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									                              March 13th, 2011                                       SCHEDULE OF MASSES:
              FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT
                                                                                     Weekend         Saturday, 5PM (anticipated)
                                                                                                     Sunday, 9AM and 11AM

                                                                                     Weekdays        Monday, 9AM
                                                                                                     Tuesday, 5PM
                                                                                                     Wednesday to Saturday, 9AM
                                                                                                     First Friday, 9AM & 7PM

                                                                                     First Friday: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 9:30AM
                                                                                     to 7PM, with Novena & Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 6:30PM and
  32550 Seventh Avenue                                                               Benediction at 6:50PM. Holy Mass at 7PM.
  Mission, B.C. V2V 2B9
                                                                                     All other Fridays: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from
                                                                                     9:30AM to 7PM, with Novena & Chaplet of Divine Mercy at
  Rev. Alessandro Lovato, Pastor            Linda Christensen, Secretary
                                                                                     6:30PM and Benediction at 6:50PM.
  Phone: 604.826.2452, 604.755.4498         Phone: 604.826.2452
  Fax:     604.755.4507                     Fax:     604.755.4507
                                                                                     Rite of Reconciliation: Saturday, 9:30AM to 10:15AM and
  e-mail:               website:
                                                                                     4:00PM to 4:45PM; 15 minutes prior to weekday Masses; other
                                                                                     times on request.
           Parish Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM–Noon & 1PM–5PM
               PARISH ORGANIZATIONS AND LEADERS                                      Baptisms: As arranged with the Pastor. As preparation for
                                                                                     baptism, parents and godparents must attend baptism
WORSHIP:                                                                             instruction. For the next session, please contact the Pastor by
Altar Servers                         James Winterhoff               (604)820.9766   phoning the parish office 604.826.2452.
Church Flowers                        Iola Mannella                  (604)826.6419
Extraordinary Min. of Holy Comm.      Jamie Meskas                   (604)820.1128
                                                                                     Marriages: Contact the Pastor at least six months before
Music Ministry: 5PM CHOIR             Nick Cornelio                  (604)820.4226
                   9AM CHOIR          Peter de Jong                  (604)853.8334   setting the date for marriage.
                  11AM CHOIR          Maria Dubé                     (604)820.8137
Lectors                               Jamie Meskas                   (604)820.1128   Funerals, Anointing of the Sick, Communion for shut-ins and
Liturgy of the Word with Children     Nadia Dohan   (604)820.4202   elderly, house blessings, etc., contact the Pastor any time.
New Beginnings Prayer Group           Eileen Roberts                 (604)826.8105
Parish Sacristan                      Frank Teindl                   (604)826.9504   Parish Religious Education Program (PREP): This is a
Spirituality & Liturgy Committee                                                     program for children attending non-Catholic schools.
Ushers                                                                               Religion classes are offered on Tuesdays from 6:15PM
Visits & Services to Care Homes       Kathleen/Jack Ethier           (604)826.1205
                                                                                     to 7:45PM for Kindergarten to Grade 7. To enrol your children,
WITNESS:                                                                             contact PREP Coordinator at 604.826.2452 or e-mail
Bible Study                           Ron MacFarlane                 (604)820.4524
Catholic Women’s League               Debbie Cloutier                (604)826.2292
Development & Peace                   Ann Macdonell                  (604)826.7233   New Beginnings Prayer Group: Every Monday (except
Grotto Activities                     Jack Ethier                    (604)826.1205   statutory holidays) 7:30PM-9PM. Contact Eileen Roberts at
Knights of Columbus                   Blake Lindgren                 (604)820.7476   604.826.8105. For Prayer Requests to be placed on our Prayer
Legion of Mary                        Molly Niblack                  (604)820.8366
Natural Family Planning
                                                                                     Chain, contact Judi Holt 604.755.4469 or email
Pro-Life                              Bill Girard                    (604)826.5887
Religious Education (PREP)            Nanette Perra                  (604)826.2452
St. John Brebeuf High School          Dana Lindl                     (604)820.9259   Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): This is a
                                      Christy Wong                   (604)853.4662   process for initiating non-Catholic adults who desire to join the
Catholic Elementary Schools           Christine Nehring              (604)826.7887   Catholic Church. Catholics who wish to deepen their faith may
St. Joseph’s Pre-School                                              (604)826.8801   also join. Sessions are held every Wednesday from 7PM to
The Catechumenate (RCIA)              Ron MacFarlane                 (604)820.4524
                                                                                     8.30PM from September to April. For more information, please
SERVICE:                                                                             contact the Pastor.
Coffee Sunday                         Aldora Bettencourt             (604)826.1722
Food Bank                             Food Bank Pager                (604)556.2632   Choir Practices:
Finance Council                       Peter Mackay                   (604)820.3650   5PM Mass Choir:      Every Saturday at 3:30PM.
Fundraising                                                                          9AM Mass Choir:      Every Wednesday at 8:00PM.
Funeral Receptions                    Sigrid Lefebvre                (604)826.4274   11AM Mass Choir:     Thursdays at 10AM - Call Maria to confirm
Maintenance                           Gerry Poulin                   (604)853.6398
Pastoral Council                      J. Cully Poston                (604)820.7100
Project Advance                       Bill Girard                    (604)826.5887
                                                                                     Knights of Columbus: 3rd Thursday of the month, 7PM.
Security                              Parish Office                  (604)826.2452
Sunday Collection Counters            Miep Schalkx                   (604)826.9049   CWL: 1st Thursday of the month, 7PM.
Youth Ministry
                                                                                     Legion of Mary: every Wednesday at 10AM.

                                   Welcome to all new parishioners! Please be sure to register.
                                Farewell to those leaving the parish. Please be sure to let us know.
                                           READERS                               EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION
Mar. 19       5pm       Logan Velestuk, Bill Girard                    Eileen Roberts, T.J. Lee
Mar. 20       9am       Anita Quinn, Jamie Meskas                      Mark Gervais, Val Gervais, Wendy Neigel, Blake Lindgren, Debbie Cloutier
Mar. 20       11am      Juliette Robertson, Kathleen Ethier            Aida Evangelista, Shaleen Lochbaum, Molly Niblack, Ron MacFarlane,
                                                                       Anne Marie MacFarlane

                        The Word in Liturgy                                      has entered our history of sin and changed it. Matthew's
                                                                                 account of the temptations of Jesus in the desert displays his
The season of Lent begins with readings that unfold the drama of                 characteristic interest in Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus
primordial sin, grace, and divine election. Today's first reading from           epitomizes God's revelation through the chosen people of the
the second chapter of Genesis, detailing the temptation by the                   Old Testament and completes it in his own person. Each of
serpent of the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden, is the                 the temptations which Jesus undergoes in the desert is parallel
story which is known classically as “the Fall.” To contextualize the             to a temptation suffered by the chosen people during the
passage, a few lines concerning creation are included (vv. 7-9). The             wandering in the wilderness after the Exodus. Although they
first human being created is brought to life by God's breath, showing            are several – hunger, testing God, idolatry – all may be seen
the absolute dependence of the creature on the Creator. Without                  as manifestations of the sin described in the first reading, for
God's breath, the first human is no more than inert matter. The                  they all describe ways that the Messiah might be tempted to
setting of the garden, coming from the hand of God, is one of beauty             exalt himself rather than to walk the path of obedience to God.
and nourishment for the human creature. Yet, through the cunning                 The responses that Jesus makes to the devil are taken from
of the serpent, the woman and man are led to disobey God's                       the Book of Deuteronomy, which is the charter document of
command and eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of              the Mosaic covenant. They underline key features of the faith
good and evil. The result of their transgression is an immediate                 of the chosen people, perfectly, exemplified in Jesus: complete
realization of shame. Its long-range consequence is alienation from              reliance on God's word, total humility before God, and single-
God.                                                                             hearted worship. The newly baptized Jesus, by choosing this
                                                                                 path, rejects “the glamour of evil,” and reveals the mercy of
By omitting the subsequent passages where, by God's judgment, the                God.
first man and woman are also evicted from the garden and bear as a                                            Foundations of Faith Catechist Manual Year A
curse all the hardships of human life, the reading focuses more
narrowly on sin itself. It is not a sexual sin, but a sin of presumption         ST. JOHN BREBEUF REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL
– of wanting to be “like God,” as the serpent describes it. Although a           Reminder to Parish families to return completed registration
single creature personifies the temptation to sin, various aspects of            packages for St. John Brebeuf High School on the following
the goods of creation are enlisted to support the temptation: the                date:
attractiveness of the fruit itself, the offer of the fruit to one person           Day:        Date:         Time:           Location:
from another. The sin itself is simple. Part of the subtlety of the              Tuesday     March 15th 8:30am – 7pm St. John Brebeuf
story lies in how little horror the action itself inspires. Yet the mythic
nature of the story assigns to this one action a universal significance:         Register early and take advantage of our early bird savings.
the beginning of human rejection of God in favour of self. And it is             Pay only $50 for the registration fee for each student in your
this very act that unleashes all the evils of suffering and death upon           family if you register by March 15th. Registrations submitted
the world.                                                                       after March 15th will be subject to the regular $100 registration
                                                                                 fee. If you have any questions, please contact the office at St.
The penitential psalm, Psalm 51, is attributed to David after he                 John Brebeuf before submitting your forms. The final deadline
repented of his adulterous and murderous acquisition of Bathsheba                to guarantee a seat for the 2011-2012 school year is March 31.
as his wife. The psalm displays full consciousness both of the depth             Late registrations will be accepted only if space is available.
of sin, and the power of the compassion of God to redeem from sin
those who have fallen.                                                           Forgot to fill out an application?
                                                                                 If you were planning to apply to St. John Brebeuf High School
Paul's letter to the Romans draws our attention to the universal                 but haven't yet done so, we are still accepting applications.
consequences of the sin which is described in the first reading. Sin             Please submit your application immediately as they are
is pervasive. It exists even where there is no law to convict us of it.          handled on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are
Paul goes on, however, to announce that the redemption won by                    available at the office at St. John Brebeuf High School, 2747
Christ has the power to completely acquit the human race from all its            Townline Road, Abbotsford, at parish offices, St. James & St.
sin. His comparison of Christ to Adam (better drawn, though more                 Ann's Elementary School, as well as on the SJB website,
complicated, in the long form of the reading) accentuates the          
overflowing mercy of God in Christ. In today's liturgy, Paul's
passage is pivotal.                                                              NEXT WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: April
                                                                                 29 – May 1. Contact Steve & Mary.
Against this backdrop, then, the gospel story illuminates how God      
                                                                         SATURDAY 5PM CHOIR
                                                                         The Saturday 5pm Choir is desperately in need of someone who
Mon.     March     14   9AM      Myrna Tetreaut+
                                                                         plays a musical instrument. If you can help out, please come to the
Tues.    March     15   5PM      Michael McGarvey+
                                                                         next practice. Practice is normally on Saturday at 3:30pm.
Wed.     March     16   9AM      Patricia Papadachi+
Thurs.   March     17   9AM      Dieter Pempe+
Fri.     March     18   9AM      Vincent & Willie de Jong                DON'T FORGET OUR SHUT-INS
Sat.     March     19   9AM      Intention of Fr. Alessandro             Today, Sunday, March 13th, St. Joseph's is responsible for
                                                                         providing the Prayer Service at Pleasant View (1:45pm) and the
SUNDAY, MARCH 20TH, 2011                                                 Hospital Chapel (3pm). Please join Jack & Kathleen Ethier in this
SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT                                                    community outreach.
Sat.     March 19 5PM            John Duplica+
Sun.     March 20 9AM            Joyce Blowers+                          INFORMATION MEETINGS ON PERMANENT DIACONATE
Sun.     March 20 11AM           Parishioners                            Archbishop J. Michael Miller and Monsignor Gregory Smith will be
                                                                         conducting information meetings on the Permanent Diaconate
                                                                         Tuesday, March 15th, 7:30pm at St. Helen's Parish, 3860 Triumph
PLEASE PRAY FOR all our parishioners who are ill, at home,               Street, Burnaby and on Saturday, April 2nd at St. Andrew Kim
or in the hospital, and in particular: Bob Curley, Jan Campbell,         Parish, 10222 – 161st Street, Surrey.
Riet de Jong, Monique Denvir, Margaret Dillman, Roger
Ducharme, Lois Duperon, Anita Evangelista, Marion Haughian,
                                                                         ST. JOSEPH – Mass – Potluck Dinner
Joan Hovorka, Johnny Kokoska, Maria Maocheia, Henry Merz,
                                                                         The Mass for the Solemnity of St. Joseph will be celebrated at
Suzanne Murch, Zachary Restiaux, and Sidney Marie Stadnick (7-
                                                                         the 9am Mass on Saturday, March 19th. Parishioners are
year old granddaughter of Mark & Val Gervais).
                                                                         encouraged to attend this morning Mass in honour of our patron.
                                                                         The social gathering in honour of St. Joseph will be a potluck
SECOND COLLECTION – ST. JOSEPH'S SOCIETY                                 dinner following the 5pm Mass on March 19th.
This is the annual Archdiocesan collection for retired or ill priests.
At present there are 17 priests on full retirement, 13 on partial        Called & Gifted Workshop
retirement (still working or semi-retired) and 1 on sick benefits for    Discern your God-given spiritual gifts! Discern your call! Workshop
total benefits of over $314,000. With 30 receiving benefits, the         offered by professional presenters from the Catherine of Sienna
Society needs all the help it can get. These priests have                Institute on Friday, March 25, 7:30pm – 9:30pm and Saturday,
dedicated their lives to the service of the Church in the                March 26, 9:30am – 4:00pm, simultaneously at St. Joseph's
Archdiocese of Vancouver, let us not abandon them but be                 Parish, Mission and St. Patrick's Parish, Vancouver. Materials, all
generous in our support of them in their time of need.                   coffee breaks and lunch on Saturday included in the cost of $49.00.
                                                                         Register now to avoid disappointment! For more information: call
ST. JOSEPH'S FOOD BANK                                                   the      Stewardship      Office    at     604.683.0281      or  visit
There will be no Lenten Store this year. Instead, parishioners are Register online or through
invited to practice almsgiving by purchasing the $2 coupons when         your parish. If you are interested in taking the workshop but the
they shop at Real Canadian Superstore, Safeway or Save-on-               cost is prohibitive, please contact Father Alessandro to discuss the
Foods. When you are at the cash register simply rip off a $2             possibility of a parish subsidy to assist you so you can attend.
coupon and hand it to the cashier who will then add $2 on to your
bill. These coupons have been a tremendous help to St. Joseph's          PARISH MISSION IN AGASSIZ
Food Bank.                                                               Fr. Gabriel de Chadarevian, O.P., chaplain to Redeemer Pacific
                                                                         College, Langley, will conduct a Parish Mission at St. Anthony of
ST. JOSEPH'S CWL BURSARY                                                 Padua Parish, 7237 Morrow Road, Agassiz, from Thursday, March
Applications are now being accepted for St. Joseph's Marion              31st to Sunday, April 3rd. The schedule will be: Thurs. Mar. 31
Haughian Bursary for a son or daughter of a parishioner and for          7pm, Fri. Apr. 1 9am and 7pm, Sat. Apr. 2 9am and 7pm, Sun. Apr.
the CWL Annual Arts & Culture Award. Criteria and application            3 9am, 11am and 7pm.
forms are available at the Parish office. If you have any questions
contact the Education Chairperson, Margaret Browne at                                            COMING EVENTS
604.826.5982. DEADLINE: APRIL 15, 2011.                                  Tuesday      March 15 6:15pm PREP Adoration 6:15-7:30pm
                                                                         Wednesday    March 16 10:00am Legion of Mary
VANCOUVER ARCHDIOCESAN BURSARY                                           Thursday     March 17 7:00pm K of C meeting
AND CWL NATIONAL BURSARIES                                               Friday       March 18 Day of Adoration
Applications for CWL National and Diocesan Bursaries for children                            9:00am Mass. Adoration begins after Mass.
of CWL members and the Provincial Molly Boucher Bursary for                                 6:30pm Divine Mercy chaplet followed by
members of the CWL are now being accepted. Criteria and                                             Benediction.
application forms available at the Parish office.            ALL         Friday       March 18 7:00pm Stations of the Cross
APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 31, 2011.                         Saturday     March 19 after 5pm Mass Potluck dinner
                        IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF VANCOUVER
What temptations lure us from the path of discipleship?
                                                                                A Day of Conversation on Religious Life
Possessions, pride, power? So much in our consumer society                      A conversation on the call to religious life, prayer, community
tempts us. The beauty of stewardship, as a way of life, is that it              life, mission and ministry will take place on Saturday, April
enables the Christian steward to resist the temptations of excessive            2nd, 9am to 4pm at the Immaculate Heart Early Childhood
consumerism and materialism. Not that these in and of themselves                Education Centre, 789 Alderson Avenue, Coquitlam. Lunch
                                                                                provided. Donations gratefully accepted. To register or for
are bad. They are bad only when they get in the way of our
discipleship. Stewardship enables us to discern between needs and               more information: Sister Marie-vie:;
wants and thus brings a measure of balance to our lives. This                   604.874.9371; Sister Veronica:; 604.936.3455.
Lenten season let us pray that we may live responsibly and possess
sensibly.                                                                       Do you want to be made well?
         Stewardship Office, The Archdiocese of Winnipeg,   A Lenten Retreat with Sister Cecilia Hudec SC Ma – What
                                                                                helps us to see that the mountain is still worth climbing even
One-Day Retreat for Lent                                                        when pain and suffering and the seemingly unattainable is
At St. James Parish, Abbotsford on March 19th, from 9am to                      before us? These questions will be explored during this retreat
5pm. The retreat will be preached by Jake Khym. The retreat is                  to be held on Saturday, April 2nd, 9:30am to 4pm at
free. Bring a bag lunch. Snacks will be provided. All are welcome.              Rosemary Heights Retreat Centre, 3690 – 152 Street,
                                                                                Surrey. Cost $68 includes lunch. To register and for more
Paddy & Joe Festival, March 19th St. Ann's Parish Centre                        information: call 250.380.9786; email
Doors open 6pm, Dinner at 7pm. Tickets $25 per person. Dinner
prepared by the Dutchman Caterers. Celtic Dancers. Live Music by                How to Pray for Your Loved Ones
S-Bahn. Please call St. Ann's Parish office 604.852.5602 to reserve             Have your loved ones stopped practicing the faith? Do they no
your tickets and/or to reserve a table for 6-9 people.                          longer believe in God? Then this seminar by Vernon
                                                                                Robertson is for you. Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Burnaby on
Retreat with Remi De Roo                                                        Saturday, April 9th 9:45am to 4pm. To pre-register and for
Bishop Emeritus Remi De Roo will be giving St. Ignatius of Antioch              free manual (for participants) email:;
parish a retreat from March 21 to March 25 from 7pm to 9pm at St.               phone 604.460.0114.
Mark's College chapel, 5935 Iona Drive, Vancouver. He is an
excellent speaker and will have much to share with all of us. The               Introduction to the Theology of the Body
theme of his retreat will be “Lent: A Journey to Easter and                     Open to all adults ages 18 and up at St. Ann's Parish Centre,
Pentecost.” All are welcome. Advance registration: Thu Nguyen at                33333 Mayfair Avenue, Abbotsford. Friday, April 29 6:30pm
604.822.4463 or                                           to 9:30pm, Saturday, April 30 10am to 1pm, Friday, May 13
                                                                                6:30pm to 9:30pm, Saturday, May 14 10am to 1pm.
A Lecture by Dr. John J. Stapleton                                              Christopher West on DVD. Facilitated by John Khym. Cost
Canadian Catholic Higher Education and the New Evangelization –                 $30 each (includes workbook).        To register, call Gemma
a lecture by Dr. John J. Stapleton is presented by the Archdiocese              604.852.5602. email:
of Vancouver in partnership with St. Mark's College and Corpus
Christi College. Dr. Stapleton is the Principal pro tem of St. Mark's           Catholic Engaged Encounter
College and President of Corpus Christi College. Wednesday,                     Engaged Encounter weekend is fully recognized and approved
March 23rd, 7:30pm-9:00pm at Vancouver College's Kucher Center                  as an equivalent to the Archdiocesan Marriage Preparation
for Performing Arts, 5400 Cartier Street. Contact: Florence                     Program and meets all the requirements set out by the
604.822.6862 (x 199) or email:                           Archdiocese of Vancouver. The weekend dates are: April 15-
                                                                                17, July 16-17, and October 14-16. Call 604.534.7187 or e-
Enhance your Prayer Time                                                        mail
Facilitated by author Diane C. Doyle, the Lent Mini Retreat will focus
on how you can enhance your prayer time in 5 simple steps using                 Are You or Someone You Know Thinking About
journaling techniques. Cost: $29 includes sketchajournal and                    Separation or Divorce? Do you know how to save the
refreshments. Friday, March 25th, 7pm to 9:30pm at St. Peter's                  marriage? Or do you feel helpless? Retrouvaille is a highly
Parish, 330 Royal Avenue, New Westminster. Pre-register by                      successful program designed to help even deeply troubled
phoning 604.880.7394 or visit                            marriages regain their health, even bringing reconciliation to
                                                                                couples who have already separated or divorced. It helps
Take a course with the Archbishop                                               revive the love, commitment and trust that has eroded over the
A one-day course, "A New Mission for a New Millenium", Saturday,                years. For confidential information or to register for the
April 9th, 9am to 4pm at St. Mark's College, 5935 Iona Drive,                   program beginning the weekend of April 8 – 10, call
Vancouver.      To register:                  604.530.6710, email or
604.822.4463.                                                                   visit

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