Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting Of the Society for Creative by huanglianjiang1


									                   Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
      Of the Society for Creative Anachronism & Society for Creative
                             Anachronism Ltd

                                 Fri December 2008

Attending:    Marg Henley/Margie of Glen More (member),
              Chris Colyer/Kane Greymane (member),
              Chris d/AcquinoAcacia de Navarre (chair),
              Anwyn Davies/Blodeuwedd y Gath (member),
              Joy Walker/Cairistiona (Kingdom Seneschal),
              Dirk Schmitt (Treasurer)

Apologies:    Lorix (member

Meeting opened: 8.07pm
      Item                     Discussions & Actions
1.    Minutes of Previous      Problem accessing Nov minutes.
      Meeting                  Dirk says they are on yahoogroups site.
                               Acacia asked everyone to check them and do them as an out of
                               session item on the list.
2.    Business Arising
         1. New members        Hunydd to be approached as Rowany representative. All
                               agreed to approach Hunydd. Daemon and Gilchrist still to
                               be published in Pegasus. Dirk asked Georgia to publish the
                               names in Pegasus for Damon and Gilchrist.
                               Margie advised that Daemon and Gilchrist accepted
                               membership of this committee at festival past.

                               Kingdom Regnum - can we please make sure everyone has
                               / is advised to send in their details?

      2. New chairperson       Kane offered to take over from acacia as chair. Accepted.
                               Acacia encouraged to stay on as member after she steps
                               down as Chair. Agreed.
         2. Insurance          Equestrian and director insurance .
                               Dirk advised he’ll chase it up tomorrow.
                               an update to be sent to the list
         3. SCAA SCA Ltd              The SA org not wound up yet; won't be until we have
            transition                all current members in the new organisation.
                                      What do we need to do to transition them?
                                      Need new form and bank account actioned
                                      Dirk to look into it

                                      (Discussion unfinished due to problems with being
                                      bounced out of chatroom.)

         4. New membership            Acacia to liaise with Caelia – Registrar.
            forms & registry          Need to talk to Caelia about impact of Vic legislation
                                      on membership forms.

                                There have also been some problems with the
                                database. It is not a good database and seems to be
                                hard to update. It is difficult for both Kingdom
                                Seneschal and group seneschals to access to find
                                out who are group members and who are not

        5. Pegasus       Need to make it clear PAPER pegasus will be an add on
                         from the 1st of May.
                         The Australia Post account that needs actioning... need the
                         Minutes, ie acceptance of the minutes of the last 2
                         meetings; to be posted direct to the email list. Acceptance of
                         these minutes to be done by next Tues on the email list.
                         Acacia agreed to be the co-guarantor for the Australia Post
                         account at some point in the past.

3.   New Business
        1. Memberships           Kane proposed a $25 membership $50 family
                                 membership children under 10 free over 14 full
                                 membership. Pegasus included Paper pegasus $20 extra.
                                 Family is defined as 2 adults who share the same postal

                                 Another suggestion was family, kids under 18 free
                                 unless they authorise as a fighter or wish to become
                                 voting members. That would be $50 family - 2 adults
                                 Kane suggested $5 per event or meeting form non
                                 members to attend to be transferred to SCA Ltd.
                                 Anything that is covered by our insurance should have
                                 the $5 fee. Our insurance covers any hired hall or field.
                                 if the A&S event is held in a rented hall then it does
                                 attract insurance. If it’s an official event or meeting it
                                 attracts $5
                                 Same for fighter training/practice?
                                 We could have a stepped fee....e.g. $2 per A&S/FP.....$5
                                 per day of event
                                 Margie raised the idea of a grace period.

                                 Its about getting people to be members not saying just
                                 pay extra.
                                 Acacia suggested $2 per A&S....they only have to come
                                 to 10 in a year and they would have paid their

                                 Kingdom Seneschal was concerned about adding to the

work of Reeves, Cristoval (Exchequer) has enough
trouble at the moment chasing them up with the kingdom
levy as it is.

A&S and FP (official ones) have to keep a list of
members and non members already; the waivers...so it is
no more paperwork at local level

Acacia said we need to specify that the money comes to
Margie agreed but asked does it have to be the first time
they attend? It can take a few weeks to process
membership. 2 months grace for new members? Joy
suggested we need to give a certain period to enable
people to see if they like the SCA first. Usually if they
turn up 3 times in a row they are pretty hooked. 2
months gives time to try out the SCA, get forms, get
them sent, and get them processed and get your card

'What do we get for our membership'? We need to be
able to have something clear on that to help the 'sell' job
cheaper events

liaison with official bodies such as police
you get to avoid paying $5 a meeting and help keep the
insurance burden down per adult who supports the SCA
maintenance of the legal body
the costs of running websites,

hosting email lists, etc
Point out EXACTLY how much Del etc has paid out of
his own pocket over the years.

Acacia moved standard fee per member - $25 per year
electronic Pegasus; $20 extra for paper pegasus.
Seconded Margie. Agreed.

Acacia moved family membership $50 for two adults
and any kids under 18. Family defined as two adult
sharing the same postal address
(Kane said that means that membership for most people
got cheaper even if they only get one paper pegasus a
couple still saves $20.)
Acacia added unless kids 14 -17 authorise or wish to
become voting members in which case they pay full

Seconded Margie. Agreed.

Acacia moved there will be a grace period of 2 months
for all new members, commencing their attendance at
any official event/FP/A&S. Seconded Margie. Agreed.

Acacia moved that there be a $5 per day cost to non
members...and a $2 per A&S/FP for non members
Margie argued for $5 as long as we have the 2 months
grace period previously agreed to.
(8:06:11 PM) acaciadenavarre: we have agreed to a 2
month grace period
Anwyn proposed to keep it all to $5 - it gets easier to
deal with, and further encourages membership - less
hassles fo r the Reeves, etc
Seconded Margie.

Amended proposal by Acacia: new motion: $5 for non
member per day for event and for each A&S and FP
....this money to be paid by groups to the SCAA
Seconded Margie. Agreed.

Acacia moved that membership is now required for
authorisation and all fighting activities
Seconded Kane.

After some discussion Acacia amended the proposal to
all authorised fighters are required to be members
Seconded Margie. Not voted on.

Descended into a discussion on mundane legislation
particularly in Qld and Vic and the need to have
membership to carry weapons and armour in those

Gwynfor sent through information re current
requirements in Vic.

Dirk to send to Pegasus for publication that there is no
protection for non members under the weapon act in Qld
or Vic. It is at your own risk if you are not a member.

Acacia proposed that all authorised combatants are to be
members, and it is recommended for all non authorised
fighters who may be carrying/transporting or storing
swords or armour or they cannot claim any protection
under the act from SCA
Margie asked for the amendment: all authorised
combatants and those participants who

                          carry/transport/store weapons or armour must be
                          members. Seconded Dirk. Agreed.

                          You only stay authorised if you’re a member? Same as a
                          marshal. Yes, if your membership is not current then
                          neither is your authorisation.

                          Acacia moved the motion is that all these changes are to
                          come into effect on the 1 May 2009. Seconded Margie.

                          What about those people who have their memberships
                          falling due between now and May? And Multiple year

                          People paying before 1 may....how will we transition
                          We could say that all people paying memberships
                          between now and the 1 may get 12 months extra
                          membership so they get bonus extra months 1 – 4.

                          Kane suggested multi memberships should be for 4 years
                          to match authorisation cards; Margie supported this.

                        Acacia suggested 5 years for $100. Margie said there is
                        inflation every year so there is already an inherent
                        discount by paying early.

                        Margie moved a motion that 2, 3 and 4 year memberships
                        be available at the rate of x2, x3 and x4 annual fee.
                        Seconded Dirk. Agreed.

                        Kane to write up these decisions for publishing in

1. Rowany &      Acacia has contacted up with Gui and Cristoval. Rowany has been
   Crossroads.   approached for funds from Crossroads as members
                 =$5,000 they want
                 According to Christoval, individual people became members to
                 represent Rowany from his memory

                 Dirk said he hadn’t delved too deeply into this, but did some
                 digging on the Crossroads site with regards to their structure.
                 Acacia said she could find nothing about any membership in
                 crossroads being ratified by the committee. Dirk agreed. Acacia
                 has asked Gui that no money go from Rowany until this is sorted
                 out. Dirk advised that under the terms of the Co-operative
                 agreement, a Group can sign up, but it's members of a Group
                 whom become members, in other words, it is up to the individuals
                 that nominated. Gui is also going to liaise with past B&B's and

                            crossroads to find any membership forms and who signed them
                            if it was done by a B&B it is not legal...if is done by a Seneschal
                            then we may have problem. If we – the committee - are members
                            then we may be liable for debts of crossroads. Dirk advised we
                            can't be members under the terms of the membership agreement.
                            Check out the Crossroads site and the Group Membership form.
                            Dirk to liaise with Gui and Aeflaed on this.

    2. Postcodes &                  A broad discussion ensued about the use of postcodes,
       boundaries                   and the impact on venues; possible alternatives, people
                                    simply stating the group they belonged to, etc. Adjourned
                                    the discussion until the registrar – Caelia – can join us.
                                    Until then, “boundaries relate to groups not venues”
                                    to be added to stuff to go into Pegasus.
        Festival contract           Rowany wants to sign a contract for the new site (last
                                    year's) for 5 years to 2013, and it is the SCA Ltd that they
                                    want to sign the contract. Lorix got advice from solicitor
                                    father who felt that the SCAA might be exposed
                                    unnecessarily in the existing contract
                                    Acacia suggested we do 2 things...firstly post the
                                    modified contract to Alfar and Gundrun to look at as a
                                    draft and secondly get Dirk to pass this past the broker.
                                    Then we should be able to deal with it through our email
                                    We need to have a valid contract approved this week

Internet proposal           Suggested funding this from a one-off hardware budget and
                            ongoing annual contributions, all split between SCANZ, SCAA
                            and Kingdom on a 1:4:5 basis. That is, Kingdom matches the
                            combined contributions of SCAA and SCANZ in any budget
                            cycle; the SCANZ and SCAA split being roughly population-
                            based and treated on a dollar for dollar basis. The proposed first-
                            year budget, including the one-off hardware cost, is: $NZ250,
                            $1000 and $1250 respectively, totalling $2500.
                            Joy said she thinks we really need to deal with the internet/website
                            issues asap because it has been an awful lot for Del, especially
                            when he is unwell. We are financial enough to be able to have a
                            paid system that will allow for paid upkeep
                            (Margie acknowledged Del’s generous contributions of both time
                            and money.)
                            Concern that here will also be an ongoing cost
                            However, Bartholomew has an alternative suggestion, that the NZ
                            BoD has already given the ok to, so we need to agree for it to go
                            ahead kingdom wide.
                            Full proposal is on

                            1. Raoul's offer
                            Accepting Raoul's offer to administer and host the server at his

employer's (Aerocare's) Sydney site, and providing a budget for
him to buy a replacement server.
Advantages: Represents a continuation of a volunteer-provided
very low cost, reliable service, on hardware owned by Lochac.
Disadvantages: There is a small possibility that the free
bandwidth on offer at Aerocare will at times be exceeded by
demands on the sca.org.au server. If it happens, this can probably
be managed. But, if not, one of the remaining options will need to
be selected, as the costs of buying additional commercial
bandwidth at that location are prohibitive.

2. Raoul's offer, but shifting some bandwidth to William's
sca.org.nz server
What's involved: Hosting the new server with Raoul, but shifting
one or two high-bandwidth activities to Williams' sca.org.nz
server. Conservatively, this could be done by shifting just a few
mailing lists. A more extreme approach would be to ask William
to take on all "sca.org.au" mail services, leaving only the web
services with Lord Raoul. This would definitely solve the
bandwidth issue and would also allow lochac@sca.org.au-style
domain names to be retained, i.e. users wouldn't even notice.
Advantages: Makes it possible to keep the sca.org.au server at
Lord Raoul's site with no significant bandwidth issues. Means
that, even if bandwidth issues arise, we have an option to keep the
replacement machine in Australia, instead of shifting to a US-
based host. This approach is also available as a stop-gap while
considering or implementing a move to a US-based host. (NB: this
approach, and load-balancing in general, would be much easier to
manage if we already had a non-country specific domain, such as
lochac.org or lochac.sca.org in place).
Disadvantages: Administrative work involved in the shift. Higher
administrative and server load for William. Possibly very high if
the "extreme" approach were taken. The conservative option
would result in domain name changes for each affected mailing
list, (e.g. shambles@lochac.org instead of lochac@sca.org.au),
meaning mailing list users would need to learn new list addresses.
The extreme approach breaches the important principle of trying
to spread administrative and hosting load as much as possible
between two or more volunteer providers. Too much will be
loaded on William and his server.

3. Raoul's offer, but shifting some bandwidth to third party
What's involved: Outsourcing some/all email services to
google.com, which offers a free or low-cost service which may
match some or all of our mailing-list needs.
Advantages: Makes it possible to keep the sca.org.au server at
Lord Raoul's site with no significant bandwidth issues. Means
that, even if bandwidth issues arise, we have an option to keep the
replacement machine in Australia, instead of shifting to a US-
based host. Does not create higher administrative and server load
for William, as his server would not be involved. No domain
name changes for mailing list/s and/or email addresses.
Disadvantages: One-off administration work involved in the shift
-- more than for shifting to William's. Some user impact

(downtime during the change, change of mailing list
administration interface, probably new passwords). Some
flexibility and synergies of closely managing our own mailing
lists and software is likely to be lost, e.g. lochac-announce to
lochac@ auto-forwarding, the idea of mirroring/fallover of
mailing lists from sca.org.au to sca.org.nz, possibly also the easily
overlaying and managing the proposed lochac.org domain.
Dependent on third party software and service including any
restrictions, quality issues, costs, advertising, user experience
issues etc. which they may decide to build into their offering at
any time.

4. Buy and host a second-hand server in the US
What's involved: Source a second-hand server in the US with
appropriate specifications (about $700), install it at HREF Inc,
which is Webcentre's (my company's) colocation service provider
(about $300) and pay HREF about $75 a month for the bandwidth
Lochac needs. Annual hosting costs: roughly $1000/year.
Advantages: Good bandwidth on a dedicated machine at a very
reasonable cost in an excellent, well-serviced environment.:
Disadvantages: Involves paying for hosting/bandwidth which we
should try to avoid IF we can. Remote management always
requires more administrator time. It can impose unexpected costs
in the event of hardware failure. The initial hardware purchase and
installation is also harder to manage. Website access for our
populace is slightly slower due to the US location, but this will
hardly be noticeable. There are some conditions attached to the
ISP's offer which means it might require renegotiation if, for
example, their server rack space fills up. While not especially
likely, it is a factor. Effectively, they are providing a non-
commercial rate for this and we will be simply contributing to
their overheads.

5. Buy virtual server space with a US service provider
What's involved: Select a service such as "level three" on offer at
http://www.tektonic.net/unmanaged.html (about $80 a month or
$1000/year). This provides a huge amount of bandwidth on a
virtual machine which should be capable of running everything
sca.org.au needs. If more capacity is needed, more money will
deliver it, relatively easily. Alternate service possibility:
Advantages: From our point of view, limitless bandwidth. No
direct hardware cost, just a monthly fee. Hardware failures are not
an issue and easy "upgrades" are feasible.
Disadvantages: Involves paying for hosting/bandwidth which we
should try to avoid IF we can. Remote setup and management
issues etc. as for (3) above. Website access for our populace is
slightly slower due to the US location, but this will hardly be
noticeable. A virtual server is usually not as good as a dedicated
server. When compared to having a physical server that we know
will be up to the task, we may end up suffering service failures or
having to pay more money for a more capable virtual machine.
Fees escalate rapidly for higher-spec virtual machines. Quality of
support, while good, is unlikely to be as good as the first three


                 We need to as a priority take the load off Del as soon as possible
                 Dirk suggested even if we start at the bottom offer, and then move
                 up the scale as necessary.
                 The proposed first-year budget would be approx $1000.
                 Kane would prefer option 5 if we could afford it.
                 Does someone know Bartholomew’s number? Can we check what
                 NZ have agreed to so we can get a decision tonight for him?
                 Currently 1am in NZ. So, no.
                 Acacia asked if we can we agree that the NZBoD are competent,
                 and we will ratify their decision, maybe?
                 The general feeling of the committee was that we did not have
                 enough IT knowledge to do this without more information.
                 Acacia moved the motion that - we agree to support the SCANZ
                 supported proposal, but further advice required regarding it meets
                 Australian requirements for bandwidth. Specific allocation of
                 money to be decided as an out of session decision on list.
                 Seconded Margie. Agreed.
                 We've allocated a budget of up to $1K per year, and $1K for

Next Meeting                 January 12th 2009

Meeting closed   10.30pm


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