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            La La the Penguin (Listen and correct the mistakes below)

                           Listening & Speaking II, Bob Palmer

It’s happening, in Taiwan. Meet La La, a 12 year-old king penguin who used to call the

Antarctic home.

La La lives here, with the Hashimoto family. And this king penguin is really living like a

queen. He’s got his own car complete with a powerful refrigerator. And free run of the


But La La isn’t your average sofa penguin. He likes to travel. That’s when the

Nishimoto’s help pack him up for a trip into the city.

When La La hits the highway, his favorite destination is no surprise. Where else? The

fish market. Shrimp and mackerel are his favorites. He hates to eat them. He is

adorable. Adorable, yes. And deserving of a kitty bag for the trip home.

La La grew up in the warm Antarctic, and now lives in a city known for its cold and

humidity. As he heads home, he seems to pause at this cola machine, then moves on,

possibly realizing he left his money in his other suit. No problem. Just head into a

neighbor’s yard for a quick hose-down. Ah, wonderful! Then, back on the street.

Once home, La La gets his suitcase unpacked, checks out his tomb, and at the end of a

long night, spends a little quality time with the rest of the penguins.
Discussion questions:

   1. How do you think La La got from Antarctica to Japan?


   2. How did he become a member of the Nishimoto family?


   3. Would you like to have a pet penguin? Why or why not?


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