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									          The Giver WebQuest
                               A WebQuest for 6th grade ELA

                                      Ms. Macdonald
                                      Mrs. Scheibel


              Introduction| Task| Worksheet| Process| Credits | Conclusion

       When students read The Giver, they are often amazed and frustrated by the lack
of choices the members of the community have. Just as startling is the state of ignorance
in which Jonas and the other community members live. The community in The Giver
was created as a utopian society; however, things went very wrong in this "perfect
world." Now it is your turn to learn about utopia’s and create your own!

The Task
         The year is 3010.You and your team members have been given the opportunity to
start a new society on a deserted island that is fully equipped with all needed amenities
and modern technology. The island is not owned or under the influence of any nation. It
is the responsibility of your group to inhabit the island in any manner that you choose. By
completing the following assignments and working cooperatively, your group will build
the Perfect Society.

Click HERE to access the worksheet. Follow the five steps below and fill in PARTS
ONE-FIVE on your worksheet. When you finish the worksheet, SAVE to the Common
Drive and I will print it for you. Even though you are working as a team, you should ALL
complete a worksheet to pass in.

The Process
Step One: What is a Utopia?
        Use the following web sites to research the concept of "utopia." The second web
site has lots of detailed information on utopia. Read some of the information provided
and decide as a group what utopia means. Fill in PART ONE on your Utopia worksheet:
Come up with a definition of utopia and tell what utopia means to you.

                          Dictionary Definition of Utopia

                                 Definition of utopia

Utopian Philosophy - how to achieve it, merging reality and utopia and
                  views of what utopia may be like

Song Lyrics: Read the following song lyrics by John Lennon and think about them in
relation to UTOPIA. Use Lennon’s idea of Utopia to help you in creating your own. You
may agree or disagree with his ideal of a “perfect world”.

“Imagine” song lyrics by John Lennon

Step 2: Aspects of your society
       Now that you know what a utopia is, think about the type of utopian society YOU
would create if it was up to you. On your worksheet, fill in PART TWO: Write a
paragraph that describes your utopia in as much detail as possible. Include information
about each of the following:

                  Plant and animal life
                  Climatic and geographical features
                   Family units and child rearing responsibilities
                   Energy sources
                   Distribution of property and wealth
                   Inter Community relations
                   The Media
                   How the elderly are taken care of
                   What are some qualities of your government or leader?

Step 3: Illustrate your utopia.
Now that you understand what a utopia is, and you have thought about what aspects your
utopian society will have, draw a picture in the space provided of our utopia. Make sure
you add color! Before you start to draw, check out these images of utopian examples!
~ Utopian/Dystopian Characteristics ~

Step 4: Define “Dystopia”
        Now that you have thought about and designed your utopia, click on the link and
read about utopia’s opposite: dystopia! Write a definition for “dystopia” in PART FOUR
of your worksheet. Then, answer the question: Can a true utopia really exist, or is it just
in the imagination? Click here for another definition of dystopia.

Step 5: Lois Lowry
         Visit the homepage of Lois Lowry and read the biographical information. Answer
the first three questions in PART FIVE of your worksheet. Next, click on the link titled
“Books” and scroll down until you find the TRILOGY that begins with The Giver. Read
about The Giver and the other two books in the trilogy. Answer the fourth question on
your worksheet. Finally, click on the link titled Speeches and scroll down to read
Lowry’s Newbery Medal Acceptance Speech that she won for writing The Giver and
answer the rest of the questions in PART FIVE of your worksheet.

       Make sure you have completed all five parts of your worksheet as completely and
carefully as possible. Be prepared to share your utopian society with the rest of the class.

Credits & References
              Debbie Keller’s WebQuest “Create Your Own Utopia”
              Lois Lowry’s The Giver will be read by the students
              Adapted from “The Giver”, a Webquest by Colleen Spring.

                            Based on a template from The WebQuest Page

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