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					                  The Giver by Lois Lowry – Vocabulary Cloze Story
                                Chapters 21, 22, 23

Cloze Activity – Choose 20 of the vocabulary words listed below and create a cloze story. A
cloze story has a blank for each vocabulary word, and the surrounding words are context clues
that clearly indicate which word belongs in each blank. You may change the form of the word as
necessary. Include an answer key on a separate sheet of paper with your cloze story.

Chapter 21:
1. stealthily – secretly; to avoid notice
2. frazzled – emotionally worn out; exhausted
3. condemned – pronounced or proved guilty
4. languid – not having energy or spirit
5. hypnotically – causing sleepiness
6. augmented – added to or made greater in amount, number, or strength
7. taut – pulled tight
8. foliage – leaves
9. vigilant – watchful; alert to danger
10. haphazard – not carefully planned; irregular; random

Chapter 22:
11. perils – dangers
12. wincing – to draw back involuntarily due to pain; flinch
13. gullies – trenches created by running water
14. exquisite – flawlessly beautiful
15. relentless – persistent; refusing to give up or let go
16. tantalizing – desirable but out of reach; tempting
17. lush – succulent; tender and juicy
18. yearned – to have a strong desire for

Chapter 23:
19. loomed – to come into view as a large, indistinct image or sight
20. imperceptibly – so subtle, slight or gradual that it is barely noticed
21. trudged – to walk steadily but with difficulty
22. lethargy - state of being drowsy, sluggish
23. resignation – accepting something without resistance
24. impeded – to slow down progress due to an obstacle
25. summit – the highest point of a hill; the peak
26. incision – to cut/carve into a surface

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