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                    A B C D G H L M N O P R U W

ANDREW, IA – FIRST                                                Region 3, PIN #02477
207 West Emmett Street
P. O. Box 21
Andrew, IA 52030-0021
       Tom Jack, Commissioned Ruling Elder                            tomnjoey@q.com
                                                                    Cell – 563/663-0202

       Connie Jo Weirup, Clerk                                            563/672-3241

BANGOR, WI – FIRST                                                 Region 1, PIN #09355
1612 Pearl Street                                                       O-608/486-2670
Bangor, WI 54614-8880                                firstpresbangor@charterinternet.com
(Shared pastoral ministry with Mindoro, WI)
       Cindy Arndt, Pastor                                    pastorcindyarndt@aol.com

       Paula Martinmaki, Clerk                                      pm81ar@charter.net

BARABOO, WI – FIRST                                               Region 5, PIN #09370
416 Ash Street                                                         O-608/356-5945
Baraboo, WI 53913-2501                                       office@presbybaraboo.com
       Lisa Taylor, Pastor                                     lisa@presbybaraboo.com

       Terry Loomis, Clerk                                                608/356-6328

BELLEVUE, IA – FIRST                                              Region 3, PIN #02478
305 Market Street                                                      O-563/872-4853
Bellevue, IA 52031                                            bellpres@iowatelecom.net
       Marsha Wilfong, Pastor                                       mwilfong@mwci.net

       JoAnn Latham, Clerk                                                563/872-4052

CAMBRIA, WI – FIRST                                               Region 5, PIN #09373
121 West Florence Street                                           O/FAX-920/348-5859
P. O. Box 217                                            firstpresbycambria@gmail.com
Cambria, WI 53923
       Kristin Frederich, Stated Supply Pastor                       Cell-920/319-1766

       Lois Frank, Clerk                                        lois_frank@hotmail.com

CAMBRIA, WI – ROSEDALE                                    Region 5, PIN #09391
W3495 Hwy 33
Cambria, WI 53923
      Merle Bartels, Stated Supply Pastor                 mlbarpoy@charter.net

       Sandra Stancer, Clerk                                sss3716@jvlnet.com

CAMBRIDGE, WI – OAKLAND-CAMBRIDGE                         Region 4, PIN #09403
313 East Main Street                                      O/FAX-608/423-3001
Cambridge, WI 53523-9629                                 office@ocpchurch.com
       Sandra Nuernberg, Pastor                          pastor@ocpchurch.com

       Renee Roland Johnson, Clerk                    randyandrenee@charter.net

CANTON, MN – CANTON-SCOTLAND                              Region 1, PIN #10762
104 West Fillmore Avenue                                       O-507/743-2260
P. O. Box 136
Canton, MN 55922
       Amy Perkins, Stated Supply Pastor                 amyweezie@yahoo.com
       Tim Gerarden, Moderator effective 08/22/11       timgerarden@charter.net

       Linda Turner, Clerk                               glturner@mabeltel.coop

CHATFIELD, MN – PIONEER                                   Region 1, PIN #03936
206 Fillmore Street SE                                         O-507/867-4037
Chatfield, MN 55923
(Yoked with First-Lewiston, MN and First-Utica, MN)
        Timothy Gerarden, Stated Supply Pastor          timgerarden@charter.net

       Pauline Connaughty, Clerk

COLUMBUS, WI – FIRST                                      Region 5, PIN #09451
321 West Mill Street                                           O-920/623-3350
P. O. Box 182
Columbus, WI 53925
       Carol Hermann, Stated Supply Pastor                L8y_rev@frontier.com

       Pat Wendt, Clerk                                       wfws@charter.net

COTTAGE GROVE, WI – BRYN MAWR                            Region 4, PIN #09376
229 North Main Street                                           O-608/839-4768
Cottage Grove, WI 53527-0236                              www.brynmawrpc.org
       Craig Howard, Designated Pastor                 brynmawrcg@gmail.com
       Leslyn Spinelli, Clerk                               leslyns@gmail.com

DUBUQUE, IA – FIRST                                          Region 3, PIN #09190
1684 Iowa Street                                                  O-563/582-4494
Dubuque, IA 52001-4828                                         fpcdbq@yahoo.com
       Katherine Achtemeier, Pastor                       k.achtemeier@gmail.com

       Linda Longfield, Clerk                               lstdbqclerk@gmail.com

DUBUQUE, IA – WESTMINSTER                                     Region 3, PIN #02481
2155 University Avenue                                             O-563/583-1729
Dubuque, IA 52001-5768                                           FAX-563/557-8791
       Tom Young, Pastor                               westminstertom@mchsi.com
       Iliana Wood, Associate Pastor             westminsteriliana@mediacombb.net

       Merrill Crawford, Clerk                                       563/557-9489

GALESVILLE, WI – FIRST                                      Region 1, PIN #09356
20237 West Ridge Avenue                                           O-608/582-2991
Galesville, WI 54630                                           FAX-608/582-4167
       Michael Hibbs, Pastor                          FPC.Pastor.Mike@gmail.com

       Peg Knobloch, Clerk                                      Peglite49@aol.com

HIGHLAND, WI – FIRST                                         Region 3, PIN #09378
429 Spring Street
P. O. Box 244
Highland, WI 53543
(Member of God's New Field Parish)
       Roger Koester, Co-Pastor (ELCA)                 rogerkoester@centurylink.net
       Ramona Orton, Co-Pastor                           ortonramona@hotmail.com

       Jo Ann Wolenec, Clerk

HOLMEN, WI – NEW AMSTERDAM                                   Region 1, PIN #09358
N7283 John Street                                                 O-608/526-3992
P. O. Box 337
Holmen, WI 54636-0337
(Shared pastoral ministry with North Bend, WI)
       Allen Hanson, Commissioned Ruling Elder            ashanson@harmonytel.net

       Clara Nesmith, Clerk                                          608/388-1325

LACROSSE, WI – FIRST                                                     Region 1, PIN #09360
233 West Avenue South                                                          O-608/784-4248
LaCrosse, WI 54601-4188                                                    FAX – 608/784-1091
       J. Taylor Haley, Pastor                                          jtaylorh@centurytel.net

       , Clerk

LACROSSE, WI – NORTH                                                     Region 1, PIN #09361
1327 North Salem Road                                                    O/ FAX-608/781-5690
LaCrosse, WI 54603-1692                                                      office@npclax.org
       Scott Skogen, Pastor                                               sskogen@npclax.org

       Joyce Shanks, Clerk

LANCASTER, WI – FIRST                                                    Region 3, PIN #08937
133 West Oak Street                                                      O/FAX-608/723-4441
P. O. Box 267                                            www.lancasterfirstpresbyterianchurch.com
Lancaster, WI 53813-1038
       Mark Hoehne, Pastor                                          pastorhoehne@hotmail.com

       Marita Hale, Clerk                                                    maritahale@tds.net

LEWISTON, MN – FIRST                                                     Region 1, PIN #03945
60 West Main Street                                                           O-507/523-2606
P. O. Box 388
Lewiston, MN 55952-0388
(Yoked with Pioneer-Chatfield, MN and First-Utica, MN)
       Timothy Gerarden, Stated Supply Pastor                          timgerarden@charter.net

       Marilla Daley, Clerk

LODI, WI – FIRST                                                         Region 5, PIN #09382
258 Lodi Street                                                                O-608/592-4310
Lodi, WI 53555                                                             FAX-608/592-2332
       Gretchen Lord Anderson, Stated Supply Pastor                         pastor@lodifpc.org

       Pam Odorizzi, Clerk                                               pkodorizzi@gmail.com

MADISON, WI – CHRIST                                           Region 4, PIN #09383
944 East Gorham Street                                              O-608/257-4845
Madison, WI 53703                                                 FAX-608/257-4490
     Dale Chapin, Pastor                                       dale@cpcmadison.org
     Glen Reichelderfer, Associate Pastor                      glen@cpcmadison.org

     Gene Sheets, Clerk                                                608/246-0543

MADISON, WI – COVENANT                                         Region 4, PIN #09381
326 South Segoe Road                                                O-608/233-6297
Madison, WI 53705                                                FAX-608/233-6489
     Deborah Lind-Schmitz, Interim Pastor             dlschmitz@covenantmadison.org
     Bill King, Pastor Emeritus

     Carol Philipps, Clerk                                        philicarol@aol.com

MADISON, WI – DALE HEIGHTS                                     Region 4, PIN #09401
5501 University Avenue                                               O-608/233-0134
Madison, WI 53705                                                 FAX-608/233-2024
     Marilyn Gamm, Pastor                                   revmsgamm@yahoo.com
     Dietrich Gruen, Parish Associate                             dgruen@chorus.net

     Mike Holland, Clerk                                     mholland60@gmail.com

MADISON, WI – KOREAN                                           Region 4, PIN #10634
6906 Colony Drive                                                    O-608/829-0067
Madison, WI 53717                                                FAX-608/829-1795
     Choon Man Hong, Interim Pastor                         choonmhong@yahoo.com

     Yong-Guen Oh, Clerk                                          oh@math.wisc.edu

MADISON, WI – PARKSIDE                                         Region 4, PIN #09384
4002 Lien Road                                                 O/FAX-608/244-0847
Madison, WI 53704                                               info@myparkside.org
     Scott Marrese-Wheeler, Temporary Supply Pastor                 2revs@charter.net

     Dona Everingham, Clerk                                  donaever60@yahoo.com

MADISON, WI – WESTMINSTER                                          Region 4, PIN #09386
4100 Nakoma Road                                                         O-608/238-3121
Madison, WI 53711                                                     FAX-608/441-7798
       P. Alex Thornburg, Pastor                   alexthornburg@westminstermadison.org
       Kathleen Owens, Temporary Supply Pastor           kathleen@westminstermadison.org
       Mary Jean Bartholomew, Pastor Emerita
       Vern Forsberg, Pastor Emeritus
       Susan Paddock, Clerk

MAUSTON, WI – PEACE                                                Region 5, PIN #09362
217 Oak Street                                                          O-608/847-4306
Mauston, WI 53948
      Terry McGinley, Commissioned Ruling Elder                   renalboy@frontier.com

       Ann Kleinhans, Clerk                                   annkleinhans@hotmail.com

MAYNARD, IA – FIRST                                                Region 2, PIN #02490
235 Rich Street                                                    O/FAX-563/637-2393
P. O. Box 187
Maynard, IA 50655-0187
       John Kerr, Temporary Supply Pastor                           chingker@trxinc.com

       Julie Miller, Clerk                                        jam1150@hotmail.com

MINDORO, WI – MINDORO                                               Region 1, PIN #09363
N8293 Church Street                                           lorettanwillard@yahoo.com
P. O. Box 153
Mindoro, WI 54644
(Shared pastoral ministry with First-Bangor, WI)
       Cindy Arndt, Pastor                                     pastorcindyarndt@aol.com
       Allen Birchler, Pastor Emeritus

       Linda Achterkirch, Clerk                                            608/857-3251

MONROE, WI – UNION                                               Region 4, PIN #09387
2707 Fifth Street                                                      O-608/325-2519
Monroe, WI 53566                                                unionpresoffice@tds.net
       Marilyn Sandin-Ross, Pastor                                   unionpres@tds.net

       George Vernon, Clerk

MUSCODA, WI – UNITED                                          Region 3, PIN #03047
402 North Second Street                                            O-608/739-3933
Muscoda, WI 53573                                         ucmpchurch@centurytel.net
(Member of God's New Field Parish)
      Roger Koester, Co-Pastor (ELCA)                   rogerkoester@centurylink.net
      Ramona Orton, Co-Pastor                             ortonramona@hotmail.com

       Curt Heise, Clerk                                          cmheise@mwt.net

NEW ALBIN, IA – MT. HOPE                                       Region 2, PIN #02491
2574 Church Road                                                    O-563/544-4343
New Albin, IA 52160                                           www.mthopechurch.net
      Paul Burgess, Pastor                                  pburgess@bluebottle.com

       Margaret Bulman, Clerk                                          563/568-2075

NORTH BEND, WI – NORTH BEND                                   Region 1, PIN #09364
W16088 State Road 54
Melrose, WI 54642-8417
(Shared pastoral ministry with New Amsterdam-
Holmen, WI)
       Allen Hanson, Commissioned Ruling Elder             ashanson@harmonytel.net
       Allen Birchler, Pastor Emeritus                               507/886-2531

Send mail to: Lori Stuhr, Clerk                      lori.stuhr@wibuildingsupply.com
      W10841 State Road 54, Melrose, WI 54642                           608/582-2840

OELWEIN, IA – CHRIST                                          Region 2, PIN #10019
100 East Charles Street                                            O-319/283-1656
Oelwein, IA 50662                                                  pchurch@q.com
       Charis Combs-Lay, Pastoral Services                     drcharis@mchsi.com

       Sandra Hemmingsen, Clerk

OREGON, WI – FIRST                                            Region 4, PIN #09389
408 North Bergamont Blvd.                                            O-608/835-3082
Oregon, WI 53575                                              karenfpc@frontier.com
       Jessica Scholten, Interim Supply Pastor                  jessfpc@frontier.com

       Dorothy Davidson, Clerk                                davidson1@charter.net

OXFORD, WI – FIRST                                            Region 5, PIN #09399
210 South Miller Street                                       O/FAX-608/586-5592
P. O. Box 87                                                      oxpack@maqs.net
Oxford, WI 53952-0087
(Yoked with First-Packwaukee, WI)
       Mary Jo Bruinooge, Co-Pastor                           bruinoom@uwosh.edu
       Robert Bruinooge, Co-Pastor                                 bruino@maqs.net

       Ron James, Clerk                                                608/584-5860

PACKWAUKEE, WI – FIRST                                        Region 5, PIN #09501
504 Main Street, Packwaukee, WI                               O/FAX-608/586-5592
Send mail to: P. O. 87, Oxford, WI 53952-0087                     oxpack@maqs.net
(Yoked with First-Oxford, WI)
      Mary Jo Bruinooge, Co-Pastor                            bruinoom@uwosh.edu
      Robert Bruinooge, Co-Pastor                                  bruino@maqs.net

       Allen Willkomm, Clerk                                           608/589-5121

PARDEEVILLE, WI –FIRST                                        Region 5, PIN #09390
105 South Main Street                                               O-608/429-2646
P. O. Box 660                                            onepresoffice@frontier.com
Pardeeville, WI 53954-0660
       Julie Waterdu, Stated Supply Pastor                   waterdu@centurytel.net

       Gerald Skaar, Clerk                                   lineade13@frontier.com

PORTAGE, WI – CALEDONIA                                       Region 5, PIN #08805
N5123 State Road 78, Portage, WI 53901                            Cell-608/239-4992
Send mail to: W11596 Circle Bluff Road                  caledoniachurch@gmail.com
              Merrimac, WI 53561
      Paula Bremer, Stated Supply Pastor                       pdbremer@gmail.com

       David MacLeish, Clerk                                    macleish@merr.com

PORTAGE, WI – PORTAGE                                         Region 5, PIN #09392
120 West Pleasant Street                                       O/FAX-608/742-6006
Portage, WI 53901                                     office@portagepresbyterian.com
       David J. Hankins, Pastor                  pastordave@portagepresbyterian.com

       Jane Considine, Clerk                                considine5@frontier.com

POSTVILLE, IA – BETHLEHEM                                                   Region 2, PIN #09197
430 Bethlehem Drive                                                              O-563/864-3840
Postville, IA 52162-8575                                                          bpc@netins.net
(Yoked with Frankville, Postville, IA)
        Paul Snyder, Student Pastor                                      p.snyder100@yahoo.com

       Gary Catterson, Moderator                                communitypresby@centurytel.net

       Ellen Wahls, Clerk                                                     seawahls@neitel.net

POSTVILLE, IA – COMMUNITY                                                   Region 2, PIN #02493
106 South Reynolds Street                                                        O-563/864-3736
P. O. Box 8                                                                   FAX-563/864-3746
Postville, IA 52162-0008
        Gary Catterson, Pastor                                  communitypresby@centurytel.net

       Cindy Converse, Clerk                                              craig265@centurytel.net

POSTVILLE, IA – FRANKVILLE                                                   Region 2, PIN #02494
1130A Frankville Road                                                              O-563/864-3840
Postville, IA 52162                                    http://sites.google.com/site/frankvillepresb/
(Yoked with Bethlehem-Postville, IA)
Send mail to: 1362 175th Street, Postville, IA 52162
        Paul Snyder, Student Pastor                                      p.snyder100@yahoo.com

       Gary Catterson, Moderator                                communitypresby@centurtytel.net

       JoAnne Bodley, Clerk                                                   bodleyeq@neitel.net

POYNETTE, WI – FIRST                                                        Region 5, PIN #09393
224 North Main Street                                                             O-608/635-8321
P. O. Box 155                                              http://poynette-presbychurch.webs.com
Poynette, WI 53955-0155
       Paul Strickert, Pastor                                       brightasyellow@centurytel.net

       Tisa Hatfield, Clerk                                                   thatfiel@amfam.com

PRAIRIE DU SAC – FIRST                                                      Region 4, PIN #09394
435 Fifth Street                                                                 O-608/643-8428
P. O. Box 26
Prairie du Sac, WI 53578
        John Smith, Temporary Supply Pastor
        Larry Collins, Pastor Emeritus

       Marcia Howard, Clerk                                                    howard@merr.com

RANDOLPH, WI – BETHANY                              Region 5, PIN #09460
275 North High Street                                    O-920/326-3222
Randolph, WI 53956
      Linda Heisler, Commissioned Ruling Elder              920/885-2319

       Brenda Manke, Clerk

REEDSBURG, WI – FIRST                               Region 5, PIN #09365
148 North Park Street                               O/FAX-608/524-2812
Send mail to: 330 Second Street
              Reedsburg, WI 53959
      Joseph Corbin, Pastor                             jcorbin@rucls.net

       Jan Wussow, Clerk                                    608/985-8742

RICHLAND CENTER, WI – TOWN & COUNTRY                Region 3, PIN #09396
345 South Cairns Avenue                                  O-608/647-2754
Richland Center, WI 53581                                 tandc@mwt.net
       David King, Moderator                        dave@kingsware.com

       Lee Van Landuyt, Clerk                          foxridge@mwt.net

RUSHFORD, MN – FIRST                                Region 1, PIN #03953
110 South Mill Street                                       507/864-2584
P. O. Box 116
Rushford, MN 55971-0116
       Kristin Rice, Stated Supply Pastor            revrice@hotmail.com

       Martha Larson, Clerk                         smlarson@acegroup.cc

UTICA, MN – FIRST                                  Region 1, PIN #03954
P. O. Box 341                                    www.fpchurchuticamn.org
Utica, MN 55979
(Yoked with Pioneer-Chatfield, MN and First-
Lewiston, MN)
       Timothy Gerarden, Stated Supply Pastor     timgerarden@charter.net

       Cynthia Timm, Clerk                          cindytimm@juno.com

WAUKON, IA – FIRST                                 Region 2, PIN #09353
204 West Main Street                                    O-563/568-2981
P. O. Box 422                                    waukonfpc@hotmail.com
Waukon, IA 52172-1620
       Grant VanderVelden, Pastor                          gvv@ticon.net

       Revelyn Lonning, Clerk                               563/568-6176

WAUKON, IA – ROSSVILLE                                              Region 2, PIN #02499
771 Autumn Road                                                       zal_ross@neitel.net
Waukon, IA 52172
(Yoked with Zalmona, Waukon, IA)
      Tom Buresh, Commissioned Ruling Elder                          tomburesh@neitel.net

      Renae Adam, Clerk                                                     563/535-7294

WAUKON, IA – ZALMONA                                                Region 2, PIN #09202
371 Highway 9                                                            O-563/568-3875
Waukon, IA 52172-7538                                                 zal_ross@neitel.net
(Yoked with Rossville, Waukon, IA)
       Tom Buresh, Commissioned Ruling Elder                         tomburesh@neitel.net

      Shirley Winke, Clerk                                                  563/568-4075

WAUNAKEE, WI – FIRST                                                Region 4, PIN #09397
5763 County Road Q                                                         O-608/849-4625
Waunakee, WI 53597-9403                                                FAX-608/849-4608
      Kirk Morledge, Pastor                                         kmorledge@myfpc.org
      Susan Vergeront, Stated Supply Assoc. Pastor                  svergeront@myfpc.org
      Ben Ehrets, Stated Supply Assoc. Pastor                          behrets@myfpc.org

      Peg Jones, Clerk                                                  bpjones70@tds.net
WEST SALEM, WI – PR. CH. OF WEST SALEM                              Region 1, PIN #09366
625 West Franklin Street                                                  O-608/786-0910
P. O. Box 861                                                 preschurchws@centurytel.net
West Salem, WI 54669                                 www.presbyterianchurchwestsalem.com

      Larry Olson, Temporary Supply Co-Pastor                      rev.olson@hotmail.com
      Stephanie Steiner, Temp. Supply Co-Pastor                      cre8or59@yahoo.com

      Charles Engel, Clerk

WEST UNION, IA – BETHEL                                             Region 2, PIN #02501
208 North Vine Street                                                      O-563/422-3238
P. O. Box 473                                                       bethelpresbych@q.com
West Union, IA 52175-0473
       Galen Smith, Pastor                                          revgsmitty@gmail.com

      Stephen Bartenhagen, Clerk                              sbartenhagen@alpinecom.net

WESTFIELD, WI – FIRST                                    Region 5, PIN #09409
511 South Main Street                                         O-608/296-3255
P. O. Box 125
Westfield, WI 53964
       Barbara Merwin, Commissioned Ruling Elder             Cell-608/576-3718

      Jennifer Virch, Clerk                                       608/296-2190

WINONA, MN – GRACE                                        Region 1, PIN #09206
222 East Broadway                                               O-507/452-4608
Winona, MN 55987-5511                                        FAX-507/454-6916
      Susan Li, Interim Pastor                                srectorli@aol.com

      Pam Lica, Clerk                                             507/452-8884

WISCONSIN DELLS, WI – UNITED                             Region 5, PIN #09398
730 Cedar Street                                          O/FAX-608/253-3481
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965-0179                        unitedpresby@yahoo.com
      Steven G. Keller, Pastor

      Sue Brown, Clerk


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