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									Standards & Assessment
California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Notes

California Department of Education
Jack O’Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
                                                                             December 2008

Upcoming Material Ordering and Pre-ID Deadlines

Deadlines for test material orders and Pre-ID are listed below for the upcoming
administrations of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). All deadlines are
at 5:00 p.m. CAHSEE administration questions should be directed to Educational Testing
Service (ETS), the CAHSEE test contractor, at

                            Test Material       Pre-ID         Late Pre-ID     Supplemental
     Administration           Ordering         Deadline         Deadline         Shipment
                              Deadline                                           Deadline
   February 3-4, 2009        December 22     December 29        January 20      January 26
    March 17-18, 2009         February 2      February 11        March 3          March 9
     May 12-13, 2009           March 30          April 8          April 28         May 4

Apportionment Certification Reminder

The CAHSEE Apportionment Information Report for the 2007-08 school year was mailed
out in November to county and district superintendents and charter school administrators.
To receive these apportionments, the superintendent or administrator must certify the
accuracy of this report by signing and dating it and returning it to the California Department
of Education (CDE) Standards and Assessment Division. The certified reports must be
postmarked by December 31, 2008. Certified reports received after this date must be
accompanied by a waiver request as provided by California Education Code Section

2008-09 Training Video and Web Cast

The CAHSEE Coordinators’ training DVD is scheduled for delivery in early January. If
coordinators need to conduct training before then and missed the coordinator training
workshops that occurred on November 12 through November 18, a training Web cast was
broadcast on December 16 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on the San Diego County Office of
Education Webcast Services site at (Outside Source).
District coordinators received an e-mail on December 15 with more details about the Web
cast. For more information about training materials or the Web cast, please contact ETS
CAHSEE Support at 1-800-241-5687.
CAHSEE Resources Update

The newly-revised CAHSEE teacher guides for English-language arts (ELA) and
mathematics were delivered to districts mid-November. Each district should have received
a copy of each guide for the district office and two copies of each guide for each school
site. Questions about the delivery of the teacher guides should be directed to the ETS
CAHSEE Support line at 1-800-241-5687.

The student study guides will be produced and distributed to local educational agencies
(LEAs) mid April. On November 24, 2008, district coordinators were
e-mailed a letter with instructions to confirm contact and shipping information as well as
current grade ten enrollment figures. The deadline to respond to this letter was December
5, 2008. LEAs that have not yet responded to this e-mail should do so as soon as possible
to insure the accuracy of orders. Responses can be sent by e-mail to
Please include the name of the LEA, district coordinator contact information, shipping
address, and current grade ten enrollment. Please direct any questions regarding the
student study guides to the CDE CAHSEE Office at 916-445-9449.

In addition, both the study guides and the teacher guides can be downloaded from the
CAHSEE Program Resources Web page at
When photocopying the student guides double sided, it is recommended that a blank page
is inserted after the cover sheet to allow the tabs to function properly.

Newly Revised CAHSEE Publication Series

The publication that was formerly called the “Intervention Series” has been revised. The
new series will be called “CAHSEE in the Classroom” and will focus on various CAHSEE
program resources and how teachers can use them in their instruction. Each issue of the
series is designed to be no more than two pages and should be of use to teachers of
mathematics, English-language arts, special education, English learners, or anyone else
who teaches students who are working towards passing the CAHSEE.

The first three issues of the series are scheduled be posted by the first of the year to the
CAHSEE Program Resources page at The
following topics will be addressed in the first three issues:

      Introduction to the Series
      Using the Study Guides
      Using the Teacher Guides

Future issues will include, but will not be limited to, using the Released Test Questions and
using the CAHSEE blueprints.

CAHSEE Web Page Reorganization

The CAHSEE Web page is undergoing revision to improve the ease of locating information.
For example, the independent evaluator reports have been reorganized by type of report
and labeled with the school year for which the report was written; letters and
memorandums will be archived to streamline the main page; and outdated documents will
be removed.

The revisions have begun and will continue through the next month. If you need any
assistance locating documents, contact the CAHSEE Office at 916-445-9449.

Special Education Data Reporting Requirements – Waivers

LEAs are required to report to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction information
pertaining to the local waivers granted pursuant to Education Code Section 60851(c). The
deadline for reporting the 2007-08 waiver data is December 31, 2008. The CDE has
provided LEAs with instructions for reporting these data.

Please note: because the opportunities for exemptions ended on December 31, 2007, the
CDE no longer collects information about them.

Enrollment and Exit Codes for Post-Grade Twelve Students Taking the CAHSEE

According to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 1200, all students, including
adult students, must be enrolled in a California public school to take the CAHSEE. A school
district must determine the grade level in which a student is enrolled or whether a student is
considered an adult education student.

After taking the CAHSEE, if a post-grade twelve student is enrolled on an ongoing basis in
a program that is designed toward receiving a diploma, then no exit code is needed for the
student and he or she is not counted as a dropout. If the student passes the exam and has
met all other requirements, then the exit code can be for graduation, and he or she is not
counted as a dropout. If the student is enrolled only for the purpose of taking the exam and
they are not in any other program, then he or she is considered to have left school without
a diploma and will be counted as a dropout.

For more information regarding data collection for dropouts, contact the Data Management
Division at 916-327-1214 or

Release of the CAHSEE 2008 Independent Evaluation Report

At the November 6, 2008, meeting of the State Board of Education, Dr. Lauress Wise,
Principal Investigator for the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)
independent evaluator, HumRRO, submitted the 2007-08 Independent Evaluation Report.

The report contains findings and recommendations as well as an analysis of the results
from the 2007-08 test administrations. The final report is posted on the CAHSEE
Independent Evaluation Reports Web page at Slides from Dr. Wise’s PowerPoint
presentation can be found at

More Information

Additional information about the CAHSEE is available on the CAHSEE Web page at Questions about the CAHSEE can be directed to the
CAHSEE Office at 916-445-9449 or by e-mail at


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