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					45 Championships, 35 Cups,
5 European Cups
Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv is the greatest basketball team in Israel. They have
been successful since the beginning of the basketball league in 1954.
They have won the championship title 45 times, including 23 titles in a row
between 0791 to 1992, probably a world record. They have won the national
cup 35 times. Maccabi is Israel’s representative in the world of sport.

Elite, Israel’s largest food company have been sponsoring Maccabi since
1969. Maccabi Tel Aviv has always been proud to provide the national team
with large number of players.

  Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv was the first Israeli club to enter the European Cup
for Champions in 1958. Since then they have played 577 games, And were
the first and only Israeli club to play in a final. They have won 5 Champion
Cups (1977, 1981, 2001, 2004, 2005), and played in 11 Champions Cup
finals. In 1980 Maccabi won the Intercontinental Cup, and in 1994 and 2004
they organized the European final 4” in Tel Aviv.

In 2002/03 Maccabi took part in the Adriatic League, finishing the season in
first place with a 17-4 record. Again the final 4 was to be played in Tel Aviv,
but because of the war in Iraq they played in Ljubljana. Maccabi lost in the
final 88-91 to a team from croatia.

Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv was first Israeli team to take part in the McDonald
Championship, in London in 1995. In December 1997 the club organized the
FIBA Eurostars in which top European players clashed in the game between
East and West selections. Five of Maccabi Elite players were selected to play
in the Eurostars games: Nadav Henefeld, Oded Katash, Doron Sheffer, Randy
White & Rashard Griffith. Captain Gur Shelef & Nikola Vujcic appeared In
October 2002 in the Euroleague All Star team in an exhibition game in
Madrid as part of Real Madrid Centenary celebrations. Maccabi Tel Aviv
played in December 2002 in Madrid in the final event of those celebrations.
Number    Player Name     Date of Birth   Height   Position   Season   Nationality
  04      Regev Fanan       23/11/81       1.83       G        4th        Israel
  05     Maceo Baston       29/05/76       2.06      F/C       3rd        USA
  06     Derrick Sharp      05/10/71       1.83     PG/G       10th       Israel
  07      Nikola Vujcic     14/06/78       2.11      F/C       5th       Croatia
  08     Anthony Parker     19/06/75       1.98      SF        5th        USA
  09      Ilan Kadosh       18/01/79       1.89      PG        1st        Israel
  10      Tal Burstein      19/02/80       1.98     PG/G       6th        Israel
  11     Sharon Shason      16/03/78       2.06      SF        1st        Israel
  12      Assaf Dotan       05/03/74       1.94       G        3rd        Israel
  14      Omri Casspi       22/06/88       2.03      SF        1st        Israel
  15      Will Solomon      20/07/78       1.87     PG/G       First      USA
  20      Kirk Penney       23/11/80       1.95       G        First   New Zealand
  23      Jamie Arnold      10/03/75       2.02       F        1st        USA
  41      Yaniv Green       16/05/80       2.06      F/C       2nd        Israel

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