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Solution brief - Microsoft


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									                                             Connecting People in New Ways, Anytime, Anywhere
                                                                                                  Partner Solution Brief

                                             Tight integration of Microsoft Lync with Aspect Unified
                                             IP empowers organizations to deliver superior
                                             customer service and increase workforce productivity.

Partner: Aspect                              Business Needs                       multiple communication
Website: www.aspect.com                      Today’s next-generation              channels on a unified agent
Partner Size: 1,900 employees                consumers require a faster           desktop, to ensure that
Country or Region: Global
                                             response to their needs and          interactions between agents and
Industry: Professional services—
Software engineering                         demand the flexibility to engage     knowledge workers are more
                                             companies in the manner that is      agile, efficient, and tactical. With
Partner Profile                              most convenient to them. At a        Ask an Expert functionality,
Aspect is a global software
                                             time when Web 2.0                    agents can engage knowledge
and IT services firm specializing
in applying Microsoft Unified                technologies and real-time           workers using presence, instant
Communications and                           communications are ushering in       messaging (IM), voice, and
collaboration across the                     Enterprise 2.0, traditional          desktop sharing.
enterprise and in the contact center.
Aspect helps companies strategically plan
                                             contact center solutions are not
and implement technology for high-           able to meet these consumer          Richer presence and more
stakes, complex, customer-facing             expectations.                        effective collaboration between
business processes.
                                                                                  contact center agents,
                                             Solution                             supervisors, back-office staff, and
                                             Aspect provides a unified
                                                                                  knowledge workers expedite the
                                             contact center solution that
                                                                                  exchange of information
                                             uses unified communications
                                                                                  between all customer experience
                                             capabilities from Microsoft to
                                                                                  contributors to increase first
                                             optimize business processes
                                                                                  contact resolution.
                                             throughout the enterprise and
                                             the contact center.
                                                                                  High reliability, performance,
                                                                                  flexibility, and scalability are
                                             Aspect® Unified IP® is built
                                                                                  hallmarks of Aspect Unified IP.
                                             specifically to take advantage of
                                                                                  Along with Microsoft Lync, this
                                             the capabilities of Microsoft Lync
                                                                                  platform aligns with key IT
                                             Server 2010 to eliminate the
For more information about Aspect                                                 initiatives to standardize,
                                             barriers between the contact
products and services, call (888) 421-7728                                        virtualize, and reduce complexity
or visit the website at:                     center and the enterprise. It
                                                                                  and costs.
www.aspect.com                               offers full agent access to
Benefits                                                            capabilities eliminates the need
The integration between Aspect®                                     for separate applications.
Unified IP® and Lync Server 2010
offers complementary capabilities                                Reduces IT complexity and
to address the needs of the next-                                 costs. A unified solution built
generation consumer. The                                          on standards-based Microsoft
solution:                                                         technologies eliminates
                                                                  complex computer technology
 Gives consumers the ability to                                  integration. Aspect Unified IP
  communicate via any channel.                                    and Lync Server 2010 make it
  Aspect Unified IP supports                                      possible for agents and
  inbound and outbound voice,                                     information workers to work
  email, chat, and, through Lync                                  from home. IT administrators
  Server 2010, IM, and desktop                                    gain the operational efficiency
  sharing.                                                        and cost advantages of
                                                                  virtualizing and centrally
 Enhances collaboration                                          maintaining the system.
  between all contributors to
  the customer experience.                                      Serge Hyppolite, Director of
  Aspect Unified IP works with                                  Interaction Product
  Lync Server 2010 to initiate                                  Management at Aspect, says,
  collaboration within and outside                              “Aspect Unified IP is built to
  of the contact center. Presence,                              empower companies to interact
  IM, voice, and desktop sharing                                with customers across any
  offer more efficient and in-                                  channel—including voice, email,
  depth resource and knowledge                                  and web. Capabilities such as
  sharing between contact center                                presence, IM, voice, and screen
  agents, supervisors, back-office                              sharing lead to increased
  employees, and enterprise                                     business productivity and a
  experts to support higher                                     more seamless customer
  service levels, resulting in                                  experience.”
  improved customer satisfaction.

 Increases agent productivity
  and effectiveness. A unified
  agent desktop with built-in core
  unified communications

This solution brief is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS

Document published November 2010

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