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					                      CENTER CHAPEL UMC
                                             “A Welcoming Congregation”
                                      Open Hearts ♥ Open Minds ♥ Open Doors

Pastor LaTonya Calderon                                                                    Joshua Brown, Editor
Church Phone: 515-961-5054                                                                  8120 Highway 92
Home Phone: 515-288-1882                                                                  Indianola, IA 50125

                                                Pastor’s Pen
                                           A Time of Thankfulness

         November is here which means we are coming to the end of another year. As we look back over
  this year there are many things in which to be thankful for both individually and collectively. I am sure
  there have been some low times as well as some high times that you have experienced this year, but thanks
  be to God that he has been with us through it all. We all know that Thanksgiving began as that time of
  year to celebrate the harvest, being thankful for the crops that God has helped us produce. However, I
  believe the harvest is not all inclusive of just crops but rather all the things that we have been blessed with.
  Therefore, it is so fitting that we give thanks for all of the blessings that have come from heaven unto us in
  2007. As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with family, friends, or maybe by yourself, be
  thankful for all that has come your way---Yes! Even the not so good--- for when we are weak He is strong.
         I leave you with this personal testimony: When I look back over my life, and I think things over, I
  can truly say that I’ve been blessed and I’ve got to thank God for it all!

  Loving God heart, soul, mind and strength,
  Pastor LaTonya

                                Please join us for a Celebration Breakfast

                       9:15 AM Sunday November 4th
   The Stewardship Committee applauds your support and will be serving biscuits and gravy.
                                                  Thank You!
DATE             GREETERS & USHERS              LITURGISTS               FELLOWSHIP HOSTS
Nov. 4           Lois Harvey & Evelyn Hill       Don Freeman         Sandy McGraw & Brenda Vinton
Nov. 11            Scott & Vicki Pierson         Herm Lenze            Lucy Vogel & Vicky Hansen
Nov. 18           Dave & Marlys Vinton           Scott Pierson        Harvest Home Potluck Dinner
Nov. 25              John & Betty Betts         Joshua Brown         Carolyn Brown & Rhonda Conner
Dec. 2           Karla & Kristine Labertew      Marge Krumme         Colleen Whitson & Brenda Brown
Dec. 9             Ken & Kathy Murrow           Kevin Hansen           Kathy Spick & Anna Brown
Dec. 16            Chris & Alisa Cashen          Don Freeman          Marge Krumme & Kyla Lenze
Dec. 23            Don & Linda Freeman            Bob Burns               Kay Foy & Kim Burns
Dec. 30            Eric & Brenda Vinton           Kara Burns          Vicki Pierson & Kathy Huffer

                                                             NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS
                                                         Brenda         Thompson            11/4
                    LECTIONARY                           Megan          Whitson             11/4
                                                         Caroline       Johnson             11/6
              November 4, 2007                           Mildred        Amos                11/8
      Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost                Gabriela       Hirsch              11/8
               All Saints Sunday                         Jessica        Babcock            11/13
             Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4                       Greg           Spick              11/15
              Psalm 119:137-144                          Rhea           Gaskins            11/16
          2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12                   Debbie         Belieu             11/17
                 Luke 19:1-10                            Caitlin        Goodsell           11/17
                                                         Savannah       Oakes              11/17
               November 11, 2007
                                                         \Adam          Middleswart        11/18
      Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
                                                         Sam            Lyddon Hatten      11/19
                Haggai 1:15b–2:9
              Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21                       Taylor         Foy                11/20
           2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17                  Matt           Belieu             11/20
                 Luke 20:27-38                           Jack           Cabanis            11/23
                                                         Emma           Giles              11/23
                  November 18, 2007                      Mary           Sherer             11/23
          Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost            June           Wilson             11/23
                     Isaiah 65:17-25                     Rob            Brown              11/24
                Isaiah 12 (or Psalm 118)                 Kiel           Middleswart        11/24
                 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13                  Maryellen      Andersen           11/25
                      Luke 21:5-19                       Kelsey         Whitson            11/26
                 November 25, 2007                       Maxine         Burns              11/27
           Christ the King/Reign of Christ               Cassie         Andersen           11/28
                    Jeremiah 23:1-6
                      Luke 1:68-79                        NOVEMBER ANNIVERSARIES
                  Colossians 1:11-20
                                                         Gary & Linda        Brand         11/13
                     Luke 23:33-43
                                                         Kevin & Delpha      Middleswart   11/16
                                                         Dean & Marjorie     Rodgers       11/23
                                                         Max & Jean          Reynolds      11/27
INTRODUCING OUR CHURCH FAMILIES                                               FUND-RAISING EFFORTS

This month you are meeting the Labertew                            The church has been a busy place. Several have
family. Darrell (parents – Jim & Beverly) grew                     been meeting on Mondays to work on crafts for both
up in the same house in which they are now                         the Smorgasbord and the November Craft Sale. It
living – on Hwy. R57, three miles south of Hwy.                    was necessary to make noodles twice as many of
92. He has two brothers, Dick and David.                           them were sold at Farmers Market during Log Cabin
Darrell graduated from Indianola High School                       Days. There was also a day when 500 ham balls
and attended Iowa State University. He served                      were prepared for the Smorgasbord and jelly was
in the Army as a pharmacist and since then has                     made for the craft tables.
farmed. He enjoys raising cattle.
                                                                   Speaking of jelly, please collect jelly jars – those
Karla’s parents Marvin & Junella DeGoey live                       that contain not much more than a cup. They will be
near Beech where Karla grew up with one                            needed in the future. Also, can use plastic containers
brother, Lyle. She graduated from Pleasantville                    (cottage cheese, cool whip, etc) as many were used
High School and attended DMAAC, learning                           for left-over food at the Smorgasbord.
upholstery. She has worked at Principal, Federal
Reserve Bank, Ten-X, and General Mills.
Currently she helps with the farm in spring,
summer and fall and from January through April                                SMORGASBORD REPORT
works for Jerri Hoover (tax specialist in
Indianola). She enjoys gardening and canning.                       THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!!!
Karla serves Center Chapel as a member of the                      to ALL who helped in any way to made this a
Pastor-Parish Relations Committee.                                 success.
                                                                   And there were many ways:
Darrell and Karla have two children – son Ryan,                    -- giving donations to help pay for food and supplies,
his wife, Christie, and their children, Faith and                  - furnishing delicious food,
Ryan; and Kristine, a junior at Indianola High                     -- decorating the tables (had many nice comments)
School. Kristine plans on going to Iowa State                      -- setting up
University. Karla used to play softball on the                     -- serving food, drinks, clearing tables, etc.
church team until Kristine made the High School                    -- and cleaning up (that is always a big job, but with
Varsity team, so now she goes to watch her.                        the many who stayed to help, it was accomplished in
                                                                   a very short time),

                                                                   We would like to recognize Kirk Kirkegaard who
   SEPTEMBER FINANCIAL SUMMARY                                     furnished all the pork, Marge Krumme who bought
                                                                   the turkey, Ann Kirkegaard who cooked the pork
Total Offerings . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .    $5776.00   and Vicky Hansen who cooked the turkeys.
Average per Sunday . . . .. .. . . . . . . . .           1155.20
Donations to Building Fund . . . . . . . .                320.00   Thank you from The Freeman’s & Eveland’s.
Ice-Cream Supper . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .            1267.00
Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    4287.36   Over 200 people were served.          Ethel Smith,
Farmers Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            367.15   Financial Secretary reported receipts over $2,000.
Smorgasbord donation . . . . . . . . . .                   30.00   Following worship more was received for “left-
Church Use donation . . . . . . . . . . . .                55.00   overs”. Will give a final report on what was cleared
Builders’ Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        50000.00   in next month’s newsletter.
Driveway asphalt donation . . .. . . . .                 1000.00
Upper Room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .             2.00   One final note:    Please pick up any dishes that
Average attendance . . . . . . . . .. . . . .                 73   belong to you.

We are missing one wheel-chair from the church. Would like to trade it for the one that is at the church. The
missing one belongs to John and Betty Betts and they would like to be able to use it when they travel.

                FAMILY NEWS
                                                         Sympathy also to Don and Rosie Babcock. Don’s
Rod and Mary Lou Chittenden recently enjoyed (a all      brother, Robert passed away suddenly on October 11th.
too brief) visit from their son Mark, wife Stephanie,
and twin sons. Brighton & Everett really keep things     Sympathy to Joshua & Anna Brown in the loss of Larry
lively as they turn two at the end of October. The       Jenkins. Larry was an adopted grandfather to them.
family lives in Riodoso, New Mexico where Mark           Prayers are appreciated for Georgia Wisdom’s daughter
works in construction and Stephanie has a pet supply     who continues to battle cancer.
                                                         Prayers would be appreciated for Mary Lou Chittenden’s
Recent visitors at worship were Wyla Loomis, Ellen       sister-in-law in Texas who was recently diagnosed with
Taylor’s sister from Wyoming, Freda Caviness,            Alzheimer’s disease. This would also be George Burns
Charles Amos’ aunt and Cheri Tiedemann’s mother,         and Ilo Evelands cousin.
Rayma Huggins. She even helped out at the
                                                         Prayers for Joshua Brown and family as Joshua under
                                                         goes test after going to the ER for chest pain. Also
                                                         prayers for a quick and full recovery after a car accident
Don and Linda Freeman and Harris and Ilo Eveland
                                                         with a deer.
recently met Don’s aunt and uncle at Pomme de
Terre Lake in Missouri to camp for a few days.           THANK YOU – for the emails, cards, and words of
                                                         kindness and support in the loss of our sister.
                                                                                 Linda Freeman & Thelma Amos

                               SOMETHING ABOUT PASTOR LATONYA

Did you know that Pastor LaTonya has one brother named Kendall who is married to Abby and they have two
children Maxwell & Miles?

                                           THERMOSTAT COVERS

The trustees have put locked covers over the thermostats because too many times the thermostats were
either turned up too high or down too low for an extended time. It is hoped this will help reduce both the
heating and electric bill. If you are using the church and need the thermostats adjusted, please contact one
of the trustees.


If you have not returned your bright orange card of estimated giving for 2008, please do so as soon as

I can support the mission and ministry of Center Chapel United Methodist Church by my
financial gifts.

If you did not receive an orange estimate of giving card and letter in the mail, there are extra copies available at
CCUMC. Please consider returning a completed card in the next few weeks. Information will be kept strictly
confidential and will greatly help the Finance Committee to prepare a budget for 2008. Sincere thanks for those who
have already responded.

The Stewardship Committee thanks each member of the CCUMC community for reflecting and sharing your
thoughts over the last several months. You may continue to respond on cards, which are available at church. You
may also mail, email centerchapelumc@gmail.com, or post a blog entry on the CCUMC website, http://www.gbgm-

You may have heard that CCUMC is a grateful recipient of the Spring 2007 Builders Call, which we have now
received. United Methodist Builders throughout the Iowa Annual Conference respond to a call from the Bishop to
assist in building and revitalizing churches. The Finance Committee together with the Trustees will make a fiscally
responsible recommendation to the Administrative Council as to how the $50,000 Builders Call funds should be used.

In light of the tremendous news of the Builders Call, you are especially encouraged to complete a pink card or
otherwise share your vision for the future of our church.

My vision for the future of Center Chapel United Methodist Church includes…
Since the October newsletter, a number of responses were submitted urging CCUMC to use the Builder’s Call toward
outstanding debt.

                          Please join us for the Harvest Home Dinner
                      Sunday November 18
                                              Following Worship

Please bring a salad, vegetable or desert to share. The nurture committee will
                         supply the meat and drinks.

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