Argyle Wade
5660 Eichelberger                                                                   Home: (314) 353-1699
St. Louis, MO 63109                                         Work: (314) 393-0718

   Over 11 years of progressively responsible and diverse experiences in a university setting.
   Highly engaged with students and organizations representing a variety of backgrounds and interests.
   Significant experience organizing programs that support freshman and transfer student success.
   Demonstrated success in devising student centered behavioral management approaches.
   Collaborative leader with the ability to bring together university faculty, staff and students with the
    purpose of developing a more robust student experience.
   Fiscally responsible oversight of a budget of more than $3 million dollars.

Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration – ABD- anticipated graduation in summer 2007
Saint Louis University; St. Louis, Missouri

M.S. in Counselor Education- 1995
Emporia State University; Emporia, Kansas

B.A. in Psychology -1993
Truman State University; Kirksville, Missouri

Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri
Director of Housing and Residence Life (February 2004 – present)
 Lead a comprehensive campus housing program serving 3,400 residents and employing approximately
    50 professionals and 200 students.

Director of Housing (July 2001-February 2004)
 Managed assignments, facilities, finances and support staff of 38 professionals and 20 students.

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life (January 2000-June 2001)
 Supervised assignments and physical operations with staff of 32 professional and student employees.

Interim Director of Residence Life (Summer 1998)
 Coordinated department and ensured preparation of staff and facilities in sudden absence of Director.

East Campus Area Coordinator (July 1998 – December 1999)
 Provided leadership for 1,600 resident area overseeing 5 professional and 80 student employees.

Area Coordinator for University Apartments (July 1997 - June 1998)
 Led an area housing 1,000 students and supervised 2 professional, 2 GA and 55 student employees.

Residence Hall Coordinator
 1996-1997 - Managed complex of 860 co-ed residents, 1 GA, and 60 student employees.
 1995-1996 - Managed hall of 260 co-ed residents and 30 student employees.

Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas
Graduate Residence Hall Director (August 1993 - June 1995)
 Oversaw co-ed residence hall of 200 residents and 8 student employees.
                                                                                                  Wade    2
Professional Accomplishments
   Innovative Program Development
       o Fostered unique programs for both freshman and sophomore students that synchronize the
          efforts of multiple departments towards the goal of advancing student’s academic and
          professional pursuits and improving their retention to and engagement with the institution.
       o Initiated and expanded learning community and co-enrollment options for both residential and
          commuter students. Examples of current offerings include: Health Sciences, Biology,
          CLASSIC Leadership, First Class, Engineering, Honors, Business Service Leadership, Careers
          and Majors Exploration.
       o Increased efforts to address diversity and social justice issues through programming teams and
          three unique learning communities: Cross Cultural, MICAH, and Language Houses.
       o Promoted numerous academic initiatives that more closely link students and faculty such as a
          Last Lecture Series, faculty in residence opportunities and at risk student retention programs.
       o Addressing the need for commuter students to feel connected to the campus community via
          creative programs involving campus employment, Learning Communities, expanded access to
          residential facilities, and student engagement.
       o Guide efforts of department in annual presentation of more than 1,200 opportunities for
          students to engage in the acquisition of knowledge, personal reflection and responsibility, cross
          cultural appreciation, leadership, service to others and development of values.
   Leadership
       o Lead departmental team of 50 professionals and 200 student employees responsible for the care
          and development of a campus community of 7,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate students.
       o Create collaborative working relationships across the student affairs division and university.
       o Serve as a member of Vice President for Student Development’s executive planning team.
          Responsible for setting divisional priorities, developing strategic initiatives, and assessing
          outcomes with the intent of providing a seamless learning environment for all students.
       o Establish and maintain effective and responsible working relationships with tact, diplomacy,
          initiative and sound judgment.
       o Managed a 100% growth in campus housing capacity during department tenure.
   Student Engagement
       o Weekly interaction with Student Government Association, Residence Hall Association and
          other student groups.
       o Serve as Chapter Counselor for Missouri Nu Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.
       o Instructor of freshman orientation class for five years.
       o Participated on host team for national (NACURH) and regional (MACURH) residence hall
          student leadership conferences.
       o Advised and trained Hall Councils and Residence Hall Associations.
       o Facilitated transition of student groups during several programmatic changes such as
          implementation of Greek Housing, housing students by classification and implementation of
          Learning Communities.
   Student Behavioral Concerns Management
       o Chair a stakeholder group of departments from across the university who meet weekly to
          discuss students in crisis.
       o Member of conduct board which develops long term care plans for at risk students.
       o Administered all aspects of the university conduct process and enhanced it to be more efficient,
          responsive, and developmental.
       o Facilitate regular updates, referrals and follow-up on at risk students.
                                                                                                  Wade    3
   Financial Oversight
       o Set annual funding priorities for approximately $3.1 million dollars in personnel, programming,
            physical operation, and general expense budgets.
       o Responsible for university revenues of approximately $25 million. Exceeded budgeted revenue
            expectations 4 out of last 5 fiscal years.
       o Negotiate contracts for goods and services such as: furniture, cable television, recycling
            program, laundry service, summer storage program, contract cleaning, closed circuit and second
            run movies, uniforms, housekeeping chemicals and equipment, retail food vendors, student
            newspaper and DVD rental machines.
       o Efficiently administer business duties including: housing contracts, analysis of occupancy
            statistics, determination of housing rates and contract appeals.
       o Established new revenue streams to support programming, personnel, and facility renovations.
       o Improved damage billing and appeal processes to be more fair and efficient. Damage appeals
            dropped by 50% in each of the three consecutive years after implementation.
   Assessment and Improved Efficiency
       o Coordinate a synchronized departmental assessment plan aimed at measuring learning
            outcomes and setting strategies.
       o Initiated the use of the national benchmarked EBI housing assessment survey.
       o Improved service and goal attainment by strategically aligning staffing resources.
       o Streamlined and automated housing assignment and application process.
       o Increased the content, professional look, and usability of the department website.
   Emergency and Crisis Leadership
       o Extensive experience coordinating multi-departmental efforts in a variety of emergencies such
            as: health and counseling issues, student deaths, September 11th, Virginia Tech tragedy, thefts,
            sexual and physical assaults, pipe breaks, electrical outages and severe weather.
       o Represent the division on two university-wide emergency preparation committees and
            coordinate divisional efforts to improve crises preparedness.
       o Engaged with students, staff, faculty, and families during times of campus unrest to work
            toward mutually beneficial solutions.
       o Secured residential facilities in advance of major campus events such as visits by heads of state
            and city wide activities.
   Project Administration
       o Key member of an on-campus housing feasibility study team whose work is influencing
            institutional decisions on capital expenditure planning, financial aid, enrollment planning,
            residency requirements, and new construction options.
       o Significantly improve security in residential facilities via implementation of a security card
            swipe system, hiring professional security guards and increased training.
       o Developing program to pair residential communities with dedicated community service site to
            foster community/campus relationships and provide a deeper reflective experience.
       o Dedicated staff resources to other departments in order to promote divisional goals.
       o Coordinate divisional initiatives such as emergency planning, weekly campus wide advertising
            for divisional events and bringing departments together on purchasing decisions.
       o Managed the housing component of a summer conference program that averaged 5,000 guests.
   Facilities Planning
       o Oversee development of an on-going campus-wide residential facility maintenance and
            refurbishment plan.
       o Initiated long term technology planning for residential facilities in coordination with
            Institutional Technology Services division.
       o Administered opening several residential facilities including a new villa style apartment
            complex housing 500 students.
       o Improved communication and efficiency by establishing on-going weekly meetings with
            Facility Services, Event Services, and Housing and Residence Life supervisors.
       o Restructured Residential Custodial Services area to provide better supervision, training,
            efficiency, and alignment with other facilities operations.
                                                                                              Wade     4
Select Presentations
   Giving Students MORE: A Sophomore Retention Program at Saint Louis University. (June 2007).
    International Assessment and Retention Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.
   Learning Communities and Freshman Interest Groups. (May 2007). Council of Academic Deans,
    Saint Louis University.
   What is Hazing? (February 2007). Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Class, Saint Louis University.
   Looking Forward: A Mid-Year Perspective. (January 2007). Housing and Residence Life staff, Saint
    Louis University.
   Housing Feasibility Study. (December 2006). Student Development committee of the Board of
    Trustees, Saint Louis University.
   Student Affairs in Practice (panel). (December 2006). Organization and Administration of Higher
    Education, College of Public Service, Saint Louis University.
   Campus Controversies (panel). (November 2006). Honors Class, Saint Louis University.
   Recommendations for an Integrated Advising System. (November 2006). Council of Academic
    Deans, Saint Louis University.
   Translating the ACUHO-I EBI Assessment to Dept. Goals: Review and Planning. (September 2006).
    Housing and Residence Life staff, Saint Louis University. (similar presentation given annually 2002-
   Navigating the Campus Political Climate. (July 2006). Housing and Residence Life Professional Staff
    Training, Saint Louis University.
   The Importance of Family to the Fraternity. (April 2006 and 2007). Address at Sigma Phi Epsilon
    Family Weekend, Saint Louis University.
   The Significance of the RA Position (keynote address). (April 2006). St. Louis Area College Housing
    Association RA conference.
   Review of the MORE Program. (February 2006). Student Development committee of the Board of
    Trustees, Saint Louis University.
   MORE: Sophomore Residential Experience. (February 2006). St. Louis Area College Housing
    Association Drive in Conference.
   Working with Parents and Politics. (July 2005). Professional staff training. Saint Louis University.
   Breaking Away: The Transition from High School to College. (April 2005). John F. Kennedy High
   Undergraduate Admissions and Student Orientation presentations and panels. Fifteen times annually
    since 2001, Saint Louis University.

Additional Presentation Topics
   Self-Efficacy
   Group Identity Development
   The RA position as a Resume Builder
   Professional Staff Supervision
   Reality Therapy
   Working with Facility and Custodial Services Staff
   Motivation
   Goal Setting
   Time Management
                                                                                              Wade     5
Teaching, Publications and Research
   Adjunct Instructor, College of Public Service, Saint Louis University
             o University 101: Enhancing Freshman Success, 2001-present
   Wade, A. (in-progress). The Influence of Collegiate Living Environments on Social Self-efficacy.
    Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Saint Louis University
   Wade, A., Aldrich, D., Fanale, S. & Hawley, M. (2007, March). The Language House learning
    community assessment. Institutional report, Saint Louis University.
   Wade, A., Aldrich, D. & Fanale, S. (2007, January). Capstone report on the MORE program: Fall
    2005 – fall 2006. Institutional report, Saint Louis University.
   Sophomore/Junior Task Force of the Undergraduate Initiatives Committee. (2006, November).
    Recommendations for an Integrated Advising System. Institutional report. Saint Louis University
   Wade, A., Porterfield, K., Vieregge, V. (2006, October). Feasibility study of on-campus housing.
    Institutional report, Saint Louis University.
   Freshman Seminar Instructor, Emporia State University, Spring 1995
   Wade, A. (1995). President’s scholarship winners respond to student learning imperative. UMR-
    ACUHO News, Winter, 28(1).
   Wade, E. (1994). The ACUHO-I standards at work. Talking Stick, Feb, 11(5).

Professional Affiliations, Conferences and Committees
   ACUHO-I Living Learning Conference Host Committee, St. Louis, October 2007
   ACPA, ACUHO-I, ACUI, NACA, NASPA and NIRSA Learning Reconsidered Institute, St. Louis,
    MO, June 2007
   National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) International Assessment &
    Retention Conference, St. Louis, MO June 2007
   13th Annual National Conference on Students in Transition, St. Louis, MO, September 2006
   ACUHO-I Benchmarking Committee, 2006-present
   Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators (JASPA) 5 year Conference, New York, June
   UMR-ACUHO Financial Advisory Committee, 2003-2004
   National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) Host Committee, 2002-
    2004, Housing Chair
   Oshkosh Placement Exchange, Minority and Friends Social Co-Sponsor, 2001-present
   American College Personnel Association (ACPA), 1998 – Present
   ACUHO-I National Housing Training Institute, 1998, Class Co-spokesperson
   Heartland II, Conference for mid-western Jesuit Colleges and Universities, 1997
   Mid-west Association of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH) Host Committee, 1996
   St. Louis Area College Housing Association (SLACHA) - 1995-present
   ACHUO-I, Standards and Ethics Committee, 1993 – 1995
   Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I), 1993-present
   UMR-ACUHO, Media & Technology Committee, 1993 - 1998, Chair 1996 – 1997
   Student Personnel Association, Emporia State University,1993 – 1995
   Upper Midwest Region-Association of College and University Housing Officers (UMR-ACUHO),
    1992 – Present

Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO
 University Emergency Communication Committee, 2007
 University Emergency Preparedness Committee- 2007
 University Diversity Exploratory Group, 2007
 International Initiatives Committee, 2006-present
 Campus Kitchen SLU Advisory Board, 2006-present
 University Accommodations Committee, 2006-present
 Sigma Phi Epsilon, Missouri Nu Chapter, 2006-present, Counselor
                                                                                                Wade   6
   Freshman Class Logistical Planning Committee, 2005-present
   Vice President of Student Development Search Committee, 2005-2006
   Banner Student Module Implementation Committee, 2005
   Director of Undergraduate Admissions Search Committee, 2005
   Director of Student Life Search Committee, 2005
   Student Government Association Residential Affairs Committee, 2004-present, Dept Representative
   Undergraduate Initiatives Committee, 2004-present, Co-Chair Soph/Jr Task Force 2005 -present
   Weekend Review Group, 2004-present
   Academic Resource Council, 2001-present
   Emergency Planning Committee, 2001-2002
   Division Wellness Committee, 1998 - 1999
   Free Your Mind Diversity Conference, 1997 & 1998
   Residence Hall Judicial Board, 1995 - 1997, Advisor 1996 - 1997

Saint Louis University, SLU Star award, Summer 2000
Outstanding Staff Member, Division of Student Development, Saint Louis University, Fall 1999
UMR-ACUHO Mid-Level Case Study Competition winner, Fall 1996
UMR-ACUHO President's Scholarship, 1994
National Residence Hall Honorary, Truman State University, 1991 - 1993, President 1992 - 1993
Psi-Chi Psychology Honor Fraternity, Truman State University, 1991 - 1993, Member
Jack Reiske Student Development Award, Truman State University, 1992

Community Service
Make A Difference Day, 2001-present, Saint Louis University
Christmas at SLU, 2001-present, Saint Louis University
St. Patrick’s Homeless Shelter, January 1999 – May 1999, St. Louis, MO
Habitat for Humanity, Spring 1997, St. Louis, MO
Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, September 1996 - February 1997, St. Louis, MO
Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization, 1994, Emporia, KS
Special Olympics Charity Volleyball Tournament, Chair, 1991, 1992, Truman State University

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