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									        Unified Storage Systems
  Implementation Specialist Boot Camp
Oracle's Unified Storage Systems Implementation Specialist Boot Camp is designed to prepare partners to understand
the core concepts and practical knowledge required in order to successfully pass the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage
Systems Essentials certification exam and become a Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems Implementation
Specialist Through a series of lecture and labs, attending partners will become familiar with Unified Storage System
technology and, using Virtual Box and the ZFS Storage Appliance simulator, be able to effectively use its features to
explore the products capabilities and functionality.

What will we cover:
The Unified Storage Systems Implementation Specialist Boot Camp will provide you with a thorough introduction into
the technical implementation of the ZFS Storage Appliance – the hardware, software, data services as well as installation
and maintenance and some advanced features. The ZFS Storage Appliance is an excellent complement to an existing
storage practice, and is ideal for Oracle database and Real Application Clusters (RAC) environments, data warehouse,
virtualization, e-mail servers, and ERP/CRM applications.

Learn To:
This boot camp will cover these core topics in addition to others:
          Product and Data Services Overview that describes how Unified Storage Solutions provide a single-vendor
           solution with high out-of-the-box functionality
          Installation and configuration basics to enable you to perform a physical installation of a Unified Storage
          Projects and Shares concepts for easy storage administration and control
          Maintenance and Analytics

This class is a 2-day live class, or can be run using multiple sessions across a 4-day period of time (live virtual).
Note: The duration is intended for general reference. The boot camp instructor may recommend a different approach in
rollingout the class. Students are required to check the boot camp duration for the scheduled event they are interested


          Functional Implementers

          Sales Consultants

          Systems Integrators

Prerequisite Training and Environment Requirements:
Attending students should have a good technical grasp of general storage concepts like RAID, volumes, LUNS, shares,
etc. Students should also possess adequate knowledge of various operating systems like Solaris and Windows as they
relate to storage. Students should also have passed the pre-sales Specialist exams for Unified Storage.

The lab exercises for the course require the student to use their own laptop and have installed and running Oracle Virtual
Box with the ZFS Appliance Simulator at the time of attendance.

The student laptop should meet these requirements:

          Virtual Box application and ZFS Appliance simulator image installed and running on laptop in advance of the
          Optional: Python programming language binaries installed on the students laptop. Any open source version of
           Python is acceptable.
          PDF Reader

 Laptop Requirements
 Processor                 1GHz - or reasonably powerful CPU
                           512MB Minimum for install – 2GB or better for best
 System memory
                           Microsoft Windows XP
                           Microsoft Windows Vista
                           Microsoft Windows 7
 Operating system
                           Apple OS X
                           Solaris 10 x86
                           Firefox 3.x
                           Internet Explorer v7 or v8
 Web Browser
                           Safari 3.1 or later
                           Note: Internet Explorer v6 is not supported

 Storage                   3-4 GB of free space for Virtual Box, Simulator
 Requirements              Image, and classroom presentation and lab files.

 PDF Reader                Any .pdf reader for viewing lab files

 Optional Scripting        Python – open source, any version should work.
 language program

Agenda Topics:

 Day 1
 Module 1
 Product Overview
 Data Services Overview
 Module 2
 Lab 1: Installation
 Cluster Basics
 Module 3
 Lab 2: Creating Projects
 Lab 3: Creating a Share
 Day 2
 Module 3 (continued)
 Snapshots and Clones
 Lab 4: Snapshots and Clones
 Module 4
 System Maintenance
 Lab 5: CLI Practice
 Lab 6: Analytics Overview
 Wrap up and Close
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Contact Us:
For more information about Unified Storage Systems training available to Oracle Partners, visit

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