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					                         Resume of Robert W. “Bob” Smith
  Height: 6’2”                                                                   2408 East Hill Way,
  Weight: 200 lbs                                                                Norcross, GA 30071
  Hair: Brown                                                                  Phone: (678) 644-1014
  Eyes: Hazel                                                         
 Selected Theatrical Experience
         Play                           Role                      Company, Location, Director
The Lion in Winter                                         Lionheart Theatre, Norcross, GA
                       King Henry II (Lead)
November 2009                                              Dir: Adriana Bosna Warner
The Love List
                       Director                            Lionheart Theatre, Norcross, GA
February 2009
Christina Darling                                          The Process Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA
April 2010                                                 Dir: DeWayne Morgan
Controlling Interest   Jack (Winner, Best Leading Actor,   Lionheart Theatre, Norcross, GA
October 2008           Georgia Theatre Conference 2008)    Dir: Tanya Carroll
Leading Ladies                                             Lionheart Theatre, Norcross, GA
                       Jack Gable/Stephanie
July 2008                                                  Dir: Sophie Gatins
The Graduate                                               Rosewater Theatre, Rosewell, GA
                       Frank Braddock
March 2010                                                 Dir: G. Scott Riley
Harvest „09            Director, “Looking Down”            Onionman Productions, Atlanta, GA
June 2009              Michael, “Death in the Rough”       Director: Jason Caldwell
Quiet in The Land                                          Lionheart Theatre, Norcross, GA
                       Christian "Christy" Bauman
November 2007                                              Dir: Scott King
Anatomy of Gray                                            Lionheart Theatre, Norcross, GA
                       Galen Gray (Lead)
August 2006                                                Dir: Joanie McElroy
Later Life                                                 Kudzu Playhouse, Roswell,, GA
                       Austin (Lead)
June 2006                                                  Dir: Adriana Bosna Warner
Heaven Can Wait                                            Kudzu Playhouse, Roswell, GA
                       Tony Abbott
August 2005                                                Dir: Wally Hinds
 Theatrical Training
             Instructor                           Class                   School, Location
Chris Ensweiler                         Comedic Scene Study   Actor's Express, Atlanta, GA
Allison Gardner,                        The Acting Class
                                                              Alliance Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA
B.J. Hughes                             Acting Process
Matt Horgan, Amber Nash, George         Improvisation
                                                              Dad’s Garage Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Faughnan, Dan Triandiflou               Levels 1 through 4
 U.S. Southern, Midwest, Northeast, British RP and Cockney

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