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MasterCard St. Louis Community Affairs Report 2007
S    t. Louis is home to the MasterCard Worldwide global technology and operations headquarters, the
     largest MasterCard office in the world. Around the clock, MasterCard employees build and maintain
advanced technology, including the sophisticated global network that quickly and securely processes billions
of payment transactions each year.
   These same employees also build and maintain a strong network within the St. Louis community,
volunteering thousands of hours and dollars each year. While our
efforts comprise two distinct kinds of networks, both are vital to the
foundation and success that MasterCard has built.
Innovation + Commitment = Solutions
In late 2006, we announced a new strategic focus for our local support
of education: advancing excellence in the teaching of math. Through
Project Math, we seek to help improve student math achievement by
increasing support for math teachers.
   Our business makes us well aware that solid math understanding is
crucial for consumers to manage their finances and navigate everyday
life. And, with the range of both technology and financial career paths
at our St. Louis office, we also recognize the implications that math
achievement has for the employability of tomorrow’s workforce.
   This, the first report of MasterCard Community Affairs, highlights Project Math, plus our support of other
areas of need in the St. Louis region, to illustrate how our contributions, in concert with those of many
others, add up to cumulative impact, making a significant difference in our community.
Generosity + Spirit = MasterCard Employees
MasterCard community involvement relies upon the great hearts and minds of our vibrant, diverse workforce.
In 2007, as in previous years, hundreds of our employees volunteered time to teach in local schools, mentor
robotics teams, improve homes in financially disadvantaged communities and help expand the reach of local
non-profit organizations.
   We take pride in the long-time MasterCard commitment to supporting our community and to enhancing
the region where so many of our employees live, work and raise their families. We look forward to our
continued efforts to help advance achievement in education, build workplace employability and enhance the
quality of life in St. Louis and beyond.

Rob Reeg
Chief Technology Officer
MasterCard Worldwide
                                                                    Dec. 2006
                                                  2007 Milestones
                                                                                 MasterCard launches
 We take pride in the long-time                                                  Project Math
 MasterCard commitment to
 supporting our community and

                                                                    March 2007
 to enhancing the region where
                                                                                 Hope for Youth Award from
 so many of our employees live,                                                  Junior Achievement
 work and raise their families.

 Rob Reeg                                                           May 2007
                                                                                 Educational Progress Award
 Chief Technology Officer, MasterCard Worldwide
                                                                                 from Partners for Progress
                                                                    Sept. 2007

                                                                                 MasterCard United Way
     Table                                                                       campaign surpasses million-
       of contents                                                               dollar mark

     Passionate Volunteers
                                                                    Oct. 2007

     Page 3                                                                      MasterCard hosts Math
                                                                                 Education Summit

     Robust Citizenship
                                                                                 Spirit of St. Louis Technology
     Page 7                                                                      Award from St. Louis Regional
                                                                                 Chamber and Growth
     Project Math
                                                                    Dec. 2007

     Page 9                                                                      Environmental Award recognition
                                                                                 from Cintas Document
                                                                                 Management Company

                                                                                 Philanthropic Investments Award
                                                                                 for United Way Leadership from
                                                                                 the Regional Business Council

                    + leadership
                    = Inspirational Volunteerism

                       t MasterCard, sharing time and talents through volunteerism creates
                       exponential impact by sharpening leadership skills, deepening business
                  and community results and inspiring and empowering others. St. Louis teams
                  build volunteer commitments into their business plans in a variety of ways,
                  contributing thousands of volunteer experiences over the course of the year.
                     Leaders at all levels seek opportunities to heighten business acumen
                  through team-building volunteer projects, which encourage teamwork,
                  integration and inclusion while making a difference for those in need. Our
                  2007 team projects benefited diverse at-risk populations being served by St.
                  Louis Crisis Nursery in St. Charles County, Operation Food Search, Edgewood
                  Children’s Center, KidSmart and more.

                      ith chief of staff responsibilities for the MasterCard Global Debit
                      Operations organization and managing the MasterCard Debit
                  Reconciliation team, Mia Rethorn is accustomed to juggling a variety of

    Mia Rethorn   opportunities and challenges.
                       “Volunteering is important to me and I feel like I am called to do as
                  much of it as I possibly can,” says Mia, a senior business leader.
                  Mia is passionate about her volunteer involvement with Rebuilding Together,
                  helping needy families rehab their homes in the St. Louis area. In 2007, Mia
                  took on a leadership role as a team captain, working with 15 volunteers. Her
                  responsibilities ranged from planning and prep work to the delegation of
                  tasks the day of the event, even making runs to the hardware store.
                       “You’re making a difference in the life of a family that may not be as
                  fortunate as you. At the end of the day, you get to see the progress you
                  made and the smiles on the homeowners’ faces,” Mia says.
                       “MasterCard offers incredible opportunities to help others in the
                  community,” Mia says. “I believe that it’s our obligation to take care of the
                  least fortunate and it’s something that I know MasterCard believes in too.”

                                                                                        passionate volunteers

Junior Achievement of Mississippi Valley                                               By the Numbers
MasterCard has collaborated with Junior Achievement since 2000, sharing                 Donation Drives
time and talent with nearly 10,000 St. Louis-area students. In fact, MasterCard    MasterCard employees’
                                                                                   generosity is shown through
helped bring the JA in a Day model to St. Louis in 2003. The 2007 JA in a Day      the thousands of dollars and
program included 265 MasterCard employees volunteering their time to teach         items donated to charitable
                                                                                   drives throughout the year,
a day of JA curriculum and activities centered on entrepreneurship, workforce      including:
readiness and financial literacy.
                                                                                   l   1,000     soccer balls for
                                                                                   Iraqi children through Missouri
FIRST Robotics                                                                     Marines

                                                                                       $12,400           2,810
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) seeks
                                                                                   l              and
to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging           food items for Operation Food
them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and         Search

technology skills, inspire innovation, and foster well-rounded life capabilities   l   127 bicycles for St.
including self-confidence, communication and leadership. Since 2003,               Joachim & Ann Care Services

MasterCard support of FIRST Robotics has grown to include volunteer service        l   436   coats for FISH of St.
as competition judges, planning committee members, and event volunteers.           Charles County, a not-for-profit
                                                                                   agency that provides food and
The spring competition provides high school students opportunities to work         clothing for the less fortunate

with corporate and community mentors to design, build and test robots, while
                                                                                   l             for KidSmart to
fall competitions offer innovative challenges for younger students and those       provide free school supplies for
new to FIRST.                                                                      students in need

                                                                                   l   $13,000       and two
Rebuilding Together                                                                truckloads of goods and gifts
                                                                                   for immigrant and refugee
Rebuilding Together - St. Louis revitalizes neighborhoods in partnership with      families served by the
the community by rehabilitating the houses of low-income homeowners,               International Institute

particularly the elderly and the disabled, so that they may continue to live       l  More than   700   pairs of
independently in comfort and safety. Rebuilding Together - St. Louis also          glasses collected for Gift of
                                                                                   Sight Eyeglass Drive
renews neighborhoods by rebuilding community centers, playgrounds
and other community projects. In 2007, the twelfth year of our volunteer           l   126  gave blood during
                                                                                   Red Cross Blood Drives
involvement, 200 MasterCard employees helped refurbish six houses in an
urban St. Louis neighborhood on National Rebuilding Day.                           l 185 participants raised
                                                                                   $ 10,936 for St. Louis
                                                                                   Komen Race for the Cure

                               + commitment
                                     = Community Leaders

‘‘                            M
                                     asterCard leaders share strategic vision and insight as active

    It is a remarkable               contributors on the boards of not-for-profit organizations. In 2007,
                              MasterCard board affiliations included the following civic, charitable and
    privilege to be
                              cultural organizations:
    affiliated with such
    an exceptional
    company that
    support to the
    community in
    which we live and
    work. Being on
    the International
    Institute’s board
    gives me the
    to represent
    while making a

    difference in lives
    of the clients the
    Institute serves.

    Edgar Smart
    Senior Business Leader,
    Global Network Services

                                                                                             passionate volunteers

      ifteen-year MasterCard employee Pat Smith Thurman usually is first in line to help and the first to
      advocate for community-building opportunities.
     Pat is the group head for Financial Services Development, where she manages
 a staff of more than 160 employees worldwide, incorporating volunteerism as team-
                                                                                              Pat Smith Thurman
 building. In July, Pat organized a group of 50 to paint and clean at Edgewood
 Children’s Center, a non-profit that offers treatment programs addressing children’s
 severe emotional, behavioral and learning problems.
     Pat shares her talents in numerous efforts, inside and outside of MasterCard.
 As a board member, committee chair, fundraiser, speaker and event planner, she
 represents organizations such as the National Conference for Community and
 Justice, the Regional Business Council’s United Way Women’s Initiative, the United
 Way of Greater St. Louis’ Cabinet for African American Leadership Initiative and the
 George Washington Carver House.
     In recognition of her commitment to excellence in business and community
 involvement, the St. Louis American Foundation, St. Louis RCGA and the Urban
 League of Metropolitan St. Louis named Pat the 2007 Corporate Executive of the
 Year at their Salute to Excellence in Business Awards. A dedicated volunteer, Pat also
 teaches students through our JA in a Day program and judging the local FIRST Robotics competitions.
     “Volunteering as a FIRST judge is tiring, yet it’s so invigorating,” she says. “By working with students
 through organizations like FIRST, we’re helping the next generation build business and technical skills.”
     In addition, Pat is a strong advocate of mentoring, volunteering her time to mentor as many as four
 individuals per year.
     “When I mentor, I share my life experiences and stories. I pass on what I know to others,” Pat says.

 “I’m able to convey the message that if I can do it, they can too.”

 As a United Way board member, I enjoy using my business knowledge

 and compassion to help advance the organization’s success so that
 they can continue to provide critically important services and support
 in our community for those who need it most.
  Don Ascare
  Group Head, Human Resources
+ matching contributions
                                      = Deeper Support

                                           asterCard contributes significant support to critical areas of need in
                                           the region, including United Way of Greater St. Louis. The company
                                    also provides grants to organizations such as the International Institute of St.

    By the Numbers                  Louis, Cardinal Glennon’s Costas Cancer Center, Missouri Families for Effective
    Matching Employee               Autism Treatment, Rainbow Village and Rebuilding Together. To support
       Donations                    the generosity and community involvement of employees, the MasterCard
    St. Louis employees             Matching Gift Program provides company matching funds to the charitable
    leveraged the company
    matching gift program to        organizations employees personally support.
    double the support they
    provided for many not-for-

    profit organizations in 2007.

    l More than     40%   of St.             Charitable organizations like ours
    Louis employees participated
                                             frequently lack sufficient funds to
    l   More than                            integrate technology into our learning
    $209,400        provided to              programs. The recent MasterCard grant
    match employee donations
                                             to build a computerized classroom
                                             at the Institute will open the learning
                                             doors for St. Louis’ new Americans.
                                             Teens will have access to computers for
                                             homework and research, our vocational
                                             education training will transition
                                             to computer-aided learning and

                                             technology can now become an integral
                                             part of our English instruction program
                                             as well.

                                             Anna Crosslin
                                             President & CEO, International Institute of St. Louis

                                                                                 robust citizenship

United Way of Greater St. Louis
MasterCard conducts an annual United Way campaign, raising funds for health
and human service organizations in the St. Louis community. Thanks to the
generosity and community-minded spirit of our employees, donations to the
annual campaign, year over year, have increased, from $10,000 the first year
to about $1 million in 2007. MasterCard support of the United Way includes
matching employees’ donations, chairing the local Leadership Giving initiative
and sharing employee time and talents on various boards and committees.

Preferred Card Relationships
   To help local non-profit organizations raise additional funds, MasterCard
leverages the power of its brand through strategic partnerships with cultural
and charitable organizations. Preferred card relationships include exclusive
offers for cardholders who use their MasterCard cards to support selected arts

‘‘    In a year when our community is
      challenged to have ‘breakout’ success in
      addressing pressing community needs,
      MasterCard Worldwide has again stepped
      to the forefront as a key leader. The
      success of the United Way campaign at
      MasterCard is no accident; it is simply
      another example of commitment by the

      company and the employees to each other,
      their customers and the community.

       John Glenn
       Vice President, United Way of Greater St. Louis,
       Tri-County Region

        math teachers
        + innovative solutions
                                   = Project Math

                                     or MasterCard, creating an environment that fosters financial literacy and

    Project Math                     economic growth is an essential part of being a responsible corporate

     areas of focus              citizen. In St. Louis, home to our worldwide technology headquarters,

                                 MasterCard initiated Project Math in late 2006, pledging $1 million over three
     Sharing national and
     international expertise     years to advance excellence in the teaching of math.

                                    Local and national levels of achievement in mathematics do not measure
     Facilitating regional
     partnerships                up internationally, which carries serious implications for the employability of

                                 tomorrow’s workforce. MasterCard is one of many companies in which careers
     Assisting local districts
                                 depend on advanced technology and financial skills, and we want to help
     Sharing intellectual

                                 provide visibility and resources for math education experts who have the power
     resources through
     employee volunteer          to foster change in the classroom.
     opportunities                  While teachers are one of the most important influences in children’s lives,

5    Donating technology
                                 resources for their professional development are often lacking. Through our
                                 grants for innovative solutions that improve opportunities and tools for math
                                 teachers, they may increase their impact upon students, and serve as models
                                 for our community and beyond. Project Math is in progress, and year-one
                                 efforts chart strong opportunities.

                                 Math Education Summit: Global Expertise, Local Possibilities
                                 MasterCard convened a one-day Math Education Summit in St. Louis,
                                 engaging local educators and business and community leaders for dialogue on
                                 international perspectives and best practices in math education.
                                    Summit highlights included a keynote presentation by Dr. Lianghuo Fan,
                                 associate professor of mathematics education at Singapore National Institute
                                 of Education, on Singapore’s successful approach to math curriculum, as well
                                 as inspiring presentations on classroom best practices from Frank Corcoran,
                                 founding teacher of KIPP Academy New York, and Jason Kamras, special
                                 assistant to the chancellor for teacher performance in the District of Columbia
                                 Public Schools and 2005 National Teacher of the Year.

                                                                                   project math

“I was so impressed to be in the offices of a huge business speaking to
business leaders. I was able to return to my students and say, ‘The people at
MasterCard want you to learn math so you can go to work for them someday.’”
-- Frank Corcoran, Math Teacher, KIPP Academy New York

University of Missouri-St. Louis: Mathematics in Gear
The University of Missouri-St. Louis co-sponsors the GEAR UP-ST. LOUIS
program to increase the college attendance rate of low-income students in
the metropolitan area. MasterCard underwrote intensive math professional
development for more than 50 middle school teachers in 33 partner middle
schools, impacting nearly 6,000 students in 2007 alone.

“As we look to significantly increase the number of students who are prepared
to enter and succeed in post-secondary education and future careers, business
partners such as MasterCard are critical links to generating lasting educational
improvements to benefit the region.”
-- Thomas George, Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Teach For America
Teach For America places qualified, top recent college graduates in our
neediest public schools in 25 regions throughout the country. Currently, there
are 123 Teach For America corps members teaching nearly 11,000 students
in St. Louis. With the acute need for highly qualified math teachers, the 2007
MasterCard grant underwrote recruiting, training and ongoing professional
support. Thanks to MasterCard support in the 2006-2007 school year, Teach
For America increased the number of math and science teachers in the St.
Louis area to 32, up from 18 in the previous school year.

“MasterCard is helping Teach for America support teachers who are working
relentlessly to change the lives of St. Louis students and its support has been
significant in helping us meet our growth plan goals early.”
   -- Dustin Odham, Executive Director, Teach For America St. Louis
     Wentzville School District: Singapore Math Pilot Program
     The MasterCard campus is located within the Wentzville R-IV School District,
     and the company is a strong supporter of district initiatives to advance student
     achievement. In 2007, MasterCard helped fund the district’s implementation of
     an innovative after-school math program using a curriculum called Singapore
     Math, which builds on the successful approach to mathematics in Singapore,
     the country that leads the world in student math achievement.
         All eight of the district’s elementary schools offered the after-school
     program in the fall semester. Teachers, students and parents responded with
     enthusiasm, and the pilot reached full capacity immediately. The program
     served 160 students in second through fourth grades in the fall, with plans to
     serve another 140 students in the spring 2008 semester.

     “Support from MasterCard means the difference in the resources we have for
     doing something new and creative for our students. The students will have the
     potential for some lasting long-term gains in learning math.”
     -- Terry Adams, Superintendent, Wentzville School District

     Junior Achievement
     Junior Achievement has been serving St. Louis area youth for 63 years, training
     volunteers from the business community to teach in local schools, helping
     students understand the relationship between what they learn in school and
     their successful participation in our economy. MasterCard contributes funds
     to cover the costs of program materials, volunteer administration, training
     and evaluation. In 2007, MasterCard funded JA programming at 18 schools,
     engaging students in hands-on learning activities designed to better their
     understanding of business and economics.
     l   2007 JA in a Day: More than 265 MasterCard employees volunteered for
     the 2007 event, teaching 131 classes at six St. Louis schools, impacting more
     than 3,000 students.
     l   JA Volunteers: Eight MasterCard volunteers taught JA curriculum
     throughout the year at six local schools, helping more than 330 students learn
     about the St. Louis region, success skills and the global marketplace.
                                                                                     project math

l   JA Fund-Raising Efforts: MasterCard employee teams participated in a
Bowl-A-Thon to benefit JA, with 746 bowlers raising more than $45,000 for the

“Funding and volunteers are vital in providing JA education programs to
the children in our community. We are fortunate that MasterCard volunteers
positively impacted the lives of more than 3,800 area students in 2007.”
-- Lori Jacob, President, Junior Achievement of Mississippi Valley, Inc.

        n his four years at MasterCard, Charlie Hall, a senior business
        partner in Human Resources, has taken on a leadership role for
      the annual JA in a Day project. As such, he is a strong
      advocate for the program and a highly successful recruiter
                                                                      Charlie Hall
      of volunteers amongst his colleagues.
          “It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day
      nuances in life, but if you set time aside to give back to
      the community, you’ll soon find out that the reward is
      so powerful, so energizing, so valuable…the end result
      certainly is worth so much more than the investment you
      put into it,” Charlie says.
          As a project coordinator for the annual MasterCard JA
      in a Day, Charlie makes sure that the school programs run
      smoothly on event day, on top of teaching a class himself.
      At the conclusion of JA in a Day 2007, a principal pulled
      Charlie aside and noted that, “A lot of organizations are
      out there talking the talk, but after what I saw today, I can
      truly say that MasterCard walks the walk.”
          Charlie adds, “Comments like this solidify my gratitude for the
      fact that the company I work for believes in doing what’s right for the

                                       FIRST Robotics: St. Louis Regional Competition
                                       MasterCard served as a major sponsor of the 2007 FIRST Robotics St. Louis

  By the Numbers                       Regional Competition, and provided significant employee volunteer involvement

 FIRST participants                    for FIRST projects throughout the year.

 vs non-participants
     A recent, independent             “We appreciate leadership from MasterCard in addressing the need to improve
     evaluation of the FIRST           math education in K-12 schools. MasterCard’s support of FIRST Robotics and
     Robotics Competition
     conducted by Brandeis             similar after-school programs will help enhance the state’s METS Initiative.”
     University found that             -- Ashok Agrawal, M.S., P.E., Dean, Math, Science, Engineering & Technology,
     participants, when
     compared to non-                  Director, Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing, St. Louis
     participants, were:               Community College at Florissant Valley

     l  Significantly more likely                                                          Fred Schwamle
     to attend college:                      red Schwamle is one of the most

     88% vs 53%                              frequent volunteers at MasterCard,
                                         dedicating his time for education efforts
     l  Roughly 10 times as              ranging from telementoring to JA in a Day to
     likely to have had an
     apprenticeship, internship,         FIRST Robotics.
     or co-op job in their                 “Volunteering is my opportunity to give
     freshman year:
                                         back to the community,” says Fred, a senior
     27% vs 3%                           software engineer. “I enjoy the personal

     l  More than three times as         involvement with the kids and being a role
     likely to major specifically in     model in their lives.”
                                            Fred is involved with the FIRST Robotics
     41% vs 13%                          Competition in a variety of roles, ranging
                                         from team management to helping build
     l  More than twice as
     likely to expect to pursue          and repair the playing field on which teams
     a science or technology
                                         compete to crowd control. Fred explains that the FIRST events are more than
                                         just team-building competitions -- they are opportunities for students to gain
     45% vs 20%                          affinity for technology and engineering in a fun atmosphere.
                                            “I love volunteering with FIRST because seeing the team-building and
                                         ingenuity that takes place is remarkable. The participants are the future
                                         workforce for companies like MasterCard, so I’m happy to contribute to their
                                         interest in technology for their good and for the good of MasterCard,” Fred says.
                                                                                         project math

Washington University in St. Louis & St. Louis Public Schools: An
Education Partnership for Middle School Mathematics                               Math skills will
In 2007, MasterCard funded a pilot professional development partnership           be paramount
between St. Louis Public Schools and Washington University in St. Louis           for many future
to strengthen math instruction through facilitated classroom coaching
                                                                                  careers as our
and customized, graduate-level courses for math teachers and school
                                                                                  country continues
administrators of grades seven through nine.
                                                                                  to thrive on
“We know that in-depth, small group professional programs for teachers make       technological
a difference, but they’re costly to implement. Funding from MasterCard allows     innovations. We
us to give teachers and schools the specific support they need.”                  are pleased to
-- Victoria L. May, Assistant Dean of Arts & Sciences, and Director of Science    see MasterCard
Outreach Center, Washington University in St. Louis                               dedicating its time

                                                                                  and resources
                                                                                  to the issue
          Working with Washington University was                                  and applaud
          great for us. Teachers took the strategies

                                                                                  their significant
          they learned and immediately used them                                  commitment to our
          in their classrooms. Karen [the instructor]                             region.
          gave me insight into instructional
                                                                                  Mark Wrighton

          strategies that I was able to utilize as
                                                                                  Chancellor, Washington
          I facilitated professional development                                  University, St. Louis
          within the district.

           Angelene Hayes
           Mathematics Supervisor, St. Louis Public Schools

     Saint Louis Science Center: Enhancing Elementary
     Mathematics Education
     Through funding from MasterCard, the Saint Louis Science Center implemented
     a model to improve math education in five schools within St. Louis Public
     Schools and Wellston School District. The program provides professional
     development, materials and extended learning opportunities that highlight the
     significance of exploring math in non-traditional ways. In 2007, 11 teachers
     and 167 students received classroom coaching and special math activities
     through guidance from trained Saint Louis Science Center staff. Fifteen
     teachers completed a professional development workshop focused on math,
     helping them learn how to support students’ research projects for math fairs. A
     subsequent math fair featured more than 80 projects and nearly 400 attendees.

     “We are so grateful for the assistance of corporations like MasterCard in their
     support of our initiatives. There is a clear issue with the current state of math
     achievement, and together as a team, we have exponentially greater potential
     to generate measurable improvement in our community.”
     -- Douglas King, President and Chief Executive Officer, Saint Louis Science

     Technology Donations
     MasterCard often distributes usable technology equipment to local schools and
     charities. More than 1,100 computers have been donated since 2001, including
     260 in 2007.

    + leadership
    = Community Impact

  n 2007, MasterCard and its employees donated thousands of volunteer
  hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the St. Louis region. Whether
rebuilding neighborhood homes, energizing local students about technology
careers or funding coaching and professional development for math teachers,
the MasterCard commitment to the St. Louis community is clear.

MasterCard and its employees are
proud to help raise the quality of life
for families across the St. Louis region
and look forward to next steps toward
advancing regional math achievement
and continuing to support critical areas
of community need.

     For More