maxx-electronic-key-management by cuiliqing


									The management system for keys
and valuables

proxSafe maxx gives you complete control
proxSafe solves your key problems
Where is the digital camera? Who’s been using the com-       It is important that any management system accurately and
pany car? When was the technician last in the building?      reliably reports when keys are issued and returned. That’s
proxSafe is the intelligent management system for keys and   why the proxSafe designers choose to use a key tag without
objects of value that provides answers to your daily ‘key    any electrical contacts.
questions’ with the help of modern technology.                   The use of a contact-less key tag avoids any problems of
                                                             grease, dirt or contamination affecting the ability to read
• No more lost keys.                                         the key tag. This ensures that there is no doubt or confusion
• No more unauthorized keys being taken.                     over exactly when the keys where taken and returned.
• No more time consuming record keeping.                         The contact-less concept also extends to the users who
                                                             by using a chip based proximity card gain access to the
Manage your keys and objects of value                        system – fast, convenient and secure.
proxSafe provides optimum management for your vehicle
fleet, your cameras, mobile phones and tools. proxSafe       Backed by years of experience
complements your access control system by providing a        Established in 1977 deister electronic is a leading inde-
cost-effective way to expand your security management to     pendent player in the global Radio Frequency Identifica-
doors still secured by conventional lock and key.            tion market. deister electronic specialises in the design,
                                                             manufacture and distribution of products for industry and
Flexible configurations to meet your current and             security utilising today‘s advanced RFID-technologies.
future requirements
Whether you have a few or many keys – proxSafe provi-
des a modular solution that is easily expandable. Each
proxSafe maxx cabinet has 32 key positions, should more
keys be required the system is simply extended by adding
extra cabinets.

The most reliable identification technology
Your keys and valuable objects are securely attached to
a durable electronic key tag by means of an easy to use,
self locking, one time seal. Every key tag has a unique
number that is identified when it is removed and returned
to a cabinet.

                                                             “We were able to use our current proximity
                                                             access control cards and we found it excellent
                                                             value for money.”
                                                                                   A plant engineering company
The proxSafe maxx key cabinet

“The proxSafe gives us more flexibility and            “Great looking and with an
efficiency. There’s none of the fuss with key          integrated proximity reader which
records kept on paper anymore.”                        we could choose to be compatible
                            Municipal administration   with our current access control system“
                            of a major European city                 A household technology manufacturer
                                                                Innovative accessories
The clever terminal                                             The key tag
The terminal stores information about users, keys and access    • Reliable contact-less iden-
rights. It is also the place where a user gains access to         tification by means of RFID
the keys they wish to take. User Identification can be by         transponder technology.
proximity card, PIN number or both should a higher level        • Sealed and water-resistant;
of security be required. A display and menu system provides       guaranteed free from any
a simple yet versatile means to access the system.                corrosion.
   You can either allocate fixed positions for your keys and
valuable objects within each cabinet or return them to a
position of your own choice.                                    The key rings
                                                                • Different sizes and
• Supplied as standard with a proximity card and                  shapes available.
  key tag reader.                                               • Reusable.
• Supports all current credentials including: mifare®,
  LEGIC®, HID®, proxEntry® and many other technologies.
• Multiple language support.
• Can be easily extended with further cabinets and terminals.
• The user is automatically guided to the correct location
  by means of an illuminated proxCylinder.                      The proxCylinder
                                                                • Reliable, contact-less key
                                                                  tag identification.
                                                                • Available as either locking or
                                                                • Integrated illumination to
Quick key return                                                  identify key tag location.
This unique feature has the benefit that users simply pre-
sent the key tag to the reader to return the key without the
need to press any buttons.                                      The one-time seal
                                                                • Fast and easy to secure,
• Prevents delays when returning keys at busy times.              self locking design, no tool
• Improves users acceptance of the system as it is so             required.
  convenient to use.                                            • Optional ‘security numbered’
• Reliable and maintenance free.                                  seals available.

Automatic shutter door
The automatically closing shutter door is also self-locking     User identification
protecting the proxSafe key cabinet against unauthorised        • Using contact-less proximity
access.                                                           cards, PIN code or both.
                                                                • Wide range of card tech-
• Extremely reliable, guaranteed for more than                    nologies available and
  100,000 operations.                                             supported.
• Sensitive obstruction detection – prevents harm
  to hands or equipment.

“I saved money by reducing the need to hire                     “The shutter door saves room in comparison
extra vehicles – now I know exactly who has                     with normal key cabinets. We were also able to
which vehicle.”                                                 integrate the proxSafe system into our in-house
                        Fleet management officer,               administration software.”
                              police headquarters                                    A telecommunications provider
Cost effective management with proxSafe

                                                                                 Restrict access!

                                                                                 Save money with improved
                                                                                 resource management!

                                                                                 More control and accountability!

                                                                                 Save time!

                                                                                 Secure property!

                                                                                 Rapid return on investment!

The command centre
The proxSafe commander is the central control point of the        Full audit trail
whole proxSafe system. All components can be configured           All user activities from all terminals and cabinets are
and controlled via this programme.                                gathered and stored in a central database for evaluation
                                                                  when required.
Easy to setup and use                                               In-depth reports can be produced showing key and user
Initialisation of the system is rather simple. Software wizards   activities; you can filter the information on specific keys, indi-
guide you through the necessary set-up steps. A logically         vidual users, a certain time period or system conditions such
ordered, easy-to-use control interface makes it possible          as keys returned late, an emergency condition and more.
to configure all users, keys and time profiles quickly and
accurately. A few mouse clicks are enough to define access
rights for the objects kept by the key cabinets.
Network friendly
The system can be connected to PC´s, networks (LAN,
WAN, VPN) or even access control systems. The open
„deBUS“ communication protocol allows direct integration
into other systems. The proxSafe commander software also
supports an open database providing another level of
system integration.


Further products from the same family
The modular concept of the proxSafe system means                   a large number of keys within existing key storage rooms
units can be constructed to manage from a single key to            or for special solutions, we offer the proxSafe custom
thousands of keys.                                                 system. proxSafe custom has all the technical specifications
  proxSafe solo is an electronically controlled individual         of proxSafe maxx but can be tailored to specific customer
key safe for use in unsecured areas. For applications where        requirements.

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