a target of $50,000 in sponsorship,
    the Atlanta Economic Development Partnership Forum shows how
    the Atlanta Sister Cities Commission is supporting the economic de-
    velopment goals of Atlanta as well as its partner cities. Participants
    had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of
    other partner cities during the conference, and to meet
    with host sister city committee members and hold other
    social and business-related meetings before and after the

                                                                       Photographs show moments captured
                                                                       from the Economic Development con-
                                                                       ference. including (left) Mayor Franklin
                                                                       at the Welcome Dinner welcomes the
                                                                       group from Ahmedabad, India.

                                                                       Below right: the Atlanta International
                                                                       School puts on a 'skit' for the visitors,
                                                                       demonstrating their studies and
                                                                       solutions for Atlanta's transport and
                                                                       environmental issues.

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A       t l a n t a •             s     i s t e r •           C      i t i e s                                     C   O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports                                                             Annual Report

Reception for International Students

v  In November 2007, during International Education Week, the
Atlanta Sister Cities Commission (ASCC) hosted a reception for inter-
national students at the Underground Atlanta’s Event Loft. Interna-
tional Education Week is a joint initiative between the Department
of State and the Department of Education to promote programs
that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future
leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the
United States.
v The  event – made possible through ACIR grant funding - was at-
tended by about 150 students from GA State University, GA Tech and
the Atlanta University Center. It both served as an introduction to
the City of Atlanta government, as well as to recognize the contribu-
tions of the international student community to Atlanta in the areas
of educational attainment, economy and cultural diversity.
 v Mayor Shirley Franklin, along with Councilmembers Jim Mad-
dox and Kwanza Hall, presented proclamations to the international
student advisors of Georgia State University, Georgia Tech and the
Atlanta University Center (Morehouse College, Spelman College and
Clark Atlanta University).
v  Along with this reception, representatives from the consul-
ates general of Switzerland and Colombia made presentations on
their countries at high schools (West End Academy and Southside,
respectively) in the Atlanta Public School system.

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    a   t l a n t a •            s    i s t e r •          C     i t i e s     C   O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports                                                                           Annual Report

Atlanta - Ancient City of Olympia Sister City Committee

v  In February, Consul of Greece, Mr. Lambros Kakissis hosted a meet-                                                            v   In May, the SCIS hosted
ing with Dr. Margo Alexander, Chair and Mrs. Maria Sharp, Co-Chair.                                                              a luncheon for the Atlanta
as well as with other Ancient Olympia Commission members to talk                                                                 International Commu-
about relations between the two cities and upcoming events. One                                                                  nity where The Honorable
of the scheduled events was the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival                                                                    Angelos Pangratis, Deputy
which honored Greece, on March 18, 2008 (see photo below).                                                                       Head of Delegation for the
                                                                                                                                 European Commission to
                                                                                                                                 the United States was the
                                                                                                                                 keynote speaker. The com-
                                                                                                                                 mission hosted a reception
                                                                                                                                 for Mr. Pangratis to meet
                                                                                                                                 with other Greek leaders of
                                                                                                                                 the Atlanta Community.
                                                                           Honorable Angelos Pangratis and Dr. Margo Alexander

                                                                           v  The Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Greg Pridgeon, as well as David
                                                                           Constant, International Affairs Manager were in Greece at the begin-
                                                                           ning of June to participate in an Olympic Boxing celebration that the
                                                                           City of Peristeri is hosting. Co-Chair, Mrs. Maria Mandekos Sharp, was
                                                                           in Greece at that time and was able to host the Mayor’s Staff during
                                                                           their visit to the Country and discuss ideas for future exchanges
                                                                           between Ancient Olympia and Atlanta.
                                                                           v While  in Greece, Co-Chairman, Mrs. Maria Mandekos Sharp, met
                                                                           with Greek officials about an exchange program for students in the
                                                                           area of higher education as well as Greek Folk Dance and Customs.
                                                                           Also, she was able to secure a Greek film festival to be presented at
                                                                           the High Museum of Arts here in Atlanta. This film festival will be
v The  Ancient Olympia Commission members in conjunction with
                                                                           held in the Spring of 2008.
the Federation of Hellenic/American Organizations and the Greek
Folk Dance Group, participated in the creation of a Greek Float and        v In September, in conjunction with the Greek Orthodox Metropolis
the International Parade. In the evening, activities included a perfor-    of Atlanta, an educational presentation by Dr. George Babiniotis,
mance by the Greek Folk dancers. The event was under the auspices          President of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and Distinguished
of the Consulate of Greece in Atlanta, and was broadcasted live by         Professor of Linguistics (and former Rector) at the National and
the Educational Channel.                                                   Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. The lecture was titled
                                                                           Promoting Hellenism in Today’s Society.
v March 25th, Greek Independence Day was celebrated at the Carlos
Museum with the Greek Community in Atlanta, GA with the Consul
of Greece, Mr. Lambros Kakissis.

v  In conjunction with the Center for Hellenic Studies at Georgia
State University, and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annuncia-
tion here in Atlanta, an educational presentation by guest speaker,
Dr. Gregory Jusdanis, the Director of the Modern Greek Studies
Program at Ohio State University was held on the Campus of Geor-           (Continues page 5)
gia State University on April 13, 2007. Dr. Jusdanis lecture “Cavafy’s                                                                                Page 6
Poetry: From the Outside Looking In” is an exploration of Cavafy’s     2 0
poetry with an emphasis on his depiction of Hellenism.                 0 7

    a   t l a n t a •             s     i s t e r •          C      i t i e s                  C          O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports                                                                                               Annual Report

Atlanta - Ancient City of Olympia Sister City Committee (Cont'd)

    Mrs. Maria Sharp, Dr. Babiniotis, and Mr. Lambros Kakissis
                                                                                            Above: Greek float at the International Parade (Macon Cherry Blossom Festival).
                                                                                            Below: the Lykion ton Ellinidon Greek Dancers 'Troupe Hellas'.
v  Also, in conjunction with the Atlanta Greek Orthodox Cathedral
of the Annunciation and the Federation of the Hellenic-American
Organizations a reception in honor of Dr. Babiniotis was given in the

v In November, the Southern Center for International Studies and
the Consulate of Greece in Atlanta hosed a reception and address
by His Excellency Alexandros Mallias, Ambassador of Greece to the
United States. Also, the Commission had the opportunity to host
Ambassador Mallias and to meet with him to discuss relations be-
tween the two cities/countries.
Dean Lauren Adamson, Dr. Babiniotis, and Dr. Margo Alexander

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    a         t l a n t a •                          s           i s t e r •   C   i t i e s                       C           O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee
                                                                                              Annual Report

v The Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee (the “Commit-                     v   Fund Raising: The Committee engaged in two major fund-
tee”) has been in existence since 1972. The following committees                    raising activities throughout the year. In June we hosted our sev-
have been designed to maximize the effectiveness of the relation-                   enth annual golf charity tournament and in September we held
ship and to play upon the strengths of each city. The most active                   our annual fund raising ball. The proceeds from these events
sub-committees are as follows:                                                      were used in conducting our Health Mission to Montego Bay
                                                                                    and assisted in providing needed medicines to the underserved
 v    Cultural Affairs
                                                                                    patients seen in Montego Bay. Proceeds from these activities
 v    Education
                                                                                    were also used in conducting our other programs and provided
 v    Fundraising
                                                                                    necessary financing to cover the vast array of needs which we
 v    Health and Human Services                                                     are committed to satisfy.
 v    Trade and Commerce
                                                                                    v   Health and Human Services: In October 2007, we
2007 Activities                                                                     undertook our fourteenth annual medical mission to Montego
                                                                                    Bay. Our team comprising 34 physicians, nurses and other
v  Cultural Affairs: The Committee played a lead role in planning                   medical professionals provided needed medical care to over
the celebration of Jamaica’s 44th independence anniversary. The                     2,200 patients during the 3 1⁄2 days of the mission. The team
Committee also held its annual gospel brunch at Atlanta City Hall                   also donated thousands of dollars in medicine and medical
featuring several Caribbean artists.                                                supplies to these patients. Special attention was paid to the
v  Education: This Committee presented a plaque to the most                         HIV/AIDS patients, several of whom are currently receiving their
outstanding student attending an academic learning center for                       monthly supply of retroviral drugs, through the assistance of the
teenage mothers. The successful candidate for this award was                        Committee. Additionally, as part of our overall commitment to
responding to our challenge to grant special recognition to the                     our health mission, we sponsored the third annual luncheon for
most outstanding young lady who excelled in continuation of                         the HIV/Aids patients and the third annual luncheon for patients
their education after giving birth. The Committee donated reading                   of the psychiatric ward at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego
materials, computers and school supplies to several basic schools in                Bay.
Montego Bay.

                                                                                    v  Future Events: The committee is actively engaged in plan-
                                                                                    ning its activities for the current year. This will include a visit to
                                                                                    Montego Bay by students from North Atlanta High School and a
                                                                                    return visit by Montego Bay High School students to Atlanta. The
                                                                                    Committee will also host its many fund-raising events and will be
                                                                                    conducting its annual Health Mission to Montego Bay.
Above: Hon Vin Martin, Chair AMBSCC.
Opposite: Physicians and nurses participating in the health mission.

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a      t l a n t a •                         s       i s t e r •       C   i t i e s              C        O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports                                                                                                            Annual Report

Atlanta - Nürnberg Sister City Committee

v  The Nürnberg Atlanta Partnership enjoyed active exchange in the
areas of economic development, education, culture and sports in
v   On May 11 and 12, 2007, metro Atlanta and its German sister
city Nürnberg celebrated Southern Connections on a transatlantic
scale. Atlanta hosted a high level delegation from Nürnberg for two
days themed “Nürnberg Business and Cultural Celebration” The goal
was to energize and synchronize business and cultural activities, to
enhance existing and inspire future cooperation between Nürnberg
and Atlanta, between Germany and the United States, between indi-
viduals, companies and organizations on both sides of the Atlantic. .
v   On Friday, May 11, the Atlanta World Trade Center hosted a                                              Co-ordinators of the Crossing Bridges Conference.
breakfast reception offering opportunities to make connections and
                                                                                                           v  For the third consecutive year, women in Nürnberg and Atlanta
exchange ideas with representatives from Atlanta’s German sister
                                                                                                           organized the “Crossing Bridges” conference. The event took place
city. Among the attendees were Dr. Norbert Schuergers, Director of
                                                                                                           September 28 – 30 in Nürnberg, and was designed to bring busi-
the Office of International Relations in Nuremberg, Deputy Mayor
                                                                                                           nesspeople and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Atlantic to the
Dr. Julia Lehner and Ms. Christina Plewinski who is the Nürnberg
                                                                                                           table to share best practices in business management, marketing,
programs officer for the sister city relationship with Atlanta. Gabriele
                                                                                                           and work-life balance. Susanne Bohn, who served as one of the
Engel, General Manager, Die Region Nurnberg e.V., gave a brief
                                                                                                           founders of Crossing Bridges, published two books partially inspired
presentation about the “Metropolitan Region of Nürnberg entitled:
                                                                                                           by her exchange with women in Atlanta.
See it. Feel it. Stay.”
                                                                                                           v Mayor Shirley Franklin visited Nürnberg for the first time in
v   The Atlanta- Nürnberg Committee hosted a reception on Friday,
                                                                                                           September, 2007 and attended Nürnberg’s International Human
May 11, at the Mason Murer Art Gallery, where renowned Nürnberg
                                                                                                           Rights Conference and Awards ceremonies. The award in the
artist Joachim Kersten opened his first Atlanta show of paintings
                                                                                                           amount of 15.000 Euros honors individuals or groups who have, in
which reflect his travels between Europe and America. The event
                                                                                                           an exemplary manner, committed themselves to fighting for and
provided more opportunities to engage, connect and plan, and
                                                                                                           respecting human rights.“It is our goal to strengthen the parallel
featured live music and a silent auction.
                                                                                                           between Nürnberg as the city of human rights and Atlanta, the city
                                                                                                           of civil rights” says Christina Plewinski, stressing yet another common
                                                                                                           ground between Nürnberg and Atlanta.
                                                                                                           v   The metropolitan regions of Atlanta and Nürnberg share more
                                                                                                           than just a successful sister city relationship; they are both vital busi-
                                                                                                           ness magnets of the South - the South of Germany, and the South
                                                                                                           of the United States. Atlanta and Nürnberg both host a high number
                                                                                                           of high tech industrial and logistics companies and both cities have
                                                                                                           an annual GDP growth well above their country’s average. Atlanta’s
                                                                                                           sister city relationship with Nürnberg has become more and more
                                                                                                           important in the past years. 1200 German companies have opened
                                                                                                           subsidiaries and production plants in the Southern United States,
                                                                                                           with more than 300 in Georgia alone. In 2007, two major corpora-
                                                                                                           tions found their corporate home in Atlanta, I.K. Hoffmann and
                                                                                                           Nürnberg Messe.
Celebrating ten years of partnership with Nürnberg at the ASCC Economic Development                                                                                            Page 9
Conference 2008. L-R: Teri Simmons, Chair, ASCC; Shean Atkins, Chair Atlanta- Nürnberg
Committee ; Frank Jülich, Director, Office of Traffic Planning, Nürnberg ; Christina Plewinski,      2 0
Nürnberg programs officer; Councillor Jim Maddox, ACIR; Mayor Shirley Franklin.
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a         t l a n t a •                          s        i s t e r •                     C       i t i e s                    C           O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports
Atlanta - Port-of-Spain Sister City Committee
                                                                                                   Annual Report

v   The purpose of the Atlanta/Port of Spain Sister City Committee
is to provide a structure to allow people to give expression of their
common desire for friendship and understanding, by initiating, devel-
oping, promoting and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.
The activities pursued by APSCC shall be educational, cultural, civic
and business development in nature. The sister city relationship was
established in 1987 and there are 15 committee members.

2007 Highlights

v   January – February: The Chair of the APSCC visited Port of Spain,
Trinidad where together with the President of the Port of Spain/
Atlanta Sister Cities Network, Ms. Gia Gaspard Taylor, she met with                 Stephanie Johnson - Port of Spain/Atlanta Sister City Network, Norma Kendall-Hamlet - Chair
                                                                                    APSCC, Rebecca Des Marais, Director of Youth Art Connection, Mrs. Gia Gaspard Taylor - Chair
Mayor, Murchison Brown, members of the Port of Spain City Council,                  - Port of Spain/Atlanta Sister City Network
members of the Fire Services Department and the Trinidad & Tobago
Defense Force to discuss initiatives that could be conducted during             v   March - Members of APSCC, which include Mr. David Constant of
the current year.                                                               the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, Mr. Randy Clouden APSCC/
                                                                                IACO, held discussions with MedShare International – Nell Diallo, with
v   Discussions revolved around (a) a gift of medical supplies to be            a regard to suggestions for funding the transport of a gift of Medical
donated by MedShare International of Atlanta and the impact the                 supplies to Trinidad and Tobago.
gift would have on the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago especially
those in rural areas. (b) The celebration of the 20 years of a twinning         v   May - The Committee was approached by and supported the
relationship between Port of Spain and Atlanta and (c) Proposed                 efforts of the Georgia Caribbean Carnival Development Committee in
visit by the Mayor, members of the business community and the Fire              their effort to portray the heritage of Caribbean Peoples in Georgia.
Services Department.                                                            v   The Committee participated and supported the celebration of
                                                                                Caribbean Heritage Month. Ms. Stephanie Johnson of the Port of
v  The Chair, also attended a meeting at National Commission for                Spain/Atlanta Sister Cities Network displayed costumes of her Carni-
UNESCO with the Port of Spain /Atlanta Sister Cities UNESCO Youth               val Band at the 'Meet and Greet' Reception and eloquently advised
Club members. Both Sister City Chairpersons joined the UNESCO                   invited guests of the origin and continuity of Carnival Celebrations in
Peace walk with school children (see photo below) led by the Honor-             Trinidad and Tobago.
able Hazel Manning, Minister of Education, through the City of Port of
Spain to the National Stadium.                                                  v   August - The Chair of APSCC met with the Chief Secretary of the
                                                                                Tobago House of Assembly, Mr. Orville London and Mr. Michael Keens-
                                                                                Dumas to discuss and initiate the process for receiving a gift of Medi-
                                                                                cal supplies and equipment from MedShare International to Tobago.

                                                                                                                                                          Mayor Brown presenting
                                                                                                                                                          gifts to families in Toco
                                                                                                                                                          after flooding and washing
                                                                                                                                                          away of bridges as a result
                                                                                                                                                          of natural disaster - medical
                                                                                                                                                          supplies and equipment to
                                                                                                                                                          be delivered to that area

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 a     t l a n t a •             s     i s t e r •          C      i t i e s                         C            O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports
Atlanta - Port-of-Spain Sister City Committee (Continued)
                                                                                                                     Annual Report

v October - During the period October 26 through November 01,                                          v A courtesy call, arranged by Mr. Ernie Jones, Trinidad & Tobago So-
a delegation from Port of Spain, led by Mayor Murchison Brown                                          ciety of Georgia, was made to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and members
and Mrs. Brown which included, the Consul General of Trinidad and                                      of State Government.
Tobago in Miami - Mr. Gerard Greene, The President of the Port of
                                                                                                        v PASCN presented art work from youth of Trinidad & Tobago and
Spain/ Atlanta Sister Cities Network, Mrs. Gia Gaspard Taylor and
                                                                                                       other Caribbean islands to Mr. Linden Longio of Youth Art Connec-
members of the Committee, Ms. Stephanie Johnson, Ms. Rea George,
                                                                                                       tion for selection and display at the Youth Art Exhibition for the Bejing
Ms. Carol Noel and Ms. Chanaaz Noel.
                                                                                                       Olympic Games. The International Paint Pals program was given a
v   The delegation was met on arrival by Mr. David Constant, Interna-                                  jump start in 1996 by Mayor Franklin when she was with ACOG.
tional Relations Manager, Mayor’s Office, City of Atlanta, Norma-Kend-
                                                                                                       v  The highlight of the visit was the Celebration of the 20th Anniver-
all-Hamlet and Randy Clouden, Atlanta/Port of Spain Sister City Com-
                                                                                                       sary of the twinning relationship between Atlanta and Port of Spain.
mittee. A welcome reception was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Dunston.
                                                                                                       This event was sponsored by Delta Air Lines.
                                                                                                       v  There were a number of other sponsored events – Visit to the
                                                                                                       Aquarium sponsored by the Trinidad & Tobago Association of Geor-
                                                                                                       gia. Lunch and a Tour of Dekalb County sponsored by the Georgia
                                                                                                       Caribbean Carnival Committee. Delta Air Lines also sponsored a
                                                                                                       night at the Fox Theatre.
                                                                                                       v  November - Hosted international students attending metro-At-
                                                                                                       lanta colleges and universities for Thanksgiving.
                                                                                                       v   December – As a result of the visit by the Delegation, Sena-
                                                                                                       tor Gloria Butler accepted an invitation to be a key speaker at the
                                                                                                       'Women Political Platform.” The theme was 'Campaign Financing for
                                                                                                       Women'. The four days workshop included participants from Nigeria,
                                                                                                       New York, Colombia, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grenada, Panama, Guatemala,
                                                                                                       Paraguay, Suriname, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago.
      Mayor Murchison Brown and Mayor Shirley Franklin
                                                                                                       v  The gift of Medical Supplies and Equipment from Messrs Med-
                                                                                                       share International was delivered to Tobago on December 23, 2007.
v   During their visit, the delegation met with: Mayor Shirley Franklin,
City of Atlanta, to discuss future initiatives of the Organization; Com-                               v   Youth Art - Among the Caribbean entries, Carus Palmer, Matura
missioner Donna Owens, Public Works Department, City of Atlanta                                        High School, emerged as winner of the Youth Art Exhibition displayed
– focus - Solid Waste Management; and Ms. Kathe Falls, Director, of                                    in Atlanta, with 2nd and 3rd places going to Hillview Boys College,
International Trade, G.A. Dept. of Economic Development to discuss                                     Tunapuna- certificates and prizes were presented to the finalists with
future Trade Missions and initiatives.                                                                 the help of the business community.

v  Discussions also took place with Mr. Vernon Jones, CEO of Dekalb
County Government; Mr. Harold Reheis and Bill Hodges, Premier En-
gineers, Solid Waste Management; Commission members of Fulton
County and representatives of the Fire Services Department, Solid
Waste Management, Police Services/Drug Enforcement, Arts/Culture,
Children and Youth programming of that government also met with
the delegation.

Opposite - Mayor Franklin meets Mayor Murchison and Mrs. Brown and Members of both sister City
Committees.                                                                                                                                                              Page 11
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 a        t l a n t a •                      s       i s t e r •                  C        i t i e s                  C        O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Ra'anana Sister City Committee
                                                                                                                               Annual Report

                                                                                                            v Cooperation for economic development continued to build on
                                                                                                            the strong foundation that already exists between Atlanta and
                                                                                                            Ra’anana. On October 30, 2007, Mayor Hofree hosted a lun-
                                                                                                            cheon in Ra’anana for a trade mission from the American – Israel
                                                                                                            Chamber of Commerce Southeast chapter. Mr. Tom Glaser, AICCSE
                                                                                                            President, reported that the special guest was Dr. Orna Berry of
                                                                                                            Gemini Ventures who is also Chair of the Israel Venture Association.
                                                                                                            The program also included the testimony of Hezi Ben-Arzi, CEO of
                                                                                                            Ra’anana-based GPV, regarding his plans to center the company’s
                                                                                                            U.S. activities in Atlanta.
                                                                                                            v  On a sad note, Uzi Cohen, Deputy Mayor of Ra’anana, suddenly
                                                                                                            died of a heart attack on Jan. 18, 2008. Mr. Cohen, age 55 and a
                                                                                                            supporter of economic development between the two cities, will
                                                                                                            be greatly missed.
                                                                                                            v   Cooperation began between Atlanta’s Breman Jewish Museum
                                                                                                            and the Ra’anana’s Municipal Gallery about sharing traveling exhi-
                                                                                                            bitions. Mrs. Jane Leavey, Bremen Executive Director, expressed in-
                                                                                                            terest in working with the Municipal Gallery within the framework
Members: Dr. Cedric Suzman, Mr. Nadav Sivon, Mrs. Rena Kahn, Dr. Arnold Heller – Chair, Mrs. Myrna          of the sister city relationship.
Cohen – Vice Chair
                                                                                                            v  The kindergarten (Gan Aleph) pen pal program continued to
                                                                                                            make substantial progress. Two teachers, Susan Robinson of the
v   2007 was a year of regeneration and growth for the Atlanta                                              Greenfield Hebrew Academy and Lina Bahar of Ra’anana’s Gan
– Ra’anana Committee. There was change also as Mrs. Lydia                                                   Tziporen School, involved their students in emailing letters to their
Weitzman, Ra’anana’s International Affairs Coordinator since 2000,                                          peers as well as planting bushes to honor their partner school.
took a position in the private sector. Lydia, a trained journalist, pub-
lished an article in the Israeli press that described North Atlanta
High School’s 1998 student exchange with Ostrovsky High School.
This joint project led to creation of the ASRCC and an expanding
friendship between the peoples of Atlanta and Ra’anana. Al-
though Lydia will be missed, her successor, Ms. Ronit Shoham, has
quickly filled a huge pair of shoes.
v  The Atlanta – Ra’anana Committee scheduled during 2007
ongoing programs and a variety of joint projects. The major
undertaking was to have been Ra’anana’s attendance at the ASCC’s
Greenspace and Public Transit Conference, now re-scheduled for
March 12 – 14, 2008. The ARSCC looks forward to receiving Mrs.
Oshra Koren, a City Council member and Chairperson of Ra’anana’s
International Relations Committee and Ms. Lia Rudnicki, Deputy
City Engineer. Mrs. Rudnicki will presenter the renovation of Ahuza
St., Ra’anana’s main thoroughfare. The photograph opposite il-
lustrates one of the streetscape improvements designed to create
a grand pedestrian boulevard.                                                                              Ahuza Street renovation described by Ms. Rudnicki at
                                                                                                           Green Space Conference.
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a        t l a n t a •                        s        i s t e r •                   C         i t i e s                         C           O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Ra'anana Sister City Committee (Continued)
                                                                                                Annual Report

v   On March 15, the Ra’anana Committee joined 1,200 people
who attended "An Evening for Israel" at Trinity Church in Powder
Springs. The aim of the program was to build on the commitment
of Christian Zionists in the Metro Atlanta area and their support for
Israel. The Ra’anana Committee attended to show solidarity and
encourage Christian tourism to Ra’anana and Israel. The gather-
ing was addressed by Mr. Reda Mansour, Israel Consul General, Mr.
Daniel Seaman, Press Director for the Prime Minister of Israel and
Reverend Earl Cox.
v The twinning between Shearith Israel Congregation in Atlanta
and Congregation Masorti in Ra’anana continued to move forward.
On April 28, Shearith Israel members Ronnie and Howard Zand-
man attended a morning service, read Torah and were honored
by Rabbi Resnick with a reception. Eden and Rob Landow brought
their children Marti and Jay to Israel May 24 – July 3 to prepare
them for Bar and B’nai Mitzvah. Masorti Rabbi Reuben Resnick
helped Marti and Jay finish up their lessons for their July 28 cel-
ebration at Shearith Israel.                                                  Participating in the March 2008 Economic Development Conference in Atlanta - Ms. Lia
                                                                              Rudnicki, Deputy City Engineer. and Mrs. Oshra Koren, a City Council member and Chairperson of
v The Ra’anana Committee also lent its support to a new local                 Ra’anana’s International Relations Committee.
Do Jewish program being established by My Israel leader Rabbi
Ephraim Davidson. On June 13, Dr. Arnold Heller, Ra’anana Chair,
met with the My Israel steering committee to discuss ways and
means of building the Do Jewish program.
v  The mass murder at Virginia Tech by a deranged student sadly
included Dr. Liviu Librescu of Ra’anana. Dr. Librescu, a Professor of
Engineering Science, sacrificed his life by bravely drawing the at-
tention of the gunman in order to save his students. The Ra’anana
Committee expressed its sympathy to the Librescu family and
hopes that the professor be remembered as a model for young
people around the world.

(Photo opposite: Dr. Heller received an award
from the Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Sister City
Committee that recognized him for service
to the committee for organizing past student
exchanges, joint business education programs,
and support for local activities.

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a       t l a n t a •                       s   i s t e r •   C   i t i e s                      C           O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Rio de Janeiro Sister City Committee
                                                                                                Annual Report

v  During the last three years, we had the opportunity to have
Brazilians directing the Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Com-
mittee for the first time. In this period, we constantly worked to
optimize our targets for the committee, which were, and continue
to be: 1) economic development, 2) exchange of students and high
school teachers, 3) tourism and investment, 4) cultural events, social
projects, 5) social and cultural integration between the two cities.
v  We held nine planning meetings at the City Hall, where active
members frequently participated, and many visitors and friends of
the committee joined in. In these meetings, we reviewed our com-
mittee status and continued planning for the two major events of
the year: the Second Biennial 2007 Award Ceremony and Anniver-
sary Gala and a trip to Rio de Janeiro for the 2007 Pan American
Games to deliver a major gift from the Atlanta chapter to the Rio
                                                                               At the Second Biennial 2007 Award Ceremony and Anniversary Gala. From left: Committee Chair
v  Our chair, Ms. Wilma Kruger, forged plans for these two major               Wilma Kruger, Mayor Shirley Franklin, Committee Co-Chair Franklin McGruder

events with Co-Chair Mr. Franklin McGruder; both presented a
committee gift to the people of Rio de Janeiro at the games. At an-            v    The event was planned by Atlanta-Rio committee members,
other meeting entitled a Carnival in Rio Presentation, a slide-show            Global Organization and Planning Services. It featured a feast
designed by Sheldon Schiffer, was presented to the members and                 on of Brazilian cuisine from the local restaurant Churrascaria Sal
guests. Later in the year, we had a presentation of Capoeira by an             Grosso, and a fashion show from SGO Fashion Extravaganza by
Atlanta group who demonstrated the practice of the Afro-Brazilian              Sandra Gray, and artistic creations from Bruehmueller, Smith, Stan
martial art. Another slide-show presentation at one of the meetings            Woodard, Danielle Jordão, and Joarez Filho. The celebration was
about the City of Goiania gave exceptional insight about the state             filled with a bold Brazilian reception, dinner with cultural sights,
of origin of most Brazilians in Atlanta. The sponsors for these meet-          sounds, smells, tastes, and flavors, that allowed the participants
ings were: Oba Brazilian Restaurant, Churrascaria Sal Grosso, Doce             to enjoy the tantalizing experience of Brazilian culture, talented
Sabor and Milca Moura Events.                                                  singing, and heartfelt music and film. It increased the public aware-
                                                                               ness, facilitated economic, social, cultural and civic exchanges, and
 v One of the most important events of the year was the Second                 highlighted Brazilian life in Atlanta and Rio.
Biennial 2007 Award Ceremony and Anniversary Gala, hosted by
Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Committee and Benedita da               v   There was a special silent auction that included travel packages,
Silva Foundation at the intimate setting of the downtown Atlanta               art pieces, and a C-Series coupe from Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead.
City Hall Atrium. The theme for the event was “Weaving Cultures                The Dekalb International Training Center, Co-Founders, Former
Together, Brazilian Atlanta Awards Ceremony and Gala” The Honor-
                                                          .                    Ambassador Andrew Young and Dr. March Daniel Guterkunst were
ary Chairperson Ms. Xernona Clayton, President and CEO of the                  invited to join in sponsoring young athletes from the Brazilian
Trumpet Awards Foundation, Inc. led the event to honor the mayor               Athletic Confederation (Confederação Brasileira de Atletismo)
of Atlanta, the Honorable Shirley Franklin, as well as the mayor of            to attend the events as they competed in the Dekalb Classic
Rio de Janeiro, the Honorable Cesar Maia. Ms. Carolyn Young served             (www.dekalbclassic.us).
as the erudite Mistress of Ceremony for the elegant evening. The
proceeds for the event went to the Projeto Oficina do Outeiro of
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (www.oficioadoouteiro.org.br), a non-govern-
mental educational organization that promotes artistic activities
for underprivileged minority young people of Brazil.
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a      t l a n t a •             s     i s t e r •          C     i t i e s                       C           O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Rio de Janeiro Sister City Committee (continued)
                                                                                                                            Annual Report

                                                                                                         v   Later in the year, we received Mr. Vin Martin, the Jamaican
                                                                                                         Honorary Consul and chair of the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister
                                                                                                         Cities Committee, who lectured about obtaining a “503” Charitable
                                                                                                         Foundation status. Later, Camille R. Love of the Atlanta Office
                                                                                                         of Cultural Affairs addressed the Committee about current arts
                                                                                                         events in Atlanta as well as ones to come in the near future.
                                                                                                         v  During the October and November meetings, we nominated
                                                                                                         and voted on candidates for open positions and made our final
                                                                                                         plans for our 2007 Christmas Party. We concluded with Brazilian
                                                                                                         guitar classics performed by Roberto Gonçalves, and closed
                                                                                                         the year with our 2007 Christmas Party at the newly opened
                                                                                                         International Center for Business Relations at the Galleria in
    Mayor Shirley Franklin with three young athletes of the Brazilian Athletic Confederation.            Atlanta, Georgia.
v    During the 2007 Pan American Games, the painting Celebration                                        v Furthermore, the accomplishments of the year demonstrate

of Sports in Brazil by Steve Allen was donated to the people of Bra-                                     our significant activity in the international community of Atlanta
zil. The unveiling of the artwork took place at Quilombo Campinho                                        and the attainment of non-profit status for the year to come.
da Independência in Parati, Brazil, when the Pan American torch
first entered the state of Rio de Janeiro. The unveiling was greeted
by the presence of federal and state authorities, representatives
of Atlanta DITC, as well as of the artist Steve Allen. The painting is
permanently exhibited in the state soccer stadium of Maracanã, Rio
de Janeiro. Brazilian authorities, United States consulate authorities
and Ms. Wilma Kruger representing Atlanta Rio de Janeiro Sister
City Committee, attended the ceremony in which the artwork was
publicly unveiled. In response to this event, we received two letters
sent by the State Secretary of Social Welfare and Human Rights,
Benedita da Silva and the State Secretary of Tourism and Sports
Eduardo Paes that express appreciation from our counterparts in
Rio de Janeiro.

                                                                                                         The Rio de Janeiro branch of the Atlanta-Rio Sister Cities with the representative for the Mayor of Rio,
                                                                                                         Mr. Catonni (third from right)

                                                                                                            Opposite: At the the 2007 Pan American Games. From left: Committee Chair Wilma Kruger, Rio de
                                                                                                            Janeiro State Secretary of Social Welfare and Human Rights Benedita da Silva, Rio de Janeiro State
                                                                                                            Secretary of Tourism and Sports Eduardo Paes and a United States State Department official.

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a          t l a n t a •                         s        i s t e r •                    C      i t i e s                     C            O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Salcedo Sister City Committee
                                                                                               Annual Report

v  On February 27, 2007 members and guests of the Dominican
International Association and the Atlanta-Salcedo Sister Cities
Committee commemorated the 163th Dominican Independence
Day at the Atlanta City Hall Atrium.
v On behalf of the citizens of Atlanta, Councilman Kwanza Hall
presented a proclamation to recognize the contributions that
Dominican nationals have made to the economic growth and
well-being of the city.
v   The Dominican International Association, the Atlanta-Salcedo
Sister Cities Committee and the Dominican American Chamber
of Commerce in Georgia supported the first Trade Mission to
Atlanta of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican

                                                                           v   A delegation of Atlanta residents visited the City of Salcedo to
                                                                           participate in the commemoration of three Dominican heroines,
                                                                           the Mirabal Sisters, assassinated by the Trujillo’s dictatorship on
                                                                           November 25, 1960. In 1994, the United Nations declared that
                                                                           day as the International Day of Non Violence against Women. This
                                                                           year, the City of Salcedo organized the first annual Mirabal Sisters
                                                                           Cultural Festival.
Photographs show the Dominican Republic
trade mission being welcomed to Atlanta
by local organizations.                                                    The Mirabal Sisters Cultural Festival

v  The Georgia Department
of Commerce and Economic
Development gave a warm
welcoming to the Dominican delegation at the Metro Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce (see photo below).

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    a     t l a n t a •                   s   i s t e r •   C     i t i e s                      C            O M M I S S I O N
Committee Reports

Atlanta - Salcedo Sister City Committee
                                                                                               Annual Report

v  The Atlanta delegation attended a mass to honor the life of the         v  In his first business visit to Georgia, the Consul General of the
three sisters and visited the Mirabal Museum. Congresswoman Mi-            Dominican Republic in Florida, Manuel Almanzar was received in
nou Tavarez Mirabal, daughter of one of the heroines, shared with          a courtesy meeting by the Mayor of Atlanta, the Honorable Shirley
the delegation and answered questions about the history and the            Franklin. Victor Ramirez, Chair of the Atlanta-Salcedo Sister Cities
present of the Dominican Republic (see photograph below).                  Committee, the Vice Consul Soulangel Santana and Waldemar Ser-
                                                                           rano were introduced to the Mayor’s Office by Claire McLeveighn,
                                                                           Director of External Affairs and International Relations of the City
                                                                           of Atlanta. They talked about the cultural and commercial bonds
                                                                           between the City of Atlanta and the Dominican Republic.

v  Council Members and the Mayor of Salcedo, the Honorable
Juan Roque Jerez delighted the Atlanta delegation taking them
to a renowned local restaurant to taste delicious Dominican food
(see photograph below).

                                                                           Mayor Franklin meets Consul General Almanzar (right), accompanied by Victor Ramirez.

                                                                           Below: The Atlanta delegation that attended the Mirabal Sisters Cultural Festival in Salcedo, Domini-
                                                                           can Republic. They met with the former Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Jaime David
                                                                           Fernandez Mirabal [fourth from the left].

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a      t l a n t a •           s     i s t e r •         C     i t i e s                        C            O M M I S S I O N
 Committee Reports
Atlanta - Toulouse Sister City Committee
                                                                                              Annual Report

v  The Atlanta Toulouse Sister City Committee had an outstand-
ing year of activities, project, programs and a trip to Toulouse for the
group. The dues paid membership is 108.
v  The officers installed in April 2007 were: Chairman Betty Davis, Vice
Chair Programs Sherry Quayle; VP Hospitality Mary Jane McCraney;
Secretary Mary Kitchens; Treasurer Carol Evans. Other Board members
were Linda Borchers, Frances Penn, John Lyons and Eric Wallens.
v The highlight of the year was the biennial trip to Toulouse with 16
members of the group. They were hosted in the homes of Toulouse-
                                                                                                                               Mayor Shirley Franklin with Betty
Atlanta Sister City members for three days. Toulouse City Hall hosted a                                                        Davis - Chair ATSCC
reception for the group which was attended by the American Ambas-
                                                                                 v  May 15 we met at the home of architect Rodney Cook and he
sador. Before arriving in Toulouse the group toured Nice and the area
                                                                                 spoke to us about the Millennium Monument and museum project
of Provence for 7 days with many private receptions and tours.
                                                                                 at Atlantic Station. We made a contribution to this project.
                                                                                 v  In June we had a cooking class and luncheon with Chef Anthony
                                                                                 Ferre. We also had a French lesson for the group traveling to France.
                                                                                 v  In July we entertained a guest from France and took part in
                                                                                 several Bastille Day and World Cup activities. Several of us took our
                                                                                 guest to North GA.
                                                                                 v  Sept. 5 we had a gathering at a home on Tuxedo Court to honor
                                                                                 our past presidents. Franklyn Skidmore entertained us with a mini
                                                                                 concert of opera music. It was very well attended.
                                                                                 v  On Sept. 11 we had a Peace Concert as had been suggested by
                                                                                 the Sister City Commission. It was Chamber Music and was very well
                                                                                 v   Sept. 13- Sept 24 was the trip to Provence and Toulouse.
 Atlanta group visits Toulouse                                                   v  Oct. 6 we took a bus trip to North Georgia and went to two
                                                                                 wineries. We had five guests from France with us. It was a terrific day.
v   The main social event for the group for the past 6 years has been
the Fete des Rois celebrated in the French manner.This 12th day of               v  All through the year we have attended Culture Club, which is a
Christmas/January 6 event features the traditional Kings Cake includ-            reception with a speaker once a month.
ing a feve (prize) that designates its finder as “King” of the party. The        v In November we joined the French American Chamber of Com-
gift swapping game each year has been a fun tradition with members               merce for a Beaujolais Nouveau tasting and auction.
bringing their least favorite Christmas gift to exchange.
                                                                                 v We had a wonderful evening at the home of Ray Pierotti, an artist
v  In February as a group we toured the 20th annual Southeastern                 and one of our members.
Flower Show, which had a French theme this year.
                                                                                 v  In December we were entertained at a party by one of our mem-
v In March we had a lecture on Napoleon on the Nile - Egyptomania                bers on Dec. 13 and again on Dec. 24.
and the Decorative Arts by an Art Historian Frederica Todd Harlow.
                                                                                 v  In addition to the formal activities we have been called on several
v  April brought an Easter Brunch at the home of one of our mem-                 times to help students from Atlanta going to France, or students
bers. We were also invited to the residence of the Consul General,               from Toulouse coming to Atlanta. It was a very busy year.
Philippe Ardanaz, for the installation of officers.
                                                                                 v   The Toulouse Group operates a web site.                              Page 18
                                                                           2 0       Please visit www. sprawls.org/ATSCC
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a         t l a n t a •           s     i s t e r •          C      i t i e s                   C       O M M I S S I O N
2007                                                                                                 Annual Report

                    Members of the Atlanta Sister Cities Commission
                    From left to right: Jeff Breedlove, GA State Coordinator, Sister Cities International; Victor Ramirez, Salcedo,
                    Dominican Republic; Dr. Margo Alexander, Ancient Olympia Greece; Dr. Augustine Esogbue, Lagos, Nigeria;
                    Teri Simmons, ASCC Chair; Dr. Charleise Young, Cotonou, Benin; Wilma Kruger, Rio de Janiero, Brazil; Betty
                    Davis, Toulouse, France; Shean Atkins, Nürnberg, Germany; Samuel Bacote (appointed); Dr. Cedric Suzman,
                    Southern Center for International Studies - (appointed); David Smith, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Great Britain;
                    David Papava, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia; David Constant, Office of the Mayor of Atlanta.

                                        Produced by the Atlanta Sister Cities Commission
                                                 Public Relations Committee
                                          For information on Atlanta Sister Cities, contact
                                                Mayor's Office of International Affairs
                                                55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta GA 30303


                                    Publication sponsored by

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