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					October TradeWinds
Editor: Mike Bradley (mike.bradley@ncwaterways.com)

Marine Trades Services is now Boating Industry Services

As of October 1, NC Marine Trades Services has been renamed “NC Boating Industry Services” to
better reflect our services to boat builders and marinas. If you have any questions, please contact
Mike Bradley at mike.bradley@ncwaterways.com.

Visit Us at IBEX Booth 822
Heading to IBEX November 1-3? Come by our booth 822 and let us help you locate NC exhibitors
that can meet or exceed your boat building and restoration product and supply needs. We will have
our NC peanuts for your nourishment, the DOT NC Coastal Boating Guides, lists of our boat
builders by location, and booth locations and information for the following NC exhibitors:

     3 TEX, 2031; Accu-Form Polymers, 2459; Ameritex Technologies, 413; Aplix, 236;
     Ashley Welding & Machine Co., 2346; Beta Marine Limited, 1323; C.E. Smith Company,
     2799; Conbraco Industries, 707; DNA Group Inc (Digital Switching Systems, LLC), 509;
     Dustcontrol, 1812; Forest City Tool, 2811; Glen Raven Mills (Sunbrella®), 824; Hickory
     Springs Manufacturing, 1212; HK Research Corporation, 2017; IPS Corporation (Weld-
     On), 1815; John Boyle & Company, 845; King Marine, 600; Lawrence Marine (Novaflex),
     2162; Lord Corporation, 2423; Morbern, 2529; Morse Industries, 1767; Odyssey Group,
     543; Outdura (Shuford Mills, Inc.), 504; Piedmont Plastics, 2156; Reichhold, 2108;
     Southtech Plastics, 535; Tampco; Technicon Industries, 2364; tesa tape, 2844; The
     Gartner Group, 1106 & 1208; Valtekz, 303; Victory Bolt & Specialty, 2830; WATTS / Sea
     Tech, 2731.

See www.ibexshow.com for complete show information.

Relocation Interest in North Carolina Continues
North Carolina has received continued interest from a dozen boat builders and a number of products
manufacturers. The biggest draw for NC seems to be our Boating Industry Services and the NC
Dept. of Commerce’s partnership isn’t partial to a particular city, county or region, but concerned
that the company receives the appropriate incentive package, has access to the required workforce
and has correct proximity to the resources and transportation needed by that company.

Next of importance to these companies is that we help cull the buildings and sites that meet the
needs for that company and then work with those cities, counties and regions with the buildings and
sites to identify a range of businesses and resources that can provide the services needed in building
renovation, regulatory and permitting requirements, subcontracting services, etc. Then we set up site

visits and the companies perform their due diligence. This usually takes from four to five months up
to two years to complete and often results in a new-to-the-state businesses relocating here.

The initial calls received after each one of these relocation articles are from existing NC businesses
wondering why we spend so much in state incentives to lure out-of-state businesses here when they
are growing and expanding and don’t receive similar attention and support. The state is interested in
doing a better job, and has incentives for job growth and facility expansion. As for new businesses,
these incentives are not normally grants, but are related to new jobs and new capital investment. So
call us and talk to us about your plans and needs, the anticipated number of new jobs and investment,
and the timeframe … and then let us help you. Talk to me at IBEX booth 822 or call me after IBEX
at 252-728-2144 (Mike Bradley).

Boating Access Issues

North Carolina Closing Hotels and Gas Stations Along NC I-95?

You won’t ever read the above headline, but the analogy is starting to ring true along our ICW, our
sounds and our inland waterways. As we “condo-ize” and otherwise remove boating ramps, fueling
locations, hurricane holes, boatyards that provide “on hand” hurricane safety, and at-water / out-of-
water repair and restoration businesses, we are creating the I-95 equivalent of the above headline for
our important transient boating traffic. NC isn’t alone with this problem, but we should be very
concerned and start taking steps to identify solutions.

NC has started the process by setting up the NC Waterfront Access Study Committee, which met
September 26th in Raleigh. Although only one member (Robin Mann of Paul Mann Custom Boats)
of the 21 member board represents the boating industry, the effort deserves industry support and
involvement since the industry’s impact is billions of dollars to the state with the NC boat building
component alone selling over $500,000,000 annually [See committee member list:

NC Sea Grant is the lead agency for this committee and has a website with details and information at
www.ncseagrant.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&filename=waterfronts.html. Anyone having
boating industry questions about this meeting or other matters related to the Committee purview may
contact North Carolina Sea Grant at 919/515-2454 or send e-mail to waterfronts@ncsu.edu, and, if
you will, copy me at Mike.Bradley@NCwaterways.com. The Waterfront Access Study Committee
will conduct most of its future meetings along the coast. The committee plans to have a final report
ready by mid-April 2007.

Waterfront Access Study Committee
The Waterfront Access Study Committee (WASC) will meet at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 20,
2006 in the Soundside Room of the N.C. Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, 1 Roosevelt Blvd., Pine
Knoll Shores.

NOTE: The Nov. 20 session is a working business meeting of the Committee, and time may not
allow for statements from persons not included in the meeting agenda. The meeting is open to the
public, but seating will be limited. Those wishing to make public comments before the committee
are encouraged to attend the three (3) meetings to be held along the North Carolina coast in February
and/or March 2007. These meetings, as set by law, will be for the specific purpose of soliciting and
hearing comments/reactions by the public to the committee’s draft report and recommendations.

Access Award Opportunity
The BoatU.S. Recreational Boating Access Award honors an individual, group, government body,
business or non-profit organization that has succeeded in preserving or improving public waterway
access. Judges will look at four criteria: 1) the challenges faced in retaining or increasing access in
an area, 2) the direct impact or measurable results of the solution, 3) the level of success in
increasing awareness of the issue in a community, and 4) "repeatability," the ability to take the
successful approach and adopt it in other areas. Examples of solutions could include creative
public/private partnerships, changes in land use planning or permitting processes, tax incentives,
legislation or public ballots, publicity or public education. Eligible activities include those
undertaken in the last three years.

The deadline to enter is February 1, 2007 and winners will be announced at the Working Waterways
and Waterfronts - A National Symposium on Water Access to be held in Norfolk, VA May 9-11,
2007. For more, go to www.BoatUS.com/gov/AccessAward.

NC Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
The North Carolina Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (NC ESGR) is an
agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. The committee works in partnership with NC employers
to build higher community awareness of the vital role of our National Guard and Reserves, while
building employer support for uniformed employees. The mission of ESGR is to gain and maintain
support from all public and private employers for the men and women of the National Guard and
Reserve (48% of our total force). Over 500,000 of America’s 1.2 million Guardsmen and Reservists
have been activated since 9/11/2001.

The NC ESGR would like to ensure that employers understand their vital role and to inform
employers and their Guard and Reserve employees of their rights and responsibilities under the law.
The ESGR website is www.esgr.mil. If you would like more information on the Statement of
Support, you can use the above website or call 919 349-6140, an ESGR volunteer will contact you to
explain the program.

Student and Employee Boat Building Training
Three New Marine Certification Courses at NC-MARTEC (www.ncmartec.org)

Cold Molded Boat Building Certification Program
The Cold Molded Boat Building Certification Program is designed to equip the student with the
knowledge and hands-on skills to gain employment building custom cold molded boats. These boats
are built by skilled workers who can interpret blueprints and set up the forms necessary to define the
complex shape of the modern yacht. North Carolina has become a center for this type of boat
construction and our boats are sold and used all over the world. Qualified students will be
recommended for any available internships with a local boat builder. The Cold Molded Boat
Building Certification Program is a series of three evening courses that begin in January. (Contact
David Flagler at 252.222.6149 flaglerd@carteret.edu for more info.)

Marine Diesel Certification Program
The Marine Diesel Certificate Program is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and
hands-on skills to gain employment in the exciting and growing field of marine diesel propulsion
systems. Qualified students will be recommended for any available internships with a local boat
builder, diesel shop or repair yard. The Marine Diesel Certification Program is a series of three
evening courses that begin in January. (Contact Sean Prendergast at 252.222.6278
prendergasts@carteret.edu for more info.)

Marine DC Electrical Certification Program
The Marine DC Electrical Certification Program is designed to equip the student with the knowledge
and hands-on skills to gain employment in the exciting and growing field of marine electrical
systems. Qualified students will be recommended for any available internships with a local boat
builder, diesel shop or repair yard. The Marine DC Electrical Certification Program is a series of
three evening courses that begin in January. (Contact Sean Prendergast at 252.222.6278
prendergasts@carteret.edu for more info.)

Most Young People Entering the U.S. Workforce Lack Critical Skills Essential
for Success
The above “numbing” headline is from a very thorough study showing:

       Nearly three-quarters of survey participants (70 percent) cite deficiencies among
       incoming high school graduates in “applied” skills, such as professionalism and work
       ethic, defined as "demonstrating personal accountability, effective work habits, e.g.
       punctuality, working productively with others, time and workload management.’

        More than 40 percent of surveyed employers say incoming high school graduates
       hired are deficiently prepared for the entry-level jobs they fill. The report finds that
       recent high school graduates lack the basic skills in reading comprehension, writing
       and math, which many respondents say were needed for successful job performance.

       Furthermore, when asked how their hiring practices will change:

           •   28 percent of employers project that their companies will reduce hiring of new
               entrants with only a high school diploma over the next five years.
           •   49.5 percent said the percentages of two-year college graduates they hire
               would increase.
           •   almost 60 percent said their hires of four-year college graduates would
           •   42 percent said their hires of post-graduates would increase over the next five

For further information on this study contact Frank Tortorici representing The Conference Board,
Corporate Voices for Working Families, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and the Society for
Human Resource Management at 212 339 0231 f.tortorici@conference-board.org. For the full
report, go to: www.conference-board.org/utilities/pressDetail.cfm?press_ID=2971. (Thanks to Dave
Inscoe of the Carteret County EDC for this reference.)

AMI and ABBRA Courses and Upcoming Activities

2006 Enrollment Open for Marina Manager Course
The International Marina Institute, a subsidiary of the Association of Marina Industries, is accepting
enrollment for its Advanced Marina Manager program, scheduled for Dec. 4 - 9, 2006 in West Palm
Beach, Florida. The course provides training in site planning, marina development, marina operation
techniques, business strategies, risks and liabilities, environmental policies and other topics as
preparation for IMI's "Certified Marina Manager" designation.

2007 International Marina & Boatyard Conference
The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and the American Boat Builders & Repairers
Association (ABBRA) will host the 2007 International Marina & Boatyard Conference. The event
will take place at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL Jan. 28 - 31, 2007.

2007 Enrollment Open for Intermediate Marina Manager Course
The Intermediate Marina Management (IMM) Course is offered by IMI as a stepping stone to IMI's
Advanced Marina Management Course. Completion of the IMM Course is a prerequisite for
admission to the Advanced Course.

The course is offered on the following dates and locations: Nov. 5, 2006 - West Palm Beach, FL;
Feb. 25, 2007 - Olympia, WA; Nov. 11, 2007 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

For more information, visit www.marinaassociation.org and www.abbra.org .

More NMMA Efforts to Add Understanding of Ethanol Issues
John McKnight (NMMA) continues to be the McKnight in shining armor for the boating industry
and is keeping us up to snuff on the latest developments on the E-20 issue. MSU (Minnesota) is
conducting studies to evaluate the effect that ethanol has on automotive components, but they are
also considering evaluating non-road components. The purpose of this testing is to determine if fuel
C(E20)A (E20 fuel- 80% fuel C + 20% aggressive ethanol) will have a larger negative impact on fuel
system plastics than fuel “C” (“C” Surrogate gasoline - "base” ASTM fuel “C” 50/50 toluene iso-
octane mixture). The testing is going to be done in two phases that will test changes in volume/swell,
weight, appearance, tensile, modulus of elasticity, and strain and then test the impact strength

If you have any recommendations for plastics, metals or rubbers and elastomers that are used in
marine fuel systems and not considered in the test protocol, please let me know. Also, if you have
any comments on the test procedure, pass them on to John at 202-737-9757 or

Co-founder of Atlantic Marine Passes Away
Eugene (Gene) Floyd co-founder and former President of Atlantic Marine of Wrightsville Beach, N.
C. passed away on August 28, 2006 after a lengthy period of poor health. Mr. Floyd was
instrumental in getting the N. C. Marina Association organized and was a life-long boating
enthusiast. Atlantic Marine continues under the management of his son, David, and the facility
remains one of the scarce public access dry storage facilities in the region. Gene contributed much
to his community over the years, serving for a time as Mayor of Wrightsville Beach and Deacon as
well as Deacon Emeritus of his beloved Wrightsville Beach Baptist Church.

New Bern Site for ‘Southbound Cruisers' Rendezvous

As you read this, fall leaves will be turning and transient boaters will be churning the waters along
our coast heading south. The 2nd annual ‘Southbound Cruisers' Rendezvous will begin Tuesday,
October 24th thru Sunday Oct 29th, 2006 with events held at the New Bern Farmer's Market. It has
developed into a cruising event that may be worth your look. For information, go to

NC Beach, Inlet & Waterway Association to have November Meeting
NC Beach, Inlet & Waterway Association (NCBIWA) announced its 2006 annual conference,
“Managing Coastal Sediment”, as a look at ways to maximize a critical natural resource to the
benefit of our beaches, inlets and the Intracoastal Waterway. The gathering will take place on
Monday & Tuesday, November 13 & 14, beginning at 8:00AM each morning, at the Courtyard by

Marriott Oceanfront Resort in Carolina Beach, NC. Registration and hotel information are online at

AIWA Waterway’s Economic Impact Conference November 15 & 16 in
Wrightsville Beach

The future of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and its economic impact will top the agenda
at the upcoming Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association’s (AWIA) Annual Meeting to be held
Thursday, November 16 at the Blockade Runner Resort and Conference Center in Wrightsville
Beach, NC. “Working Together to Make a Difference” is the theme of this year’s annual meeting.

“The good news is that we are making a difference,” reports Ryck Lydecker, AWIA Board Member
and assistant vice president of Government Affairs for BoatU.S. “Thanks to the support of ICW
users and the many communities along the waterway that have joined forces, Congress is beginning
to listen — last year it overrode the Bush administration’s waterway maintenance budget of less than
$4 million, increasing it to nearly $13 million. However, that is still far short of what is needed to
keep the waterway open so one goal of the meeting is to develop grass roots strategies to continue
the momentum,” he added.

The meeting begins Wednesday evening November 15 with an opening reception and exhibits at
5:00 pm. The following day will feature reports from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is
charged by Congress with maintaining the waterway; a report on the economic impact of the
waterway in North Carolina; strategy sessions for continued waterway funding; a report on the
Regional Sediment Management demonstration program; and a discussion on “short seas shipping”
on the East Coast. The highlight of the day will be presentation of Waterway Stewardship Awards
to 12 North Carolina communities that joined forces with the state and federal governments to
address critical dredging needs.

More information plus on-line conference registration is available at http://www.atlintracoastal.org
or by phone at: 703-719-7273.