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									Sample Contribution Letter

January 15, 2011


School Facilities Planning Division

California Department of Education

1430 N Street, Suite 1201

Sacramento CA 95814

Dear Review Board:

It is my understanding that the Advanced Vehicle Technology Academy in the Los
Angeles Unified School District is applying for the Qualified Zone Academy Bond
(QZAB) Program.

The Bank of America (BOA) is pleased to have a strong partnership with the district
and will support the academy/district with the following estimated contributions:

  1. Equipment - personal computers, scanners, chairs, tables, etc. for use in the

  2. Personal computers - valued at $19,000
 Scanners - valued at
 Software - valued at $12,800
 Chairs - valued at $4,000
 Tables -
       valued at $13,700
 Workbenches - valued at $4,000
 Total value per year
  3. Technical assistance for the Academy program

      Total value per year of vocational advisory committee $3,200
  4. Services of employees as volunteer mentors - mentoring including career
       counseling, career day, job shadow, and school tours

      Mentor program - 12 hours times $27.50 per hour - total of $330

      Career day - 11 hours times $34.00 per hour - total $374

      Job shadow - 42 hours times $36.50 per hour - total $1,533

      School tours - total $4,000

      Total value per year $6,237

The LA Unified School District is working to offer a premier educational system to
our children. The Bank of Amaerica is pleased to support the district's efforts with
the above estimated contributions.


John Smith

President and Chief Executive Officer

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