Gifted & Talented Education
   BOARD UPDATE 2005-2006
         By Dr.Jarice Butterfield
GATE Presentation Outline
     Overview of GATE Program
     Gate Staff Leadership
     Overview of Staff Functions & Duties
     GATE Advisory Committee
     GATE Budget / Funding Sources
     Overview of GATE Programs by site
     Numbers of GATE Students in OUSD
     GATE Identification
     GATE Accountability
     GATE Needs Assessment
   Overview of GATE in OUSD
Elementary GATE Program & Services
 •Differentiated instruction in class and through pull-out
 GATE groups
 •Enrichment activities such as fieldtrips,
 Odyssey of the Mind, Jason Project, etc.
 •Individual Learning Plans
Junior High School GATE Services
 •Advanced class placement (if appropriate)
 •Enrichment activities
 •Counselor monitoring of GATE student progress
High School GATE Services
 •Counselor monitoring of GATE student progress
 •Advanced class placement (if appropriate)
 •College visitation fieldtrip
                             GATE Leadership

                                                   Overview of GATE Program
                                Assistant Supertendent of Elementary Education & Student Services
                                                          Jarice Butterfield

                                                               GATE Coordinator
                                                            Theresa Dutter 2005-2006
                                                             Karen Giffin 2006-2007

Chris Hess & Carrie Holden        Janis Duncan              Sara Garret        Jim Bailey & Caqrol Paquette    Janice McCormick      San Antonio Elementary
  Mira Monte Elementary      Meiners Oaks Elementary   Topa Topa Elementary           Matilija Jr. High       Nordhoff High School       Theresa Dutter
                                                                                                                                           & Summit
                                                                                                                                       Raelyn P. (Subst.)

                                                          Parents & Staff
                                                       GATE Advisory Council
Assistant Superintendent

   GATE Plan Drafting & Monitoring
   GATE Procedure Compliance
   GATE Budget Development & Oversight
   Attendance at GATE Committee Meetings
   GATE Program Identification Procedures
        GATE Coordinator

   GATE Plan Monitoring Assistance
   GATE Procedure Compliance
   GATE Parent Forum
   Chair of GATE Committee Meetings
   Chair of GATE Advisory Council
   GATE Staff Development
   GATE Individual Learning Plan Monitoring
   Attendance at CAG Monthly Meetings
   Math Super Bowl & Spelling Bee Coordination
GATE Site Coordinators & Principals

     GATE Program Overview Parent Meeting
     Monitoring of GATE Students
     GATE Identification Referrals
     Assistance with ILP development with
     GATE instruction and activities through
       pullout, fieldtrips, or curriculum
GATE Advisory Committee

   Monitoring of GATE programs needs
   Assist with GATE Plan development
   Staff development & curricular support
   Dissemination of information to parents

Total Annual State GATE Funds $ 30,814.00
Budget Breakdown:
  •$10,000 GATE Staff stipends & substitutes
  •$ 7,365.00 GATE Coordinator Salary Offset
  •$ 8,769.00 GATE Materials & Supply
  •$ 3,450.00 Travel & Conference
  •$ 630.00 Dues & Memberships
  •$ 600.00 Professional Service Contracts
  $30,814.00 Total Budget
 Mira Monte Elementary
     GATE Program
              •Jason Project
    •Clustered GATE lessons / PI
•Fieldtrip to Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL)
 •Differentiated lessons in classroom
        Meiners Oaks
        GATE Program
    •After School enrichment class
technology-assisted multi-media project
  •Differentiated lessons in classroom
Topa Topa Elementary
   GATE Program
         • Odyssey of the Mind
•Differentiated lessons in classroom
  •P.I. GATE rotation classes daily
          •Fieldtrips 6th grade
     •Yearbook project 5th grade
     •Rainforest Study 4th grade
      •Travel Brochure 3rd grade
   San Antonio Elementary
       GATE Program
 •Partnership with forest service/ fieldtrips
•Grace Martin science & space exploration
   •Differentiated lessons in classroom
   Summit Elementary
     GATE Program
        •Small group lessons
•Differentiated lessons in classroom
    Matilija Jr. High
    GATE Services
• Advanced Placement Classes
          English & Math
   • Fieldtrip to organic farms
  •Visiting Dr. doing dissection
• Monitoring of low achievement
    Nordhoff High School
       GATE Services
             •AP Classes
•Counselor monitoring of underperforming
             GATE students
       •Fieldtrips to universities
        •Academic Decathalon
Numbers of GATE Students
     in OUSD 2006

MM MO     TT   SA SU MAT NHS CHAP     Dist.

37   20   35   19 3   73   88   1   277 Total
     GATE Identification
Students are considered for GATE identification based on the
  following criteria:

   1) Superior intellectual ability - students are recommended
    for consideration by the GATE identification team if they
    receive an ability score at or above the 8th stanine. Students
    who score in the 9th stanine and at the 97th percentile are
    automatically eligible for GATE identification.

   2) Academic achievement as measured by the California
    Standards Test (CST), writing samples, classroom based
    measurement, report cards, and teacher or parent

   3) Alternative areas of exceptional ability in fine or
    performing arts, leadership aptitude, creativity, or
    social/emotional areas. Students are also given points if they
    demonstrative “at risk” factors such as being a second
    language learner or having a disability, but demonstrate a
    high ability score.
      GATE Accountability

   GATE Plan submitted to Board of
    Education and State every 1,2, or 3 years
    (OUSD has had a 3 year cycle for past 5
    years due to quality of plan)
   GATE Advisory Council
       GATE Needs

Based on parent, student, and staff input:

    What is Working Well
•   Implementation of more objective
    identification process aligned to
    research best practice and GATE
•   Improved implementation of ILP’s
•   Development of differentiated
    lessons for teachers by GATE
•   Summer GATE enrichment multi-
    media class
        Current Areas of Need

   Improved Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s)
    for each student
   Development of Core GATE program
    elements consistent across elementary
    campuses - possible implementation of
    “RENZULI” Technology-assisted GATE
   Increased collaboration with community
    agencies / organizations
   More consistent tracking of GATE students
    at NHS

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