Aggie 1964 by linxiaoqin


									Few men have become
m o r e widely known o r
highly respected within
agricultural circles than
the late Theodore H . Fen-
s k e . He had been a s s o -
ciate dean of the Institute
of Agriculture, University
of Minnesota, since 1956.
He died March 28, 1963.

F a r m groups of a l ld e -
scriptions, church groups,
industrial groups, service
clubs, high school super-
intendents,   and college
presidents    sought    his
services as a speaker.
Members of the State
Legislature valued his
counsel. His unusual ca-
pacity to handle a stagger-
ing load of complex ad-
ministrative details was
respected by his col-

The agricultural enter
p r i s e of the State of Min-
nesota will long enjoy the
fruits of his labors.

May we, who are privileged
to remain, be able to con-
tribute in a like m e a s u r e
to the buildingof this state
and     nation- -Especially,
may we, as did T. H.
Fenske, stand for those
principles which build
                                      Theodore H Fenske

    We, the senior class of the Northwest School of
    1964 dedicate our annual to two great men who
    have served the Northwest School most faithfully,
    Dr. Edward C. Frederick and Dr. Diedrich Reimer.
    These two well loved men have accepted new
    challenges in other parts of the nation, but they
    will be remembered by everyone who had con-
    tact with them. Their jovial, easy-going manner
    was appealing to anyone who worked for or with
    them. Yet they could maintain a light but firm
    atmosphere in class. An occasional joke to illus-
    trate a point or to liven the discussion was char-
    acteristic of both of these men.
    The farmers and businessmen of the area also owe
    a debt of gratitude to these outstanding young re-
    searchers. The technical data they have obtained
    through well planned experiments have benefited
    the agricultural industry, not only in this area, but
    throughout the state and nation. Dr. Frederick in
    dairy and beef research and Dr. Reimer in swine
    and sheep research have contributed immeasurably
    to agriculture in this day of scientific farming.

Quite often you will see a light burning in the
offices of Superintendent Youngquist and M r
Reiersgord, our principal. T h i s indicates that
they are working on m a t t e r s that r e q u i r e quiet
Despite their hectic day and busy night, M r .
Reiersgord and Dr Youngquist                manage to
remain entirely human. They find their school
unfailing interesting, if demanding.

OUR PRES I DENT:              Dr. O.Meredith Wilson;   OUR DEAN:              Dr. Sherwood O. Berg, Dean, In-
president, University of Minnesota.                    stitute of Agriculture, University of Minnesota.

                                                         The Senior Class of the Northwest School and Ex-
                                                         periment Station, wish to extend to our new Dean
                                                         and Board of Regents, who have just become mem-
                                                         bers of the board, a hardy welcome and a wish that
                                                         they will have many years to serve the University
                                                         and its students.

                                                          One of the foremost membersof the University Board
                                                          of Regents is our Regent, Herman Fridtjof Skyberg,
                                                          a native of Fisher, Minnesota, where he has resided
                                                          and farmed for a number of years.
                                                          Mr. Skyberg was educated inBygland township school
                                                          district number 4, Polk County, Minnesota. Upon
                                                          completion of his grade school education, Mr. Sky-
                                                          berg attended the Northwest School of Agriculture,
                                                          Crookston, Minnesota, where he graduated in 1916.
As we look at our last four years at the Northwest School,
many thoughts fill our minds. There are things that we
want to remember and there are things that we don't
want to remember. There are events such as proms,
homecomings, and ball games, not to slight the educa-
tion we have received here from a superior faculty. The
dormitory life has yielded much in the way of fun, dis-
agreements, and an education on how to get along with
our fellow students. To be sure, there have been prob-
lems, as can be expected at a school where we live to-
gether all of the time. But we, as the senior class, believe
that it all adds up to make us better citizens for the
                                                            RICHARD BELLAMY
                                                            Drayton, N. Dakota

                                                            ROBERT BERGERON
                                                              Argyle, Minn.

                                                              STEVEN BEYER
                                                            Red Lake Falls, Minn.

                                                               LESTER BOE
                                                            Twin Valley, Minn.

                                                             NEAL BOHNSACK
                                                            Hillsboro, N. Dakota

                                                              JUDY BOLSTAD
                                                              Crookston, Minn.

                                                             HARRY BYZEWSKI
                                                             Manvel, N. Dakota

                                                              BRYON CARLSON
                                                              Strandquist, Minn.

                                                              SANDRA CARLSON
                                                               Strandquist, Minn.

                                                                                 RO JEAN COMBS
                                                                                 Longville, M n .

 Longville, Minn.     CHAPMAN          Gardner, N. Dakota
                    Orlando, Florida

                                        VAN DAHLMAN
                                         Warren, Minn.

Grafton, N. Dakota

                 JOHN DREES
             Grand Forks, N. Dakota

                 MIKE EDGAR
                 Angus, Minn.

                  ROY EHLERS
              Larimore, N. Dakota

               Kelso, N. Dakota

               DUANE ERICKSON
                 Ulen, Minn.

              Drayton, N. Dakota

                 JANE FILIPI
                 Angus, Minn.

              ROGER FISCHER
              Georgetown, Minn.

             Breckenridgee , Minn.
                     rWYLA GUNDERSON
                      Buxton, N. Dakota
         ARLIN HAGEN
        Crookston, Minn.

     East Grand Forks, Minn.

      Reynolds, N. Dakota

     East Grand Forks, Minn.

       Crookston, Minn.

         Stephen, Minn.

         Ogema, Minn.

        Excelsior, Minn.

        Ottertail, Minn.

                   JUDY KARR
                   Warren, Minn.

                   JAMES KOVAR
               East Grand Forks, Minn.

                 RICHARD KOVAR
               East Grand Forks, Minn.

              DONALD KROGSTAD
              Reynolds, N. Dakota

               PATRICK LARSON
               Reynolds, N. Dakota

                   GARY LEVI
                Manvel, N. Dakota

                  GARY LUND
                Emerado, N. Dakota

               THOMAS LUNDGREN
                 Wales, N. Dakota

                JUDY McELHENEY
                  Rippey, Iowa

Hillsboro, N. Dakota

                                         NANCY McKEEVER     HARLAN MERKENS       JUDITH MEYER
                                          Kenora, Ontario    Lockhart, Minn.   Hillsboro, N. Dakota

                                         STUART MORGAN
                                           Warren, Minn.

                    ROBERT ODEGAARD
                     Hickson, N. Dakota
      Crookston, Minn.

         Euclid, Minn.

       Lockhart Minn.

      Hackensack, Minn.

     Northwood, N. Dakota

        Dalton, Minn.

      Underwood, Minn.

     Emerado, N. Dakota

     Dodge Center, Minn.

             RICHARD PECK
              Euclid, Minn.

              ROBERT PECK
              Euclid, Minn.

            GARY PEDERSEN
           Grandin, N. Dakota

            KAY PETERSEN
           Monango, N. Dakota

            Clearbrook, Minn.

            DEAN PETERSON
          Northwood, N. Dakota

           Angle Inlet, Minn.

            RONALD PHILIPP
         Thief River Falls, Minn.

            Graceton, Minn.

  Morris, Minn.

                                     DAVID RICE            DALE RINERSON       JUDY RIVARD
                                     Roseau, Minn.        Twin Valley, Minn.     Oslo, Minn.

                                      DEAN ROMFO
                                    Hannah, N. Dakota

                                                                 CAROL RUNIONS
                                                                 Longville, Minn.

                                                               JONATHAN SAXMAN
                                                                Georgetown, Minn.

                                                               T. RICHARD SAXMAN
                                                                 Georgetown, Minn.

                                                                 DERNELL SCHOLL
                                                                  Bagley, Minn.

                                                               MARVIN SCHNEIDER
                                                                Wales, N. Dakota

                                                                JOHN SCHREINER
                                                                Reynolds, N. Dakota

                                                                 DONNA SCHULTZ
                                                                Reynolds, N. Dakota

                                                                RICHARD SHELDON
                                                                   Bagley, Minn.

                                                                HAROLD SHELSTAD
                                                                   Doran, Minn.

                                                                              CLIFFORD SONDROL
                                                                              Reynolds, N. Dakota

Lancaster, Minn.       Ulen, Minn.     Twin Valley, Minn.

                                             DENNIS STAHN
                                             Donnelly, Minn.

               CHARLES STEER
                Euclid, Minn.

              SIDNEY STIVLAND
                 Lowry, Minn.

              JAMES STOLTMAN
            Grand Forks, N. Dakota

               JAMES SWENSON
               Moorhead, Minn.

               LARRY TUCKER
                Euclid, Minn.

                 DENNIS VASEK
            East Grand Forks, Minn.

               THOMAS VIETCH
               Gilby, N. Dakota

               ALLEN WAGNER
               Crookston, Minn.

              DAVID WAMBACK
              Georgetown, Minn.

Langdon, N. Dakota
  EVELYN ACKERLAND                       ALAN DAHNKE                            Club 3; Aggie Rouser 3; Tri-Hi-Y
  Cheerleading 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; G.A.A.     Football 1; Carpentry Club 1,2,        1,2,3 (Treas.); G.A.A.        1,2,3,4
  3,4; Chorus 3; Piano 3.                3,4 (Pres.).                           (Sec.); Chorus 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,
  DARRAL ALTEPETER                       DALE DEMERS                            3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Music
  Newman Club 2,3.                       Football 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; New-    Council 4.
  ROGER ASPLIN                           man Club 1,2,3,4.                      ARLIN HAGEN
  Football 4.                            GARY DEMERS                            Aggie Rouser 4; Basketball 1,2.
  RICHARD BEAUCHANE                      Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Aggie Rouser      GARY HANGSLABEN
 Newman Club 2,3,4; Aggie Rouser         4.                                     Football 2; Aggie Rouser 4.
  3.                                    ALLEN DEVINE                            CLAUDIA HANSON
 FRANCIS BELLAMY                        Newman Club 3,4.                        Headwaters Club 3,4; Leadership
 Basketball 3,4; Cross Country 3,4.                                             Camp 3,4; Aggie Rouser 2,3,4
                                        MICHAEL DONAHUE
 RICHARD BELLAMY                        Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Aggie Rouser       (Editor); Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; G.A.A.
 Newman Club 2,3,4; Basketball          4; Student Council 3.                   1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Chorus
 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4.                                                      1,2,3,4; Band 2,3; Glee Club 1,2,
                                        JOHN DREES
 ROBERT BERGERON                        Aggie Rouser 4; Basketball 1,2;         3,4; Piano 2; Music Council 4;
 Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4;   Potato Judging 2.                       Class Officer 2; National Honor
 Newman Club 1,2,3,4.                                                           Society 3,4 (Sec.).
                                        ROY EHLERS
 STEVEN BEYER                           Aggie Rouser 3.                        BETTY HEDSTRAND
 Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4    TIM EISENHARDT                         Headwaters Club 4; Leadership
 (co-capt.); National Honor Society                                            Camp 4; Aggie Rouser 4; Tri-Hi-Y
                                        Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 2.
 3,4; Headwaters Club 4; Leader-                                                1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 4;
 ship Camp 4; Student Council 4;                                               Glee Club 4.
                                        Aggie Rouser 4.
 Band 1,2,3; Class Officer 4 (Pres.).                                          MAURICE HELGESON
 LESTER BOE                             RICHARD FERGUSEN
                                        Basketball 2,3,4; Cross Country        Aggie Rouser 4; Band 1,2,3.
 Wrestling 3,4.                                                                CARTER HJELLE
 NEAL BOHNSACK                          3,4.
                                                                               Football 4.
Basketball 3,4; Cross Country 4.        JANE FILIPI
                                        Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Aggie Rouser       SHIRLEY JOHNSON
                                        3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4;     Headwaters Club 4; Leadership
 Aggie Rouser 4; Chorus 4.
                                        Glee Club 1,2,3,4.                     Camp 4; Aggie Board 3,4; National
                                        ROGER FISCHER                          Honor Society 3,4 (V. Pres.); Tri-
Newman Club 2,3,4.
                                        Football 1,3,4; Newman Club 1;         Hi-Y 3 (Treas.); G.A.A. 3 (Ass't
                                        Aggie Rouser 4; Basketball 1,3.        Sec.), 4 (V. Pres.); Student Coun-
 Tri-Hi-Y 3; G.A.A. 4.
                                                                               cil 3; Chorus 4; Band 3,4 (Librarian);
JUDY CARPENTER                          PAUL FRIEDERICKS                       Piano 3; One-Act Play 3.
 G.A.A. 4; Chorus 4.                    Football 3;. Wrestling 4; Newman
                                                                               LINDA JEAN JOHNSTON
MARILYN CHAPMAN                         Club 3,4; Livestock Judging 3.
                                                                               Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Aggie Rouser
Newman Club 4; G.A.A. 4; Chorus         HARVEY GABBERT                         3,4 (Ass't Editor); G.A.A. 1,2,3,4.
4.                                      Band 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Cross
                                        country 3,4.                           JUDY KARR
VERN CLEVELAND                                                                 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Headwaters
Football 1; Aggie Rouser 4; Band        WILLIAM GATHERIDGE
                                                                               Club 3,4; Aggie Board 3; Leader-
1,2; Basketball 1,2; Cross Country      Headwaters Club 4; Leadership
                                                                               ship Camp 3,4; Aggie Rouser 3;
2,3,4.                                  Camp 4; Aggie Rouser 4; Student
                                                                               Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3; G.A.A.          1,2,3
ROJEAN COMBS                            Council 4; Chorus 4 (Pres.); Bas-      (Officer), 4 (Treas.); Chorus 1,2,3
Aggie Board 4; Aggie Rouser 3;          ketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 4.
                                                                               (Officer) 4; Band 1,2,3 (Officer) 4;
Tri-Hi-Y 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Student         NEIL GOODMAN                           Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 2.
Council 4; One-Act Play 3; Chorus       Band 3.                                JAMES KOVAR
3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Music Council       PIXIE GUNDERSON                        Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2;
4.                                      Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Headwaters        Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3.

 RICHARD KOVAR                        RICHARD PECK                           RICHARD SHELDON
Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Student          Football 3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; New-    Football 2; Wrestling 2; Aggie
 Council 2,3.                         m a n Club 2,3,4; Class Officer 2.     Board 3,4; Student Council 2; Cross
DONALD KROGSTAD                       ROBERT PECK                            Country 4.
Basketball 3.                         Football 2,3,4; Newman Club 2,3,4;     HAROLD SHELSTAD
 PAT LARSON                           Student Council 2.                     Aggie Board 3,4; Aggie Rouser 4.
Aggie Rouser 3; Basketball 2,3,4.     GARY PEDERSEN                          LEROY SIKORSKI
 JUDY M cELHENEY                      Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 2,3,4.   Wrestling 2,3,4; Newman Club 2,3.
 Cheerleader 4; Aggie Board 4;        DARRYL PETERSON                        DEAN SLININGER
 G.A.A. 4; Chorus 4; Glee Club 4;     Wrestling 4; Aggie Rouser 4; Live-     Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3;
 Piano 4; Music Council 4.            stock Judging 3,4.                     Wrestling 4.
                                      DEAN PETERSON                          CLIFFORD SONDRAL
                                      Band 1,2,3.                            Football 1; Wrestling 1,2; Potato
 Wrestling 4; Aggie Rouser 4.
                                      DOUGLAS PETERSON                       Judging 2; Livestock Judging 1;
NANCY McKEEVER                                                               Cross Country 3.
                                      Aggie Rouser 4.
Aggie Board 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; G.A.A.                                            DENNIS STAHN
                                      RONALD PHILIPP
3 (V. Pres.) 4 (Sec.); Chorus 4.                                             Basketball 1; Cross Country 2,3,4
                                      Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4;
JUDY MEYER                            Aggie Rouser 4.                        (Capt
Tri -Hi-Y 3:                          DAVID RICE                             CHARLES STEER
GERALD NICHOLSON                      Football 1.                            Football 1,2,3,4.
Aggie Rouser 4.                       SANDRA REBARCHEK                       SIDNEY STIVLAND
FRANCIS OBOWA                         G.A.A. 4.                              Headwaters     Club 3,4 (Pres.);
Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball       ROLAND RETZLAFF                        Leadership Camp 3,4; Aggie Board
1,2,3.                                                                       3,4 (Editor); National Honor So-
                                      Football 1 ; Aggie Rouser 4; Band
ROBERT ODEGAARD                       1,2,3,4.                               ciety 3,4; Student Council l ; Class
Leadership C a m p 4; Headwaters      DALE RINERSON                          Officer 3.
Club 4; Aggie Board 4.                Wrestling 3,4; Basketball 1,2.         JAMES SWENSON
WAYNE ODEGAARD                        JUDY ANN RIVARD                        Football 3,4 (Capt.); Wrestling 3,4;
Football 1,2,3; Chorus 4; Band        Newman Club 3,4; Cheerleader 4;        Student Council 4 (Pres.).
1,2,3; Livestock Judging 1,2,3,4.     Headwaters Club 4; Leadership          LARRY TUCKER
SYLVIA OLSON                                                                 Wrestling 1.
                                      C a m p 4; Aggie Board 4; Aggie
Chorus 4; Band 3.                                                            DENNIS VASEK
                                      Rouser 3; Chorus 3; Band 3.
LEROY OPDAHL                                                                 Newman Club 3; Aggie Rouser 4.
                                      DEAN ROMFO
Chorus 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4 (Pres.).                                          CHARLOTTE WARREN
                                      Basketball 4.
                                      JON SAXMAN                             Aggie Rouser 3; G.A.A. 1; Student
Football 1,2,3,4; Carpentry Club
                                      Football 1,2,3,4; Carpentry Club       Council 2; Chorus 1,2; Band 2,3.
3,4.                                                                         R. JACK WEILAND
WILLIAM PAHAN                         1,2,3,4 (Treas.); Aggie Board 3,4;
                                      National Honor Society 3,4 (Pres.);    Newman Club 1,2.
Band 2,3.
LARRY PAUPST                          Basketball 1,2.                        LYLE WILKENS
Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4   T. RICHARD SAXMAN                      Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Piano 2;
(Co-capt.); Student Council 1.        Football 1 ; Carpentry Club 1,2,3.     Basketball 1,2.
PHYLLIS PAYNE                         DERNELL SCHOLL                         WAYNE WITZEL
Headwaters Club 4; Leadership         Wrestling 4; Newman Club 4.            Wrestling 2,3.
Camp 4; Aggie Board 3,4 (Co-          JOHN SCHREINER                         SYLVESTER ZURN
Editor); Tri-Hi-Y 3; G.A.A.       3   Newman Club 3; Aggie Rouser 4;         Newman Club 3,4; Aggie Rouser 4.
(Class Rep.) 4 (Pres.); One-Act       Basketball 3,4 (Capt.).
Play 3; Chorus 3,4 (V. Pres.); Band   DONNA SCHULTZ
3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Music Council     Newman Club 3,4; Cheerleader 3;
3,4.                                  G.A.A. 3,4; Piano 3.

                 The way the Juniors are stepping up in the
                 ranks of leaders at the Northwest School,
                 they will really be ready to take over in the
                 fall of 1964 and continue their reign the rest
                 of their Senior y e a r .
                 A s you see from the picture at the left we
                 have a few Juniors who are spending their
                 f r e e time to the benefit of putting out the An-
                 nual for 1964. T h e r e are a l s o many other
                 Juniors who are working on other projects
                 going on at our school.

Kenneth Anderson
Appleton, Minnesota
Mary Jean Arnold
Angus, Minnesota
             Jimmie Coauette
             Crookston, Minnesota
             Leslie Deckert
             Henning, Minnesota

William Baldwin
St. Thomas, North Dakota
Floris Banken
Appleton, Minnesota
             Wayne DeYoung
             Beltrami, Minnesota
             Rita Dewhurst
             Crookston, Minnesota
Paul Banken
Apple ton, Minnesota
Allan Barker
Gardner, North Dakota

              Ronald Dickson
              Grand Forks, North Dakota
              Richard Dolan
              Grafton, North Dakota
Duane Bienek
Warren, Minnesota
Ernest Bitker
Lockhart, Minnesota

              Kenneth Drees
              Reynolds, North Dakota
              Phyllis Edwards
              Erskine, Minnesota
Allen Boushee
Oslo, Minnesota
Gary Burns
Grafton, North Dakota
             Ronald Ehlert
             Foxhome, Minnesota
             Danny Erdman
             Crookston, Minnesota

Aldon Filipi
Angus, Minnesota
Ronald Helm
Drayton, North Dakota
              Theodore Larson
              Grafton, North Dakota
              Dennis Lee
              Erskine, Minnesota
Jerome Hermann
Georgetown, Minnesota
Robert Hoerner
Crookston, Minnesota
               Lowell Lerud
               Twin Valley, Minnesota
               Donald Lubinski
               Euclid, Minnesota
Dale Johnson
Longville, Minnesota
Robert Johnson
Kempton, North Dakota

              Cheryl Lund
              Emerado, North Dakota
              Janis McElheney
              Rippey, Iowa
Tony Kaml
Roseau, Minnesota
Thomas King
Euclid, Minnesota

              Ralph Menke
              Beltrami, Minnesota
              Judy Milender
              Warroad, Minnesota
Ralph Kotrba
Angus, Minnesota
Darlyne Kovar
East Grand Forks, Minnesota

              Eugene Miller
              McCanna, North Dakota
              Lyndon Minski
              Hallock, Minnesota
Edward Kovar
East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Douglas Kroening
Fosston, Minnesota
              David Mitteness
              Benson, Minnesota
              Mark Moe
              Hitterdal, Minnesota
David Lembert
Hallock, Minnesota
Conrad Larson
Morris, Minnesota
              Mathew Moe
              Hitterdal, Minnesota
              Barry Moon
              Fairmount, North Dakota

Richard Muir
Hillsboro, North Dakota
Wayne Naplin
Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
              Lee Sorenson
              Grygla, Minnesota
              Henry Steer
              Euclid, Minnesota
Wayne Nelson
Grygla, Minnesota
Loren Nichols
Baudette, Minnesota
             Roy Stigen
             Baudette, Minnesota
             Wayne Tabbut
             Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Ronald Osowski
Oslo, Minnesota
Stanley Overgaard
Dalton, Minnesota
             Theodore Tollefson
             Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
             Ronald Torkelson
             Vining, Minnesota
Judy Ovsak
Euclid, Minnesota
Kenneth Pahlen
Euclid, Minnesota
             Gerald Tweten
             Reynolds, North Dakota
             Ilene Vettleson
             Plummer, Minnesota
Allan Peterson
Niagara, Minnesota
Marvin Peterson
Lockhart, Minnesota
             Daniel Wallace
             Euclid Minnesota
             Vere Vollmers
             Wheaton, Minnesota
Glen Risser
Angle Inlet, Minnesota
James Schouviller
Callaway, Minnesota
              Gregory Weiland
              Euclid, Minnesota
              Donald Werk
              Hermann, Minnesota
Allen Sjostrand
Hallock, Minnesota
LeRoy Slominski
Minto, North Dakota

             Laura Wickham
             Kelliher, Minnesota
             Larry Wilkens
             Crookston, Minnesota

                                 Courtney Abel, Stephen, Minnesota
                                 Cyrus Altepeter, Euclid, Minnesota

                                  Gary Altepeter, Euclid, Minnesota
                                  Carol Anderson, Leonard, Minnesota

                                  Daryl Anderson, Breckenridge, Minnesota
                                  Jack Arneson, Roosevelt, Minnesota

                                         With the assistance of their parents, some of the Sophomores move
                                         into Stephens Hall.

Elaine Askeland, Grygla, Minnesota
Brian Augustin, Longville, Minnesota
Dacian Benek, Warren, Minnesota
Ben Bitzer, Williams, Minnesota

Brian Bohnsack, Hillsboro, North Dakota
Terrance Boushee, Emerado, North Dakota
Robert Brault, Crookston, Minnesota
Darrell Brogren, Ulen, Minnesota

Robert Bye, Euclid, Minnesota
Thomas Chisholm, Grand Forks, North
Walter Christensen, Euclid, Minnesota
Keith Deadrick, Paynesville, Minnesota

                                            Robert DeYoung, Beltrami, Minnesota
                                            Kenneth Duden, Euclid, Minnesota
                                            Eugene Evenson, Fergus Falls, Minnesota
                                            Marlin Evenstad, Reynolds, Minnesota

                                            Gayle Field, Stephen, Minnesota
                                            Michael Friederichs, Breckenridge,
                                            Yvonne Good, Trail, Minnesota
                                            Richard Goodyke, Crookston, Minnesota

                                            Leon Grove, Roosevelt, Minnesota
                                            Teresa Helmstetter, Roosevelt, Minnesota
                                            James Haverkamp, Ogema, Minnesota
                                            Jimmy Ingvalson, Crookston, Minnesota

Jerome Jirava, Ogema, Minnesota
David Kesler, Crookston, Minnesota
Dennis Kesler, Crookston, Minnesota
Walter King, Euclid, Minnesota

Janet Klava, Grand Forks, North Dakota
Donald Kovar, East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Stanley Lambert, Hallock, Minnesota
David Landgraff, McIntosh, Minnesota

David Lindblad, Drayton, Minnesota
Daniel Lundberg, Kennedy, Minnesota
David Lunde, Twin Valley, Minnesota
Todd Mikulecky, Ulen, Minnesota
Lyle Nelson, Grygla, Minnesota
Anthony Obowa, Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Gary Odegaard, Hickson, North Dakota
Clarence Ollestad, Clearbrook, Minnesota

Lila Pake, Moorhead, Minnesota
Wayne Pedersen, Grandin, North Dakota
Richard Piker, Angus, Minnesota
Paul Rousu, Callaway, Minnesota

Gerald Sanda, Northwood, North Dakota
Robert Sewill, Euclid, Minnesota
Arthur Sheldon, Bagley, Minnesota
Sanford Smeby, Winger, Minnesota

                                                Murray Smith, Thomas, North Dakota
                                                William Steer, Euclid, Minnesota
                                                Bruce Stromstad, Lockhart, Minnesota
                                                Mitchell Tollefson, Red Lake Falls,

                                                Lawrence Vettleson, Thief River Falls,
                                                James Wallace, Euclid, Minnesota
                                                Lonnie Walz, Stephen, Minnesota
                                                Henry Weiland, Euclid, Minnesota

                                                Robert Weiland, Euclid, Minnesota
                                                Gary Weiss, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
                                                Darrell Witzel, Langdon, North Dakota
                                                Jerome Winter, Morris, Minnesota

                                                           Freshmen learn very soon after
                                                           their a r r i v a l on campus that they
                                                           must become aware quickly of what
                                                           is going on.

                                                           A sight that is not too unusual the
                                                           first few days of school is to see a
                                                           jolly group of these m e r r y little fel-
                                                           lows scampering on their way to the
                                                           most remote areas of the campus
                                                           with uppermost thoughts in their
                                                           heads of going to some class. Alas,
                                                           to their dismay, they v e r y soon d i s -
                                                           cover that they a r e heading toward
                                                           the root c e l l a r , o r even the animal
                                                           b a r n s . Fortunately for them, they
                                                           soon learn their way around the
                                                           campus and learn to avoid the p r a c -
                                                           tical jokes of the upperclassmen.

                                                           It doesn't take long for the boys to
                                                           gain enough self -confidence to start
                                                           such mischief as water fights, a few
                                                           fist-fights along with such mild ac-
                                                           tivities as tearing up beds, peeping
Mrs. Pearl Jamieson, the resident head in Selvig hall is   out the door during study period, and
shown in a familiar pose at her office desk.               just being boys.

 Karen Ackerland, Grafton, North Dakota
 Larry Adams, Reynolds, North Dakota
 David Armstrong, Euclid, Minnesota
 Thomas Banken, Appleton, Minnesota

 Richard Battles, Warroad, Minnesota
 Kelly Bitker, Ada, Minnesota
 James Boutain, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
 Ronald Bye, Euclid, Minnesota

 Mark Casavan, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
 Geraldine Dahlsad, Borup, Minnesota
 Carolyn Driscoll, East Grand Forks,
 Duane Driscoll, East Grand Forks,

Craig Euneau, Stephen, Minnesota
Robert Fehr, East Grand Forks, Minnesota
Tom Friederichs, Breckenridge, Minnesota
Keith Fuller, Gentilly, Minnesota

Ronald Goodyke, Euclid, Minnesota
Dennis Green, Ogema, Minnesota
Ronald Jones, Gardner, Minnesota
Alvin Karr, Warren, Minnesota

Ronald King, Euclid, Minnesota
Neil Kirking, Glasston, North Dakota
Roger Knoff, Drayton, North Dakota
Loren Kramer, Akeley, Minnesota

                                                Frederick Landgraff, McIntosh, Minnesota
                                                Stephen Larson, Badger, Minnesota
                                                David Lenes, Fosston, Minnesota
                                                Lyle Lubinski, Euclid, Minnesota

                                                LeRoy Luchau, Ada, Minnesota
                                                Michael Lunning, Dalton, Minnesota
                                                Robert Marquardt, Rothsay, Minnesota
                                                Dorothy Miller, Leonard, Minnesota

                                                William Neisen, Waubun, Minnesota
                                                Bruce Nelson, Goodridge, Minnesota
                                                Gerald Nordick, Rothsay, Minnesota
                                                John Novak, Angus, Minnesota

If you want something practical to take as an elective
that will be useful now and in later life, enroll in Miss
Hughbanks' business courses and they will land you the
right job after graduation.

                                                             MISS FAE HUGHBANKS, Spencer, Iowa

                  Business                                   Typing, Bookkeeping.
                                                             Faculty Advisor to the Newman Club.

Whether you are practicing speed-typing or taking dic-
tation in shorthand you will find that daily practice and
a constant desire to do better will aid you in becoming
more proficient.
Bookkeeping and shorthand demand hard work, but the
secretary who can meet this challenge is sure of a better
paying job. She has made it!

With the great stress that is placed upon a general
knowledge of science in today’s changing world, it is
paramount that all students should a t least learn some
of the basic ideas as they are presented in the study of
general science.
With general science as a basis, we are introducedsome-
what to the fields of organic and inorganic chemistry. In
these two areas, students gain an opportunity to under-
stand the physical as well as chemical changes that can
be brought about in experiments, through the use of
combinations of chemicals. However, in order to under-
stand, both the students and the teacher have to exert a
great deal of time and energy.

                                                             MR. CONRAD H. KVAMME, Ada, Minnesota
                                                             B.S., N r h Dakota State University.
                                                             Chemistry, Journalism, Science.

Biology is a scientific study of
plants and animals. The sopho-
mores learn to identify living
things according to phylums and
classes. The structure and func-
tions of most living things is taught
all the wayfrom the simplest algae
to the most complex of all, man.
Mr. Tharaldson, who is the instruc-
tor of biology, is working very dili-
gently with his pupils, to impress
them with the importance of gain-
ing further insight about the growth
and development of life.

                                        MR. THARALDSON, Crookston, Minnesota
                                        B.A. Concordia College.
                                        Biology, Counselor in Robertson Hall.

Horticulture is perhaps Mr. Beres-
ford's special class due to the fact
that he is our chief research man in
the area of horticulture at this sta-
tion. Because of this, there are
many interesting projects for stu-
dents to see and study and to iden-
tify and learn about. Mr. Beresford
enlivens things and keeps students'
interest with an occasional joke and
some indoctrination on the merits
of cross country over other sports.

Horticulture, Cross Country Coach.
                                                        It is the responsibility of every American citizen
                                                        to understand how his government functions so
                                                        that he will become a responsible citizen.
                                                        In our studies of government, we have learned
                                                        about problems that have directly or indirectly
                                                        resulted in the success or failure of the Ameri-
                                                        can people and our government. Perhaps this
                                                        has been brought more to our attention since
                                                        the assassination of our President, John F.
                                                        Kennedy, who died carrying out the desires of
                                                        the people he represented and the principles of
                                                        democracy that we hold to be true and dear.

MR. DAVIDANDERSON, Starkweather, North Dakota
B.A. Concordia College.
Social Studies and Resident Counselor, Stephens Hall.
What is history? Some scholars say that history
is a study of the mutation or retrogressions of
civilizations. By this, they mean that certain
events have either altered or furthered the prog-
ress or achievements of man as he emerged from
an uncivilized environment to one of culture.

Others say that the word, history, can be sepa-
rated into two words. The example of this is
His-story. By separating the word and capitaliz-
ing the first letter, they are making reference to
God and they say that history is God's story of
his people--the progress they make and the
destruction they bring about to themselves.

Whatever interpretation we may like to accept,
it is certain that history provides for us the mis-
takes and high ideals of every civilization.

It i s the responsibility of every student to study
carefully so that by reading of the mistakes of
others, we should be better equipped to meet
the challenges that may lie ahead in our future
and be more understanding about that which is
                                                      Perhaps these two men of the history department are trying to
                                                      agree upon some world issue. Pictured are: Mr. Mazzitelli
                                                      and Mr. Heckman. Not pictured: Mr. Bergquist.

One of the many interests of Principal Reiersgord is
German. Because of his interest in students and inter-
est in German along with a desire to know his students
better, he is teaching first and second year German.
After listening all day to the tall tales of the many
students that come into his office, and dealing with
discipline problems with stem but sympathetic ear,
our active principal never seems to tire. Needless-to
-say, because of hisposition at this school,he is called
upon t o lend a helping hand whenever it is necessary.

                                                                MR. E. N. REIERSGORD, Crookston, Minnesota.
                                                                B.A. Concordia College, M.A. University of North
                                                                Principal, German I, German II.

One of the buildings on the
campus is the Health Service.
This is where we all go to re-
ceive our shots and to be
treated for our various ills.
The upstairs of the building is
equipped with beds for those
who are feeling very sick and
need to be confined to bed with
Mrs. Kruta becomes very
busy taking students to the
clinic downtown and making
trips to the hospital when
winter comes, bringing along
with it colds and flu bugs.

R.N. Kohler Hospital School of Nursing,
   P.H.N. University of Minnesota.
Public Health, Home Nursing, School

MR. ROBERT HECKMAN, Fertile, Minn.
B.A., Concordia College
English, World History, Band, Yearbook Advisor,
   Remedial Reading

                                                         In English we learn grammar from the ground up, ap-
                                                         plying all of the skills that we have learned and are
                                                         learningthrough our grammar classes. There are times
                                                         that we reallywish that we knew everything there is to
                                                         know when it comes t o the tasks of writing themes and
                                                         term papers.
                                                         Reading is a matter o necessity these days and it can
                                                         become a source of pleasure as we are exposed to the
                                                         finest examples of British and American humor, satire,
                                                         and drama.

  MR. DONALD BERGQUIST, Adams, N. Dakota
  Ph.B., University of N. Dakota
  English, American History, Counselor; Robertson

                                             MR. JOSEPH MAZZITELLI,Crookston, Minnesota
                                             English III, Speech, American History, Assistant Football
Part Of the idea Of growing U is being       B.A., College of St. Thomas; Graduate Work: University
able to s h a r e experiences with others.      of Minnesota, University of New Mexico.
Literature can give us a vicarious ex-
perience, enabling u s to be presented
with the problems and challenges of
o t h e r s about whom we are reading,
consequently giving us a better under
standing and appreciation to meet simi
lar situations i no u r own lives courage-

                                                         Every week Ma Brown meets with the freshman
                                                         girls and Mr. Lysacker with the freshman boys to
                                                         answer questions and help them to develop good
                                                         manners, good personalities, study habits and be-
                                                         come good citizens. It also helps the freshmen
                                                         make the adjustment to high school and to life
                                                         here at the Northwest School as smoothly as

ABOVE: Girls’ orientation instructor: Ma Brown. BELOW:
Boys’ orientation class in session.
In the Home Management apartment, we learn how to
plan balanceddiets, budget, set tables, plan meals, and
explore a preparationof a meal withthe kind of timing
that assures everything will be ready at once. Failure
only made us determined to improve.

                                                                 MRS. DONALD OVERGAARD, Crookston, Minnesota
                                                                 B.S., University of Minnesota
                                                                 Home Economics, Home Management

Girls at our school take advantage of their opportunities
to prepare for their role as homemakers. In preparing
for this, their experiences vary from sewing a fine seam
to the study of family relations. A continual round o  f
parties and hospitality meals is evidence that the girls
know how to put their knowledge into practice. Fel-
lows, beware! Some of the girls already have their
 "dream homes" planned and are looking for their dream
man to finance it.

Two of the projects undertaken by the carpentry classes this   MR. MENZHUBER, Crookston, Minnesota.
year are building a garage and playhouses.                     B.S Moorhead State College, M.E. University of
                                                                  North Dakota.
                                                               Carpentry ,Mechanical Drawing, Carpentry Club.

                                                               Mr. Menzhuber teaches the carpentry classes as
                                                               well as being the advisor for the Carpentry Club.
                                                               The industrial arts training program provides a
                                                               well equipped woodworking shop where boys can
                                                               learn many practical skills and how to apply what
                                                               they learn. Some boys apply their skills building
                                                               projects that can be used at home, while others
                                                               build brooder houses or hog houses that can be
                                                               used at the experiment station. Mr. Menzhuber is
                                                               also an able teacher of mechanical drawing.

  of Minnesota
Grain Crops
Selection, care and management of the dairy herd,
calf raising; principles of dairy cattle feeding, pro-
duction of milk testing and dairy herd records are
taught tostudents in Dairy Productionby Dr. Frederick.
The business side of livestock production, buying and
selling market and purebred livestock, keeping up and
maintaining equipment is offered in Livestock Man-
agement taught by D . Reimer.

rod. Next, heavier metal is welded together with
welding rods. In another project, larger rods about   MR. HARRY SODERBURG, Crookston, Minnesota
three-fourths of an inch are welded together.         B.S., M.A., University of Minnesota
                                                      Gas Welding, Arc Welding, Farm Machinery, Farm Equip-

"Aggie" Staff: FRONT ROW. Janis McElheney, Nancy McKeever, Judy McElheney RoJean Combs. BACK
ROW: Robert Johnson, Mark Moe, Conrad Larson, Robert Odegaard, Sidney Stivland, Jon Saxman and Phyllis

Phyllis Edwards, Roger Fischer.

                                           Here a few of the girls are looking through some music.

                                                            The band, under the direction
                                                            of Mr. Robert Heckman, p r o -
                                                            vides entertainment through-
FRONT ROW: TROMBONES: Dennis Lee, Douglas Kroening, Judy
                                                            out the school y e a r for the
Karr, LeRoy Opdahl. SECONDROW: FRENCH HORN: Lowell Lerud.   student body, parents and
TROMBONES: Paul Shelstad, Lyle Odegaard. BARITONE: Phylis   friends i n addition to giving
Payne                                                       the students a n opportunity to
                                                            develop their musical abili
                                                            ties. The first concert of the
                                                            y e a r was on Parents Day when
                                                            the band presented a program
                                                            of popular and semi -classical
                                                            music. Its appearance at t h e
                                                            Christmas Program provided
                                                            Christmas music to add to the
                                                            Christmas spirit and festivi
                                                            t i e s . At the basketball g a m e s
                                                            the band r o u s e s the spirit of
                                                            the spectators with the c h e e r -
                                                            ful strains of the Rouser o r a
                                                            Sousa m a r c h .
                                                            This is M r . Heckman's first
SAXOPHONE: Lila Pake, CLARINETS: Shirley Johnson, Kenneth
                                                            y e a r a s directorof the North-
Drees, Terri Helmstetter, Geraldine Dahlsad.                west School band. A s the di-
                                                            r e c t o r he is striving for a
                                                            band on the s e m i -popular l i n e .

FRONT ROW: Geraldine Dahlsad, Kathryn Vasek, Marilynn Chapman, Linda Retzlaff, Claudia Hanson, Judy Car-
penter, Nancy Porter, Jane Filipi, Nancy McKeever, Caroline Driscoll, Darlyne Kovar, Mary Jean Arnold, Elaine
Askeland. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kvamme, Sylvia Olson, Shirley Johnson, Teresa Helmstetter, Phyllis Edwards,
Judy Karr, Twyla Gunderson, Lila Pake, Ro Jean Combs, Rita Dewhurst, Judy McElheney, Carol Anderson, Betty
Hedstrand, Judy Ovsak, Phyllis Payne. THIRD ROW: Frederick Landgraff, Bruce Nelson, Alvin Karr, Stanley
Lambert, Leroy Opdahl, William Gatheridge, Ronold Dickson, Lowell Lerud, Paul Peterson, David Lambert, Robert
Fehr, Roger Thompson, Ronald Jones, Dennis Greene, Le Roy Luchau. FOURTH ROW Mr.Kvamme,Michael
Lunning, Arthur Sheldon, Dennis Lee, Lyle Odegaard, David Landgraff, Douglas Kroening, Danny Erdman, Wayne
Odegaard, Robert Hoerner, Marvin Peterson, Kenneth Duden, Richard Dolan, Richard Battles, Kenneth Sivertson.

                                                             Sounds of a piano and voices filter down from
                                                             the auditorium during assembly period as Mr.
                                                             Kvamme and the Aggie singers practice for their
                                                             next performance. The chorus this year pre-
                                                             sented its first concert on Parents' Day and in-
                                                             troduced Sweet Violets which was on the tongues
                                                             of everyone for more than Parents' Day. Mr.
                                                             Kvamme, with the help of the girls' chorus, put
                                                             on a sing along with Kvamme during assembly
                                                             period. The programput on by the chorus at the
                                                             Christmas program did much to add to the Christ-
                                                             m a s spirit.
                                                             Mr. Kvamme, does many of the arrangements
                                                             himself and even writes a few songs. He makes
                                                             his programs interesting. Mr. Kvamme's musi-
                                                             cal experience is not just limited to chorus di-
                                                             rector here at the Northwest School. He is the
                                                             better half of a duet called the Harmony Twins
                                                             that sing for various occasions throughout the

BOYS CHOR us:            FRONT ROW: Frederick Landgraff, Bruce Nelson, Alvin Karr, Stanley Lambert, LeRoy
Opdahl, William Gatheridge, Ronald Dickson, Lowell Lerud, Paul Peterson, David Lambert, Robert Fehr, Roger
Thompson, Ronald Jones, Dennis Green, LeRoy Luchau, Elaine Askeland--Pianist. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kvamme,
Michael Lunning, Arthur Sheldon, Dennis Lee, Lyle Odegaard, David Landgraff, Douglas Kroening, Danny Erdman,
Wayne Odegaard, Robert Hoerner, Marvin Peterson, Kenneth Duden, Richard Doland, Richard Battles, Kenneth

G I RLS' CHORUS:           FRONT ROW: Geraldine Dahlsad, Kathryn Vasek, Marilynn Chapman, Linda Betz-
laff, Claudia Hanson, Judy Carpenter, Nancy Porter, Jane Filipi, Nancy McKeever, Caroline Driscoll, Darlyne
Kovar, Mary Jean Arnold,Elaine Askeland. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kvamme, Sylvia Olson, Shirley Johnson, Teresa
Helmstetter, Phyllis Edwards, Judy Karr, Twyla Gunderson, Lila Pake, Ro Jean Combs, Rita Dewhurst, Judy Mc-
Elheney, Carol Anderson, Betty Hedstrand, Judy Ovsak, Phyllis Payne.

The piano training department
under the direction of Mr. Donald
Anderson; has had extensive t r a i n -
ing at the University of Minnesota,            Left to right: Judy McElheney, Nancy Porter, Janet Klava, Roger
and at T e a c h e r s College, Colum-         Thompson, Bruce Stromstad, Douglas Kroening, Betty Hedstrand,
                                               Lee Sorenson, Janis McElheney, Elaine Askeland, Mr. Anderson.
bia University, New York.                      SEATED: Linda Retzlaff.

Beginning organ is taught to those
who wish to increase t h e i r musical
knowledge. Basic studying is
given i n skill development and
p r i m a r y music knowledge.

Left to right: Nancy Porter, Judy McElheney,
Janis McElheney, Betty Hedstrand, Mr. An-
derson. SEATED: Elaine Askeland.

Cross CountryTeam: FRONT ROW: Frances Bellamy, William Gatheridge,Brian Bohnsack, Leslie Deckert, Keith
Deadrick, Bruce Stromstad, Stanly Lambert, Arthur Sheldon, Gary Odegaard. BACK ROW: Mr. Beresford, Neil
Bohnsack, Richard Sheldon, Wayne Pedersen, Richard Ferguson, Captain Dennis Stahn, Vern Cleveland, Gary
Pedersen, Richard Bellamy.

                                                           Captain Dennis Stahn announced that
                                                           this year's team hada very successful
                                                           season despite heavy competition i n
                                                           invitational meets, heavy traffic i n
                                                           Fargo, and with a very few experi-
                                                           enced men returning. One of their
                                                           chief goals was to defeat Crookston
                                                           Central. This is c r o s s country, the
                                                           toughest sport of all. There a r e no
                                                           substitutions, no bands playing, o r
                                                           cheering by cheerleaders to urge
                                                           them on, and there is no chance of
                                                           passing the blame for his own poor
                                                           performance on to a teammate. Each
                                                           man is on his own and can prove his
                                                           ability for all the world to see.

Francis Bellamy   Richard Bellamy      Neal Bohnsack

Vern Cleveland    Richard Ferguson   William Gatheridge

 Gary Pedersen    Richard Sheldon       Dennis Stahn

FRONT ROW: Walter King, David Lambert, Richard Dolan, Henry Weiland, Roger Fischer, Jon Saxman, Dale
Demers, Jim Swenson, Leroy Slominsky, "Tiny" Eisenhardt, Roger Asplin, Eddie Kover, Dean Slininger, Ron
Phillip, “Buck" Evenson. SECOND ROW: Coach Lysaker, Ricky Muir, Leon Grove, Donald Lubinsky, Conrad
Larson, Gene Evenson, Vere Vollomers, Carter Hjelly,Butch Bergeron, Paul Overgaard,Chuck Steer, Ronnie Helm,
Jim Kovar, Larry Paupst, Ass't Coach Mazzitelli. THIRD ROW: Mr. Tharaldson, Gary Weiss, DonaldKovar,
Kenneth Duden, Tom Chisolm, Darrell Brogen, Todd Mikulecky, Stan Overgaard, Courtney Able, Bob Peck,
Steve Beyer, and Bobby Bye.

                                                          For one time Mr. Mazzitelli is very calm. Perhaps
                                                          we’re ahead in this game.

                                        must be way ahead.
The opposition tried to score, but it
was all in vain.

FRONT ROW Lyle Lubinski, Neil
Kirking, Paul Shelstad, Paul Peder-
son, Royal Rivard, Stephen Larson,
Mark Casavan, James Boutain,
LorenKramer. BACK ROW: Ronald
King, Ronald Bye, Dennis Green,
LeRoy Luchau, Bruce Nelson, Will-
iam Neison, Philip Weiland.

Roger Asplin       Steve Beyer      "Butch"Bergeron
  Tackle            Fullback            Left End

Dale Demers     "Tiny" Eisenhardt   Roger Fischer
   Guard          Left Tackle         Right End

Carter Hjelle    Jimmy Kovar        Paul Overguard
  Tackle           Left Half         Right Guard

 Larry Paupst          Bobby Peck                 Dicky Peck
Right Halfback          Fullback                 Left Halfback

                     1963 Football Scores
                 Aggies 7 Goodrich           0
                 Aggies 14 Glendon          26
                 Aggies 0 Cathedral         13
                 Aggies 26 Oklee             0
                 Aggies 13 Oak Grove        12
                 Aggies 0 Sacred Heart      32

Ron Phillips                                     Jon Saxman
Quarterback                                      Right Tackle

  Chuck Steer           Dean Slininger           Jim Swenson
  Left Guard            Defensive End              Fullback

Basketball is a most important sport in any school
during the winter months. Our school is not ex-
cluded, with a representation of fourteen boys on
the "A” Squad and ten boys on the "B" Squad,
who have proven to put forth much effort in
building a good team. There was a lot of in-
dividual ability and the boys played well as a
team. They played some fine ball and won
many exciting games. One highlight of the
season this year was when our team placed sec-
ond in the fourth Annual Fort Carry Invitational
Tournament. They also played i n the Christ-
mas Tournament at Northwood, North Dakota.
Leadership was supplied by John Scheiner, our
captain. He and the team played hard every
game and showed a lot of ability. John was not
only a hard working captain, but he led the team
through many a fast moving game and provided
the spirit to hold the team together. Next year,
Coach Lysaker can look forward t o a team that
has a lot of ability and a team which will be
hard to beat.

                                                     CENTER: Captain John Scheiner. SECOND ROW: Dean
                                                     Romfo, Francis Bellamy, Pat Larson. THIRD ROW: Neal
                                                     Bohnsack, Richard Ferguson, Bill Gatheridge. FOURTH ROW:
                                                     Lowell Lerud, Jim Coauette. FIFTH ROW: Brian Bohnsack,
                                                     Conrad Larson, Danny Erdman. SIXTH ROW: Robert Bye,
                                                     Wayne Pederson.

     John Schreiner               Pat Larson              Bill Gatheridge            Dean Romfo
         Guard                      Center                     Guard                   Forward

"B" SQUAD. FRONT R O W Stanley Lambert, Lyle Nelson, Bruce Stromstad, Gary Weiss, Ben Bitzer, Anthony
Obowa. BACK ROW: Mr. Tharaldson, BarryMoon, Dennis Lee, Douglas Kroening, David Lambert, Robert Sewill.

FRESHMANSQUAD: FRONT ROW: Richard Battles, Loren Kramer, Paul Shelstad, Bruce Nelson, William Weber.
SECOND ROW: Robert Marquardt ,Mark Casavan, Robert Fehr, Paul Peterson, James Boutain, Larry Adams. THIRD
R O W Coach Lysaker, William Neison, Royal Rivard, Lyle Odegaard, Ronald Bye, Rodger Thompson, Mr. Hoien.

                                                      s p o r t s that they engage in are basketball,
After many a try the pyramid was a success and Jani   swimming, volleyball, tumbling, cageball
is finally at the top.                                and the trampoline. M r s Braaten is our
                                                      supervisor and one of the student teachers,

 Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are
 the qualities that are considered in the selection of
 members of the National Honor Society. In addition
 one must maintain a 3.00 average through out his
 high school years. Six juniors and six seniors are
 selected to the society annually by the faculty and
 by the former members. The activities of the society
 are limited. However, it does take on several
 responsibilities such as registering parents on Parents
 Day and selling candy at basketball games.

                                                                National Honor Society members are; SEATED
                                                                Claudia Hanson, Kay Petersen, Shirley Johnson.
                                                                STANDING: Jon Saxman, Sidney Stivlend, Steve
                                                                Beyers. Advisor: Mr. E. N. Reiersgord.

President; Jon Saxman, Secretary-treasurer; Claudia
Hanson, Vice-president; Shirley Johnson.

ABOVE: National Honor Society advisor: Mr. E. N.
Reiersgord. RIGHT: National Honor Society mem-
bers registering parents on Parents Day.

     Students who are honored with membership in the
     Headwaters Club, are those who have been selected
     by the faculty to attend the inter-school Leadership
     Camp at Itasca State Park.
     Those instrumental i n organizing the camp are the
     late Dean Fenske, Associate Dean of the School of
     Agriculture of the University of Minnesota and
     Doctor Youngquist of our own school.
     Officers this year are: Sidney Stivland, Robert
     Odegaard, Kay Peterson.

Waiting on the threshold to enter the auditorium,    As Mr. Anderson begins to play the opening strains of the
the queen candidates are filled with tension about   "triumphalmarchfrom 'Aida'," all hearts beat faster as the
who will be chosen as the Homecoming Queen for       candidates begin to advance toward the throne.

                                                       The alumni are greeted at the game.

According to tradition the first dance is led off by
Queen Claudia and Jimmy Swenson.
                                                    Being selected for their outstanding
                                                    cheerleading ability, these pepsters are
                                                    forever promoting school spirit at pep
                                                    fests, wrestling meets, football games
                                                    and basketball games.

"A" Team cheerleaders: Janis McElheney, Judy
Rivard, Judy Karr, Pixie Gunderson.

The "Rouser" is well known to the students
as the official campus newspaper. It is

                                                 The Carpentry Club at the Northwest School is
                                                 one of the more active organizations on o u r high
                                                 school campus. Under the leadership of Mr
                                                 Menzhuber, this club does many things which
                                                 are of service to the school. F o r instance on
                                                 Parents' Day, the f r a m e s f o r most of the display
                                                 tables were made by this club. Whenever t h e r e
                                                 is a class play, you are s u r e to find some of the
                                                 carpentry club members as stage hands.
                                                 Furthermore, on Parents' Day, the club was of
                                                 further assistance when they served coffee at the
                                                 auditorium. Perhaps the greatest benefits are
                                                 derived by those who like to work with wood.

                                                 The Carpentry Club was first organized to be
                                                 of s e r v i c e to the school and in o r d e r for anyone
                                                 to become a member, he must be voted in by a
                                                 unanimous vote. The membership may not
                                                 exceed eighteen persons s o that the club would
                                                 be small enough to handle themselves well and
                                                 get more done.

                                                 The Carpentry Club owes a lot to M r . Menz-
                                                 huber because he puts s o much of his s p a r e time
                                                 into working with i t . He comes out to school
                                                 every Monday evening for the meetings and helps
                                                 u s and gives us advice with anything we want to
                                                 know. W e are sure that if you would a s k any of
                                                 the members of Carpentry Club, they would all
                                                 say that he is simply the g r e a t e s t .
Officers: Secretary, Mark Moe, Advisor, Mr.
Menzhuber, Vice-president, Paul Overgaard,
Treasurer, Jon Saxman, President, Alan Dahnke.

Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Ottness, Mrs. Ingalls.        Mrs. Jensen, Mr. Moen

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      Phone 281-3507
                                                Complete Optical Service

                     CONSUMERS                          Greetings to
                      GAS CO.                           Class of 1964
                     Home Heating                        G A M6LE‘ S
                     Tractor Fuel
                                    1 1 1 N. Main                          Crookston
                                   To O u r M a n y Advertisers
                                        We S a ya Hearty

                                           THANK YOU

S                                            H
E                                            E
E                                            M
D                                            I
S                                            C
                                             L                    Funeral Home
                                             S                  Ambulance Service
              Steel Bui Idings
       You Can Depend on AGSCO                    Phone AT 1-3372                      Crookston
     Crookston--Hal loc k--Grand Forks

            DR. G. HENDRICKSON                                 J. C. PENNEY CO. INC.
                  Optometrist                              Sportswear Headquarters for
                                                                 A l l Age Students
               Hendrickson Bldg.
Crookston        123 So. Main         Minnesota    Crookston                           Minnesota

         C. E. SANDERS                                            ESPE MACHINE CO.
                                                                Machine & Welding Shop
            Domestic   Industria I                         Iron Pipes-Fittings-Steel Bolts
                   Rural                                            411 N. Main St.
               203 N. Main

                                                                  Compliments of
                                                    OTTO J. EICKHOFF & SONS INC.
             Shop at Sears and Save
Crookston                             Minnesota
                                                          Contractors & Construction

                                                                   209 N. Main
                                                 MYROLD AGENCY
                                             Insurance and Real Estate
         Crookston, Minnesota
                                            Security --Savi ngs--Service
         Eggs--Feeds--Seeds                    Corner Robert & Main
      Baby Turkeys--Baby Chicks


    Department Store Since 1885
                                                 112 W. 2nd Street
                Style e
        Quality and Service          Phone 281 -5620                  Crookston
        Crookston, Minnesota

          Eagles Building                          Compliments of
       Crookston, Minnesota
                                              BRAY'S APPAREL, INC.
    Northwest's Largest and Finest
           Furniture Store
     CompIete Home Furnishings       Crookston                       Minnesota

                                                    Best Wishes

                                               MUNN'S JEWELRY &
                                                 GIFT STORE

             Incorporated                   FARMERS U N I O N OIL C O .
                                               Crookston, Minnesota
                                              Lloyd A . Hughes, Mgr
                                              Gasoline and Fuel Oils
                                                  Farm Machinery


   Two Ambulances--24 Hour Service        A Poultry and Animal Feed or
       Local and Long Distance           Supplement for Every Farm Need.

         Crookston, Minnesota        Crookston Milling Co.            Crookston
          In the Community to Serve                                   CARGILL ELEVATORS

                                                                       Willis J. Nelson, Manager
                                                                                Box 514

                                                         Crookston,                                Minnesota

                                                                             AT 1-2208

                                                                           Compliments of

 Crookston                               Minnesota
                                                          GRAND AND GOPHER THEATERS
                                                           EMERSON INSURANCE AGENCY
          JOHNSON DRUG CO.
                                                                          Crookston, Minnesota

            Prompt Prescription Service
                                                                        SIDNEY’S CAFE
CANDIES                                    SUNDRIES
                                                             Choice Steaks-Sea     Foods-Chow Meins
               CAMERA SUPPLIES
                                                                      Banquet and Party Facilities

                                                                        Next to Wayne Hotel
         O f f i c e Hours 9 A.M. t o 5 P.M.
         Special Hours by Appointment                                        Best Wishes
Crookston                                      Fosston
                                                                JOHNSON JEWELRY STORE

                                                                      Exclusive Bulova Agency
             Compliments Your
         CHRYSLER-DODGE D E A L E R                      E Ig in Watches                    Syracuse China
             Crookston, Minnesota                                        Fostoria Glassware

            L O G A N CLOTHING
                                                                      PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL
         The Men’s Quality Store
              123 N. Main                                                   PHOTOGRAPHY
R . R. Logan                    Croo kston
                                                                             5 Photographers

         QUIRK LUMBER COMPANY                                                at Your Service

    “DESIGNERS O F MODERN LIVING”                               KEN R. JOHNSON STUDIOS

 Phone   AT 1-3321                         Crookston
                                      CROOKSTON MINNESOTA
                                 51st Year of Community Service

                             Serving the Communities of
                    Crookston, Beltrami, Gentilly, Euclid, Nielsville,
                              Climax, Eldred and Fisher.

                  Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

                                                         INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER
                                                                  Sales & Service
         Build Better with Lampert
                                                   Crookston                         Minnesota
       Qual ity--Service--Re1 iabi Iity

281-2689                               Crookston              ERICKSON MEAT MARKET
                                                          Where Meat Is a Business not a
      KIEWEL PRODUCTS COMPANY                                        Sideline
                                                   So. Main                           Crookston
             Squirt-Nes bitorange
                  P e psi-Cola
                                                                   S & LC O .
                 Canada Dry
                                                   Dry Goods--Shoes--Ladies Ready to Wear
C rookston                            Minnesota
                                                          Men's and Boys' Clothing
                                                         Children and Infants Wear
                                                                 ANDY CAREY
    MaytagWestinghouse--Frigidaire                        HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE CO.
          Sales and Service on
                                                             SPORTING GOODS-TOOLS
        Television & Appliances
                                                                BUILDING SUPPLIES
Phone AT 1-2770                       Crookston     113 N. Broadway               Crooks ton
                                                        MASON CHEVROLET CO.
          JOHN DEERE
                                               Crook ston                            Minnesota

      Quality Farm Equipment                                      Chevrolet
                                                               Sales and Service

    DeLaval Cream Separators and Milkers
                                                    Crookston’s Newest Jewelry Store
              Westgo Elevators
            Salesservice-Parts                              ROCK’S JEWELRY
                                                                  Home of
                                                    Keepsake and Princess Diamonds
                                                    Hamil ton, B ulo va, Wyl er Watche s
           CROOKSTON                                Repairs, Watches, Razors, Clocks
                                              Next to Gopher Theatre                Crookston

         IMPLEMENT CO.
                                                              Compliments of
           Crookston, Minnesota
                                               EAGLE REXALL D R U G CO.
                                                 Northwestern Minnesota’s Largest
            Best Wishes from                                Drug Store
   F. W. WOLLWORTHS COMPANY                       Serving the Northwest Since 1887
         K . J . Simon, Mgr.

                                                     Savings Insured to $10,000.00
     C R O O K S T O N TIMES
        P R I N T I N G CO.                   CROOKSTON SAVINGS & LOAN ASS’N.
                                                      Welcome Student Accounts
Publishers of the Crookston Daily Times
                                                            110 South Broadway
                                              Crookston                            Minnesota

       BRENTS MUSIC CENTER                                         A s k for
        For Everything i n Music                            RUSSELL’S ICE CREAM
   Gibson, Magnavox, Story & Clark                                   and
                                                                 Grade A   Milk
     Stores i n Crookston & Bemidii
                                                        SANITARY DAIRY PRODUCTS
Phone AT 1-2300                   Crookston
                                               214 So. Main                          Crooks ton
I      Crookston's Newest and Most Modern
                                                                   ZITZER'S FLOWERS

                                                                   "Say It with Flowers''
                   THE SWEET SHOP
                                                       Fresh Flowers Arranged for A l l Occasions
    Crookston                             Minnesota

                     COX'S BAKERY

            Our Bread i s Made to Eat and
                    Not to Keep
      Crookston                          Minnesota

                   KELLY OIL C O .                                    Comp Iiment s of
    Crookston                             Minnesota                  MAVES OPTICAL
                  Firestone Farm Tires
                                                        rookston                            Minnesota
          Veedol Tractor Oils & Greases

                    Greetings from                                   OSMON DRUGS
                  REDDY K ILOWATT
                                                                     Walgreen Agency
                Your Electrical Servant
                                                       Phone 88-89                          Crookston
              OTTERTAIL POWER CO.
                                                                      Compliments of
                LINOLEUM                                    THE NORTHWESTERN CLINIC
                Benjamin Moore Paint                             220 So. Broadway
                  Imperial Wa I Ipaper
                  Glass and Mirrors                    Crookston                            Minnesota

                CROOKSTON CLINIC

      O. K . Behr, M.D.--A.         B. Reff, M . D .
                                                                         1 964- 1 965
    H R . Thysell, M. D .--J   .A.     Jensen, M D .
                                                       NORTHWEST SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE
                                                               Fall Term Starts Sept. 28
                                                                Winter Term January 4

                                                                      Greetings Class of
                   Marvin lverson                                           1964
                                                                            from a


     Stephens Drive                        Crookston

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