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									                              COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA
                            STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION

                               ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
                              General Development Initiative, Inc.,
                          A VIRGINIA NONSTOCK CORPORATION

    Under Virginia state law, the undersigned persons hereby adopt the following articles of
                  incorporation for the General Development Initiative, Inc.:

                                       Article I- Name
              The name of the corporation is General Development Initiative, Inc.

            Article II-Principle Registered Office and Principle Registered Agent
 The name of the corporation’s initial registered agent is Mr. James Casey. The initial registered
  agent is an individual who is a resident of Virginia and an initial director of the corporation.

                 The corporation’s initial registered office address is as follows:
                                 Washington & Lee University
                                     204 W. Washington St.
                   Commons 3rd Floor, Attn: General Development Initiative
                                      Lexington, VA 24450

                                 Article III- Purpose and Powers
The General Development Initiative, Inc. is organized for the exclusive purposes of (1) providing
   students with experiential education, and (2) international community development through
 enabling economic self-empowerment, within the meaning of Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal
   Revenue Code. No proceeds are to be allocated for individual-member enrichment with the
  exception of reasonable compensation being paid for services to the Corporation. The General
   Development Initiative, Inc. is not to endorse or partake in any form of political campaign or
lobbying. It shall not be operated for the primary purpose of engaging in business for profit. The
    Corporation shall have all powers granted under Va. Code Ann. § 13.1-826 and any other
                                          applicable statute.

                                     Article IV-Limitations
 At all times, the proceeding shall operate as restrictions and limitations upon the powers of the

   1. No part of the net earnings of the General Development Initiative, Inc. shall benefit any
      private individual. The General Development Initiative, Inc. is authorized to provide
      individuals with due compensation for services rendered and to make payments for the
      furtherance of the purposes as outlined in Article III.
   2. The General Development Initiative, Inc. shall never engage in any activities which
      might jeopardize its nonstock corporate status under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal
      Revenue Code.
                Article V- Incorporators and Principle Board of Directors
The General Development Initiative, Inc. is to be incorporated by the following individuals:

       Name                                                   Address
Mr. James Casey, PhD.                          217 Catalpa Place, Lexington, VA 24450
Mr. Jarrett Brotzman.                          101 N. Jefferson St., Lexington, VA 24450
Mr. Benjamin A. Ersing.                        112 W. Preston St., Lexington, VA 24450
Ms. Cailin Slattery.                           201 N. Randolph St, Apt #2, Lexington, VA 24450

The number of individuals comprising the initial Board of Directors is 4, and shall consist of the
aforementioned persons. Upon legal nonstock corporation status, the aforementioned
incorporators shall become the General Development Initiative, Inc.’s Board of Directors ipso
facto. Mr. Benjamin A. Ersing, Ms. Cailin Slattery, Mr. James Casey, and Mr. Jarrett Brotzman
will serve as such until the closing of the first fiscal year as is to be established by the General
Development Initiative, Inc.; from which point on future Board of Directors shall be determined
by eligible voting members of the corporation. The number of elected Directors following the
close of the first fiscal year, as well as details regarding the process of voting are to be outlined
in the bylaws of the corporation.

                                   Article VI-Membership
   General Development Initiative, Inc. membership status and rights are to be outlined in the

                                     Article VII- Dissolution
If at any point the General Development Initiative, Inc. is dissolved, all assets will be distributed
to Washington and Lee University or another licensed 501 (C) (3) organization serving a similar
                    purpose to that of the General Development Initiative, Inc.

                                                       Executed this 22nd day of January, 2010.

                                                       Mr. James Casey

                                                       Mr. Jarrett Brotzman

                                                       Mr. Benjamin Ashbrook Ersing

                                                       Ms. Cailin Slattery

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