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                                                                                                                      Membership Benefits
          The 2011-2012 season will see two of cricket’s leading nations
          descend on the WACA Ground to take on an Australian side smarting                                 •	 Access to all days of the Vodafone Test
          from last summer’s Ashes defeat. Number one Test nation India will                                   Match, Commonwealth Bank One Day
                                                                                                               International match and Big Bash games
          meet the home side in the third Vodafone Test match in January,
          before both teams join World Cup finalist Sri Lanka for an action-                                •	 Superior undercover seating and
          packed Commonwealth Bank Series double-header in February. Next                                      Luxurious facilities within the
                                                                                                               Bradman Room
          summer will also feature the inaugural Big Bash League, with the Perth
          Scorchers taking on seven sides from across the country in a battle for                           •	 Reserved off-site parking
          Australian Twenty20 supremacy.                                                                    •	 One Dennis Lillee Club membership
                                                                                                               card allowing you access to the
          As a Dennis Lillee Club member, you will receive access to the best                                  Bradman Room on listed match days as
          vantage point in the WACA in the luxurious Bradman Room. With                                        well as entry to general Members Stand
          your membership, you will be able to enjoy first-class hospitality                                   for all other domestic fixtures
          in the WACA’s most sought-after space, which includes delicious all                               •	 Sumptuous all-day menu served in the
          day catering, reserved off-site parking and an exclusive Dennis Lillee                               Bradman Room for international fixtures
          Club card, which gives you entry to the general members stand for all                                and Big Bash games
          Sheffield Shield and Ryobi matches .                                                                (beverages not included)
          As numbers in the Dennis Lillee Club are limited, memberships are
          based strictly on availability. Application form’s must be received by
          31 July 2011 to secure your space in the Bradman Room and come and
          share in the exhilaration of another summer of cricket at the WACA!

                                      WACA Ground Season Fixtures                                                                   Pricing

      Big Bash League                      Perth Scorchers v Hobart Hurricanes         Sun 18 Dec 2011      Renewal Membership                $2,595
      Big Bash League                      Perth Scorchers v Brisbane Heat             Thu 29 Dec 2011
                                                                                                            New Membership                    $2,950
      Big Bash League                      Perth Scorchers v Adelaide Strikers           Sun 8 Jan 2012
      Vodafone Test Series                 Australia v India                     Fri 13 - Tue 17 Jan 2012   (all prices incl GST)

      Commonwealth Bank Series India v Sri Lanka                                        Wed 8 Feb 2012
      Commonwealth Bank Series Australia v Sri Lanka                                     Fri 10 Feb 2012                       Enquiries

                                                                                                                      WACA Hospitality
                                                                                                                   Phone: (08) 9265 7288
                                                                                                                     Fax: (08) 9265 7327

All fixtures are subject to change.
                                                           Dennis	Lillee	Club	2011/12		|		application Form
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         Telephone:                                                                  Facsimile:
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                                                      select Your memBersHIP PacKaGe

                               Package                                 cost per membership            memberships required                     total
                  Dennis Lillee Club Membership                                $2,950

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         Credit Card Number:                                                                                               Expiry Date:         /
         Name on Card:
         Account Name: Waca current account                                          BSB	No.:	         066-110
         Bank:	                 commonwealth Bank                                    Account No.: 10098139

    I	have	read	and	understand	the	WACA	Dennis	Lillee	Club	Hospitality	Terms	and	Conditions	(please	tick)		

         Signature:                                                                  Date:

    copy of receipt and tax invoice sent once full payment received. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.
    •	   The	General	Terms	and	Conditions	attached	hereto	form	part	of	this	Agreement.
    •	   Amount	quoted	is	inclusive	of	GST.
    •	   If	paying	via	EFT,	please	forward	EFT	remittance	to	the	WACA	Accounts	Department	within	14	days	of	signing	this	agreement.
    •	   *A	4.5%	surcharge	will	be	levied	for	the	use	of	American	Express	and	Diners	Club	and	a	1.5%	levy	for	the	use	of	Mastercard	or	VISA	cards.
    •	   Please	make	all	cheque	payments	to	Western	Australian	Cricket	Association	(Inc).
    •	   Dennis	Lillee	Club	Memberships	are	subject	to	availability	and	will	only	be	confirmed	on	receipt	of	a	confirmation	letter.

                                                     Please comPlete and return to:
                                Dennis Lillee Club, WACA, PO Box 6045, East Perth WA 6892 or Fax (08) 9265 7327

                                            oFFIce use onlY                                            Internal Notes:
    Payment Received:                   /       /             Payment: $
Please read the product Terms and Conditions.                             ABN 44 026 744 769
2011- 20 1 2

WACA Dennis Lillee Club Hospitality
Terms & Conditions
1.   GRANT OF LICENSE                                                                                     the terms of this Agreement and the Member/Company shall then be
     The WACA grants the Member/Company access to the Bradman Room (Area)                                 deemed to forfeit any right to the Member/Company Benefits.
     for the Event, subject to payment of the Fee and subject to the Member/                      7.3 If the Member/Company terminates this Agreement it shall not be enti-
     Company observing and performing the terms, covenants and conditions con-                            tled to a refund of any part of the Fee under any circumstances.
     tained in this Agreement.
                                                                                                  7.4 In the event that this Agreement is terminated pursuant to the provisions
2.   PAYMENT TERMS                                                                                        of this clause, the WACA shall be at liberty to re-allocate the tickets to
     2.1 The Member/Company must pay the Fee by cash, cheque or credit card                               the Dennis Lillee Club and to grant the Member/Company Benefits to
             (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) made payable to the WACA by
                                                                                                          another party on such terms and conditions as the WACA in its absolute
             the designated time. Credit card fees will be on charged at 1.5% for
                                                                                                          discretion considers appropriate.
             MasterCard & Visa and 4.5% for American Express.
     2.2 No tickets will be issued until full payment of the Fee is received by the WACA.         7.5 Termination by the WACA pursuant to this clause shall not release the
                                                                                                          Member/Company from liability in respect of any act, omission, negli-
     2.3 In the event of the issued tickets being lost by the Member/Company,
                                                                                                          gence or default which has occurred at or prior to termination.
             these will be replaced by the WACA and subject to an administration fee
             of $30 per time.                                                               8.    CANCELLATION OF EVENT
3.   USE OF THE AREA                                                                              (Event being a scheduled match day, and there is 'No Play' on the day and the
     3.1 The WACA is entitled, without incurring any liability whatsoever, to                     Dennis Lillee Club Hospitality is not utilised)
             remove the Member/Company or any of its guests from the Event and                    8.1 If prior to the Event, the Event is cancelled and not re-scheduled for any
             the WACA Ground for any conduct which the WACA considers in its                              reason whatsoever, the parties shall be relieved from their respective
             absolute discretion to be unsatisfactory.                                                    obligations to each other pursuant to this Agreement in respect of the
     3.3 The Member/Company must pay the WACA's normal charges for bever-                                 Event without any liability whatsoever and the WACA shall return to the
             ages supplied to the area and consumed by the Member/Company.                                Member/Company all sums already paid by the Member/Company in
     3.4 Under no circumstances may food or beverages other than those                                    respect of the Fee, subject to clause 8.2.
             provided by WACA caterers, Delaware North Companies Australia, be                    8.2 Where event cancellation refund applies, the full applicable amount is
             consumed within the premises.                                                                refunded less an administration fee of $25 per person that is booked, per day.
     3.5 The tickets in respect of the Dennis Lillee Club hospitality are sold on the             8.3 Dennis Lillee Club Packages - where the package include rights to the
             conditions that; they are not resold or offered for resale at a premium to                   whole Test Match, a Test Match will be counted as a 4 day match. Where
             the fee paid to the WACA; they are not used for advertising, promotions,                     a day included in the package is cancelled a proportional refund will
             competitions or other commercial purpose without the WACA's prior                            apply using a Test Match to represent 4 days. For clarity, no refund applies
             written authorisation. Any breach of these conditions will entitle the
                                                                                                          where a Test Match result occurs prior to the scheduled 5 day duration.
             WACA to cancel the tickets.
                                                                                                  8.4 Proportional refunds - Subject to clause 8.3, where multiple day book-
                                                                                                          ings are made, refunds will be made in proportion to the number of
     4.1 The WACA shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to property
                                                                                                          event days cancelled compared to the number booked.
             or persons whatsoever (whether caused by negligence or otherwise)
             including, but not limited to, illness, death or injury suffered by the        9.    STAMP DUTY
             Member/Company or by any third party arising from use of the area or                 The Company shall pay all stamp duty (if any) assessed in relation to this Agreement.
             the provision of the Member/Company Benefits.                                  10. GOODS AND SERVICES TAX
     4.2 The Member/Company acknowledges and agrees that it is responsible                        The parties agree and acknowledge that the Fee payable under this Agreement
             for the provision of its own security arrangements during the Event.                 has been calculated on a GST inclusive basis.
5.   DRESS STANDARDS                                                                        11. SAFE GUARD YOUR VALUABLE PRIVILEGES
     Men - Smart casual, long trousers and shirt with a collar as minimum, jeans and              Your Dennis Lillee Club privileges are structured in a manner to enable them
     denim are acceptable. Enclosed shoes, sandals or fashionable leather slip-ons.               to be transferred to others of your choosing on the occasions when you are
     Women - Smart casual dress, skirt or trousers, modest blouse or top, jeans and               unable to attend certain match days. We encourage you to take advantage of
     denim are acceptable. Enclosed shoes, sandals or leather foot-ware.                          that flexibility.
6.   INDEMNITY                                                                                    However that flexibility is not to be confused with the privileges accorded to
     The Member/Company shall indemnify the WACA and keep the WACA indem-                         those of you who also hold a personal WACA Membership where the Member
     nified from and against all actions, claims, demands, notices, losses, damages,              card that is issued to the designated Member has no transportability and can
     costs and expenses of any kind which the WACA becomes liable for in respect                  only be used by the designated WACA Member. Specifically this Member
     of any loss or damage to property of any nature or the death or injury of any
                                                                                                  card cannot be lent to or used by any other person on match days.
     person however or wherever sustained that results from any reckless act, neg-
                                                                                                  The WACA have procedures in place to ensure that those by laws are not
     ligence or default on the part of the Member/Company or any reckless act or
                                                                                                  breached and has mechanisms to penalise identified breaches that include
     negligence of the Member/Company's representatives or guests.
                                                                                                  exclusion from the ground on the day in question and beyond that, the poten-
                                                                                                  tial loss of all Membership privileges.
     7.1 This Agreement may be terminated by the WACA immediately, without
             notice, in the event that the Member/Company fails to pay the Fee in                 These by laws are in place to ensure that the Members enclosure and its facili-
             accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Member/Company                   ties are there for the use of the Members and a Members legitimate guest. (ie.
             shall then be deemed to forfeit any right to the Member/Company Benefits.            the bearer of a valid guest pass) It is only fair and proper that WACA Members
     7.2 In addition to and without prejudice to any of the WACA's other rights                   who have paid their annual subscriptions for match day privileges and ameni-
             or remedies under this Agreement or at law or in equity, the WACA may                ties, deserve in as much as is possible, for them not to be overcrowded and not
             terminate this Agreement immediately, without notice, in the event that              used by ineligible persons.
             the Member/Company fails to pay any part of the Fee in accordance with         Your awareness of the above and your cooperation in adhering to it is appreciated.

                                                                                                                                                                                           WACA 4879

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