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									                                               ORIENTAL XPRESS

                                                                                 $ 7.99 + Taxes

                                        STEP1: Pick 1 favorite and we make it a delicious Combo by

                                                                          +vegetable spring roll

                                           +     house Veg. soup OR       pop Ice Tea / Bottled water

                       +steamed rice     Substitute steam rice with Veg. Fried Rice/Veg. Chow Mein
                                                     for an extra $1.00, or Boiled Veg. for extra $2.00

                                  STEP2: Indicate spice level    Mild,       Spicy         Extra spicy

Zesty Chicken                                    Shrimp or Chicken with Eggplant
Beef with Chinese Greens                         Fried Chicken Wings with Fried Rice
Lemon or Sesame Chicken                          Chilli:Chicken/Fish/Beef/Shrimp/ Tofu
Szechuan or Chilli Shrimp                        Manchurian:Chicken/Veg/Fish/Beef/ Tofu
Kung Pao Chicken/Vegetables (Peanuts)            Szechuan - Chicken, Fish, Beef, Shrimp, Veg, or
Sweet and Sour Manchurian Chicken/Fish/ Beef     Paneer
Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls                     Sweet and Sour - Chicken, Fish, Beef, or Veg
Tender Sliced Beef with Bittermelon              Tofu with - Chicken, Fish or Beef
Butter Masala Boneless Chicken or Paneer         Curry - Chicken, Fish, Beef, or Vegetable
Spicy Thai Green Curry Chicken or Vegetable      Spicy Garlic - Chicken, Fish, or Beef
Boneless Tandoori Chicken                        Broccoli with - Chicken, Fish, or Beef
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce                        Black Bean with - Chicken, Fish, or Beef
General Tao's Chicken                            Mix Vegetable with - Chicken, Fish, or Beef
Manchurian Deluxe Mixed Vegetable

     The following is not served with Steamed Rice Vegetarian /Chicken /Shrimp (+$1)

                              Dumplings (Panfry or Steamed)
                                  Shanghai Noodles
                                        Lo Mein
                                  Pad Thai Noodles
                                  Singapore Noodles
                                  Hakka Chow Mein
                                       Fried Rice

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