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       5. Vale Noel Rowe: Bernadette
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When self-described ‘emos’ Jodie Gater         of ‘research’ that wouldn’t be accepted       economic management, flip to page ten          that’s not an excuse for every other paper
and Stephanie Gestier died in April, it        in year seven school assignments, and         for Ros Stein’s interview with Andrew          to stoop to that same level.
made sense that the public wanted to           the public accepts it, then both standards    Charlton).
know, and the media wanted to publish          have clearly slid down a notch.                                                              Napoleon once said ‘I fear three
information about their use of MySpace.                                                      But I’m not just worried that the level of     newspapers more than a hundred thousand
After all, the social networking site had      Let’s not kid ourselves. Political debate     debate is declining; I’m worried that our      bayonets.’ Granted he probably should
been used quite deliberately to send vague     in Australia hasn’t been in top form for      response as consumers, and as the public,      have feared stomach cancer more than
forewarnings about their plans to commit       a while. After all, this is the nation that   seems to be to simply set the bar even         both, but the point remains. Newspapers,
suicide.                                       in the 2004 elections found ‘Interest rates   lower. I was recently talking to a school      with the probable exception of this one,
                                               will rise under Labor’ to be all the info     teacher about The Sydney Morning               have the capacity to make an enormous
When Pete Hodgkins was revealed as the         they required to cast their vote. Never       Herald, and my fear that (Miranda              impact on both the amount and the level
man who had thrown the rock that struck        mind that the only grounds given were         Devine’s weekly dose of incoherent vitriol     of political debate, and in doing so change
Nicole Miller through her car window,          ‘Well, they did last time’. Never mind        notwithstanding) The Sydney Morning            our democracy for the better.
thereby resulting in her hospitalisation,      that they also rose to 13%, the level at      Herald is quite shamelessly editorialising
The Daily Telegraph again decided that         which they were then capped, when             for Labor for the next election. Her           But until our desire for news extends
any and all info from his MySpace profile      Howard was Treasurer under Fraser. And        response: ‘So what? The Australian are         beyond that which can be satisfied by a
– such as Pete’s dislike of Big Brother –      never mind that interest rates are set by     going for Howard.’                             rehash of what Pete’s MySpace page says
was worthy of front-page news.                 an independent body, the Reserve Bank,                                                       about Big Brother, this capacity will never
                                               and heavily influenced by factors outside     The role of media in a functioning             truly be realised.
I don’t know why I was so surprised. The       the government’s control. (For more on        democracy isn’t to take sides and hope
Tele isn’t exactly a bastion of journalistic   the myth’s behind Howard and Costello’s       you’ve picked the winner. And if one                               Daniel Wodak
credibility. But when they opt for a kind                                                    media source decides to fall into that trap,


        TERRORISM. NO                                                 policy has been termed as terrorism by many?

         REALLY, WHY?                                                 Through his condescending and paternalistic
                                                                      tone, arrogance in a absence of any real research
Dear Honi,                                                            - apart from his reference to a tutorial last year
The most glaring and obvious failure in Rob
                                                                      - Rob Clark only manages to embody notions of                                      SEMI-CLOTHED
                                                                      western imperialism, as opposed to contradicting
Clark’s article (“Terrorism. Why?”, Honi
                                                                      them.                                                                                AMBITION
Soit, Edition 13) is his failure to define what
constitutes terrorism. In this light one would be                     Sincerely,                                                              Dear Honi,
forgiven for not bothering to ask what he means
                                                                      Sara Haghdoosti                                                         We refer to Julia Bowes’ article entitled ‘Naked
by supposed ‘wannabe terrorism’. Is terrorism
                                                                                                                                              Ambition’. We wish to confirm the accuracy
just an act of arbitrary violence motivated by
ideological forces? If so, can one constitute
                                                                                HONI CROSSWORDS                                               of certain allegations published. Furthermore,
                                                                                                                                              since the article went to print some recent
something like the massacre at Columbine                                         MAKE STU CROSS                                               developments have come to light.
as terrorism? If not, then what about the US
shooting of the Iranian plane, Flight 665 in                          Dear Honi,
                                                                                                                                              Ros and Abi have, in fact, revealed their true
1988 (which killed 255 civilians for no apparent                                                                                              intentions and formed a ‘facist right wing bloc’
                                                                      It saddens me that in the most prestigious student
reason)? The disturbing thing is that Rob Clark                                                                                               (we wonder if the tautology is necessary?) and
                                                                      newspaper, not one editor can be found with the
not only fails to ask these questions but assumes                                                                                             following the lead of the great former “President
                                                                      courage to speak up and say of p. 23, “That’s
that acts of terrorism are committed by people                                                                                                for Life” of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov,
                                                                      not a real crossword!” (I deliberately choose not
with an Islamic ideology. Even when he does try                                                                                               they plan to erect a golden statue of themselves
                                                                      to countenance the possibility that the editorial
to take a pseudo historical approach he switches                                                                                              in the Holme courtyard. They hope this will help
                                                                      team is collectively ignorant of the subtle and
terminology - the kamakazi and early Christians                                                                                               in recruiting college men.
                                                                      sublime art of the crosword). Not only were the
weren’t terrorists but ‘martyrs’.
                                                                      clues of dreadful quality, but the very form is
                                                                                                                                              Labor Left have recently engaged in “aggressive
Rob Clark also fails to recognise the fact that                       incorrect.
                                                                                                                                              negotiations” with North Korea, furthering their
a rejection of liberalism isn’t monopolized                                                                                                   attempt to “take over the world”. They hope to
                                                                      Crosswords, when written properly, are designed
by Islam. If the rejection of the equality of                                                                                                 be formally ratified as a key player in the Axis of
                                                                      so that the pattern of black and white squares is
women, homosexual rights and a world built on                                                                                                 Evil by mid-October.
                                                                      the same if you rotate the puzzle 180 degrees.
technology, science and reason is enough reason
                                                                      Get a copy of the SMH and try it out. It’s really
to blow yourself up, why are people like Fred                                                                                                 If we are indeed talking election promises, Ms
                                                                      very clever. The uneducated drivel that Honi
Nile and Cardinal Pell not blowing themselves                                                                                                 Bowes, where is the so-called ‘Zest’ in SULS?
                                                                      publishes under the heading of crossword is not.
up? If ideology is such a key to understanding                                                                                                Where is the ‘Wham(!)’ in Honi? Let us not talk
                                                                      If the art of the crossword is beyond the skills
terrorism, then why isn’t the ideology of                                                                                                     about broken promises....
                                                                      of the editorial team, why not keep publishing
capitalism analyzed in the same light? Why does
                                                                      celebrity cutouts, which, although a complete                           Yours, faithfully, (D.B.).
he not even question claims that US foreign
                                                                                             waste of last week’s colour
                                                                                             spread, are at least (mostly                     The University of Sydney Union Board.
                                        Cheapest                                             - I will refrain from
                                                                                             pointing out that the places
                                                                                                                                              P.S - We confirm, too, that Rose Khalilizadeh

                                        books on
                                                                                                                                              (President, USU) is indeed carrying Angus
                                                                                             wherein one is supposed                          McFarland’s (President, SRC) love child. We
                                                                                             to stick the heads are all                       hope this will weaken Kim Jong Il’s hegemony
                                        campus                                               different sizes) within the
                                                                                             skill-set of the editors?
                                                                                                                                              over future benevolent world dictators.

                                        Guaranteed!                                                            Yours regretfully,
                                                                                                                                                TANNER’S NEXT GAME
                                                                                                               Stuart Thomson
                                                                                                                                                OF DEAL OR NO DEAL
• We buy & sell textbooks according to demand                                                                  Arts/Law IV.
                                                                                                                                              Dear Honi,
• You can sell your books on consignment                                                                                                      While reading the interviews with the new
• We are open to USYD students & the public                                                                          HELLO,                   Union Exec in last week’s Honi, I had a curious
                                                                                                                                              revelation: Mark Tanner is Andrew O’Keefe. I                                                                                          MOTO                    don’t mean that the two bear a vague resemblance.
                                                                                                                                              They are one and the same person. This begs
                                                                                                               Dear Honi,
                                                                                                                                              some important questions. Do Andrew’s wife
Become an SRC Supporter for only $25 and receive a                                                                                            and children know about his double life? And
                                                                                                               Having read the suggestion
supporter pack including savings at SRC Books and other                                                                                       why would a moderately successful game show
                                                                                                               that motorcross is a sexist
goodies; in addition to SRC student support services.                                                          sport in your most recent      host want to come back to uni to become a
PLUS every new supporter goes into the draw to...                                                              edition, I can’t help but      moderately unsuccessful student politician?
                                                                                                               feel that the two-way
                                                                                                               nature of the issue is being
                                                                                                               ignored. When women            Tim Clayton
                                                                                                               begin to appreciate the
                                            Courtesy of STA Travel & Intrepid.
                                                                                                               value of motorcross, I feel    B.Sci IV
                                            *Conditions Apply. No permit required.
                                                                                                               sure that motorcross will
          *                                                                                                    begin to appreciate the
                                                                                                               value of women.                      Honi Soit: It’s French
Where to find SRC Books...                                                                                     Sincerely,                            For ‘Send Us a Bloody
Level 3, Wentworth Building NOW OPEN!                                                                          Nick Kraegen
Walk over City Rd footbridge to level 3
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                                                                                                                                                   ‘em coming. Email your brief,
phone: 9660 4756 e:                                                                      edition,’ Nick refers to
                                                                                                                                                   witty and pertinent comments
                                                                                                               Edition II, which was
                                  The SRC’s operational costs, space and administrative support are financed   published on March 14.)
                                  by the University of Sydney.

                                                                                                                                                            HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07
CONSERVATORIUM HEAD                                                                            AUSTRALS 2007 POLITICAL
FORCED TO STEP DOWN?                                                                           Over the break while everyone was resting        ECONOMY
                                                                                                                                                STIR UP
                                                                                               or frantically earning some money, our
There have been rumours suggesting that                                                        debaters were in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
the Dean of the Conservatorium, Kim                                                            for the Australasian Debating Tournament,
Walker, has been asked to step down                                                            the second largest debating tournament in
                                                                                                                                                A group of casual tutors in the Department
by the University of Sydney pending an                                                         the world.
                                                                                                                                                of Government and International Relations
investigation.                                                                                                                                  and Political Economy are in a dispute
                                                                                               The tournament, organised by Universiti of
Kim Walker was appointed Dean of the                                                           Technologi Mara, hosted over 100 teams           over marking rates.
Conservatorium of Music in July 2004,                                                          from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia,
                                                                                                                                                The group, acting under their union,
after a distinguished international musical                                                    Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, South
                                                                                                                                                the National Tertiary Education Union
career. However, she has apparently been                                                       Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and even a
                                                                                                                                                (NTEU), which represents all employees in
involved in controversy since assuming the                                                     contingent from California.
                                                                                                                                                the tertiary education sector, is demanding
position.                                                                                                                                       a different standardised marking rate from
                                                                                               Sydney sent six teams over with their eyes
For a start, as an American, there was                                                         on the prize and did well. Sydney 2 (Patrick     that which is currently imposed.
unquiet that she was chosen over other                                                         Bateman, Naomi Hart and Daniel Wodak)
                                                                                                                                                At present, tutors are given a marking rate
potential Australian applicants. Since                                                         broke through to the final rounds, as did
                                                                                                                                                which tutor Jeffrey Wilson says is ‘not
assuming the position she has been                                                             Sydney 3 (Liz Ames, Rob Clark and James
                                                                                                                                                realistic’. The Faculty pays at 4000 words
involved in a dispute with the head of                                                         Simonian). Both teams were knocked out
                                                    Dean of the Conservatorium, Professor                                                       per hour, working out to marking 2x
the Conservatorium High School, Robert                                                         in the octofinals (the first round of finals).
                                                    Kim Walker                                                                                  2000 word essays in an hour. In practice,
Curry over the allocation of resources.                                                                                                         however, this means that tutors can only
                                                                                               Our adjudicators also did well, with Giselle
There have been rumours surrounding her                                                        Kenny, Katherine Connolly, Andrew                grade essays, rather than give valuable
                                                The Conservatorium website still lists         Garrett and Rohan Grey breaking through          feedback to students.
being stood down temporarily, though
                                                Professor Walker as the Dean, however,         to adjudicating the final rounds.
there has been no comment from the                                                                                                              The result has been that either tutors
                                                the lack of denial on the part of the
University or the Conservatorium. They                                                                                                          lose out by doing many hours of unpaid
                                                University is strange if there is nothing      The grand final was contested by the
have failed to confirm or deny the validity                                                                                                     work, or students lose out in terms of their
                                                going on. Ordinarily it would be expected      University of Victoria 1 and the University
of the rumours, saying:                                                                                                                         educational experience. The issue has not
                                                that a rumour that someone had been            of Queensland 2. The University of
“The Sydney Conservatorium of Music             stood down would be denied.                    Queensland eventually took out the               yet been resolved between the tutors and
continues to benefit from its raised profile                                                   honours in a close 5:3 decision.                 the faculty. Last week, when classes began,
                                                There has been no further comment                                                               the issue was still unresolved.
as a result of Professor Walker’s leadership
                                                following the SMH article from the             Australs 2007, while not bringing as much
and it would be inappropriate to comment
                                                University and the Dean is currently out       success home as previous years (USYD
on the university’s ongoing relationship
                                                of the country. Honi Soit will keep you        were recent champions in 2005) was still
with any member of staff” according the
                                                posted as further information on this issue    a great tournament for Sydney.
the Sydney Morning Herald.
                                                comes to hand.
                                                                                               Australs 2008 will be held at Ateneo de
                                                                                               Manila in the Philippines.

Joggers: To be or not to be?
Danika Armytage asks: is jogging worth it?

I used to think there were two sorts of         I took time with my jogging outfit. I
people in this world - those that Jog,          wanted to look casual, but not frumpy.
and those that scowl at the Joggers. But        But most of all, I wanted to blend in
as of late, I realise I was wrong. Usually,     with these gods, to be accepted by them.
I’m a Scowler. Walking down a footpath,         After several morning jogs, I became
minding my own business, I feel a deep          aware of little looks we Joggers shared
resentment when I detect the virtuous           with each other in the pre-dawn light.
heavy breathing of an oncoming jogger. As       A grunt of friendly recognition here, a
I hear them bouncing towards me, I loathe       little pained smile. It didn’t take long for
their smug “go-get-em” attitude.                me to realise that I had been accepted by
                                                the Joggers. And damn, it felt good.
See, Joggers are different from the rest of
society. They know they could stroll. They      My inner voices became a self-
know a boogie monster isn’t chasing them.       affirming chant. Nike’s “Just do it”
They know that running down a calm              and, inexplicably, Boost Juice’s “Love
street is a ludicrous thing to do because       Life” hummed in my endorphin-doped
running is tiring and you get all sweaty        mind. And, in recompense for the years
and red. But they do it anyway.                 of being a non-Jogging self-loather, I
                                                took pleasure in watching the Strollers
As the Jogger overtakes me with ease,           squirm.
I keep my eyes glued to the footpath,
pretending to be oblivious to their love of     But, the truth is, I don’t run that often.
life, but inside I’m raging. My inner voices    Most days I’m lazy-limbed, but every
abuse these athletic gods who live among        now and again I’m bouncing with the
us.                                             best of ‘em and feasting on the silent
                                                social rewards.
This was, however until recently, when I
crossed the divide and I myself became a        Straddled in Scowler-Jogger limbo, I’ve
Jogger.                                         set myself the deadline of August 12, the
                                                date of this year’s City2Surf to decide.
I was tentative at first. What if one of them   Will I be sculling a Powerade or sipping
detected I was a doughy-legged faker?           a latte? Only time will tell.

                        Vale Noel Rowe
                                                                                                                               REGULAR IRREGULARS

                                                                      1951 - 2007

Noel Rowe taught Australian Literature at        complex ethical issues facing Australian
the University of Sydney for over twenty         society. He did not give students any
years. He died on July 11, 2007 and will         theoretical material on ethics at the
be sorely missed by students and staff.          outset of the course because he believed,
                                                 correctly, that they would determine
Noel gave to his students the greatest           their own ethical reading practices. Noel
gift a teacher of literature can give: he        also taught autobiography, historical
nurtured their analytical skills and, more       courses on twentieth century Australian
importantly, their imaginations. He was          literature and Australian Stage and Screen.
never didactic, never arrogant, never            At honours level he designed and taught
dismissive. He treated his students with         Australian Postmodernism, where he
respect, with interest and, when needed,         shepherded students through sometimes
with compassion and understanding. He            difficult theoretical principles with the
genuinely cared about their intellectual         hope that they would discover the ways
and personal growth, and they knew it.           in which Australian writing continues to
                                                 search for truth(s) and meaning.
He treated his                                   Noel was also a wonderful colleague. He
students with respect,                           was fun to teach with. He was always
                                                 intellectually stimulating and was generous
with interest and,                               with his time and his imagination. Even
                                                 in his last months he and I were planning
when needed, with                                new courses together. As a young priest
                                                 Noel taught at Woodlawn, where he
compassion and                                   threw himself with gusto into the school’s
                                                 theatrical productions. In the twenty-two
understanding.                                   years that he taught at the University of
                                                 Sydney he inspired and supported more
                                                 than a generation of scholars. As editor of     Noel Rowe taught me in 2006 and 2007          Noel was attracted to the less obvious
As a teacher he was inspiring, exciting,         Southerly he did the same for a generation      and was my lecturer, tutor and friend.        elements of poetic and creative
patient and extremely witty. He                  of emerging poets.                                                                            writing: what was left unsaid, what
brought theatricality and humour to the                                                          In tutorials, Noel acted as a guide, rather   was ambiguous and what happened in
classroom. Students will remember the            Noel was a very talented poet. His two          than a figure of authority. He preferred      various gaps and absences. Very little
hilarious moments when he would begin            most recent collections, Next to Nothing        students to talk with each other as much      escaped his discerning eye. Noel always
his performances: at times he would be           (Vagabond, 2004) and Touching the Hem           as possible, and would only interject to      had a bottle of wine on offer for anyone
a Shakespearean hero – he particularly           (Vagabond, 2006) demonstrate his facility       ask a probing question or two throughout      who could shed some new light on one of
liked doing Lear – at others he loved            with language, his lightness of touch, his      each session. Noel visibly enjoyed            the most elusive lines in Francis Webb’s
impersonating theatrical women. He               nuanced perceptions of human nature.            watching students express their own           poem, ‘A Death at Winson Green’, where
pretended to me that he thought the              He was attracted, like Francis Webb             ideas, and encouraged us to take risks        a ‘slouch-hatted sun/ Gapes at windows
students didn’t realize what he was up to,       before him, to the outcasts, the wounded,       by pursuing individual and adventurous        netted in wire’. He never did have to
but they did and they loved his lectures         the fragile. His poetry explores issues of      readings. New ideas, even if they failed,     produce this coveted prize!
because of it.                                   justice, ethics, love, faith, loss and death.   were always valued more than answers
Noel had a piercing intellect. That intellect,   In the twenty-two                               which simply adopted the standard
                                                                                                 critical position.                            Noel had a bottle
coupled with his poetic sensibility, meant
that he understood and could explain             years that he taught                            He had a knowing, silent smile which          of wine for anyone
complex issues and difficult texts in lucid,                                                     would appear whenever a student
comprehensible ways. He loved literature,        at the University of                            really got going with something new.          who could shed
especially Australian literature and he
conveyed his enthusiasm for it. He loved         Sydney he inspired                              However, it was immediately impossible
                                                                                                 to tell whether he was impressed that         some new light on
poetry above all else. He used to say he’d
had a successful semester when, if he was        and supported more                              someone had finally, brilliantly ‘got it’,
                                                                                                 or just amused by the fact that they were
                                                                                                                                               one of the most
teaching Francis Webb’s poetry, he could
get just one student to write about that         than a generation of                            completely off the mark. The same smile
                                                                                                 urged us onwards, and kept us on our
                                                                                                                                               elusive lines in
poetry. In his last teaching semester, when
he was so terribly ill and felt that he never    scholars.                                       toes.                                         Webb’s poem ...
gave his ‘best performance’, three students                                                      Noel didn’t shy away from teaching
wrote on Webb. Noel was thrilled.                Vale Noel Rowe, you were a great                difficult material. He selected texts
                                                                                                                                               Noel’s classes were a real highlight for
                                                 teacher, poet and friend. We will               that were challenging and open-ended.
Noel was interested in the ways in which                                                                                                       many Australian Literature and English
                                                 hold you in our hearts and in our               He inspired his students, including
literature helped us all to be more fully                                                                                                      Literature students. His patience and
                                                 imaginations that you so generously             the undergraduates, to really feel as
human. He designed Writing Wrongs, an                                                                                                          poetic insight will be missed, but he will be
                                                 nourished. Thank you so very much.              though they could contribute something
advanced level and MA course, in order                                                                                                         remembered by many. Thank you, Noel.
                                                                                                 innovative to existing bodies of
to introduce students to some of the most                                                        criticism.                                     Naomi Oreb
                                                 Bernadette Brennan

                                                                                                                                               HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07

                                                                                 OUT OF
As the death toll rises in Darfur, Josephine Zappia takes a look at the genocide now labelled the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

                                                                                                          An ethnic cleansing campaign
The US and Britain said ‘never again’ after        Darfur is a region west of Sudan and
Rwanda, so why has the world turned a              home to 6 million living mainly rural lives.
blind eye towards the genocide in Darfur           Although Darfur is home to many different
that has been labelled by the UN as the            ethnic groups – some of African origin,        By 2003, the two main non-Arab                  They took the men and killed them. My
‘world’s worst humanitarian crisis’? Since         some Arabic – almost all Darfurians are        rebel groups in Darfur had formed an            husband disappeared – I don’t know what
the conflict in Darfur began in 2003, over         Muslim. Throughout history, the source         alliance and began a chain of attacks           happened to him. They took all the boys
400,000 Darfurian civilians have died –            of conflict in Darfur has not been the         on government targets in Darfur. In fear        from their parents and murdered them.
150,000 from violent attacks and 250,000           result of ethnic division, but a scramble      of yet another mutiny in the South, the         My baby boy was thrown on the fire in
from disease and starvation.          Three        for resources, extreme drought and             government catapulted the Janjaweed on          front of me. My daughter was older. They
million have been displaced. And worse,            famine, resulting from a lack of interest      Darfur’s civilian population. Janjaweed         thought she was a boy so they slaughtered
the number of casualties are growing, with         in the region’s development by successive      fighters, also known as ‘devil on               her too – they snapped her neck like a
200 people still being killed every day.           Sudanese governments and their colonial        horseback’, are radical Islamic recruits        chicken. Some of the children they threw
                                                   predecessors.                                  from local Arab nomadic tribes. In              down a well… After they rape women
                                                                                                  unleashing these troops, the government’s       they cut off their breasts and make them
                                                                                                  aim is to deter marginalised groups from        suffer”. Even more disturbing is the fact
                                                                                                  organising rebellions and to hold on            that many Darfurians cannot make sense
                                                                                                  to power at any cost – even if it means         of this violence: “We knew lots of Arabs,
                                                                                                  killing, raping, destroying villages and        we thought we were the same: one people.
                                                                                                  displacing its own people.                      Then they started killing us.” However,
                                                                                                                                                  as hard as it for these civilians to fathom
                                                                                                  One Darfurian escapee, Marian Hassan            how or why this killing frenzy began,
                                                                                                  Adam, recalls her harrowing experience          one doesn’t have to search far, as Marian
                                                                                                  from a refugee camp in northern Kenya:          suggests, in finding the solution to end
                                                                                                  “The men on horseback came in and               this conflict – “We want the international
                                                                                                  stabbed those who were still alive.             community to solve our problems.”

                    A history of neglect                                                                     the international community
                                                                                                  The UN has insisted that a peacekeeping         abstaining because Sudan supplies 10%
    In 1917, the British subjugated Darfur,        Sudanese leader Omar al Bashir, who            force of 20,000 is needed in Darfur. Yet, the   of its oil – this year’s revenue from oil
    making it part of Sudan. However,              came into government in 1989, is seen          resistance of the Sudanese government to        will exceed $4 billion. Bashir uses the
    Darfur, in contrast to the north, was          as a vital link to the ‘war on terror’ for     a UN headed force led to the deployment         majority of the oil revenue to equip his
    left out of the development process – by       housing various Islamic fundamentalists        of a ‘hybrid force’ involving the African       army and allied militias with weaponry,
    1935 Darfur only had four schools, no          in the past (including Osama Bin Laden         Union (AU) with additional UN support           bought mainly from China and Russia.
    maternity clinic and no railways or major      from 1991-1996). For this reason, the          following a Ceasefire Agreement in April        In this way, oil has both financed Bashir’s
    roads outside the centre. Once the British     US applied considerable pressure on            2004. However, the AU peacekeeping              regime and offered it political protection
    finally granted Sudan independence in          Sudan to broker a peace agreement to           mission was unwilling to authorise              from outside threats.
    1956, they further entrenched the North/       end the 21 year conflict in the south. In      a more forceful mission without the
    South division by handing over political       January 2005, a Comprehensive Peace            consent of the Sudanese government. To          Although the US has taken a high profile
    power to northern Arab elites who have         Agreement (CPA) was signed between             many Darfurians, it looks like the AU is        role in initiating peaceful resolutions in
    held power ever since.                         the government and Sudan People’s              collaborating with the government.              Darfur, it too has prioritised maintaining
                                                   Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A),                                                             good relations with Khartoum, believing
    It is not surprising then, that independence                                                  The Ceasefire agreement was later               them to have useful information about
    caused an uprising in the South, starting
    the first North-South war. A peace             “They took all the                             complemented with the signing of the
                                                                                                  Darfur Peace Agreement, May 2004 – a
                                                                                                                                                  terrorists operating in the region. So in
                                                                                                                                                  2005, just one year after the US accused
    agreement signed under President
    Nimeiry in 1972 proved tokenistic              boys from their par-                           deal between the Sudanese government
                                                                                                  and a sub faction of one of the two rebel
                                                                                                                                                  Bashir’s regime of committing genocide,
                                                                                                                                                  the US flew Salah Abdallah Gosh –
    at best, as the government repeatedly
    breached the agreement. An effort to           ents and murdered                              groups – which proved to be equally
                                                                                                  futile. It further aggravated the conflict
                                                                                                                                                  Sudan’s head of Security (AKA accused
                                                                                                                                                  architect of genocide) – to Washington in
    impose radical Islam, combined with the
    discovery of oil, reignited the conflict in    them. My baby boy                              through creating new tribal divisions,
                                                                                                  giving the government a new proxy
                                                                                                                                                  a lavish jet for a friendly chat about his
                                                                                                                                                  former associate, Bin Laden. In honour
    the South in 1983 that would last for the
    next 21 years – killing 2 million people
                                                   was thrown in the                              through which to continue its carnage on        of brokering a peace agreement in the
                                                                                                                                                  South, the US has prioritised maintaining
                                                                                                  Darfurian civilians.
    and displacing another 4 million.              fire in front of me.”                          The unwillingness of the UN Security
                                                                                                                                                  peaceful relations with the Sudanese
                                                                                                                                                  government because it is in its national
    Political wilderness, perpetual conflict,
    and widespread poverty has ignited
                                                   - Marian Hassan                                Council to authorise intervention not
                                                                                                  supported by Khartoum has once again
                                                                                                                                                  interests to do so. Unfortunately, Darfur
                                                                                                                                                  doesn’t offer the same incentives.
    rebellion in Darfur for years. However,
    exclusion from peace negotiations in
                                                   Adam (Darfurian                                exposed the limited scope of multilateral
                                                                                                  peacekeeping in state sponsored ethnic          Embroiled in their own interests in the
    the South proved the final straw. After
    September 11, intolerance for rogue
                                                   refugee)                                       cleansing. However, it would be naïve           region, four years of empty posturing by
                                                                                                  to justify these limitations solely on the      the UN Security Council has allowed the
    (particularly Muslim) states turned                                                           grounds of sovereignty. While the US            conflict in Darfur to not only fester, but
    the Bush administration’s attention            ending the North-South War. However,
                                                   this deal snubbed Darfur, inspiring            and Britain have initiated a number of          spill over into Chad and Central African
    to building peace in Southern Sudan.                                                          resolutions, China (with the support of         Republic, threatening to destabilize the
                                                   the conflict that currently inhabits the
                                                   region.                                        Russia) has annulled each one. China is         entire region.
        HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07
                                                                                                                   REGULAR IRREGULARS

        out of mind
    Lucy Cane from the Darfur Australia Networ
                                               k investigates
    why Darfur is out of the public mind
   Despite the magnitude of the crisis      in faraway lands. It is all too easy
   in Darfur, the issue remains largely     to dismiss the Darfur conflict as
   off the public radar in Australia.       yet another African disaster that
   While Australians are keenly aware       is beyond our reach. However, for
   of other conflicts currently taking      the people of Darfur, the conflict

                                                                                                  what can you do?
  place, such as the Iraq War, the          that ravages their homeland is not
  “world’s worst humanitarian crisis”       merely ‘another African disaster’; it
  is left untouched. When more than        is a brutal nightmare that continues
  three million people are clinging to     to rob them of any chance of a
  life in camps in Darfur, one might                                               offers a number of ways for you to keep up to date
                                           tolerable life. Although this conflict           and get directly involved:
  wonder why more public debate is         might not be immediately relevant to
  not focused on this critical issue.      ‘the national interest’ of Australia,
    The media plays a vital role in       mass murder and mass rape should
                                                                                            The Forgotten People’s Project
    conveying the details of the Darfur have relevance for every human
   conflict to the public. Unfortunately, being. Wherever great suffering
                                                                                            Remember the people of Darfur one knot at a time! The Darfur Australia
                                                                                            Network is preparing an art installation comprised of three million knotted
   journalists face significant risks if takes place, we have a responsibility              squares of material, each representing one of the three million people displaced
   they dare to venture within Sudanese to acknowledge it and to try and                    by the crisis. This is a simple way of showing your solidarity with the people
   borders. Those who partake in bring about change.                                        of Darfur through a creative process. You can collect cloth, tell friends and
   activities that might be seen as Not only must Aust                                      family or even set up a knotting stall in your community. The project will
                                                                ralians remember            be launched in Melbourne on October 17 and then travel to Sydney. So get
   threatening to the government, such those on the othe
                                                             r side of globe, but           knotting! Knots can be sent by mail or collected by DAN volunteers upon
   as taking photographs of atrocities, we must also welc
                                                                ome the Darfuri             request. DAN has a separate website for this project @ www.forgottenpeople.
  face immediate punishment and refugees who
                                                            have reached our      
  possible death. With many aid shores. Since the
                                                               beginning of the
  workers already murdered in Darfur, conflict, a few hund
                                                                 red people from
  it is little wonder that foreigners Darfur have settl
                                                              ed in Melbourne               Global Day for Darfur
  are reluctant to test the patience of and in Sydney. Alth
                                                               ough these people            The next Global Day for Darfur is on 17th of September. Stay tuned for
  the government and their militias. have experienced
                                                              a level of trauma             updates on related activities.
  Nevertheless, reliable information that is unimagin
                                                            able to most of us,
 about major developments in Darfur they are eager to
                                                             share their culture
 is available for those with their eyes and engage with
                                                             other Australians.             Pressure Australia
 and ears open to it. News programs This vibrant new
                                                                element of the
 and publications that emphasise community dese                                             Although the Australian government has recently increased its aid to Darfur,
                                                           rves to be welcomed
 international events do cover Darfur, and supported.                                       there are many other measures that could be taken. Australia could contribute
                                                            If Darfuri refugees
even if this coverage is limited.        are granted a voice, they can be                   personnel to the proposed peacekeeping force, accept more refugees or use
                                                                                            its diplomatic sway to pressure China to change their policy. Write letters
Perhaps a greater obstacle to the advocates for the majority of their                       to pressure the Australian government to take additional measures to save
Darfur conflict receiving public countrymen who have not received                           Darfur. Contact details for the relevant politicians are available on the DAN
attention is that people are simply this rare opportunity of emigration.                    website.
tired of hearing about tragedies

                                                                                            Challenge China

          a ‘ save darfur campaign
                            ’                                                               If China is to host the Olympic Games in 2008, it needs to be held accountable
                                                                                            for its role in international peacekeeping. For more info on this campaign, go
 As successful as the Sudanese government                                                   to For contact details for the Chinese ambassador to
                                               Within Sydney, the Darfur Australia
 has been in bi-passing International                                                       Australia, check the DAN website.
                                               Network (DAN) has been active in
 Law, global opinion of their crimes has       publicising the issue. For World Refugee
 mobilised thousands of people all over the    Week on June 20 2007, a rally, a
 world in a campaign to ‘Save Darfur’.         photography exhibition and a seminar on       Volunteer Your Skills
                                               the crisis in Darfur were held in Sydney.
 The third ‘Day for Darfur’ took place                                                      Email to register your interest.
 in 35 countries on 28 April 2007. From        In addition to raising awareness, DAN
 Stockholm to LA, people gathered at           assists in the resettlement of Darfuri
 rallies, marches, ‘die-ins’, conference       refugees in Australia and directly lobbies
 and vigils to display their support for the   government.
 people of Darfur and their impatience as
 governments worldwide fail to stop the
                                                                                                                                   HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07

    Over 100 000 migrants become Australian citizens
    each year. Soon they will be taking a compulsory
    test before they take their oath. One subject for
    testing which has been idenitified is “Australia’s
    Judeo Christian background”.

                                                            in g Faith
                                                         s t
                                                                                     ther it’s fair to place C
                                                                                t whe                         hris
                                                                           nd ou                                   tia
                                                                       o fi         at the centre of our na

                                                                      t                                                nit
                                                                   nd                                       tion           y
                                                                  u                                             al
                                                              a ro                                                  ide
                                                            d                                                           nti
                                                        ske                                                                ty.
                                                      a                                                                       ...

                                                      Christian actions have shaped modern
A christian perspective:                              practice even in our University. It was         An athiest perspective:                     part of this society, then we ought to be
                                                                                                                                                  forward looking rather than clinging to
History shapes and informs personal                   an initiative of Christian students many
                                                                                                      Even if we were to accept that the idea     a conservative, mythical past. We should
identity. To understand ourselves and our             years ago to show new students around
                                                                                                      of an ‘Australian values’ test was one      create a value system that embraces
world and to move forward, we need to                 the campus at enrolment time, which has
                                                                                                      worth having, the inclusion of questions    the cultural and religious diversity
understand where we have come from.                   either directly or indirectly shaped what
                                                                                                      based around Australia’s Judeo-             currently existing within Australia and
Australia’s heritage is undeniably linked             we now know as O–week.
                                                                                                      Christian background are unnecessary        recognises the reality of our history.
to Christianity (whether we like it or not).                                                                                                      The sorts of values that will help to
                                                      It must also be noted that it is essential to   and detrimental to the future of our
We need to understand this background to                                                                                                          create a stronger, more cohesive nation
                                                      understand Christianity in order to read        society.
fully take part in society, though whether                                                                                                        are not those of benevolent tolerance,
                                                      everything from Shakespeare through to
this need form part of our citizenship test                                                           Firstly, it presupposes that Australian     but rather acceptance that is not tied to
                                                      Tim Winton. Rates of Biblical literacy are
is debatable.                                                                                         history is somehow homogenous;              a specific set of religious beliefs such as
                                                      surely decreasing but we need to know
                                                      about the Bible in order to understand          a grand narrative based upon the            Christianity. Instead, we should aim to
... we need to know                                   what it is that has decisively shaped our       humanist ethical values espoused by
                                                                                                      the Christian religion. This couldn’t be
                                                                                                                                                  have a greater understanding of people
                                                                                                                                                  and the cultures from which they come.
                                                      national identity and values.
about the Bible in                                    However,       historical   knowledge     of
                                                                                                      further from the truth. Ours is a history
                                                                                                      built by exiled criminals and the British
                                                                                                                                                  Only by doing this will Australia, and
                                                                                                                                                  all the various people that make it up,
order to understand                                   Christian influence will never give a true      Empire who actively dispossessed the        be able to go forward together into the
                                                      understanding of the world and ticking          Indigenous peoples from their land and
what it is that has                                   boxes on a citizenship test will not make a     culture. The Indigenous population
                                                                                                                                                  Having said that, the very notion of a
                                                      real difference to who people are or the way    consisted of hundreds of distinct nations
decisively shaped our                                 they behave. If the government’s intention      that were either eradicated or forcibly     test based around ‘Australian values’ is
                                                                                                                                                  absurd, as though any group of people
                                                      is to make better citizens by asking            converted to Christianity. Furthermore,
national identity and                                 questions about Christian heritage, it will     Indigenous people were not considered       could come to agreement on what it
                                                      fail dismally. Such an approach confuses        to be Australian citizens but were in       means to be Australian. It is exactly
values.                                               the difference between knowing about            fact part of Australia’s natural flora      this diversity of views and opinions
                                                      something and truly knowing something.          and fauna until the referendum in 1972      that makes Australia what it is and
                                                      As any Christian would, I believe it’s          despite having occupied this land for       recognises the rights of individuals
The laws of our country, for example,                                                                                                             to engage in free thought and action.
                                                      crucial (of life and death importance)          more than 40,000 years.
adopt principles originally based on                                                                                                              Any attempt to homogenise Australian
                                                      to understand not just Christianity in
an      understanding     of     Christianity.
                                                      intellectual terms, but as something that
Furthermore, while there should be an
acknowledgement that the Church could
                                                      affects all of heart, soul and mind — Jesus      ... non-Judeo-Christian people have
                                                      Christ as Lord of your life and mine is
have done more, early members of the
colony had great influence on and worked
                                                      the key to true knowledge of Christianity        formed significant parts of the Australian
                                                      and identity, and the only way to making
for the good of the convicts, Indigenous
peoples, free–settlers and the Pacific
                                                      better citizens.                                 community for most of its post-colonial
Islanders (see Piggin, Spirit of a Nation).
Early Aboriginal Christian Missions
                                                      Despite the importance I place on                history.
                                                      understanding the history of one’s own
(see Harris, One Blood), despite today’s              nation and the greater importance of
criticism, similarly did much good. Closer            knowledge of Christ as the Lord, I don’t        Moreover, non-Judeo-Christian people        identity will ultimately be controlled
to today, mid twentieth century decreases             think that this means people should be          have formed significant parts of the        by those in political power and will
in the levels of domestic violence and                questioned on this issue to determine           Australian community for most of its        only result in creating divisions rather
increased work productivity have been                 their citizenship. It misses the point—         post-colonial history. Immigrants from      than bringing us together. The idea of
traced to the 1954 Billy Graham Crusade.              understanding one’s true identity is more       Asia during the gold rush are hardly        Australia needs to change in response to
And what of our current situation that will,          than providing correct answers to a test.       less Australian for not being part of       the people within it rather than demand
in the future, become history? Whether or                                                             Australia’s Judeo-Christian paradigm.       unconstructive conformity to a flawed
not all Christians agree on the issues in their            Tim Robertson is the President of the                                                  notion of nationhood.
entirety, the Christian voice has been heard           Sydney University Evangelical Union but        If we are going to limit ourselves to a
on issues such as refugees, employment                this represents a personal response not an      set of values meant to inform and guide
laws and much more. Christians are still                     opinion representative of the SUEU.      new Australian citizens as they become
seeking change for good.                                                                                                                                                      Pete Johnson



Richard L’Estrange found a land of contrast when he touched down to teach English in a Brazilian slum.
Brazil is a nation of dichotomy and            They face poverty caused by under-               However, recently there have been a
paradox where vast wealth nestles with         employment and a decaying education              number of ethical issues raised about such
abject poverty. Culturally, the influence of   system, housing shortages and an absence         endeavours of ‘slum tourism’. Critics slate
European colonialism stands beside the         of basic services such as sanitation, which      dabbling with the urban underbelly as
nation’s history of African slavery and        in turn causes high infant mortality rates.      exploitative, voyeuristic and an invasion of
Indian immigration. The frivolous antics       For many poor Brazilians being able to           privacy. But slum tours, such as the ‘Be a
of Carnivale contrast with the intense         speak English is a vital skill, which actively   Local’ tour we undertook, are also praised
competitiveness associated with the            gives them the opportunity to raise their        for raising awareness of poverty and
national passion of futebol (soccer), and      standard of living and endows them with          bringing tourism dollars to communities
despite it’s potential to be a significant     an opportunity for social mobility.              in need. Although the tour and more
player in international affairs, Brazil                                                         generally the experience of volunteering
remains relatively subdued.                    However, the Brazilian approach to               was certainly confronting, and at times,
                                               education was pursued in a typically laid-       felt patronising and demeaning, I would
From the outset therefore, it is important     back and ad hoc fashion. This clashed            argue that it’s potential to serve as an eye-
to view Brazil as an infinitely varied         with my own experience and perception            opening encounter and a mutual learning
nation. You could spend a lifetime there       of schooling. Education for these people,        experience via interaction at a grass-roots
and still only have experienced a relatively   especially in such an inefficient and            level, is far greater than its perceived
narrow cohort of the Brazilian existence,      rudimentary guise, does not have a               drawbacks.
be that a sizzling samba dancer in Salvador    palpable affect on their everyday lives.
during Carnivale or the urban experience
of Sao Paulo. My experience of Brazil was
anchored primarily in the poor North-          One teacher told me that of the thousand
Eastern state of Pernembuco and more
specifically the colonial town of Olinda,      students at the school maybe two or three
where I worked as a volunteer teaching
English to children in a favela (slum) and     would go on to undertake some form of
assisting in a state school.
                                               tertiary education.
These were two very different experiences
in themselves. In the favela I helped in
a community-based programme. The
programme was a part of a specific             One teacher told me that of the thousand         The British-born travel writer Pico Iyer
policy initiative of Luiz da Silva’s centre    students at the school maybe two or three        claimed that he was a believer of going
left government which aims to combat           would go on to undertake some form of            ‘anywhere that will shake you out of your
poverty and exploitation. In Brazil, it is     tertiary education. Therefore, for many,         assumptions and remind you that the
only compulsory for children to attend one     such education was merely a distraction          world is larger than your notions of it’.
‘session’ of school a day (either morning,     from the realities of day-to-day living.         Surely, this is exactly what any successful
afternoon or night). As a result, parents      As a result, many think nothing of taking        travel experience should achieve. And
would often send their children to work        advantage of the numerous public holidays,       engaging with poor areas – voyeuristic or
in menial, dangerous and unregulated jobs      which conveniently fall on a Tuesday, to         not – can forcefully do that. Iyer continues,
during the hours they were not at school.      help themselves to an extended four-day          ‘we are always voyeurs when we travel
Da Silva’s policy entailed paying parents      weekend!                                         and we are the subject of voyeurism when
the minimum wage (what they supposedly                                                          we are at home. That’s the nature of
would have earnt otherwise from sending        As a result, we confronted a general             travel. If voyeurism is just a nasty word
their children to work) in return for them     antipathy to the actual process of learning.     for observation or paying attention to the
ensuring that their children attended a        However, this stood in opposition to             world, so be it.’
community centre when they were not at         the intense friendliness, generosity and
school. At these centres they participated     effervescence of almost every person we
in activities and learnt specific skills       encountered. Because of these personal
– for instance learning to speak English       connections, ironically, I felt I probably
– but more importantly, they were able to      left Brazil having learnt more than I was
simply experience, in some form, what we       able to pass on.
consider a relatively normal childhood.
                                               Furthermore, what I really found inspiring
In contrast to the relaxed, familial           was the resilience and vibrancy of the
atmosphere of these centres in the             favelas. These were by no means crime-
favelas, the state school appeared like a      ridden and destitute pits of misery, but
raucous prison – full of uncontrollable        instead relatively dynamic and autonomous
inmates. Armed security guards minded          communities. When participating in a
the fortress-like, graffiti-ridden entrance    three-hour tour through Rocinha, the
to the school, while the clamour of the        biggest favela in Rio de Janeiro, home
unmanageable students rang down the            to 200, 000 people, examples of this
corridor. Furthermore, the sheer number        dynamism were overwhelming. Rocinha
of students in each class contributed to the   has its own bank, shops, schools, art
difficulty in accomplishing anything really    galleries, public transport system and
productive.                                    even gambling network for its residents.
                                               Rocinha’s residents have even managed
What was immediately evident from              to artfully ‘tap’ a supply of electricity
this experience was that the majority of       and water from proxy residents of Rio’s
Brazilians in the North-East confront          wealthy suburbs to partially serve their
massive social problems on a daily basis:.     own needs!

                                                                                                                                                HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07

                                                                              w ith
Ros Stein talks to USYD alumni and economist Andrew Charlton about the budget surplus, Workchoices and the Victoria Park Duck Pond.

Andrew Charlton is an economist who            hallmark of good economic management.             Then, the Hawke and Keating government          Absolutely. I started university in 1997
has a doctorate from Oxford University,        In fact, it’s the reverse. If you have a          introduced enterprise bargaining, where         – it was the first year under the Howard
where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar.          strong economy, people pay more taxes,            instead of wages being set centrally, they      government. It was a very sad place to
He is also a former editor of Honi Soit.       the government gets more revenue and as           were set by negotiations at a firm level,       be. They massively cut university funding
His first book, Make Trade Fair, was co-       a consequence it’s very easy to deliver a         and that was the real massive deregulation      in that first year, they cut it again in my
written with Joseph Stiglitz, winner of        surplus.                                          of the Australian labour market to go from      second year. I was the generation where
the 2001 Nobel Prize for economics. Ros                                                          the world’s most centralised and rigid          they stopped tutorials … disciplines got
Stein talks to Andrew about his latest         The other claim of the Howard government                                                          cancelled and courses were no longer
                                                                                                 system to a very deregulated system. This
book, Ozonomics, and about some of his         that I talk about in my book is that budget                                                       offered. I remember in my second year
                                                                                                 was a massive change. To compare the last
fonder memories of his time at Sydney          surpluses are important to keep interest                                                          the tutorial suddenly became an ‘online’
                                                                                                 wave of reforms with Howard’s minor
University.                                    rates low. But the countries with the highest                                                     tutorial ... and Australian Universities
                                                                                                 changes … which amounts to a couple of
                                               budget deficits have the lowest interest                                                          suddenly had to cut their budgets even
                                                                                                 hits to the union movement … the latter
Why did you decided to write                   rates. Australia has a bigger budget surplus                                                      more.
                                                                                                 are relatively small changes.
                                               than countries like the United States and
                                               most western European countries and they                                                          You wrote for Honi Soit … What
The 2004 election was decided largely          all have lower interest rates.                    The removal of those                            are your fondest memories?
on the basis of economics. People made
a judgement about one particular set of        What does our government need to                  rights at a time when                           We were covering the Union election one
economic relationships - interest rates        do over the next 5-10 years to secure                                                             year and we had written something about
and government action - and on that            Australia’s future prosperity?                    unemployment is at                              one particular candidate. It was a very
basis they chose how to vote. That was
largely a falsehood and demonstrated           A combination of several things, but              a record low is a real                          fair and balanced analysis. We distributed
                                                                                                                                                 Honi around campus, but on Wednesday
the importance of people understanding
                                               productivity, employment and equality.
                                               In terms of employment it’s about making
                                                                                                 shame …                                         morning they were nowhere to be seen.
                                                                                                                                                 All the copies were in Victoria Park Duck
                                               sure Australia’s workforce continues to                                                           Pond. Only last year did the person in
Howard and Costello have been very good        grow, which will probably mean working            One of the arguments made in favour             question publicly admit it.
at relaying a set of economic relationships    for a bit longer and delaying retirement ...      of Workchoices is that under the old
to the public that really aren’t true and it   In terms of boosting productivity, you do         system small businesses suffered and
has served their purpose. They often use       that with the three levers: skills, investment,   that they need the increased flexibility        We distributed Honi
kitchen table style analogies for economics    public investment through infrastructure
– for instance paying down our debt – which    and fostering technology.
                                                                                                 of the new system. Is this true?
                                                                                                                                                 around campus, but
makes a lot of sense to someone sitting at
home thinking about a household budget.        How important is Workchoices
                                                                                                 The question is, what does more flexibility
                                                                                                 really mean? Under Howard’s reforms,            on Wednesday morn-
Becoming debt free is often a life long
challenge for a lot of average Australians.
                                               to Australia’s current and future
                                               economic prosperity?
                                                                                                 it means removing unfair dismissal laws.
                                                                                                 Unfair dismissal legislation simply says that
                                                                                                                                                 ing they were no-
However, for a government, the idea of
becoming debt free is quite anomalous …        Relative to the changes to labour markets
                                                                                                 a worker, if they are dismissed in unfair,
                                                                                                 unjust or unreasonable circumstances,
                                                                                                                                                 where to be seen.
governments should be using that surplus       in the 1980s, the impact of Workchoices           has a right of appeal against the terms of
wealth to invest in opportunity.               to the economy is very small. In the              that dismissal. Now these laws are taken
                                               1980s Australia had one of the world’s            away which means that people that are           How important have co-curricular
Howard and                                     most unique wage fixation systems called          unfairly dismissed have no recourse if          activities been to your education?
                                               the Accord, whereby all wages were set            they are working in a small business. And
Costello have been                             centrally. The government and the unions          that’s what’s called ‘flexibility’ – you’ve     Extremely – and I think Gavin Brown
                                               worked together to control the growth of          just taken away the security of about
good at relaying                               wages. Australian wages were very high            3 million workers. So you have to ask:
                                                                                                                                                 recognises that. He knows that it’s a very
                                                                                                                                                 important part of why students go to
                                               and our national competitiveness was in           What is the impact of those laws on the
a set of economic                              decline … we were called the ‘poor white          employment conditions of those workers?
                                                                                                                                                 Sydney University.

relationships to the                           trash of Asia’ by Lee Kwan Yew. Asian
                                               Tiger countries like Taiwan and Korea
                                                                                                 What’s the impact of these changes on
                                                                                                 small businesses?
                                                                                                                                                 Good economic management is
                                                                                                                                                 obviously an essential part of good
public that really                             and Japan were growing much faster than
                                               us. At that time the [Hawke & Keating]            For the latter, I would argue that it’s         governance. Any words of advice
                                                                                                                                                 for students interested in a career
aren’t true ...                                government said to the unions: wages are
                                               too high in Australia, we need to hold
                                                                                                 relatively low. There are other ways of
                                                                                                 managing more efficient workplaces that         in politics?
                                               back. And so they did.                            retain staff. The removal of those rights at
                                                                                                 a time when unemployment is at a record         I think a lot of young people are interested
The budget surplus is something the            We had a very large real wage decline             low is a real shame … It’s taking away          in social justice but not interested in
Howard government prides itself on.            which was the result of centralised               something that’s very reasonable when           economics which is a real shame because
How important is a budget surplus?             wage fixation. This was fundamental               you understand what it actually is.             understanding economics can be a very
                                               to Australia’s turnaround in the 1980s.                                                           important tool in their arsenal. An
The Howard government says that budget         The Unions actually argued against the            Does spending more money on                     understanding of economics is relatively
surpluses are the cause of a booming           short term interests of the workers for           education make good economic                    easy to acquire. It is extremely useful and
economy and that a budget surplus is a         the long term interests of the economy.                                                           can be very interesting.

                                                                                                                                               VOX POPS

                 Ve t Science
                 VO  X POPS
        1. Are you a vegetarian or is it ok for vets to eat what they treat?
            2. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
        3. If you were Dr Doolittle and could talk to the animals, what
                                would you say?

                                       4. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?
        5. Why do you think there are so many medical TV shows but
                                                                                                                                  Vet Sci III
                              none about vets?
                                                                                                                1. I’ve always thought it’s such a shame to waste a
                                                                                                                good spaniel.

                                                                                                                2. A butterfly, because no-one suspects the butterfly.

                                                                                                                3. You absolute bitch!

                                                                                                                4. I like dogs. Although I must admit I’m not sure what
                                                                                                                a cat is - they only teach us that sort of stuff in final

                                                                                                                5. The vets don’t really like being shown on telly coz it
                                                                                                                brings back all those bad memories from the war.

           Vet Sci III

                        , do    n’t th               the
                   ople                  hea  d in
     opl e eat                  stick my
1. Pe                   I can                                                               1. I’m not a vegetarian. I want to treat small animals:
                 h so
      no   stric                                                         Vet Sci III        they are ok to eat if cooked properly and served with
 2. A                              an!’              at.                                    the right wine.
      d.                     e, sw             do th
  san              ing  at m              an’t
         top l
               ook                  ats c                                                   2. A walrus because I could just let my figure go to hell!
                               nd c              rpaid
   3. ‘S                 ark a             unde                                             And the ladies would love it. Plus they have awesome
                Th  ey b              and
           ogs.                 erdy                                                        whiskers.
     4. D                 are n
               ause                                                                         3. ‘Your balls are showing.’ Or, for neutered animals,
       5 . Bec
                                                                                            ‘How do you feel about the war in Iraq?’

                                                                                            4. That’s a tough one. I guess I prefer cat/dog hybrids;
                                                                                            shits in a box and likes to play fetch.

                                                                                            5. Humans look hotter in scrubs … But Hugh Laurie
                                                                                            making sarcastic comments to dogs and cats? Priceless.

                                                                               1. I’m not a full carnivore. I love meats but I think the life of animals is more
                                                                               important (even if they die eventually).

                                                                               2. Bird of Prey: the Bald Headed Eagle.

                                                                               3. I think I would let the animals do the talking instead!

                                                                               4. Dogs: Friendly, more outgoing, forgiving and nicer.

                                                                               5. It’s an oversight on TV producers. A vet show would still be as sexy. I guess we as
                                                                               people only care about ourselves.

                                                           Vet Sci III

                                                                                                                              HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07               11

        T he Nan n y
         From seatbelt regulations to the prohibition of drugs and incest, Daniel Wodak explores how Nanny States regulate our private lives.
                                        what is a nanny state?                       It’s easy to see why people like this kind of
                                                                                     idea. There’s a certain seductive simplicity
                                                                                                                                      openly embrace Nanny State status. That’s
                                                                                                                                      why paternalistic laws are often dressed up
                                      When the government fines drink drivers,       to the idea that if you don’t like something,    with the dubious pretence of really being
                                      it’s because the alcohol in their system       you can simply ban it. At least, I feel that     about preventing harm to others.
                                      increases the risk of them having an           way every time I see Julia Roberts “act”, or
                                                                                     Moris Iemma pretend to have personality,         Sometimes this is simply a matter of
                                      accident and harming a pedestrian, or a
                                                                                     or emos do, um, whatever it is that emos         overstating the facts. Australia has seen a
                                      passenger, or another driver. When the
                                                                                     do. Cut themselves and write poetry, I           wave of restrictions on where people can
                                      government fines a driver for not wearing
                                                                                     guess.                                           legally smoke, and some “progressive”
                                      their seatbelt, it’s because they’re more
                                                                                                                                      local councils - such as in san Fransisco in
                                      likely to seriously hurt themselves if they
                                                                                     But critics of Nanny State politics argue        the USA, and Middlesbrough, Cleveland
                                      get into an accident.
                                                                                     that there’s something seriously wrong           and Derwentside in Britain - have gone to
                                      Although both laws faced strong opposition     with the government dictating what               the lengths of banning smoking in open
                                      when introduced, we’ve become pretty           choices you can and can’t make with              air public places, such as bus stops and
                                      used to them; seatbelt restrictions now        regard to your own life. It’s patronising        parks. These regulations are said to not to
                                      have a 95% approval ratings.                   and it’s unequivocally paternalistic.            be about trying to prevent smokers from
                                                                                                                                      harming themselves, but rather stopping
                                      But there’s an important difference
                                      between these laws that has become all but             why noone likes                          others from being harmed by passive
                                      forgotten. Liberal democracies are built
                                      upon the principle that it’s only acceptable
                                                                                               the nanny                              The problem, as director of the Social
                                      for states to prevent activities that harm                                                      Market Foundation Phillip Collins puts
                                                                                     Like ‘em or not, it’s hard to see how
                                      others, like drink driving. But prohibiting                                                     it, is that ‘there is a WMD feel to the
                                                                                     you can justify the Nanny State. Take
                                      drivers from not wearing seatbelts, or                                                          passive smoking debate.’ There is clear
                                                                                     tobacco, for example. People who support
                                      cyclists from not wearing helmets, is          prohibition, or far greater regulation, of
                                      interfering with people’s lives to prevent     tobacco consumption argue that smoking
                                      people from harming themselves, as if          is always the wrong choice, and that people
                                      we’re being nannied.                           wouldn’t do it if they were better informed,
                                                                                     or not addicted. But people do know the
                                      It’s quite bizarre                             dangers of smoking. And highly intelligent
                                                                                     people who aren’t addicted smoke simply
                                      to try and imagine                             because they enjoy it. It should be up to
                                                                                     smokers to determine whether the risk
                                      how, outside of an                             of cancer outweighs whatever pleasure

                                      Orwellian world of
                                                                                     or benefits they derive from smoking,
                                                                                     because smokers are better placed than the
                                                                                                                                      Singapore: the little
                                      state monitoring,                              state to weigh up what’s in their own best
                                                                                                                                        City-State that could
                                      Singapore’s laws                               Even if Nanny State were justified, it’s
                                                                                                                                      Singapore is to Nanny States what Britney
                                                                                                                                      Spears is to trailer park trash. The PAP
                                                                                     laws are often very ineffective, if not
                                      against oral sex or                            counter-productive. It’s quite bizarre to try
                                                                                                                                      have ruled since independence in 1965 -
                                                                                                                                      one of the major benefits of imprisoning
                                      walking around                                 and imagine how, outside of an Orwellian
                                                                                     world of state monitoring, Singapore’s
                                                                                                                                      political opponents for decades without
                                                                                                                                      an actual charge or trial. In that time,
                                      naked inside your                              laws against oral sex or walking around
                                                                                     naked inside your own home could
                                                                                                                                      they have sought to protect Singaporeans
                                                                                                                                      from a range dangers nobody would have
                                      own home could                                 actually be put into practice, as they are
                                                                                     trying to regulate the most private aspects
                                                                                                                                      guessed existed.

                                      actually be put into                           of individuals’ lives.                           - Section 377 of the Singapore Penal
                                                                                                                                      Code criminalizes “carnal intercourse
                                      practice                                       Even where it is possible to regulate people’s
                                                                                     private lives, Nanny States can only change
                                                                                                                                      against the order of nature” that
                                                                                                                                      involves penetration, which has been
                                                                                     what people can legally do, but not what         interpreted to include sodomy and oral
                                      Nanny State politics aren’t exclusive          they actually want. So if people want            sex. The punishment: anything up to life
                                      to either side of the political spectrum.      to consume marijuana, that desire isn’t          imprisonment
                                      Conservatives tend to justify laws             eradicated by making marijuana illegal,
                                      against activities they don’t like – be they   and hence people consume the same drug,          - Section 377A of the Code additionally
                                      homosexual intercourse, pornography or         but from illicit sources. This ‘black market’    punishes “outrages on decency”,
                                      drug use – as being necessary to uphold        effect tends to exacerbate the real ‘harms’      including     consensual   homosexual
                                      “community values” or “societal standards      that drugs like marijuana pose to the user,      intercourse. The punishment: up to two
                                      of decency”. Similarly, self-described         as it results in the greater consumption of      years imprisonment.
                                      “progressives” frequently support policies     the more dangerous hydroponic variants
                                      which aim to coerce people into giving         of marijuana sold by criminals.                  - Manufacturing, selling or possessing
                                      up smoking, drinking or eating unhealthy                                                        chewing gum. The punishment: a fine
                                      food, all in the name of public health.                                                         of US$5,600 and up to one year’s
                                                                                             a nanny by any                           imprisonment.
                                      It seems that not only have we become
                                      used to Nanny State policies, but their                  other name                             - Walking around the house naked. The
                                      appeal has started to grow. British think-                                                      punishment: fines of US$1,136.
                                                                                     Perhaps in part because it evokes images
                                      tank The King’s Fund found consistent
                                                                                     of Fran Drescher, the phrase ‘Nanny State’       - Driving to Malaysia with a tank less
                                      widespread support, to the tune of 66 to
                                                                                     has very pejorative connotations.Outside         than a three-quarters full of petrol. The
                                      71% for bans on smoking in open-air
                                                                                     of Singapore, few nations are willing to         punishment: fines of US$1,136.
                                      public places.


evidence that smoking in an enclosed space               sexual relationship, married and had four       HIV/AIDS, to reproduce. That incest is held
like an office or a pub can lead to serious              children. Then Patrick was prosecuted           to a higher standard indicates that it’s not
health problems; but the evidence regarding              under paragraph 173 of the German               really the children we’re worried about; we
passive smoking in outdoor locations is far              legal code, which forbids sex with a close      don’t like incest, so we look for an excuse
more contentious. It’s certainly possible that           relative, and incarcerated for two years.       for the Nanny to step in and stop it.
smoking at a bus stop or in a park can harm              How romantic.
others, but the probability and severity of
that risk are unclear. Yet legislators don’t             Incest is one of those topics of conversation             the rise of the
appear concerned that their restrictions                 most people want to avoid, or pretend is
could be unnecessary, which critics claim                always a matter of a perverted predator                  avuncular state
indicates that their real aim isn’t to stop the          forcing himself upon a family member.
                                                                                                         Outside of certain Southern states in the
dangers of passive smoking, but rather to                People don’t really want to think about
                                                                                                         USA, the prohibition of incest or fines for
stop smoking itself.                                     consensual incestuous partners, and they
                                                                                                         not wearing seatbelts aren’t really going
                                                         certainly wouldn’t want to think about a
When there isn’t even any evidence                                                                       anywhere.
                                                         phenomena called Genetic Sexual Attraction
to suggest that a serious harm occurs,                   or GSA. GSA describes the sexual feelings       But there are signs of a gradual evolution
Nanny States often try to build up an                                                                    from the clumsy coercion of the Nanny
otherwise trivial harm in order to create
a justification. Seatbelt restrictions are a             Nanny States are                                State to the softer “nudging” of what has
                                                                                                         been termed the Avuncular State.
classic case in point. If a driver does not
wear a seatbelt, they are only more likely to            based on the belief                             In Missouri, when the legislature recognised
hurt themselves. But politicians argue that
in hurting themselves, these drivers make
                                                         that people can’t                               the growing problem of compulsive
                                                                                                         gambling in riverboat casinos, they didn’t
everyone else foot the bill for their medical
care, or if that bill is paid by insurance, then
                                                         make decisions for                              ban the casinos, but instead chose to ban
                                                                                                         the compulsive gamblers. Individuals who
everyone else has to pay higher insurance
                                                         themselves because                              recognise they have a problem can put
                                                                                                         their names on a voluntary blacklist that
It’s probably true that if you don’t wear
                                                         they are irrational,                            precludes them from legally gambling, and
                                                                                                         10,000 people have already opted to do
your seatbelt, it’ll cost tax payers at least
some money, somewhere down the line.
                                                         short sighted, or lack                          so.
But so what? Skiers, skateboarders, and all
other ‘extreme sports’ practitioners have
                                                         self-control. This isn’t                        Similarly, when Britain recognised the
                                                                                                         problem that employees were not signing
exactly the same effect. As does eating too              just offensive; it leads                        up to company pension schemes which
much junk food or not excercising enough.                                                                were clearly for their benefit, they tinkered
In fact, anyone who drops out of uni to                  to out-right absurdity.                         with the rules, changing the system from
discover their inner artist will probably                                                                being opt-in to opt-out. And membership
have a similar effect when taxpayers wind                experienced by blood relatives who, after       rose from 49% to 84%.
up paying for their social welfare. Once                 being separated for most of their lives,
you accept the public costs justification, it                                                            This kind of laws allow people to make
                                                         meet in adulthood and find a strong sexual
seems difficult to draw a line that rules out                                                            their own choices, but give them people a
                                                         attraction to each other, even when they
government regulation and restrictions in                                                                strong nudge in the right direction.
                                                         are of same gender and neither identifies as
all aspects of our lives and lifestyles.                 homosexual. And it’s surprisingly common;
It’s somewhat strange to admit, but                      research by Maurice Greenberg and Roland          the freedom to fuck up
perhaps one of the most widely accepted                  Littlewood of University College, London,
                                                         found that 50 of people who sought post-        There are people who, with full knowledge
forms of paternalism by another name is
                                                         adoption counselling “experienced strong        of the risks they’re undertaking, to drive
the prohibition of incest. Let’s meet the
                                                         sexual feelings in reunions.”                   without wearing a seatbelt, smoke, eat
Stübings. (I don’t know why these kind of
                                                                                                         fatty foods, or ingest drugs. Perhaps
stories always start in Germany, but they                Incest rates pretty highly on the list of       some of these choices are stupid. Perhaps
just do.) In Germany in the year 2000,                   icky things that I’d like to pretend only       governments should prod people in the
Patrick Stübing met his sister Susan for the             happen in trailer parks. But the ick factor     right direction through taxation, public
first time, and they started a consensual                notwithstanding, does a consensual              awareness campaigns, and the opt-out
                                                         incestuous relationship – like the Stübings     systems of the avuncular state. But when
                                                         – harm anyone? The obvious answer is that       the state doesn’t even provide people with
                                                         it harms the children, as regressive genes      the legal option to pursue these choices,
                                                         are far more likely to be passed on when        something has gone wrong.
                                                         parents share similar DNA. That’s probably
                                                         part of the reason why two of the Stübings’     Nanny States are based on the belief that
                                                         four children have serious development          people can’t make decisions for themselves
                                                         disorders.                                      because they are irrational, short sighted,
                                                                                                         or lack self-control. This isn’t just offensive;
                                                         If reproduction is really the problem,          it leads to out-right absurdity. In 2000 the
                                                         that doesn’t require a ban on intercourse       US Consumer Product Safety Commission
                                                         - because of, you know, contraception.          banned an infant bath seat because the seat
                                                         Given that Patrick Stübing had a voluntary      was too safe, the idea being that since the
                                                         sterilisation after his incarceration in the    seat was so effective at preventing babies
                                                         hope of avoiding further prosecution, it        from drowning, it would lead parents
                                                         seems that incestuous couples would be          towards a false sense of security. Genius.
                                                         open to this possibility.
                                                                                                         Of course there are some choices we don’t
                                                         But it’s not clear that they should be.         want other people to make, but if we
                                                         After all, we allow people with genetically     want to live in a world where we have the
                                                         inheritable disorders to reproduce. We even     freedom to make our own decisions about
 The dangers of incest... Experts believe that
 inbreeding is responsible for the bizarre deformities
                                                         allow people with serious physical illnesses    our own lives, we have to resist the seductive
 that plague Prince Charles.                             that can be transmitted in birth, such as       simplicity of Nanny State politics.
                                                                                                                                                            HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07

Degrees for                                                                                      The University
$250,000+                                                                                        Hates You
Report of the President Angus McFarland                                                          Report of the General Secretary Lucy Saunders
In 1999 the Prime Minister stated repeatedly                                                     Don’t feel bad about it. It’s not personal.
in Parliament and in radio interviews that                                                       They hate everyone, in a kind of vague,
there would never be $100,000 degrees in                                                         generalised way. It’s the only explanation
Australia. This statement was made when                                                          – otherwise why would the university
the Federal Government first introduced                                                          big-wigs continue to tolerate the extreme,
full-fee degrees and allowed universities                                                        excruciating incompetence of student
to offer unsubsidised university places on                                                       administration departments?
lower entry scores for those willing and
able to pay more.                                                                                Everyone’s got a horror story. I know
                                                                                                 people who’ve been studying here for
Until now, comprehensive information on                                                          three years, and who still get their name
the amount and cost of full fee degrees on                                                       spelt wrong on every single document they
offer in Australia has been difficult to find.   2. It is financially irresponsible of the       receive from the uni. A mate of mine got            to produce forms. So I went away, wrote
The Government gives hardly any detail           government and universities to offer such       sent back and forward between the Arts              them a nice letter, came back, handed it in.
on its websites and universities vary in         exorbitant fees to students desperate to        Faculty office and the SOPHI office seven           It was going well until I had the temerity to
how much they’re willing to tell publicly,       study certain courses. The average first        times in a vain effort to try and change his        ask for a copy – strangely enough, I don’t
with most fee inquiries directed to complex      year undergraduate, for example, is an 18       major.                                              actually trust the university not to lose or
online calculators. Down in the depths of        year old, fresh out of high school with no                                                          set fire to every piece of paper I give them.
the Wentworth Building, the SRC has spent
the last few weeks trawling through UAC
                                                 assets or fixed income. What bank would         I was bizarrely                                     I got my copy, essentially by refusing
                                                 loan such a person over $250,000? Yet
guides, uni websites and other government
information to find out about nature of
                                                 the government has given over 50,000            enrolled in two                                     to leave. And now we know their secret
                                                                                                                                                     – there is actually a photocopier in all the
                                                 full fee students deferred loans that they
full fee degrees in Australia since the Prime    will somehow have to pay back when they         separate degrees                                    offices. Do not be fooled by their weird
                                                                                                                                                     aversion to helping students. Demand
Minister’s comments eight years ago.             graduate (the same time they’re trying to
It would appear that $100,000 degrees are
                                                 start life, a family, buy a home & car etc).    for no good reason.                                 your copy - and get them to stamp it - they
                                                                                                                                                     like the stamp.
indeed the reality for many full fee degrees     3. Full fees shift the balance completely       That took a semester                                All told, this process took about two hours.
in Australia. In fact, the top ten full fee      towards a user pays, private benefit model
degrees in Australia vary from $190,000          of higher education. The rationale of           to sort out. As a                                   Relatively painless – not like the time I was
                                                                                                                                                     bizarrely enrolled in two separate degrees
to $275,000! Currently there are over 100
000 domestic full fee students in Australia,
                                                 the HECS system is that whilst students
                                                 should contribute to the cost of their          result, the university                              for no good reason. That took a semester
and over 200 000 full fee international                                                                                                              to sort out. As a result, the university now
students. Since the Government recently
                                                 degree, they are not the only ‘users’ of that
                                                 education – society too benefits from an
                                                                                                 now thinks I’m a                                    thinks I’m a graduate. I get all the alumni
lifted the cap on full-fee places, the                                                                                                               mail. I’ve kind of just let it go into the
Department of Education believes that
                                                 educated population and so HECS places
                                                 incorporate significant public subsidy. Full
                                                                                                 graduate.                                           ‘too-hard” basket, but I’d appreciate it if
there will be an immediate twenty percent                                                                                                            everyone referred to me as Lucy Saunders,
                                                 fees have no public subsidy and therefore
increase in domestic full fee students next                                                                                                          B.A. in future.
                                                 fail to acknowledge the social, cultural
year alone.                                      and economic benefit to society of a well-
                                                                                                 I personally like the extreme collection            Nothing but a crippling, pathological hatred
                                                 educated population.                                                                                of students would cause the university
So what is all the fuss about? Why are                                                           of forms that every single office has. To
full fee degrees wrong or unfair? Here are                                                       apply to discontinue not fail a subject             to prioritise raising the Vice Chancellor’s
                                                 4. The more universities have full fee
some of the arguments that convinced me                                                          after the census date, you fill out one form        already outrageous salary above putting
                                                 places, the more they will become reliant
that full fee degrees must go.                                                                   that you get on the internet, right – easy          on enough staff to adequately deal with
                                                 on funding from full fees. While there are
                                                                                                 enough. Or so I thought. I filled out the           student admin so mistakes like this don’t
                                                 still significant numbers of HECS-place
1. Full fee degrees work directly against                                                        form, attached my giant collection of               happen. Therefore, the university hates
                                                 students there is potential for students to
the principle of equal access to a university                                                    supporting documentation and headed on              you.
                                                 have different experiences of education
education. Yes, for some students the                                                            down to the Arts office. The overworked,
                                                 based on their fee status. For example, for                                                         Remember, if there has been a really
option of a full fee degree allows entry                                                         underpaid and apparently easily confused
                                                 a full fee student the relationship between                                                         catastrophic fuckup with your enrolment
to prestigious courses such as law and                                                           staff member looked at my form in horror
                                                 lecturer and student becomes increasingly                                                           or your degree, the SRC can help you sort
medicine without a mandatory UAI of                                                              and handed me another form to fill out. A
                                                 customer focused and the cost of failing or                                                         it out. We can also help you wade through
around 100. However, the ability to access                                                       surprise form.
                                                 penalising a full fee student could be more                                                         the oceans of impenetrable bureaucracy
this pathway is severely limited. The size of
                                                 complicated for a university than doing                                                             should you need to apply for special
your parents’ wallet should not determine                                                        It was a blank piece of paper with the
                                                 the same to a HECS student.                                                                         consideration, appeal a result or whatever.
the opportunities available to you in life.                                                      faculty letterhead. I’m not kidding. I
                                                                                                 literally exhausted the university’s ability        Join today! It’s exciting, I promise.

                                     Ask Abe...
                                                                                                                            Dear D
                                                                                                                          You sh
                                                                                                                         absent ld contact you
                                                                                                                                   fails ch            r facult
                                                                                                                         grades.            ang                 y to
                                                                                                                                    This in ed to DNF (D see if you ca
                                                                                                                        not bee             dicates               iscontin          n get an
                                                                                                                                  n                  as                    u                  y
                                                                                                                        or circu able to comp ituation like y e not to coun fails or
                                                                                                                                 mstanc             lete a s              ours w              t as fail
                                                                                                                       to have             es beyo           ubject               here a s              )
                                                                                                                                  d                nd                 due t                tud
                                                                                                                       problem ocumentation your control. o severe circu ent has
                                                                                                                                 s                   t                    N                 m
                                                                                                                      show t . It is also a g o show that y aturally you stances
                                                                                                                               he facu             ood ide              ou reall           will ne
                                                                                                                      you’ve            lty                 at                    y did h          ed
                                                                                                                               done t that these pro o have some                          a
                                                                                                                     casewo             his you              blems h            docum ve these
                                                                                                                              rk                   m                   av               enta
                                                                                                                     your le er about havin ight also con e been resolv tion to
                                                                                                                             arning                g your             sider ta           ed. Af
                                                                                                                    tight de          ent                   H                  lk                ter
                                                                                                                             adlines itlement for th ECS/fees refu ing to an SR
                                                                                                                   today.              for gett           at seme             nded a              C
                                                                                                                            The de              in                  s                  n
                                                                                                                   easy to           adline f g all of these ter recredited d having
                                                                                                                                              or HEC             th                  .
                                                                                                                  away to rget that you                S is less ings so talk to There are
                                                                                                                           o.                  ’d be b           than 12              th
                                                                                                                                                       etter of             months e faculty
                                                                                                                                                                f dealin            , but it’s
                                                                                                                                                                          g with
                                                                                                                                                                                  that str so
                                                                                                                  Abe.                                                                     aight

                                                                                                                                                      IT’S YOUR SRC

USYD Hosts RAWA                                                                                   Read This, It’s Scary
Report of the Women’s Collective Bekki Cleaver                                                    Report of the Education Officer Dan Jones
This week, I have been asked to write           that most of the rural areas of Afghanistan       Imagine this, an education system where
the women’s report with a focus on the          (more than 80% of the population) have            the only competitive criteria for enrolment
RAWA event held last Thursday. Upon             been completely ignored by the Coalition          is the size of your bank account.
being informed of the event on Monday,          of the Killing – sorry, Willing – to the          Imagine an education system that to
I sheepishly asked for a reminder of what       point where the position of women has             do Law, you have to pay $150,000
RAWA stood for. RAWA, I was told, stands        been made worse by the tightening grip of         even if you had the right marks? In this
for the Revolutionary Association of the        retreating fundamentalist regimes.                “imaginary” education system, it’s likely
Women of Afghanistan.                                                                             that the entrance marks won’t be as high,
In light of the fact that the Howard
                                                Having listened to                                lowering standards across the board. No
                                                                                                  self respecting profit motivated bank (and
Government recently announced its
intention to focus an increased Australian
                                                possible solutions                                isn’t that all of them) would let the average
                                                                                                  student get a loan of the stature needed
military presence in Afghanistan, it is
fair to say that the concept of RAWA
                                                to the oppression                                 for a degree in this imaginary system, so
                                                                                                  unfortunately the entrance criteria really
should be important to us all. Particularly
considering that the liberation of women is
                                                of women in                                       is about how well off your family is. But       National Day of
often touted as the main factor behind the      Afghanistan by an                                 get this:
                                                                                                                                                  Action against the
Coalition’s war on terror – a war that our                                                        Believe it or not, everything I just
government has involved us in whether we        Afghani woman, I                                  mentioned is possible after 2008 thanks         HECS rises and the
like it or not.                                                                                   to the latest government assault on the
                                                feel a renewed energy                             education system.                               further liberalization
With this in mind, I was eager to discuss
the event with anyone who would listen.         to fight Howard and                               Charging this much for ANY DEGREE
                                                                                                  and restricting it ONLY to those who can        of education, 12pm
Surprisingly, however, any mention of
RAWA was invariably met with a blank            his greedy, pointless                             pay this rate IS possible now thanks to the
                                                                                                                                                  August 22nd Front
stare, even by those who I have always                                                            sneaky legislation passed along side the
considered to be vastly superior to me in       war, and it is this                               Federal Budget. It applies in just about any
their knowledge of international politics                                                         subject the university believes they could
and current events. This made me think.         feeling that makes                                get away with it. The University of Sydney,
                                                                                                  is currently empowered to do this at any
I had never heard of RAWA. No-one I
spoke to had heard of RAWA. How many            the difficult pursuit                             time.
                                                                                                                                                  respective situations as well as sharing
                                                                                                                                                  strategies on the way forward.
people reading this article had heard of
RAWA? And yet we all live in a country
                                                of such knowledge                                 What is standing in their way? Nothing
                                                                                                  except our ability, as students, to organize
                                                                                                                                                  Come along Wednesday, August 1st 4pm.
that has declared war on Afghanistan
in the name of “freedom loving, anti-
                                                worthwhile                                        and put the pressure on. This is where the
                                                                                                                                                  At present we have yet to confirm a room
                                                                                                                                                  but you can call me on 0425255184. You
                                                                                                  SRC and things like the Education Action
fundamentalism” (a quote taken from the                                                                                                           can say you have a TV stars number in
                                                                                                  Group come into the equation. It’s this
RAWA mission statement). Even scarier           I also learned that the education of                                                              your phone. Don’t forget the Education
                                                                                                  reason that John Howard introduced VSU,
is the fact that everyone is aware of the       countless young women has been made                                                               Action Group meets Tuesdays 1pm.
                                                                                                  he understands the threat of student self-
things that Howard wants us to be aware         possible in recent years because of the           organization as the leader of the country       National Day of Action against the
of; most people know that the women of          heroic work of RAWA and other NGOs,               better than anyone else.                        HECS rises and the further liberalization
Afghanistan are oppressed to the point          not the self-appointed “liberator” we                                                             of education, 12pm August 22nd Front
where venturing outside alone is near           know as the West. RAWA has also set up            Given the step from the Howard Government
impossible.                                     mobile health teams and small economic            into an almost completely neo-liberal
                                                aids for victims of the war, as well as single-   education system, the Education Action          APEC demonstration 10am Saturday 8th
So why are we not aware of an organisation      handedly creating up fifteen new schools          Group is privileged to have Claudio from        of September.
that has existed since 1977 with the            in Pakistan. Having listened to possible          Chile who was instrumental in the 2006
sole purpose of ridding Afghanistan             solutions to the oppression of women in           student protests (the penguin revolution)
of fundamentalist dominance and the             Afghanistan by an Afghani woman, I feel           against the Chilean Pinochet-era education
oppression of women? How can we                 a renewed energy to fight Howard and his          system, the first completely neo-liberal
complain that the Right’s solution to the       greedy, pointless war, and it is this feeling     education system in the world. More than
problem is a step backward when most of         that makes the difficult pursuit of such          a million young people took to the streets
us have not taken the time to investigate the   knowledge worthwhile. So thanks Sara              to challenge the neo-liberal policies of the
works and ideas of great organisations like     for organising the event, and I encourage         Chilean government in higher education. It
RAWA? Through listening to Sohalia, the         anyone who is interested to visit www.            should be a great opportunity to compare
RAWA spokeswoman at the event, I learned

    Th e S eS!                                                           MEETING TIMES :
    oL Lec                                                                Queer Action Collective                   Monday 6 pm, Manning Loggia Room (Level 1)

  c      SRC      Collectives are a place for
                                                                          Women’s Collective                        Thursday 1 pm, Manning Women’s Room
         passionate, like-minded students to                              Enviroment Collective                     Monday 1 pm, Sunken Lawns (Manning)
         meet, share experiences and get active.
         If you’re interested in learning more or                         Education Action Group                    Tuesday 1 pm, Front Lawn
         becoming more involved, come along
         to any of the group meetings. We’d love
         to see you there!                                                Anti War Action Group                     Wednesday 1 pm, Chancellor’s Garden (Fisher)

                                                                                                                                                  HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07

                                                        Splendour in the Green.
                                                            Green Grass
                                               Alexandra Meagher looks at how this weekend’s Splendour in the Grass
                                               festival is going green.

                                     By now, pretty much everybody knows                work it has started in previous years by
                                     that being green is the new black, and the         collaborating with recycling companies
                                     world of rock and roll is no exception:            and its food stallholders to ensure the use
                                     the Barenaked Ladies invite ‘greening              of only biodegradable packaging. This,
                                     coordinators’ to reuse the broken guitar           of course, is in addition to Splendour’s
                                     strings after their gigs to make jewellery,        ‘Eco Cops’, Southern Cross University
                                     and Sydney recently hosted one of the              Environmental Science students, who will
                                     global ‘Live Earth’ concerts designed to           be patrolling the festival and advising
                                     ‘combat the climate crisis’.                       festival goers about the best methods of
                                                                                        waste and recycling.
                                     But long before everyone was doing
                                     it, the Splendour in the Grass festival, Next year, Splendour will move even further
                                     held annually at Belongil Fields, Byron forward on its quest for global greening.
                                     Bay, was making it sure it did its bit for Earlier this month, Splendour organisers
                                     mother earth. In the past couple of years, announced that they have bought 650
                                     Splendour has produced the festival acres of land in Yelgun, approximately 15
                                     with ClimateFriendly, an organisation minutes drive north of Byron Bay. They
                                     dedicated to fixing                                                              have purchased
                                     the global greenhouse                                                            this land because
                                     problem. This means
                                     that they have offset
                                                                      Splendour in the Grass                          Belongil Fields,
                                                                                                                      where the festival
                                     their own greenhouse
                                     gas emissions. Last
                                                                             line up                                  is currently held,
                                                                                                                      is being rezoned
                                     year they went even                                                              for residential use
                                                                 Saturday August 4 -
                                     further and offset                                                               and will no longer
                                     10% of all 17 500 Powderfinger, Kaiser Chiefs, Lily Allen, Damien Rice, be available next
                                     festival      attendee’s    Ash, Editors, The Horrors, Paul Kelly, The Beautiful year. Organisers
                                     emissions. Organisers       Girls, The Panics, Sneaky Sound System, The Herd, plan to ‘create
                                     this year plan to Sarah Blasko, Tilly and the Wall, Grinspoon, Howling an               Arts    and
                                     again offset their own      Bells, Hot Chip, Cat Empire, Blue King Brown, Planet Cultural Events
                                     carbon footprint by         Asia, Sara Tindley, Wild Marmalade, Lost Valentinos, Centre with good
                                     funding wind energy         Old Man River, Operator Please, Muscles, Riot in facilities, better
                                     projects.                   Belgium.                                             access and loads
                                                                                                                      of space to enjoy.’
                                     This      year,      the    Sunday August 5 -                                    Organisers point
                                     Festival has stepped                                                             locals    worried
                                     up to a new level           Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Hoodoo Gurus, Hilltop about the new
                                     of sustainability by        Hoods, The Shins, The Dirty Three, Expatriate, Josh festival space to
                                     offering      attendees     Pyke, Airborne, Ok Go, Spiderbait, Cut Copy, Gotye, the example of
                                     the option to pay an Midnight Juggernauts, Kisschasy, Magnolia Electric the              Woodford
                                     extra $3.50 for the Co, Holly Throsby, Bumblebeez, Teenager.                     Folk Festival Site
                                     festival and purchase                                                            in Queensland.
                                     a ‘green’ ticket. This                                                           This land was
                                     extra money goes                                                                 bought in 1994
                                     to offsetting the average travel emissions to secure a permanent festival space. At the
                                     (calculated based on a 2005 survey) of time, many worried that the festival would
                                     festival goers. As the festival promoters ruin the beautiful natural surroundings. In
                                     note on their site, ‘while we cannot fact, the opposite occurred and the site is
                                     directly influence politicians to act more held up as an example that cultural pursuits
                                     decisively on this important issue, we can need not be at odds with nature. Indeed,
                                     take personal responsibility for our own the existence of such cultural pursuits
                                     carbon emissions.’                                    prevents the land from being subdivided -
                                                                                           fate which surely protects the environment
                                     The option to buy the ticket was purchased
                                                                                           in and around the site.
                                     by 31% of attendees (5 425 people) which
                                     will offset a total of 868 tonnes of carbon. This bigger space will allow the festival,
                                     Festival promoters are touting this as a which has grown every year since its 2001
                                     ‘massive’ success which is the equivalent beginnings, more space to dedicate to its
                                     of ‘taking over 200 four-cylinder cars off sustainable projects, making Splendour
                                     the road for an entire year or preventing in the Grass one of Australia’s greenest
                                     over 2 million wheelie bins full of CO2 festivals.
                                     entering our atmosphere.’

                                     The Festival is also continuing the

                                                                                                                                     REGULAR IRREGULARS

Julia Bowes considers the unexpected consequences of anonymous sperm donation.                                                                            Support groups for donor
                                                                                                                                                      offspring exist around Australia.
“Billy looks like the product of unwitting        infertility, assisted reproductive technology     more worringing when you transport that           For more information visit Donor
and accidental incest” is likely to be a          is a lucrative and profitable business.           image home and see a Tasmania nestled               Conception Support Group’s
growing insult in school playgrounds that         The combined effect of rapid scientific           in the very heart of the North Shore. So                      website at
line the full length of the leafy, conservative   breakthroughs and the emotional problem           the ethical precautions necessitated the     
North Shore. Despite the fact that the            of infertility within a commercial setting        introduction of a cap to avoid potential
problems with anonymous sperm donation            meant that the issue outpaced both the            problems with accidental incest.
seem bleatingly obvious today, for decades        ethicists and the legislators. This problem
the practice went unquestioned. Today,            derived from the fact that breakthroughs          In Virginia a physician took pity on the plight
a generation of sperm donor children              with assisted reproductive technologies
have brought the practice into the public         were viewed entirely as a medical triumph         of his infertile patients and anonymously
limelight demanding the right to know             for infertile couples; a medical treatment
their biological background and medical           for adults that pushed the interests of the       fathered 75 of his own patients’ children.
history. However, legislators have been           prospective children out of the picture.
slow to react to this ethical crisis and there    The result is a social and legal anomaly,         Despite the benefits of genetic pedigree, this
remains little regulation of the practice.        where children who are adopted gain the
                                                  right to their original birth certificates and    was obviously worrying as we all know what
   HOW THINGS STAND                               some consanguine related medical history
                                                  at 18, whereas children who are conceived
                                                                                                    a small place Virginia is.
                                                  through gamete donation are left with no
                                                  record of their biological parenthood.
To date, only Victoria has passed legislation
banning anonymous sperm donation.                 However, several measures have been taken
                                                                                                              EBAY SPERM
In the remaining states and territories,          to address these ethical concerns. Firstly, the
including NSW, the terms and conditions           commercial sale of sperm was made illegal         The demand for sperm donations only
of sperm donation have pretty much been           in Australia to prevent people profiting off      continues to skyrocket and with the sale
left to individual clinics. Despite the legal     the medical conditions of others and to           of commercial sperm banned, anonymous
black hole, most clinics advise that people       prevent men flooding the sperm bank with          donations discouraged and a cap in
should not participate in conception using        their sperm in order to make a quick buck.        place, sperm becomes incredibly lucrative
donated gamete (sperm and egg donations)          Following the recognition of the condition        and something has to give. It seems the
unless they accept the donor offspring will       of genealogical bewilderment, also                problems are circular. Despite urgings from
have the right to identifying information         observed in adopted children, anonymous           IVF Australia to be patient with the long
at 18 years of age.                               sperm donation has been discouraged and           waiting list and to resist the temptation
                                                  even outlawed in some places in Europe            to buy sperm illegally, increasing numbers
IVF      Australia    reassures    potential      and here in Victoria.                             of desperate Australian couples are
clients that donors are limited to only                                                             buying sperm from anonymous “designer
fathering ten families. NSW Parliament is         However, these measures created entirely          donors” through overseas websites.
currently reviewing legislation regarding         new ethical concerns. Already, with no            On these websites, voice recordings of
anonymous donation and specifically               financial incentive offered, the means            donors, sketches of their facial features,
considering limiting that cap to five             for encouraging men to donate sperm               in-depth medical histories and even high
families. The reasons for this are obvious.       were limited. Then, the inducement of             school test results can be bought. As
For IVF children who are the product of           anonymity which had eased concerns                well as circumventing Australian law, this
anonymous sperm donation, the risk of             prospective donors had about creating legal       online method is seductive because here
accidental incest is real. Even presuming         and social obligations to their biological        in Australia, donor details are generally
clinics abide by the ‘only ten families’ rule,    offspring, was largely done away with.            limited to ethnicity and medical history
if those are ten sizeable families who are        And sperm donations literally dried up            to ensure the donor’s features match those
within roughly the same geographically            as demand for donors only grew. When              of the social father. Specimens from the
area then the chance of unknowingly               Victoria legislated to outlaw anonymous           US site cost between $US250 and $US500
meeting a half sibling is high.                   donation in 1998, there was a drastic drop        and a donor dossier can be bought for an
                                                  in the number of IVF babies born. Out             additional fee. If it is a choice between
Furthermore, if the donor who has fathered        of 566 sperm and egg donors on its 1988           this, or the risk of accidental incest due
those ten families has unknowingly passed         registry, 2180 children were born. Those          to breaches of the cap, it’s understandable
on a genetic disorder then the consequences       figures dropped dramatically in 1998. Out         why commercial sperm is making a
will be fairly widespread. Whilst all donor       of the 208 donors, 296 children were born         comeback.
clinics test for diseases, testing systems        in Victoria.
aren’t perfect. In 2006, five children                                                              As it stands, there is a generation of school
reported to a specialist in Michigan with
an identical defective gene that caused a
                                                       BROTHERLY LOVE?                              kids playing catch-and-kiss with potential
                                                                                                    half-siblings and growing up without the
rare blood disease. This disease leaves                                                             knowledge of whether they are genetically
them at risk for leukemia and in need of          This meant the already limited source             predisposed to a host of nasty diseases.
daily shots of an expensive drug to prevent       of donations had to be stretched even             These donor sperm offspring not only
infection. They had all been fathered by          further, and “who’s ya daddy?” became             don’t know who their biological parents
sperm donor no.F827 who had passed all            a pertinent playground question as fewer          are, but also don’t know who their half
the tests and fathered another six children       men anonymously fathered more and                 siblings are, how many they have and
in the state.                                     more children. This problem was perfectly         even if they are unknowingly in contact
                                                  illustrated in Virginia where a physician         with them. The right of existing children
  What went Wrong?                                took pity on the plight of his infertile
                                                  patients and anonymously fathered 75
                                                                                                    to know their identity should surely take
                                                                                                    priority over the right of hopeful parents
                                                  of his own patients’ children. Despite            to receive anonymous donations. The fact
                                                  the benefits of genetic pedigree, this was        that the morality of anonymous donation
With one in six couples in Australia              obviously worrying as we all know what            is being debated in parliaments the world
experiencing difficulties with medical            a small place Virginia is. This is even           over is proof that ethics are finally catching
                                                                                                    up with science.
                                                                                                                                                     HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV| 07

BOOK:                                            THEATRE:                                                   ALBUM:                                           OPERA:
                                                                                                                                                                The Barber
                                                                                                                                      Rock                      of Seville

                                                                                                                                  Groove Armada

The wait is over. The new Harry book is          The latest play to come out of the SUDS
a bittersweet finale to the series so many                                                                  Soundboy Rock is the seventh studio release      In this new production for Opera
                                                 Cellar Theatre, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
of us have grown to love. Some more than                                                                    for Andy Cato and Tim Findlay, known for         Australia, Rossini’s comic opera The
                                                 (directed by Erin Turner) is an adaptation
others: I confess I was queuing up early                                                                    the past ten years as Groove Armada. The         Barber of Seville graces an extravagant
                                                 of Truman Capote’s novel (not the film) of
last Saturday morning, ready to specify,                                                                    album plays more like a compilation CD           Gaudi inspired set, complete with bull
                                                 the same name. Billed as ‘a poignant play
‘No, the kids’ cover, please!’                                                                              with a very eclectic range of sounds, which      fighters, painters, drunkards, a grumpy
                                                 about a confused young girl and the men
                                                                                                            stem as much from the duo’s interesting          nurse and the Spanish regiment. The
                                                 obsessed with her’, the production left me
As university students, we’ve all had our                                                                   choices in feature vocalists, as their own       opera tells the story of the young Rosina,
                                                 a little amused, a little moved and a little
theories (of varying levels of sophistication                                                               variety in beats and melody.                     her sinister guardian Doctor Bartolo and
– largely depending on whether or not you                                                                                                                    her persistent suitor Count Almaviva.
studied PHIL 1001) about the characters                                                                     After a brief interlude ‘Hasta Luego Mr.         Figaro, the eponymous barber, acts as
                                                 Unlike the film, the show is narrated through
and meaning of these books. In The Deathly                                                                  Fab’, the album kicks off with ‘Get Down’,       Count Almaviva’s wingman, and does
                                                 the eyes of Holly Golightly’s neighbour, a
Hallows, not only do we find out the fate                                                                   the first single off the album that echoes the   nothing much but stand around looking
                                                 man she names after her brother, Fred.
of Harry, Hermione and Ron, but Rowling                                                                     almost Rastafarian sounding vocals and           suave and handing out wads of cash to
                                                 The plot is vaguely reminiscent of the film,
also takes care to tie up all the previous                                                                  catch phrase ‘Groove Armada’ of previous         strangers. While Figaro has a rather vague
                                                 following the exploits of Holly: the places
books’ loose ends. Who was R.A.B? Is                                                                        releases such as ‘Superstylin’. With a           place in the plot, he is certainly given the
                                                 she drinks, the people she befriends, the
Snape really evil? Is Harry a Horcrux?                                                                      strong electro feel reflecting the trend in      best melodies, and José Carbó is brilliant
                                                 men she sleeps with, the employers who
What higher purpose does Luna Lovegood                                                                      music at the moment, it is no surprise that      in the role.
                                                 exploit her and the general party of her
serve? What about Sirius’ mirror?                                                                           this is the first Groove Armada track to hit
                                                 daily life.
                                                                                                            Number 1 on the UK club charts.                  All of the musical performances are
We also realise that there was truth to          Typically, narration and theatre don’t                                                                      superb. Henry Choo is a charismatic
Rowling’s constant claims that her books                                                                    The next track ‘The Things that We Could         Count, enthusiastically appearing in
                                                 gel, and I hate to say it, but this show is
are about death – there’s no escaping it                                                                    Share’ continues this electro thing but with     various disguises to alternatively grope
                                                 no different. Whilst narration is needed
in this final one. How disheartening to                                                                     a slower and more retro vibe that wouldn’t       and serenade Rosina. In the reviewed
                                                 to explain the fantastic but fleeting
open the book and see, on the very first                                                                    be out of place in an 80s disco. Featuring       performance, Andrew Moran played the
                                                 appearances of many minor characters,
page, two grindingly morbid quotations.                                                                     the vocals and production contribution           role of Dr Bartolo, replacing an ill Warwick
                                                 in this instance, it lacked pizzazz through
Death crops up with unnerving regularity                                                                    of Simon Lord, occasional Simian Mobile          Fyfe. A relative newcomer to Opera
                                                 both script and performance. The audience
over the series of skirmishes that form the                                                                 Disco member, it is a pretty cool song.          Australia, Moran delivered a consistent
                                                 is left with an odd feeling of quiet from the
backbone of the book, but there are many         moment the show begins.                                                                                     and humorous performance.             Amelia
                                                                                                            ‘Paris’ is a slow melodic track featuring
lighter moments too.                                                                                                                                         Farrugia is very well suited to the role of
                                                                                                            the vocals and co-written by 60 year old
                                                 There are two main problems. First, the                                                                     Rosina, and gives the part a lightness and
At first the reader feels a bit marooned                                                                    R&B legend Candi Station, which ends
                                                 script didn’t allow the actors to push                                                                      frivolity befitting the type of character that
without the familiar Hogwarts school year.                                                                  up sounding not dissimilar to her 2004 re-
                                                 themselves. Frankly, it’s quite bland.                                                                      agrees to elope with the first mysterious
Our confusion is reflected in Harry, Ron,                                                                   release hit of ‘You’ve Got the Love’, which
                                                 Secondly, I enjoyed the musical interludes                                                                  stranger to appear on her balcony with a
and Hermione’s quest to discover answers                                                                    Sex and the City fans would recognize.
                                                 but found that they occassionally disrupted                                                                 smile and a band of troubadours.
to the many questions that Dumbledore                                                                       Groove Armada began with chill out
                                                 the rhythm of the production. And the
has seemingly so carelessly left behind. The                                                                tracks such as this and it feels like this is    With the familiarity of so many of the
                                                 use of one cat sound effect was a bit odd,
trio’s early feverish enthusiasm gradually                                                                  where they are best.                             opera’s tunes it is easy to forget how
                                                 considering there were places for other
gives way to a pervading sense of gloom          sound cues.                                                                                                 beautiful the complete score is, and one
                                                                                                            I’m not going to pretend that Groove
and powerlessness; a few Horcruxes                                                                                                                           great highlight of the production was the
                                                                                                            Armada is some underground and edgy
down, perhaps, but where the hell are the        However, most of these problems are                                                                         strength of the orchestral performance
                                                                                                            dance group; with past tracks such as ‘I
other ones?                                      forgotten during the actual performance.                                                                    under the direction of Brian Castles-
                                                                                                            See You Baby’ this would be impossible.
                                                 Emily Morrison, as the infamous Holly                                                                       Onion, who continues as conductor for
As we turn the pages, we follow Harry                                                                       However, the second single ‘Song For
                                                 Golightly, is absolutely mesmerising and                                                                    the remainder of the production’s run in
& Co.’s wanderings through the British                                                                      Mutya’, features the vocals of ex Sugarbabe
                                                 her quiet and controlled execution leaves                                                                   Sydney.
countryside. There are moments of despair                                                                   Mutya Buena and might be putting just a
                                                 Hepburn far behind. Max Rapley, who
– the weight of the war against Voldemort                                                                   little bit too much pop in an otherwise very     The more cynical of attendees might find the
                                                 plays the narrator deemed Fred is also
takes a heavy toll on our heroes. The reader                                                                fresh album. The single is a dual release for    slapstick routines of the background actors
                                                 quite good, but in parts I was unsure
shares Harry’s incomprehension when all                                                                     both Soundboy Rock and Buena’s debut             tiresome, but the majority of the crowd
                                                 whether he was acting or just being his
evidence seems to point to a dark side of                                                                   solo album and to be honest I think it is        seemed to find the humour diverting, even
                                                 charming self. Sertan Saral gives a strangely
Dumbledore. And Rowling makes sure to                                                                       more Sugerbabes than anything else. It’s         as the same prop-based jokes were driven
                                                 compelling performance as Joe the barman,
bring back our least favourite adversaries:                                                                 listenable and a lot of fun, but it sounds       into the ground. The principal performers
                                                 fantastically inverse to anything you’ve
Rita Skeeter, Umbridge and the Malfoys.                                                                     quite out of place.                              also appeared to enjoy the opportunity to
                                                 seen him do on the Manning Theatresports
                                                 stage. The brief cameos by Alex Jessup,                                                                     stumble around pretending to be drunk and
But, little by little, a path emerges. I found                                                              Overall Soundboy Rock is a solid dance
                                                 Tim Weston and Carmen Culina were                                                                           make the most of a few visual gags. While
Rowling’s borrowing of Freemason-like                                                                       album. Maybe not Groove Armada’s best
                                                 amazing, and a nod of approval must go                                                                      at times the production’s quest for gaudy
symbology and lore to create the ‘Deathly                                                                   offering, but the mix between old and new
                                                 to Jessup’s Truman Capote inspired vocal                                                                    frivolity distracts slightly from splendour
Hallows’ a little contrived, but I am sure                                                                  sounds works well in most places. Anyone
                                                 choices and the all too brief offstage voice                                                                of Rossini’s score, there are many things to
the concept will please devoted fans who                                                                    who has seen these guys live will know
                                                 of a Japanese business man.                                                                                 enjoy in this energetic production.
seek a key to the overall plot.                                                                             that no CD will ever compare, but whilst
                                                                                                            we are waiting for their next visit this will    The Barber of Seville is showing at Sydney Opera House
                                                 I don’t believe there has even been a show
The final battle exceeds expectations.                                                                      just have to do!                                 from the 26th of June until the 30th of August.
                                                 costumed by Vivienne Egan that did not
Each character, whether leading or minor,
                                                 impress, and this is no exception. However,                Alex Storey                                      Carolyn Burns
has a part to play in the final defence
                                                 the set could have been more adventurous.
of the Hogwarts castle: House elves,
                                                 It didn’t firmly date the play, the lighting
portraits, goblins and ghosts all have their
                                                 colour was inconsistent and several of the
opportunity to shine.
                                                 actors didn’t know their marks.
A major disappointment to many fans was
                                                 The show is genuinely funny, biting, witty,
the ‘19 Years Later’ epilogue; a crudely
                                                 touching and timeless, and I’m sure, after
tacked-on piece of fluff that seemed to
                                                 a slightly rough opening night, it will settle
pose more questions than it answered.
                                                 and let the real magic I saw glimmers of,
Nonetheless, we get to perve on the main
                                                 take over.
characters’ love lives.
                                                 Breakfast at Tiffany’s is in its last week at the Cellar
In all, a must-read, if only to keep up with     Theatre, located underneath the Holme Building.
the dinnertime conversation.                     Runs 1h45m, Wed - Sat at 8pm, $2/$3/$4/$5.

Caitlin Brown                                    Jordan Flyte


                                                                                                hd                                                           The Internet

                                                                                                                                                      Sick of your own pathetic existence,

                                                                                                                                                      or just can’t make it out this
                                                          Belvoi                                                                                      Saturday night? Then why not
                                                                 r St Th
                                                                         eatre W                                                                      become one of the 8 million-odd
                                                         Writte                  ho’s A
                                                                n by E                   fraid o                                                      residents of this online community
                                                        Andre           dw                       f Virgi
                                                                ws, sta ard Albee,                       nia Wo
                                                                                                                olf                                   and create your own Second Life?
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                                                                m              ar              db
                         ute                           Wedne ents, Robin ton Csokas, y Benedict
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                                                                                       Powerhouse Museum
                                 Catch the last week of this                           Fashion from Fleece: 200 Years
                                 exhibition featuring 50                               of Australian wool in Fashion
                                 paintings and photographs                              Showcasing vintage and contemporary pieces from leading
                                 by 31 artists, including                               local and international designers, Fashion from Fleece
                                 Andy Warhol, Roy                                       celebrates two centuries of Australian wool in fashion. It
                h   day Qait!    Lichtenstein, Lucian Freud,                            also charts the journey of the Australian Merino from the
             rt                  Damien Hirst, Andreas                                  pastoral boom to the high-tech fabric innovations of today.

                                 Gursky, Gerhard Richter                                You’ll see creations from the likes of Chanel, Yves Saint
H ap py B

                                 and Cindy Sherman.                                     Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Martin Grant, Akira Isogawa,
                                 The collection explores                                Josh Goot, Collette Dinnigan and Easton Pearson.
                                 themes of portraits and                                July 25 – August 22
                                 people, the natural and
                                 built environments and
                                 transforming spaces. Free.
                                                                                                                            Sydney Opera House The Barber of Seville

                                                                                                                            See Rossini’s comedic masterpiece transposed into a 1930s
                                                                                                                            setting, with the ever-amusing character of Figaro, who not
                     Art                                                                                                    only cuts hair but also plays a mischievous matchmaker. With
                    An Galler                                                                                               Henry Choo, Kanen Breen, Amelia Farrugia, José Carbó and
                       Inc    y
                           om of N                                                                                          Andrew Moran.
                             plet   S
                                  eW W                                                                                      Until August 30
                                                                                                                            Student Rush $50, Standing Tickets $35

         Want to know more
         about your rights?
        Whether you are a first time                      about bills and rent, keeping the                Get information about university
        student or an old-hand, knowing                   place in good shape and claiming                 policies on stuff like plagarism,
                                                                                                                                                      Stupid College
        the law can be tough without                      bond money.                                      discrimination and intellectual            Pranks and the Law
        getting some help first. If                                                                        property on the university website
                                                          There is a large network across                                                             If you are part of a college sub-
        you would like legal advice,                                                                       ( or by talking to         culture which thinks it is fun to
        representation in court or simply                 NSW (see                   your Department administration.
                                                          au) that give free legal assistance                                                         trick new students into taking their
        need to know who to talk to, the                                                                                                              clothes off and running across a
        SRC Legal Centre can provide                      to tenants. The SRC Legal Centre                 The best way to make sure rules
                                                                                                                                                      park naked only to return to find
        help free of charge. The centre is                can give legal advice or let you                 and regulations don’t become               that you have driven off with their
        funded by your friendly Sydney                    know who you should be talking                   your life is to stay informed              clothes then read on.
        University Representative Council                 to.                                              always!!!!
                                                                                                                                                      This prank can result in a very
        and is an outreach of Redfern                     Centrelink offers money to                       If you have a problem and want             serious charge being laid on
        Legal Centre.                                     students to help make ends                       to make an appointment, please             anyone caught by the Police. The
        Right now you may be thinking                     meet (see                    phone 9660 5222. Or else drop              charge, “expose oneself in/within
                                                          au). There can be harsh penalties                in on Tuesdays or Thursdays                view from a public place/school”
        about living together in a share-                                                                                                             (Summary Offences Act 1988,
        house with other students (or                     for students who break the rules                 from 1pm – 3pm (no need to
                                                          so make sure you understand                      make any appointment).                     Section 5) can attract a penalty
        maybe you already are). Students                                                                                                              of 10 penalty units ($1,100) or
        can get advice about their rights                 your obligations and report your
                                                                                                           Maggie Hayes                               imprisonment for six months.
        and responsibilities as a tenant.                 income regularly!
                                                                                                           Kellie Douglas                             A conviction for this offence
        This could include what to do                                                                      Simon Levett                               would also have to be declared
                                                                                                                                                      when making an application for
                                                                                                                                                      registration to certain professional
                                                 SRC Branch Office Redfern Legal Centre                                                               bodies and when applying for
                                                 Level 1 Wentworth Bldg (below City Rd footbridge)                                                    employment where you would be
                                                 phone: 9660 5222 fax: 9660 4260                                                                      working with children.
                                                 Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

                                                                                                                                                       HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07
 Notice of 2007
 Annual Election
 Election                                                       Nomination forms can be downloaded from the
 Nominations for the Students’ Representative                   SRC website:, or
 Council Annual Elections for the year 2007 close               picked up from SRC Front Office (Level 1,
 on Tuesday 21st August 2007. Polling will be held              Wentworth Building).
 on the 19th and 20th of September 2007. Pre-                   Nominations must also be lodged online along
 polling will also take place outside the SRC Offices           with your policy statement and Curriculum Vitae
 Level 1 Wentworth Building on Tuesday 18th of                  (optional), by close of nominations at
 September 2007 from 10 am - 3pm.                      For more
 All students who are duly enrolled for attendance              information, call 9660 5222.
 at lectures are eligible to vote, nominate and be              Signed Nomination forms and a printed copy of
 nominated, except National Union of Students                   your online nomination must be received no later
 national office bearers. Fulltime officebearers of             than 4.30pm on Tuesday 21st August, either in the
 the SRC may also nominate as NUS delegates.                    locked box at the SRC Front Office (level 1
                                                                Wentworth), or at the following address: PO Box
                                                                794, Broadway NSW 2007.
 Nominations are called for the                                 Nominations which have not been delivered either
 following elections/positions:                                 to the locked box in the SRC front office or to the
 (a)      The election of Representatives to                    post office box shown above and submitted online
          the 80th SRC (31 positions)                           by the close of nominations will not be accepted
 (b)      The election of the president of the                  regardless of when they were posted.
          80th SRC                                              The Regulations of the SRC relating to elections
 (c)      The election of the Editor(s) of Honi Soit            are available on-line at
          for The 80th SRC                            
 (d)      The election of National Union of Students            06.pdf or from the SRC Front Office (level 1,
          delegates for the 80th SRC, 7 positions               Wentworth Building).

                                   Authorised by Christine Kibble, SRC Electoral Officer 2007.
                 Students’ Representative Council, University of Sydney Phone: 9660 5222

                                                                                    I READ THE NEWS TODAY, OH BOY...

          Free Shitty Local
 TUESDAY, JULY 31st 2007

                                                      YOUR UNWANTED LOCAL NEWSPAPER                                          FREE (‘CAUSE IT’S ALL ADS)

                             Waste Collection                                                      Council to have
                                                                                                                   New Garbage
                             Hot Issue in Local                                                    more recycling? Bins in our
                                                                                                   See inside for  Shire!
                             Council Elections                                                     more
                                                              Page 5                                                         Page 7        Exclusive Page 3

  Local Student Wins Regional
  Heat of Speaking Competition

        Local Student Becky Pimms, from St Julius’ Ladies College, recieving her award from Jennifer Tipple, organiser of The Generic High
        School Public Speaking Competition. Also pictured is Michael Felcher, who was runner-up in the heat.            Photo: John Nygent
Julian March Inane local affairs reporter
                                            lucky to have been going to St          Becky won the round with a speech         up in the school drama competition.
Local High School student Becky
Pimms has taken out the Local               Julius’ Ladies College where we         about the importance of learning
                                            give our students such wonderful        lessons from Nelson Mandela, JFK          Her parents are also very proud of
Regional Heat of the Generic High                                                                                             Becky. “She’s lucky she won, as her
School Public speaking competition.         opportunities. I imagine she would      and Gandhi. Her impromptu speech,
                                            not have amounted to anything           to the topic “Hitting the wall,” was      marks were not all they should have
                                            much if she had not come under          about the terrible plight of the          been this semester. Hopefully this
Becky is overjoyed with the result
                                            my expert tutelage. I have taught       Aborigines as well as the importance      kind of thing will balance out the
and looking forward to continuing
                                            a number of champions and Becky         of combating global warming.              marks slipping on her CV,” said Mrs
to bring success to her prestigious
                                            could go all the way to the state                                                 Pimms.
schools name, according to her
teacher and coach Miss Coldbitch.           regional-semi final or even the state   This is not the first piece of success
                                                                                    that Becky has had, having won            Becky herself was unavailable for
                                            semi-regional final if she would just
                                                                                    her intra-school public speaking          comment due to a severe bout of
“I am overjoyed for her,” Miss              listen to me and stop trying to come
                                                                                    competition and also coming runner-       stomach ulcers and insomina.
Coldbitch said, “she is just so             up with her own material.”

                                                        Mail Order                  Plasma TV                                       120%

                  razy           Ba                     Bride?

  Clin      t’s C                                       < 55
                                                        cents                       No!                                            Wide

       We’re not only giving it away-we pay you to take it!
                                                                                                                              HONI SOIT | EDITION XIV | 07     21

                                     GUIDE TO
                                     lesser known
                                          Daniel Selikowitz

                                                  P&O Cluedo
                                                  It was no one with the GHB in the shower. Enjoy a quiet
                                                  evening exercising your right to stunned silence.             Diplomacy: Middle
                                                                                                                East Special
                                                        Squabble                                                Nut out the world’s messiest conflict with
                                                                                                                friends and family. Destroy infidels and
                                                        Quiblaz. Munglefat. Are they counted as words?          reclaim the Holy Land in the privacy and
                                                        Who cares! What matters is that you’re beating your     comfort of your living room!
                                                        grandmother senseless with a rhyming dictionary.

                                                             Life begins at 80
                                                             A sequel for the ageing population. Try to
                                                             liquidate your assets and dump them in a high
                                                             yield super fund before your kids stick you in a   Big Trouble
                                                             budget Alzheimer’s Ward.
                                                                                                                Keep clicking that plastic dice-roller in the
                                                                                                                middle of the board until your mum wakes
                                                                                                                up and comes downstairs. Then you’re in
                                                                                                                big trouble!

                                                                    Monopoly: Speed

                                                                                      DO NOT PASS GO.

                                                                                                                Operation for the less co-ordinated…
                                                                                                                Discover the cause of death before the stench
                                                                                                                overwhelms you.

                                                                             One player thinks of a non-existent object. They must
                                                                             then help their partner guess what it is using telepathy and
                                                                             interpretative dance before the time for their partner expires.

                                                                                    Migraine Headache
                                                                                    Same Rules as original headache except a speaker at the centre
                                                                                    of the board emits a high pitched screaming noise for the
                                                                                    duration of the game.

                                                                                            Hungry Hungry Hiltons
                                                                                            Paris and Nicky are starving - and that’s how they like it! Hold
                                                                                            their mouths shut so no food can get in. First to three calories

                                                                                                                                                                      LECTURE NOTES

 Top 50 Most Populous
 Nations in the World
  i   b a        n     g     l      a d         e s          h     g     h     a n a              r      i m
  a   a n        a     a     u      n i         t e          d     k     i     n g d              o      mf    China
  n   r i        t     d     e      u o         b t          u     r     k     e y e              a      mg    India
  n   g h        s     h     n      u u         r a          i     r     e     g i n              e      o n   Indonesia
  p   e c        i     e     k      a o         n t          r     l     t     r t x              a      a o   United States
  n   n c        k     r     n      mg          a s          h     a     h     e i s              l      n u   Brazil
  p   t r        a     q     a      o i         u d          s     k     i     c h g              a      a a   Pakistan
  d   i i        p     n     a      wd          l e          a     v     o     d e d              y      y e   Bangladesh
  n   n l        i     z     a      r b         n t          a     r     p     r u n              n      f a   Russia
  e   a a        u     n     j      n i         k i          s     s     i     s e a              r      n r   Nigeria
  n   mt         l     e     a      p d         n n          o     a     a     k ma               s      a m   Japan Solution from last week
  a   r u        s     i     p      n a         a u          u     p     n     r n o              l      c a   Mexico
                                                                                                                       2                      3                            4                 5
                                                                                                                           M O D I                F    Y                     C O M P A C T         D I    S C            O

  r   u s        s     i     a      z z         t i          t     e     e     c i e              o      l a   Philippines
                                                                                                                                                  U                                            A                         U
                                                                                                                       6                                   7               8
                                                                                                                           U R B A                N      D                   U N D E R M I         N E                   T
                                                                                                                                                  D      I                                     P                         H
                                                                                                                                                                           9                  10              11

  e   b a        l     l     n      h h         i i          h     g     e     r u l              l      ma    Vietnam
                                                                                                                                                  A      G                   V                 A   R G U E               E
                                                                                                                                         A        M    O R P H               O U S             N            X            R
                                                                                                                                                                                           13        14
                                                                                                                                                  E      E                   L              Y         P     A            N

  g   a i        o     a     n      a t         s i          k     e     b     z u a              i      j e   Germany
                                                                                                                                                  N      S                   U     G U T E N       B E R G               B
                                                                                                                                                  T      S                   M      I       A         T     G            A
                                                                                                                                                  A            K             E Y B O A R D            T     E            P

  y   h p        t     r     f      a h         mp           o     i     e     mc o               n      g o   Egypt
                                                                                                                                    S I           L    O                           B        N         Y     R            T
                                                                                                                                                           18                                              19
                                                                                                                                                  I         B U              S T E D                        A      N T   I
                                                                                                                           F I      N E           S    S E                         R                        T            S

  p   a g        a     r     l      c n         g e          r     n     b     a e y              d      t a   Ethiopia
                                                                                                                                                                               21                       22
                                                                                                                           A                      T                             F I C K L E              D E       D U C T
                                                                                                                                        23            24       25
                                                                                                                           B  A   L    W                                           S
                                                                                                                                  26                                              27   28                29                  30
                                                                                                                           ES N E A K E R                                          H I G H D       E F I N I T I O N

  t   mz         i     y     r      i r         b f          e     i     p     s p a              i      n g   Turkey
                                                                                                                           R  N   N    B                                                 I               G         A
                                                                                                                                                                                                     31      32
                                                                                                                           G  U   D    B                                                B             G L O B E    N
                                                                                                                           E  A   S    R                                     J          R                O    A    O

  o   c c        o     r     o      ms          a v          a     i     s     y a l              a      my    Iran
                                                                                                                              L   C    O R                                   I G I N A L                 O    S    M
                                                                                                                                  A    W                                     N          L                     H    E
                                                                                                                                  P    S                                     G     C U T L A       S S         I   T

  l   a p        e     n     v      u u         e a          u     r     c     n s b              u      s i   Thailand
                                                                                                                       36                                                                               37
                                                                                                                        C H E Q U E    E                                     L          A                D I R G E R
                                                                                                                                       R                                     E     L Y R I C       S               E
                                                                                                                      Created with EclipseCrossword —

                                                                                                               United Kingdom

  Puzzle 1 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.59)
                                                                                                               South Korea

      3                                                           2          1                                 Columbia
                                                                                                               South Africa
                                          1                       3          9           8
      1                                                           8          3           4           6
                  3                       2                                                                    Poland
      2                                               7                                              4         Kenya
                                                                  5                      9                     Cananda

      4           8           3           5                                                          9

                  7           1           4                       9

                              6           3                                                          5

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