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Body Shape Fashion Tips - PDF - PDF

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This is an example of body shape fashion tips. This document is useful for conducting body shape fashion tips.

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             What is Fashion?

         What is your body shape?

     How to Dress for your confidence

       How to be a Diva on a budget

What is Fashion?

For me fashion is an expression of ones self through various modes of
creativity, attitude, clothes and accessories. Fashion is about creating a
“Look” that screams me, a “Look” that allows me to be confident and
comfortable. Fashion needs to be accessible, affordable and adaptable.

(Ask for other individual outlooks on what is Fashion)

Fashion can include:

Shoes, shirts, skirts, blouses, jumpers, scarves, jewellery, hand bags,
jackets, dresses, stockings, underwear

(Ask for examples)

Identify certain Fashion Trends Today?

Remember fashion is an overall look so lets discuss outfits, hair, make
up and attitudes.

Punk: Black eyeliner, studs, frayed or ripped outfits, black clothing.
Beach Girl: Golden hair, bikini tops
Sporty: Gym clothes, sneakers
Professional: suits, classy
Tart: Short skirts, midriff tops
Body Shapes

What is your body shape?

There are five body shapes that classify most body groups and they are:
The Love Heart, the Noodle, the Apple, the Spark Plug and the Pear. It is
essential to identify what body shape you are in order to be able to create
a fashionable look that suits you.

The Love Heart (1)

You are busty and voluptuous like Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and Jessica
Simpson. If you are a Love Heart you have:
Big Boobs
Your tummy and arms may be a little under toned.
You have a wide back and shoulders.
You can flatter your shape by creating interest with your natural assets
and creating a curvaceous look by highlighting them.

What to wear:
Deep V necklines show off your assets while lengthening and sliming the
bust area. A small camisole underneath can draw the eyes down but still
maintain modesty. Depending on the outfit the Camisole can be
coordinated to match accessories or be the sole attraction.

Wrap tops and dresses – the cross over effect “lifts and separates” and
creates an instant defined waistline.

Bold prints on the lower half of your body will draw attention downwards
creating an equal balance on your overall body shape.

Long draping coats with big lapels create a streamlined look also creating
an illusion of height.
Softly flared pants and jeans balance out the shape below. Darker
shades of pants as opposed to lighter colours will hide lumps n bumps
and are adaptable to all occasions.

Fluted sleeves add elegance to a bust torso and flatter bigger arms.

What not to wear:
Spaghetti straps, capped sleeves and halter necks make shoulders and
arms look like body builders.
Chunky knits add extra bulk right where you don’t need it.
High necked tops just look too busy.

The Noodle (2)

If you are a noodle then you have a body shape similar to Keira Knightly,
Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow. You are straight up and down. You’re
quite tall, straight and pretty narrow your bust and butt is little and you
don’t have much of a waistline. A noodles mission is to create curves in
whatever way they can. Opting for layers, ruching or details at the bust
and hips is a great way of achieving this.

What to wear:
Anything that bolsters a small bust – ruffles, detailing or ruching around
the boob’s area can turn molehills into mountains.

Tailored jackets create an instant curve resulting in a defined waistline.

A-lined or full skirts create a one way ticket to curvy.

Mix and match prints and colours – boldness creates extra detailing
resulting in extra body mass.
Dresses that gather at the waist can be belted with a funky belt to draw
eyes down to your new curves.

What not to wear:
Plunging necklines that will just emphasise what you don’t have.
Tapered pants and jeans
Boxy, stiff designs will enhance a shapeless look.

The Apple (3)

Your body group belongs to that of famous celebrities like Drew
Barrymore, Jade Jagger and Kate Winslet. This body shape tends to
carry bulk around the bust, waist and behind. Your arms and legs are
quite thin and you can make the most of using your thin limbs to create
a fashionable look.

What to wear:
Sharply tailored jackets, but stick to styles that sit softly on the hips
(that means no shoulder pads).

Frocks that fall softly from the bust – this hides a thick middle.

Long coats that swing away from the body, this allows the eye to be
dragged long and low.

Flared or boot legged jeans and pants, the flare creates a balance.

Wrap tops they show of a little cleavage drawing the eye up and creating
curvy hips.

Anything sleeveless if you have nice arms show them off.

Anything up to the knee shows those lovely pins off.
What not to wear:
High waisted pants just create unwanted bulk.
Pleated pants create more bulk around the middle.
Shiny fabrics that stretch around the fullest parts of your body.

The Spark Plug (4)

The spark plugs are very compact and on the shorter side of life. They
are people like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Anniston and Kylie Minogue. This
body group tends to be petite and naturally muscular with narrow hips
and toned shoulders.

What to wear:
Detailed fabric around the bust or waist – draped pieces, ruffles, scarfs,

Boot- cut pants and jeans with high pockets add shape and make the
line of your legs appear longer.

Open-toed heels in neutral colours or long boots worn with narrow jeans
deceptively lengthens the leg.

One colour top to toe can draw out your figure

Strapless numbers can show off your toned arms and shoulders.

What not to wear
Anything out of proportion, such as ultra high heels, big shoulder pads
or long skirts.
Flat round toed shoes and ankle straps will make your legs look shorter.
Big prints, they will swamp your frame.
The Pear (5)

This is the J-Lo group think bootylicious like Beyonce Knowles or
Shakira. Your bottom half is bigger and it allows for a much defined
waistline. Your shoulders and bust are smaller and to make the most of
this figure we draw the eyes up.

What to wear:
Broad V neck tops add width to your shoulders, which will balance out
the body proportions.

Fancy necklines – sweetheart, scooped, ruche.

Low-cut pants and jeans add length to your torso.

Something soft and shiny and sparkly on top, because it’s better to have
a colourful top half and keep the bottom half in darker fabrics.

Hanky and flared skirts accentuate slim calves.

What not to wear:
Lurex and tight satin across the bottom half as it will draw attention to
your butt.
Pants with side pockets = unnecessary bulk.
Strapless numbers as they will exaggerate the body proportions.
Tapered skirts.
How to Be a Fashion Diva on a Budget

Your wardrobe Tips

So you don’t have any cash let’s look at ways we can revamp our existing


Layering is the ideal way to create new looks for you especially now it
winter and layers come in handy when it’s cold outside.

If you own a strapless dress then try wearing it with leggings and a
coloured long sleeve shirt. Do you own a small black cardigan, layer that
over the top. Wear boots with dresses have fun with two pairs of
stockings. Get a coloured pair on then put a black pair over the top and
cut holes. Instant bursts of colour that you can coordinate with any skirt
or dress.

Fine fabrics works best when it comes to layering.

Mix long sleeves with dresses and show off layers by leaving buttons
open, rolling up sleeves or by creating layers of colours that clash.


Try a belt on a layered look, belts on dresses under the boobs, in at the
waist, on the hips.

Coloured cheap bangles
To smarten up an old rock T-shirt give it a polished rock chic feel with a
vest over the top.

Match you accessories boots with bags, earrings with necklaces,
necklaces with headbands, scarves with boots etc

Budget Shopping

Try buying on-line some stores have huge discounts

Look at pre-loved items on eBay

Look at the current trends and know what pieces you will need to
accompany your existing wardrobe.

Go Op-shopping

Hold a clothing swap

Attend markets and garage sales

Wait til the end of season to purchase goods at cost prices

Look for factory outlets

Mix it with your friends.

Having a fashionable wardrobe and being a diva isn’t a tricky challenge if
you make the effort to be creative and remain true to who you are then
being an individual when it comes to outfitting yourself will after time
become a breeze.
Although people see you everyday they may not remember what you were
wearing but if you have a gorgeous smile no matter what the situation is
they’ll remember you.

So my most important tips are:

Be comfortable, be creative, recycle, have fun and make sure you smile ☺

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