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Migrating PMM Users


									Unifying Information Security

Migrating MIMEsweeper for SMTP PMM Whitelist
information to the SECURE Email Gateway

Version 1.0
1 Introduction
Customers who want to migrate from the MIMEsweeper for SMTP software product
to the Clearwift SECURE Email Gateway and retain the per-user whitelist
information can use the PMM Migration Utility available from the Support portal to
perform this function.

2 Overview of the process
The process of getting the Whitelist data from the software product to the
Gateway is a 2 stage process and uses 2 files to contain the per-user whitelist

      MIMEsweeper for SMTP                                      Clearswift Secure Email

3 On the MIMEsweeper for SMTP PCS
By running the EXE, the following screen will be displayed and you should complete
the access control parameters for the SQL server.

                                              By de-selecting the SQL
                                              Authentication method checkbox will
                                              force the tool to work in Windows
                                              Authentication mode

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The export utility will create 2 files necessary for the migration
        pmmwdbusers.csv (for the pmmw_users table)
        pmmwdbsenders.csv (for the pmmw_whitelist table)

You should now transfer this over to the Gateway.

4 On the Clearswift Email Gateway
Follow the next series of instructions to create the file to import into the Gateway

mkdir pmmwhite

cd pmmwhite

<copy in the files created in step 3 to here>

touch pmmpdbaccount.csv

touch pmmpdbadopter.csv

touch pmmpdbrcptlink.csv

tar cvfj ../v5pmmwdb.gz *

cd ..

Then drop the archive into the replication directory:

cp v5pmmwdb.gz /var/msw/pmm/awl/remote

A log will be created in /opt/msw/logs/pmm.{date} showing that the import
process has taken place.

5 Performing a manual export
It’s possible to export the entries manually using the following command:

SELECT pmm_WhiteList.AddressID as whitelistid, pmi_EmailAddress.EmailAddress AS Whitelist,
pmi_Account.AccountID FROM pmi_Account INNER JOIN pmm_WhiteList ON pmi_Account.AccountID
pmm_WhiteList.AccountID INNER JOIN pmi_EmailAddress ON pmm_WhiteList.AddressID
pmi_EmailAddress.AddressID GROUP BY pmi_Account.AccountID,

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