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					Are there any resources to help middle              meet the needs of students who perform below
school teachers prepare students for the
                                                    or far below basic on the California Standards
                                                                                                         California High 

The following resources are available for
teachers:                                           How can middle school teachers address                School Exit 

                                                    the needs of students with disabilities and
Teacher Guides: The California Department of
                                                    English learners?
                                                    Teachers can use previous test data, classroom

Education (CDE) has produced teacher guides
for the CAHSEE in English-language arts and         achievement, and teacher recommendations
mathematics. These guides summarize the             to determine the skill level and learning needs
essential knowledge and skills covered in each      of students with disabilities or English learners.        Information for 

strand of the state’s content standards, followed   Students with disabilities and English learners       Middle School Teachers

by information and examples of how these            then can be enrolled in specialized programs
                                                    that target their individual needs.
                                                                                                            and Administrators

standards may be tested on the CAHSEE.

Released Test Questions: Sample CAHSEE              Students with disabilities may use test
test questions from previous administrations        variations, accommodations, and/or
of the CAHSEE for English-language arts             modifications for classroom instruction or
and mathematics are available for teachers to       to take the CAHSEE, as specified in their
download. These items provide examples of           individualized education programs (IEPs) or
the type of questions on the CAHSEE, and how        504 plans. English learners also may use
they address the standards.                         specified variations for instruction or testing.
                                                    Allowable assistance for students with
The CAHSEE teacher guides and released              disabilities is listed in Matrix 1. Matrix of Test
test questions are located on the CAHSEE            Variations Accommodations, and Modifications
Resources Web page at http://www.cde.               for Administration of California Statewide
ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/resources.asp.                      Assessments. Allowable assistance for English
                                                    learners is listed in Matrix 2. Matrix of Test
How can teachers prepare middle school              Variations for Administration of California
students for the CAHSEE?                            Statewide Assessment for English learners.
                                                    Both documents are available on the CAHSEE
The best way teachers can prepare middle
                                                    Accommodations and Modifications Web page
school students for the CAHSEE is to cover
grade-appropriate content standards during
regular classroom instruction. Teachers
                                                       For more information about the CAHSEE
should monitor the levels at which their middle
school students perform on standards-based                                                                California Department of Education
                                                             Visit the CAHSEE Web site at
assignments and assessments to determine
areas of strength and specific areas that need                                                                 September 2008
improvement. Areas that need improvement
should be emphasized whenever possible.
Teachers should consider further support to
What Middle School Teachers and Administrators Need to Know About the CAHSEE

Although the California High School Exit           The writing section covers:                           the mathematics part is administered on the
Examination (CAHSEE) will not be administered                                                            second day of testing.
                                                   •   Writing strategies
to students until they are in grade ten, it is
                                                   •   Writing applications
crucial that their teachers and administrators                                                           What content on the CAHSEE is covered
                                                   •   Writing conventions
recognize and help students who are potentially                                                          in middle school?
at risk of not passing the examination. Students                                                         Although most of the standards addressed
                                                   The mathematics part of the CAHSEE assesses
in grades 7-12 who do not demonstrate                                                                    on the English–language arts portion of the
                                                   the knowledge and skills of state-adopted
sufficient progress towards passing the exit                                                             CAHSEE are taught at the high school level,
                                                   mathematics content standards for grades six
examination must be offered supplemental                                                                 the content taught in middle school includes
                                                   and seven and Algebra 1. The mathematics
instructional programs (Education Code Section                                                           foundational skills needed to learn the content
                                                   portion covers:
37252). To effectively address these concerns,                                                           described in the high school standards for
teachers and administrators need to be familiar    •   Statistics, data analysis, and probability        English-language arts.
with the CAHSEE. The questions and answers         •   Number sense
that follow provide middle school teachers with    •   Measurement and geometry                          The majority of questions on the mathematics
information they need to help students prepare     •   Algebra and functions                             part of the exam measure knowledge and skills
for this graduation requirement.                   •   Mathematical reasoning                            of content standards for grades six and seven
                                                   •   Algebra 1                                         and Algebra 1.
What is the CAHSEE?
The CAHSEE is an examination all California        Students must demonstrate mastery of                  How can teachers identify the founda-
public school students must pass to receive        computational skills and show a foundation            tional knowledge and skills middle school
their high school diploma. Students also must      in arithmetic, which includes working with            students need to learn?
meet all other state and local requirements to     decimals, fractions, and percentages.
                                                                                                         All of the state content standards covered
receive a diploma.                                                                                       on the CAHSEE are listed in the CAHSEE
                                                   What types and how many questions are
                                                                                                         blueprints. The blueprints include the number of
The purpose of the CAHSEE is to improve            on the exam?
                                                                                                         test questions (items) on the CAHSEE for each
student achievement in high school and to          The English-language arts part of the exam            subject tested and show which standards are
help ensure that students who graduate             includes 79 multiple-choice questions and a           being addressed by strand.
from high school can demonstrate grade-            writing task. The writing task requires students
level competency in reading, writing, and          to write a biographical composition, an               A thorough understanding of the California
mathematics.                                       informational or persuasive essay on a specific       content standards covered on the CAHSEE
                                                   topic, or a response to a literary or informational   and the test questions addressing them can
What subjects are on the CAHSEE?                   passage.                                              help teachers focus their instruction on specific
The CAHSEE has two parts: English-language                                                               foundational skills students need to learn.
arts and mathematics. The English-language         The mathematics part of the exam includes 92          This information also can help teachers and
arts portion assesses the knowledge and skills     multiple-choice questions.                            administrators identify at-risk students and
of state-adopted English-language arts content                                                           better prepare them for the examination.
standards through grade ten, which includes        When do students take the CAHSEE?
reading and writing. The reading portion covers:   The CAHSEE is first administered at the school        The CAHSEE blueprints for English-language
                                                   site to all grade ten students during regular         arts and mathematics are available on the
•   Vocabulary
                                                   school hours. The English-language arts portion       CAHSEE Resources Web page at http://www.
•   Informational reading
                                                   is administered on the first day of testing, and      cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/resources.asp.
•   Literary reading