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					                                           The Guardian
Vol 1. (no, not the "Temple of")           Stormreach, Eberron, Saturday October 3                                        No. 1

MISS STORMREACH PAGEANT                       You can listen to DDo podcast 134             So now you know the basics.
ANNOUNCED                                     over there at the to      Check back often as we work through
     This morning Morah Ismorah and           hear all of Morah's interviews with a     the pageant. We don't know how it's
Clankenbeard J. Dwarf announced that          bunch o contestants. So far she has       gonna end yet, so any input will be
they would be organizing a beauty             lined up interviews with the following    mushed into the mix and eventually,
pageant for the city of Stormreach.           beauties:                                 something will fly out of the mixing
Morah secured funding from "The                   Amenia Songweaver                     bowl. Now, here's a picture ta keep
Guardian" to bankroll the event. Ugh.             Margurite Dryden                      your interest. I know how primitive
How can reporters write like this?                Cellimas Villuhne                     minds work. No, the picture doesn't
Clanky has got ta be Clanky!                      Arissa Storr                          move! This isn't flippin' Harry Potter!
     Morah started a thread on the local          Eldin the Sorceress                        There! Your first article is written
forums asking the knuckle draggers                The DDO Succubus                      "The Guardian"! Heaven forbid a
what play Dungeons & Dragons Online               Jana the Lost Barmaid                 newspaper should write its own copy.
for their (probably useless) recom-               Inquisiter Lightbringer
mendations. Let's be clear here ya                                                          -Clankenbeard J. Dwarf
trilobites and troglodytes! All pageant       Morah made me build a website on
contestants should be women. This             the wide world web--whatever that
winner will be crowned frickin' MISS          is. So I hired one of those ethereal
Stormreach at the conclusion of the           spiders to spin some kind of Ethernet
event. So no monsters or guys or              connection.       I won't pretend I
player characters if ya know what's           understand it. I just know you can
good for you. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody              go check it out at the location
knows the value of smarting off and ! But of
trying to look hip on the forums more         course ya know that because ya had
than me. But there's a time and place         to go there first to read this! Morah's
and this ain't it!                            audio is on the site too.

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