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 Agency /                                                                  Framework /                                                                    Target               Service
                              Prevention Definition                                                         Priority Health Areas                                                                   Contact
 Initiative                                                                Assessment                                                                   Population            Location

  Bridge      "Practice good health habits to delay, prevent or          Five-Year          Three (3) recommendations: 1) Increase the               Senior population    Multi-purpose        DeKalb County
 Builders     reduce the impact of chronic conditions."                  Community          percentage of older adults participating in a physical   of DeKalb County     senior centers       Human
                                                                         Action Plan for    activity to prevent injury and promote health                                 and other            Development
                                                                         Senior Services    2) Increase awareness of strategies to prevent and                            facilities, both     Department
                                                                                            manage diseases (i.e. sexually transmitted disease,                           public and private   Ms. Sandra
                                                                                            chronic diseases, mental health, depression,                                  in DeKalb County     Morrow
                                                                                            Alzheimer's disease, etc.) 3) Increase awareness of                                                770-322-2954
                                                                                            influenza and pneumonia prevention strategies
                                                                                            among older adults and their caregivers; increase
                                                                                            the number adults who receive flu vaccines

 DeKalb       Mission: "To promote and provide quality preventive        Youth Risk         1) Nutrition and Physical Activity                       All citizens of      Status of health     Division of Health
 County       and primary care. The prevention of disease, injury,       Behavior Survey    2) Tobacco Use Prevention                                DeKalb County        grantees             Assessment
 Board        disability and premature death is the primary purpose      (YRBS)             3) Injury Prevention                                                                               & Promotion
of Health     of the DeKalb Board of Health. We unite individuals,       Behavioral Risk    4) Health Disparities Elimination                                                                  (404) 294-3700
              families and communities to serve the people who live,     Factors Survey
              work and play in DeKalb County."

 DeKalb       To create conditions so that the problem behavior does     Youth Risk         Overall Goal: To increase protective factor that         Youth enrolled in    DeKalb County
 County       not occur. Vision: Students will make decisions that       Behavior Survey    promote individual and school success by reducing        DeKalb County        Schools &
 School       will enable them to become productive, responsible         (YRBS)             risk factors associated with school failure, drug use,   School System        Parent Resource
 System       citizens, free from the negative impact of drugs,          (Center for        violence and negative peer influence Goal 1) Reduce      (K – 12) and their   Centers (School
              violence and other destructive behaviors. The              Disease Control    the incidence of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use     parents              based)
              knowledge, skills and opportunities that students need     and Prevention)    by students in the DeKalb County School System
              will be acquired through collaborative working                                Goal 2) Reduce the incidence of violence by
              relationships among school, home and the community.                           students in the DeKalb County School System
              Mission: To provide prevention / intervention                                 Goal 3) To reduce the incidence of teenage
              programs and services which create a positive                                 pregnancy in the DeKalb County School System
              educational climate that promotes academic,
              behavioral and social success

  DeKalb      Creating conditions that promote well-being self                              The mission of the Task Force guides its                 Youth 13 - 18        No services are      Chambless Kalka
   Teen       respect among teenagers.                                                      behavior: To reduce teenage pregnancy in DeKalb          years of age         delivered directly   (404) 371-2889
Pregnancy                                                                                   County through a coordinated community approach
Task Force

  DeKalb      "Prevention is an active process of creating conditions    Communities        Goal 1) To coordinate and collaborate with all           Atlanta in DeKalb,   Services are         Thurya Wingate,
Prevention    and / or personal attributes that promote the well-being   That Care,         sectors of the community to actively create conditions   residents and        delivered to         Exec. Director
 Alliance     of people." (Lofquist, 1983) This is inclusive of          Lofquist,          that promote improved health Goal 2) To reduce teen      service providers    providers,           (404) 501-0722
              prevention at all levels -- Primary, secondary and         Developmental      pregnancy Goal 3) To increase diversity and cultural     of DeKalb County     schools,
              tertiary.                                                  Assets, Kretzman   competency among and between coalition members,                               community
                                                                         and John L.        staff, participants and volunteers Goal 4) To promote                         groups, agencies
                                                                         McKnight,          better access to all levels of prevention services                            and others
                                                                         Technology of      Goal 5) To build capacity of grassroots and                                   throughout
                                                                         Prevention         developing organizations toward independence to                               DeKalb County
                                                                                            launch and / or sustain activities in the future
                                                                                            Goal 6) Coalition Enhancement and Sustainability

     DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                               March 7th, 2006
               Prevention Matrix
 Agency /                                                                 Framework /                                                                      Target               Service
                               Prevention Definition                                                         Priority Health Areas                                                                   Contact
 Initiative                                                               Assessment                                                                     Population            Location

   DeKalb      Philosophy: "Education, health and social services      Kids Count Data       The collaborative partners work together to provide      High risk families   Family Resource      Jacqueline
  Initiative   must emphasize prevention and work with all members                           seamless services to families in DeKalb                  in the catchment     Centers              Williams,
For Children   of a child's family"                                                                                                                   areas of the                              Exec. Director
 & Families                                                                                                                                           Family Resource                           (404) 298-4090
                                                                                                                                                      Centers of the

Community      Create an environment that promotes positive change,    Communities           Community Domain: 1) Availability of Drugs 2)            School-age           DeKalb County        Gloria Leslie,
That Cares     promotes educational opportunities, nurtures children   That Care             Community Laws & Norms favorable toward drug use         children                                  DeKalb Juvenile
Consortium     and provides resources to ensure positive youth                               and crime Family Domain: 3) Family Management            and youth in                              Court,
               development. Parents and the community will create                            4) Family Conflict School Domain: 5) Academic            DeKalb County                             Grants & Admin.
               partnerships sharing resources to help children reach                         Failure in Elementary School Individual / Peer                                                     Program Manager
               their full potential.                                                         Domain: 6) Early initiation of problem behaviors                                                   (404) 294-2394

  Prevent      Our mission is the prevention of child abuse in all     Study conducted       Prevention of Child Abuse in all forms, creating         Charter Councils   Throughout the         Liz Ferguson,
Child Abuse    forms. We focus on primary prevention which is          May 2003 by           environment where children can grow, thrive and be       and Healthy        state of Georgia       Services Coord.
 Georgia       stopping a problem before it starts.                    Schapiro              successful. Our priority is to help build families and   Families GA                               (404) 870-6566
                                                                       Research Group,       communities to assure the future for all Georgians.      network provide
                                                                       Inc. for PCA          Our core concepts are: Value, Children,                  voluntary services
                                                                       Georgia               Strengthening Families and Educating Communities.        to families,
                                                                                                                                                      parents, youth,
                                                                                                                                                      professionals and

   DeKalb      To create conditions so that the problem behavior does Research               Goal: To increase protective factors that promote        Students (K – 12)    DeKalb County        Jennifer Errion,
   County      not occur                                              Framework:             individual and school success by reducing risk           and their parents    School System        Assist. Director,
 Schools –                                                            Social Dev. Model      factors associated with school failure, drug use,                             school sites         Prevention /
Prevention /                                                          Data Sources:          violence and negative peer influence. Mission: To                                                  Intervention
Intervention                                                          YRBS, School           provide prevention / intervention programs and                                                     Department
  Program                                                             Engagement data        services that create a positive educational climate                                                (678) 676-1820
                                                                      sets such as           that promotes academic, behavioral and social
                                                                      attendance, test       success.
                                                                      scores, drop-out
                                                                      rates and
                                                                      discipline referrals

City Schools                                                           Strategic             1) Improve Academic Achievement for all 2) Close         Students (K – 12)    Students enrolled    Renee Dixon
 of Decatur                                                            Planning Process      the achievement gap 3) Operate as one system             and their parents    in city schools of   (404) 370-4420
                                                                       - For 5 year          4) Improve fiscal responsibility 5) Strengthen                                Decatur
                                                                       Strategic Plan        relationship with community. The team develops and
                                                                       www.decatur-          implements prevention and intervention strategies to
                                                                     achieve these goals.

     DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                                March 7th, 2006
               Prevention Matrix
 Agency /                                                                  Framework /                                                                   Target            Service
                              Prevention Definition                                                           Priority Health Areas                                                           Contact
 Initiative                                                                Assessment                                                                  Population         Location

  SPARK                                                                  Theory of Change Mission: Enhance the total development of young           Central DeKalb    Scottdale Child     Audrey Collier,
  Georgia                                                                                 children while strengthening their families and                             Development         Exec. Director
                                                                                          communities by 1) Providing high quality early care                         & Family            (404) 294-8362
                                                                                          and education that is affordable to diverse families                        Resource Center
                                                                                          2) Encouraging parents to be partners in their                              of Central DeKalb
                                                                                          children's development by building and nurturing the
                                                                                          parent / staff relationship and providing families with
                                                                                          supportive services and resources 3) Joining in
                                                                                          partnerships that help to ensure children are ready to
                                                                                          succeed in school 4) Leading efforts to raise the
                                                                                          standard for family-supportive early care and
                                                                                          education through mentoring, training and advocacy

  United      "…to address the systemic and underlying conditions        Community           Goal 1) Assist the community in identifying            Metro-Atlanta                         Carol Crumby
   Way        that cause whole groups of people to be unable to          impact / Capacity   community needs and priorities, developing                                                   Arlene Parker-
              support themselves and their families or deal with         building            strategies for resolution, gaining local support and                                         Goldson
              personal crises as they arise." (Forward from the report                       generating outcomes Goal 2) Access the necessary                                             (404) 527-7306
              of the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee, 2005)                            financial and non-financial resources, relations,
                                                                                             knowledge and best practices to achieve our mission
                                                                                             Goal 3) Provide access and motivation for citizens
                                                                                             to become actively engaged and vested as
                                                                                             stakeholders in the work of improving their
                                                                                             community Goal 4) Achieve measurable, meaningful,
                                                                                             sustainable impact on the issues that are most
                                                                                             important to our community Goal 5) Have United
                                                                                             Way of Metropolitan Atlanta recognized as providing
                                                                                             an effective means of mobilizing community
                                                                                             resources to solve critical community problems
                                                                                             Goal 6) Maintain an effective, efficient and caring
                                                                                             organization that is flexible and responsive to
                                                                                             changing needs of the community

  Metro       Prevention is an active, assertive process of creating     2004 Estimates of   Increase comprehensive community organization and All citizens           Fulton,             Doris Thomas,
 MHDDAD       conditions and personal attributes that promote            the Georgia Adult   develop efforts, especially in underserved areas with                    DeKalb,             Prevention
              the well-being of people (William Loftquist)               and Juvenile        high-risk populations, to prevent those conditions that                  Clayton,            Specialist
                                                                         Population          are preventable (MHDDAD)                                                 Gwinnet,            (770) 414-3050
                                                                         Needing                                                                                      Newton,
                                                                         Substance                                                                                    Rockdale
                                                                         Treatment,                                                                                   Counties
                                                                         Census Data

  Family      "Family Connection Partnership helps partners              Kids Count Data     1)   Healthy children                                  All 159 Georgia   All Georgia         Rita Morgan,
Connections    strengthen families in Georgia by building their                              2)   Children ready for school                         counties          counties            Community
              capacity to develop relationships and implement                                3)   Children succeeding in school                                                           Facilitator,
              community-driven plans"                                                        4)   Strong families                                                                         Region 3
                                                                                             5)   Self-sufficient families                                                                (404) 527-7394
                                                                                                                                                                                          Ext. 124

     DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                           March 7th, 2006
               Prevention Matrix
  Agency /                                                                   Framework /                                                                    Target                 Service
                                 Prevention Definition                                                        Priority Health Areas                                                                    Contact
  Initiative                                                                 Assessment                                                                   Population              Location

Mental Health,   Prevention is an active, assertive process of creating    Strategic          Contracts for prevention services specifically           DeKalb                 Georgia             Brenda Rowe,
Developmental    conditions and personal attributes that promote           Prevention         designed to reduce risks associated with substance       consumers                                  Prevention
 Disabilities    the well-being of people. (William Loftquist)             Framework          use and abuse                                            and service                                Program Chief
 & Addictive     A major goal in Georgia is to implement "science-                                                                                     providers                                  (404) 657-2160
   Diseases      based" prevention throughout the state.

   Healthy       Understanding the determinants of health - Individual     MAPIT              Two overarching goals: 1) Increase quality and           All people living      United States       U.S. Department
   People        biology and behavior, physical and social                 Framework used     years of healthy life 2) Eliminate Health disparities.   in United States                           of Health &
    2010         environments, policies and interventions, and access      and a Systematic   These two goals are supported by 467 objectives in                                                  Human Services
                 to quality health care - And how they relate to one       Approach to        28 focus areas
                 another, coupled with understanding of how individuals    Health
                 and community health affects the Nation                   Improvement
                                                                           includes 4 key
                                                                           1) Goals
                                                                           2) Objectives
                                                                           3) Determinants
                                                                           of health
                                                                           4) Health status

  SAMHSA -       Prevention is a proactive process which empowers          Strategic          Long Term Goals: To prevent / reduce substance           States using           States              SAMHSA
    CSAP         individuals and systems to meet challenges of life        Prevention         use and abuse, promote mental health, prevent            the Strategic
                 events and transitions by creating and reinforcing        Framework          mental disorders and reduce disability, co-morbidity     Prevention
                 conditions that promote healthy behaviors and                                and relapse in states using the SPF                      Framework

 Total Family    To focus on enhancing the ability of parent(s) to         Utilize Parents    Prevention of child abuse / neglect, substance abuse     Young families         In-home with the    Debbie Bowling
  & Children     develop close emotional bonds with their child and to     As Teachers        and school failure                                       with children 0-5      families and at     (770) 414-4232
 Services of     provide age-appropriate stimulation for development.                                                                                                         the office, schools
   Georgia       This increases parenting skills and positive emotional,                                                                                                      and churches
                 physical and intellectual development of the child to
                 prevent abuse, neglect, substance abuse and
                 educational failure, which further includes emotional
                 stability academic achievement and employability in
                 the child's adult life

  DeKalb         To intervene with help before the problem leads to a      No information     Reading, ESOL, Math GED (Life Long Learning)             All who need help      Entire county       Connie Raiford
  Council        bigger problem                                            provided                                                                    with literacy skills                       (770) 918-8144
 On Literacy

 City Schools    City Schools of Decatur - Student Support Services        Strategic          Health Services Assessments & Screenings:                Students 4-18          City of Decatur,    Rena Glass -
  of Decatur     promote and advocate for the emotional, mental and        Prevention         Vision / hearing, scoliosis, height / weight; Health     years of age, and      4x4 square miles,   Dixon, SSW -
                 physical health needs of school age children to support   Framework          Education, Educational Assessments (SST / ESS),          children / Early       within DeKalb       Renfroe Middle
                 learning and academic success. This team develops                            Staff Training, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse Prevention       Learning Center        County              & Decatur High
                 and implements prevention and intervention strategies                        and Universal                                            0-3 years of age                           (404) 370-4420
                 to achieve these goals.                                                                                                               as of this year                            Ext. 115 Office;
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (404) 606-4877

      DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                                   March 7th, 2006
                Prevention Matrix
  Agency /                                                                   Framework /                                                                       Target              Service
                                  Prevention Definition                                                        Priority Health Areas                                                                     Contact
  Initiative                                                                 Assessment                                                                      Population           Location

   DeKalb        A deliverable system designed to influence individual     MAPP / Healthy     The Board of Health addresses a multitude of health         Entire population   At the seven          Carla Cartwright
   County        and community behaviors with the goal of reducing         DeKalb Steps       priorities including but not limited to infant mortality,   of DeKalb County    Board of Health       (404) 508-7985
   Board         risks and unfavorable outcomes                                               chronic disease, injury prevention and emergency            (+685,000)          facilities and        (Steps to a
  of Health                                                                                   preparedness                                                                    offsite at            Healthier DeKalb)
                                                                                                                                                                              community events
                                                                                                                                                                              and health fairs
                                                                                                                                                                              (ie screenings,
                                                                                                                                                                              health education,

  Georgia        Teaching skills, supervising practice of skills,          Strength Based     Menthal health (Behavior)                                   Children,           Individual, group,    Linda Clofine,
 Counseling      recognizing successful development of skills and          Practice, focusing                                                             adolescents and     family therapy, in-   LCSW
  Network        encourage the incorporation of these skills into daily    on individual                                                                  families            home, in-school       (770) 841-2966
                 life                                                      strengths to reach                                                                                 and at office
                                                                           the individual or                                                                                  outdoor therapy
                                                                           family goals                                                                                       activities

  Georgia        Proactive education, identification and intervention to   Child Advocacy     Child Sexual Abuse                                          3-17 years old      From office at        Sam McAbee,
 Center For      address socio-economic factors that reduce barriers to    model for child                                                                residence of        202 Nelson Ferry      Clinical Director
Children, Inc.   healthy family and community functioning                  abuse                                                                          DeKalb and          Road and              (404) 378-6100
                                                                           intervention                                                                   Fulton County.      Decatur
                                                                                                                                                          Alleging child
                                                                                                                                                          sexual abuse.

DeKalb Rape      I love your definition. I support it. I am ready.         Georgia            Mental and physical health                                  DeKalb residents    24 hour crisis line Virginia Vaughan
Crisis Center,                                                             standards                                                                      age 13 and older    - Whole County.     (404) 377-1429
     Inc.                                                                  for Rape Crisis                                                                                    All DeKalb,
                                                                           Centers                                                                                            Decatur and
                                                                                                                                                                              private schools,
                                                                                                                                                                              youth groups,
                                                                                                                                                                              clubs, after
                                                                                                                                                                              school programs,
                                                                                                                                                                              camps and
                                                                                                                                                                              college campuses

  Regugee        Assess youth and using available resources                Started with       Mental health issues since we work with refugee             At-risk refugee     Services           Slobodanka Besic
   Family        (mainstream service providers), through available         School System,     youth                                                       youth dealing       delivered to       (404) 299-6217
  Services       services (after school program, mentoring, tutoring,      followed by                                                                    with adjusting      Refugee Family     Ext. 211
                 etc.) counseling to prevent being at high risk            prevention for                                                                 issues, mental      Services and
                                                                           at-risk refugee                                                                health issues,      other agencies in
                                                                           youth                                                                          trauma, emotional   DeKalb County.
                                                                                                                                                          disorders, low      We developed
                                                                                                                                                          self esteem, low    Community
                                                                                                                                                          academic level,     Resources Board.
                                                                                                                                                          identity issues,    Board purpose is
                                                                                                                                                          overwhelming        to support the
                                                                                                                                                          expectations        program by
                                                                                                                                                          and cultural        making services
                                                                                                                                                          differences         appropriate to the
                                                                                                                                                                              group we serve.

      DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                                  March 7th, 2006
                Prevention Matrix
  Agency /                                                                  Framework /                                                                     Target               Service
                                  Prevention Definition                                                         Priority Health Areas                                                                Contact
  Initiative                                                                Assessment                                                                    Population            Location

   Atlanta       We undertake programs to educate and warn the            Home Defense           No information provided                               DeKalb County        246 Sycamore         William Brennan,
  Legal Aid      community about abusive practices - Exploitive           Program                                                                      low and moderate     Street, Suite 120,   Jr.
 Society, Inc.   practices                                                                                                                             income home          Decatur, GA          (404) 377-0705
Home Defense                                                                                                                                           buyers / owners,     30030 and at         Ext. 236
  Program                                                                                                                                              (especially senior   community
                                                                                                                                                       homeowners)          education sites
                                                                                                                                                       who may be           such as
                                                                                                                                                       subjected to         Homebuyers
                                                                                                                                                       abusive practices    Seminars
                                                                                                                                                                            presented by
                                                                                                                                                                            DeKalb Metro
                                                                                                                                                                            Agency - At
                                                                                                                                                                            Decatur Library

Safe Haven       To reduce and intervene with the cycle of domestic       No information         No information provided                               Women and            Through              Monique Bates
Transitional,    violence by education, awareness and creating the        provided                                                                     children in the      administrative       (678) 492-6621
    Inc.         empowerment where abuse in not accepted                                                                                               United States        office and
                                                                                                                                                                            transitional home

   DeKalb        Steps, measures or actions taken to prevent crime,       Assist the court       Substance Abuse, Mental Health                        Misdemeanor          Throughout the       Kevin Batye
   County        substance abuse, domestic violence or abuse, sexual      and individuals in                                                           offenders            entire county        (404) 371-3242
 State Court     assault or abuse, promote healthy lifestyles and         identifying factors                                                          sentenced in         through public
  Probation      reduce the negative impact of physical or mental /       that contribute to                                                           State or Superior    and private sector
 Department      emotional illness                                        criminal activity or                                                         Courts of DeKalb     service providers
                                                                          unhealthy                                                                    County
                                                                          lifestyles and
                                                                          refers individuals
                                                                          to appropriate
                                                                          service providers
                                                                          for assistance

 Whitefoord      Coordination and collaboration of resources and          Currently serving      Pediatric well health care, dental psychosocial and   Youth and            30307, 30317,        Zuwena Gutson,
 Community       support to reduce risk factors for individuals, youth    as community           other mental health care                              families residing    and 30316 zip        LCSW,
  Program        and families                                             hub site for                                                                 in Edgewood /        code areas           Program Director,
                                                                          DeKalb County                                                                Whitfoord                                 Family
                                                                          DFCS for CPPC                                                                Community.                                Counseling
                                                                                                                                                       Interest in early                         Center
                                                                                                                                                       childhood,                                (404) 523-6181
                                                                                                                                                       middle schools,
                                                                                                                                                       students and their

   DeKalb        Providing the necessary resources and services that      Communities            Juvenile Delinquency                                  17 years and         Limited with         Reggie Bass
   County        are needed to prevent clients from coming into various   That Care Model                                                              younger              various agencies     (404) 294-2919
  Juvenile       systems

      DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                                March 7th, 2006
                Prevention Matrix
 Agency /                                                                  Framework /                                                                Target               Service
                               Prevention Definition                                                        Priority Health Areas                                                              Contact
 Initiative                                                                Assessment                                                               Population            Location

The Children   Identifying and addressing community needs in efforts     Family Centered      Neglect, Abuse, Delinquency                        High risk children   Entire county        Betsy Miller
& Teenagers    to provide services that decrease risks and increase      Practice, Strength                                                      and families                              (404) 299-2087
Foundation,    stability                                                 Based, Solution
    Inc.                                                                 Focused

Center For     Improving community health and wellbeing by taking        Stages of Change Mission: To create and deliver culturally competent    Asian immigrants     Entire county.       Marianne Chung
Pan Asian      action to prevent problems before they occur              Theory           and comprehensive health care services to              and refugees with    Main office in       (770) 936-0969
Community                                                                                 counteract issues faced by immigrants, refugees        limited English      Doraville.
 Services                                                                                 and racial-ethnic minorities                           proficiency

  DeKalb       Providing care, protection and experiences essential to   Community            Child Abuse & Neglect, Food Insecurity, Economic
Department     the wellbeing of families                                 Partnership          Support and Employment Services
 of Family                                                               for Protecting
& Children                                                               Children (CPPC)

     DeKalb County Human Development Dept:                                                                                                                                             March 7th, 2006
               Prevention Matrix

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