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I.      Single Family
     A. Definition
        1. No connection to other houses
        2. Yard separates houses; maybe big yard
           a.     Play, garden, pool
     B. Location
        1. Usually in Suburbs and countryside
        2. City is too crowded, has other types of houses
        3. Safe, good schools, high taxes
     C. Privacy – Lots of it;
        1. you can make noise and not bother neighbors
        2. neighbors don’t bother you
     D. People – Usually families (children play in yard)
     E. Cost – most expensive $300,000 and up, up, up
II.     Twin
     A. Definition –
        1. Two houses next to each other
        2. Yard or driveways on one side, neighbor on the other
        3. Yard much smaller than SFH, none on one side
     B. Location
        1. Cities and suburbs
     C. Cost
        1. $250,000 and up
     D. People
        1. Just married, can’t afford SFH, will sell and move up
III.    Row
     A. Definition
        1. Many houses all together
        2. Neighbors on both sides
        3. No yard (maybe tiny spot in front)
     B. Location
        1. In Cities, everything is crowded, people live close together
     C. People
        1. Like living in cities (culture, transportation)
        2. Can’t afford larger home.
IV.     Apartment
     A. Definition
        1. one small space in a larger building
        2. Pay rent, not own
           a.     (condo the same, but own and pay monthly fee for services:snow,
                  grass, common lights)
        3. Share
           a.     front entrance and hallway
           b.     laundry, parking lot or garage
        4. not much privacy neighbors up, down, left, right
    B. Location
       1. most often cities, but suburbs too
    C. Rooms
       1. Not many
    D. People
       1. Single – don’t want to own, move a lot
       2. Young married – no kids, saving for home
       3. old people – can’t take care of house, children grown
V.     Mobile
    A. Definition
       1. Build in factory, roll to land, set up to stay
       2. long, skinny, aluminum
       3. own land
       4. trailer park (own home, but rent land)
    B. Location
       1. some suburbs, but mostly countryside
    C. Rooms
       1. not many, small (whole thing is 12 ft wide)
    D. People
       1. poor
VI.    Conclusion
    A. Different kinds of homes,

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