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					                                     Commandant of Cadets
                                   Founder’s Day Talking Points

1. Objective Tonight

   a. Short update USMA

   b. Focus on 4,300 cadets—next generation of leaders for US Army and our nation.

2. Two Thoughts

   a. Honor to lead and command them

      (1) Important to stop and reflect what these young men and women represent.

     (2) Each volunteered to enter WP when our country was at war, knowing full well they would join
an Army at war.

      (3) Contrary to vast majority of their peers, they have elected to do something about it.

      (4) No one can question their duty ethic.

        (5) Duty, Honor, Country; They have already internalized Duty when they arrived on R-Day —they
get it.
b. Strategic Cross Roads

      (1) ½ of 1% of this generation is in uniform.

      (2) The risks to our Nation are significant.

      (3) Yet, we put the security of our Country on their backs.

      (4) While the rest of America enjoying life… fat, dumb, happy

                (5)     They can count themselves among the generations that have gone before them to
                        stand in the gap between this evil and our way of life.

                (6)     50 years from now when the write the history of the WOT, glorious history.

                (7)     Grandchildren on their lap asking ―Grandma (Grandpa) what did you do in the WOT?‖
                        – they can proudly respond that they were there when their country needed them the

3. Plebes – Class of 2011
   a. 2        Largest Class; only to 2010

   b. Lowest attrition Beast.

   c. Point:
       (1) Know what getting into.

       (2) Don‘t negotiate price for success.

       (3) Focused

          (4) Every one came to WP when country at war, knowing full well they would join an Army at

4. Are cadets up to this challenge?

   Class 2008 – Branch Selection

   a. Department of the Army require 80/20 rule—80% combat arms, 20% non-combat arms.

   b. Yet 80% men and 24% women choose combat arms as first choice.

   c. 220 chose INF — over 450 wanted it as first choice (or 45%) (first branch to go out after med
school, followed by aviation and engineer).

   d. Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO)

       (1) Willing to serve +3 years (8 total) for

       (a) Branch

       (b) Post

       (c) Grad School

      (2) Reason: 8 years = 2 assignments, 2 command climates, and company command (better bias
for Army career decision).

       (3) 30 % class chose one option or another

       (a) 15% Branch

       (b) 2% Post

       (c) 14% Graduate School

5. What is Right with America

   a. If average American would look to see what is right with America, they would find it embodied in the
values and traditions of West Point.

   b. Story: Grandfather coming to R-day. Would not step on WP – ―Not worthy because it is sacred

   c. Through this embodiment, we contribute to the faith, trust, and confidence that America has with our
military—which is critically essential as we continue to fight this ―long war.‖

   d. As such there is nothing more important as Commandant than to maintain these values pure and
untarnished, and to inculcate them into this next generation of leaders.

6. How Are Our Graduates Performing in Combat?

   a. Since start of GWOT

      (1) Lost 61 of our brothers and 2 sisters in combat

      (a) Emily Perez and Laura Walker

         -- Emily Perez was just recognized by NCAA for the Courage in Valor Award

         --Former BDE CSM and track stand out.

         --Universally respected throughout the Corps.

      (b) BTW, last year‘s recipient CPT Derik Hines, ‘03, CPT Army Hockey Team.

      (2) Every class from ‘85-‘06 had losses. Also ‘79, ‘82

      (3) Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

   b. Performance has been Magnificent

      (1) 25 Silver Stars

      (2) Last year‘s Ninenger Award winner: CPT Ryan Wortham—SS CO CDR Skin Afghanistan.

                     - On border with Pakistan; fought 8 days straight

       (3) This years Nininger award winner.

                     - 1LT Randall Ashby; ENGR PL in 3ID; Lead sapper PL for TF 2-69 AR in 3 BCT of 3 ID

      (4) Have not picked next year‘s Nininger Award winner – but leading candidate is:

        LT Bryan Jackson ‘05—Distinguished Service Cross
         --2        highest award for valor.

         --Only seven given since 1975

         --Citation reads like MOH: ―Selfless courage under extreme enemy fire while serving as CO
FSO w/ A Co, 1-36 IN in AL Anbar Province‖

         --Wounded twice, continued to return fire, refused treatment/ evacuation until CO 1SG treated
and evacuated.

         --Credited with saving CO 1SG‘s life.

   c. 3 Block War : What we ask of these junior leaders is unheard of…

      (1) Mediator of warring factions and tribes, as diverse as our own 50 states.

      (2) Build town and infrastructure—sewage and water.

      (3) Fight close quarters combat in urban environment.

   d. Might have seen Praetorian Guard letter?

      (1) Advocating a leadership style that instills fear in order to instill bonding? — Attrition base
model leadership

       (2) WP Leadership development is a developmental model

       (3) Tough, high Standards

       (4) Treat people IAW Army Values w/ dignity and respect--same way we treat Soldiers in the Army

       (5) Best metric to see if this leadership program is working is to look at our graduates in combat.

 e. Another great example: 1LT Schuyler Williamson, ‗05

           --CPT BB Team

           --Drafted as a pro-BB player and then left after one year
           --15 mo PL 1 Cav in Iraq

           --Rtn to speak to cadets and BB Team

           --Bond w/ Soldiers

           --Ethics—only him to keep cool

           --Courage — Relieve PSG

           --―I think sports prepared me for leadership in combat than anything else. Loves the Army;
loves his Soldiers; will drive on with mission‖

7. Academics

       (1) As much as I enjoy talking about our cadets and graduates—Dean always reminds me not to
forget Academics Program

        (a) Dumb Army FB

        (b) 400 SAT‘s--2.3 GPA

        (c) Seriously, a lot going on Academically

      (2) Sustained Excellence

        (a) #1 Engr Management Program

        (b) Top 5 Civil and Mechanical Engr –US News and World Report

        (c) Scholarships

         --2 Gates—Cambridge

         -- 1 Marshall, 2 Rotary, 1 USA Today Scholar, 1 East West Scholar

                  -- 1 Hertz finalist; 3 Fullbright finalists; 3 Truman finalists
         --1 Rhodes—1 CPT and #1 in class, Jason Crabtree
         --3 Nation Truman
         -- 4 Nation Rhodes
         -- 6 Nation Marshall

         -- We lead all Service Academies most students selected.

      (d) Added 45 Major—Kinesiology (PE Major)

          --What I would have taken if it were offered back then!

                    --Joint venture between DPE and Chemistry

          --18 Cadets from 2010 begin next fall

      (e) Dramatic expansion foreign language and cultural diversion

          --Used to have 20 cadets abroad per year; now have up to 150

          --35 different academic majors/ 12 countries/ 7 languages; Countries like Morocco, Jordan, all
of Europe, China, Russia, all of South America
      (f) Model UN – 4 Consecutive world championship in Beijing

      (g) Chess--Again won Cdr in Chief at Armed Forces tournament last fall.

      (h) No CIC in FB—then get it in Chess !

8. The Military Program

      (1) Given: 45% Class chose INF as first choice and 6 years in the GWOT – All this demands a
robust, solid military program

      (2) Our Military Program covers….

       (a) Summer

       (b) AY Weekend Training

       (c) AY Military Clubs

       (d) AY Open Ranges

       (e) PMEE OPDs in CMD Hour

       (f) MS Courses

      (3) Summer will change significantly

       (a) Add two weeks (this summer is transition)

       (b) Beast goes from 6 to 7 weeks

       (c) Buckner from 6 to 4 weeks

       (d) Add: CDLT first summer. Which is second half of Buckner, and is now another 4 weeks.

                        --Purpose: leader development (the best leader development experience is WP)

                        --Also leader assessment

                 --6 missions straight from theater

                        --Convoy/ C&S/ S&A/ COP

                 --Rotate leadership every day

                 --OC‘s to include recent grads (BOLC backlog)

         (e) 12 weeks = 3 x 4 week modules

         -- Yearlings: military schools after Buckner (Buckner went from 6 to 4 weeks)

         --3 x STAPS -- under load
                       -- especially athletes

      (4) Individual development

         --AIAD: Academic Individual Augmentation Development: Example is my son in Israel

         --Military: Military Schools

         --Physical –Especially CS Athlete

          --DPE: Scuba and climbing

          --Still CTLT/DCLT Details

         --Camp Buchner= FOB Buckner

         --Replicate condition in Iraq/ Afghanistan
            --Contract Arab linguists
            --Goats/ chickens/ roosters

       (5) New concept: A/C Weekend in AY

         --3 - 4 x semester

         --Cdts plan/ prepare/ execute –as a 2LT would.


            --Qualify with Individual Weapon (all cadets qualify 1 x year)

            -- Land Nav
            --1 Aid

            -- Battle Drills: React Contact/ enter bldg/ clear room.

        6. Capstone Course

          --Principles of Officership:

                    Warrior, Selfless servant, Leader of Character, Profession of Arms
          --Every experience from 1 3 years and how applies as a 2LT PL leading Soldiers in peace and

          -- Interdisciplinary

          -- MS 400 part of it –much more—3.0 credits

9. West Point Physical Program

  (1) Fight we are in requires physical and mental toughness.

  (2) WP still has one of the best physical programs in the Nation

  (3) Cadets still:

        -- Box

                 -- Survival swimming (new wave pool)

        -- High zeros on trampoline

        -- Familiar ―no-no-no‖ on APFT

  (4) 2 PT tests a year

  (5) 1 IOCT cow year and plebe Military Movement Course

        -- Hayes Gym dusty air

        --Hack and Cough

        (6)        Stand in front of PLT first time.

              --- Competent

              --- Care
                 --- Competent 1 Physically

                 --- Leadership of ground forces = physical

    (7)          Every cadet an athlete

          ---3 athletic experiences

          --- 25 CS teams (e.g. FB, SR, Wo VB)

          --- 27 Club Squad (e.g. Rugby, Crew, Sailing – which beat Navy this year!! – Powerlifting).

          --- 3 seasons competitive athletics (former intramurals)

    (8)          Tell a bit about competitive club teams

          --- Beat Air Force and Navy 84% of the time
          --- 6 National champions last year
               -- Orienteering (6 year)
               -- Men‘s Team Handball (2         Year)
               -- Combat Weapons (3 year)

   -- Women‘s Team Handball (3 Year)

   -- Fencing

      --- Cycling
    --- Just added a 7 : Woman‘s Pistol won National championship just last weekend.

--- Actually 20 National Championships since 2000

--- Some great warrior spirit sports
-- Boxing – Last year 3 in nation
            This spring going for National title
            7 All Americans
            Last year 9-3 Air Force
                      6-5 Navy

  -- Men‘s Rugby

     -- Women‘s Rugby ―W.A.R.‖

        10. Character Through Sports Awards

                 -- Mike Krzyewski Teaching Character Through Sport Award. For a cadet and faculty
        member at USMA that has demonstrated extraordinary noble character through athletic
        participation and leadership on the fields of friendly strife.

                -- Last Year: Dr. Maria Johnson D/Geog – Coach WO LX
                Cadet Cory Kastl (BX) and Joe Imbriaco (Triathlon)

                -- Lacrosse team visit Walter Reed ICW Wounded Warrior Project

                -- Greg Gadson ‘89 former WP football player
                    - BN CDR in Iraq

                   - Lost both legs to IED

                   - Credits his Soldiers for saving his life.

                   - Return to WP to address Plebes and football team

                     -   Classmate is NY Giants Coach Mike Sullivan
                   --- Mike got Greg to address NYG 3 game of the season on the road vs. Wash

                              -- Team credits Greg for victory

                    ---- Made Honorary Team captain

                    --- We like to think he was instrumental for NFL Superbowl championships

    -- All these are great examples of both cadets and graduates displaying incredible character through

        11. Intercollegiate Sports Update

                a. Fall Highlights
                -- Caleb Campbell – 22 player selected E-W Shrine
                         Likely 4 round draft choice

                --- Owen Tolsen – All – American punter
                --- Jeremy Trimble – 2 straight AA Hon Mention
                Finished career all time leader in receptions, receiving yards, TD Receptions

               --- Women‘s Volleyball—24-5 Record
          --Swept Navy both matches
                  --#2 in Patriot League last fall
                --- Women‘s Soccer—Sarah Gross – 2              Term Academic AA

                --- Men‘s Soccer – Swept AF and Navy
                        Beat Navy at Annapolis 1 time since 1991.

                         Dan Newel / AJ Glubzinski—1 male soccer players awarded Academic AA

                 b. Winter Season Update

                 --- Men‘s BB
                     -- 5th seed patriot League Tournament and won last week against Leigh in overtime.
        Lost last week against #1 seed American
                     -- Beat Navy at Navy

                 --- Women‘s BB: Beat Navy both at Navy and home.
                 --1 Patrol league for majority of season
                 --18 W / 11L

                 ---- Hockey won Atlantic hockey League
                 --Beat AF twice while AF was ranked
                 --#1 seed in playoffs; lost in semi-finals last weekend
                         -- Goalie, John Kassel, League Player of Year
                         -- Coach Brian Riley: Coach of Year

                         -- Of 6 players on the entire league on first team, 3 of the 6 are from Army!

                         -- Incredible, inspiring play this year!

                 ---Army Rifle
                 --Crushed Navy 3 straight year

                 --#2 in Nation

                         -- Recent highlight: Cadet Stephen Scherer.

                                  - Class 2011 – Plebe
                                  - 2 weeks ago Coach brought team to shoot at Olympic tryouts – mainly
for experience
                                  - Cdt Scherer wins the competition;
                                  - Won #1 spot in US Olympic team in Beijing this summer
                                  - 1 time cadet on Olympic team in over 40 years

        12. Football Study

                -- Headed up by GEN(R) Schwartz

                 -- Also included Pete Dawkins, Harry Walters, RDM (R) Tom Lynch (former USNA Supt),
        Rollie Stichwey, Rob Healey (AFC Pres), COL Jon Smidt, MAJ Joe Ross;

                -- Also Mike Krzyzeski, Bob Sutton, Jim Young, GEN (R) Bramlett by VTC

                -- Goes way beyond just FB

                -- Setting all our athletes up for success in competition while maintaining integrity of WP
        mission of developing leaders of character

                -- Holistic approach and recommendations addressed
                    -- Scheduling (e.g. 3 – 3 – 3 rule)
                    -- Recruiting
                   -- Balancing performance of players with academics
                    -- Developing them as leaders of character

                --- The Institution‘s response to building this program

                --- Coaches – We are set
                        Adapting schemes that take into account talent on hand; Not having a scheme of
round peg in square hole. Design offense around the talent. So see more option FB.

                -- Players -- great level of talent
                         Shaping up to be great recruiting year.
                         Mr. Indiana

        13. Army Center of Excellence for PME

                -- on CSA GEN Casey transition team

                 -- As MNF-I Commander for almost 3 years effect of degradation of values as a result of
protracted tours in a long war.

               --- Mission: To increase Army wide understanding and ownership of PME through
        research, education, and publication

                 ---Vision: A US Army that lives the Army values and embodies the Professional Military
        Ethic to meet the challenges of persistent conflict

                --- Accomplished thorough research, education, and publication

                --- Examples of work already started:

                --- Conferences like this summer‘s Senior Leader Conference

                --- PL Com: VTC with Officers in theater to discuss ethical issues. Officer back here with
        group to assist in facilitating discussion.

                ---Integrate ethics into officer and NCO Education curriculums

14. Donor Appeal

       --Not a salesman, but must mention the impact you have on making WP what it is.

       --Because of our graduates‘ generosity, our cadet‘s QOL -- academically, militarily, and
       physically -- has increased in every margin of excellence.

       --Making it the best facility in the Country

       --When recruits come up to Michie Stadium/ Hollender Center/ Foley Center—none
       better in the Country

       --Other significant projects:

          -- Anderson Rugby

          -- Beautiful tiled entrance to Arvin Gym (thanks to Cl ‘65)

          -- Class ‘79 Climbing Wall—best in Country, 4 stories

         -- Grove Golf Center

         -- Phenomenal summer development programs across the World.

         --CTC 100% donor funded

         -- Simon Center for Professional Military Ethic (100% Donor Funded)

               -- You make the Academy World Class

               -- Thank you for your support

               -- No idea of improvement until I returned last year as Commandant

               -- You make a huge difference

        15. Conclusion

        ---Duty, honor, country

        ---McArthur said these words are the essence of …
                what you are,
                what you will be
                what you must be

        ---Even more so today

        -- Effect of Long War on Soldiers
                 -- desensitize one‘s values
                 -- conflicts of loyalty

        -- Therefore, the role of junior leaders to lead them becomes all the more important

        ---Goal at Graduation

                 --- Warriors

                 --- Pentathlete leaders

                 --- Internalize the ethic of Duty-honor-country


What has guided and girded us for many years is exactly what will guide and gird these men and women
in the challenges that lie ahead of them.

--Thank you for inviting me down

--Clearly this is a special society with special people

--Thank you for all you do in support of your Alma Mater and the next generation of Army leaders

--Honor to be with you tonight

---Go Army—Beat Navy

Honor Study Group

Led by GEN(R) Fred Franks
Longitudinal and generational study that includes active and retired officers and cadets.

Purpose: Assess and recommend improvements to Honor System ie. Education S&F

Goal: Wall across stage—initialize D, H, C
   Want it Day #1
   My time: Obey out of fear
   Goal today: Define parameters of acceptable behavior in life
More then lie, cheat, steal, and tolerate
All about trust—an officer of word
               --reputation that one can depend on.


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