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									April 30 - 2010 - Issue #33

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         For speaker/exhibitor/attendee call Tom Cross
    or 303-594-1694.
       begin_of_the_skype_highlighting          303-594-
1694     end_of_the_skype_highlightingbegin_of_the_skype_h
                  ighlighting        303-594-
1694     end_of_the_skype_highlightingbegin_of_the_skype_h
                  ighlighting        303-594-
 1694     end_of_the_skype_highlightingTopics presented will
 likely explore MCS planning, QoS, Security, Firewalls, Media
    Gateways, PBX Integration, Mobile MCS, Communicator,
        WAN-Bandwidth Planning, Customer Applications,
     Troubleshooting, Session Border Controllers and others.

NOTE: Microsoft has deleted the term Office and now refers the
product as Microsoft Communications Server 14 which is why we
changed the name to MCS. Microsoft may make further name
changes. Some companies may refer to the product as OCS, MCS
or CS14.

MCS Forum Expo Speaker Presentations
        Expanded to include:

  Communications Server 14 - Voice Drilldown

                           - CS14 voice features

                           - From PBX to CS14

         Francois Doremieux - Principal Program Manager -
              Communication Server Product Group                              -

         CS14 and OCS 2007 R2 design & chalktalk

                         - Design considerations                                  Happiest City in U.S.

           - OCS 2007 R2 architecture overview and sizing                            Click here for story.

                      - CS14 architecture changes                             Come to MCS Forum Expo
                                                                                   and see why.
Mark Garcia - Principal UC Technology Specialist - U.S. Education

   Unified Messaging in Exchange Server 2010

This session will show how easy it is to integrate Exchange UM in an Office
Communications Server 2007 R2 environment. Of all of the impacts that
Unified Communications has had on daily communications, the simple ability
to provide voice mail in email has probably had the greatest impact on
information workers today.

This session will include the following:
Overview of Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging

·     Benefits of Unified Messaging in the Enterprise
·     Benefits of Unified Messaging to the Information Worker
·     Benefits of Unified Messaging to the IT Pro
·     Unified Messaging Features
·     Unified Messaging Options
·     Auto Attendant
Unified Messaging Deployment
·     Installation
·     Dial Plan
·     Hunt Group
·     Pilot Number
·     Automated Attendant (Auto Attendant)
·     Exchange Management Console
·     Enabling Unified Messaging for Users
·     Testing by using the Exchange UM Test Phone application
Deploying Unified Messaging Clients         The St. Julien Hotel in
·     Unified Messaging Clients             Boulder is an extraordinary
·     Configuring Outlook                   hotel. For a 30-second
·     Playing Voice Messages in Outlook
·     Play on Phone
                                            Flash tour of Boulder and
·     Outlook Voice Access                  Hotel Reservation
·     Using the Auto Attendant Feature      information click
                                            here. Please make your
Security, Management and Compliance for OCS reservations early.

Whether it's ensuring your users only utilize OCS and blocking   Info on Rocky Mountain
access to other real time communications tool, or applying       National Park - Elk, deer,
disclaimers, setting user policy and archiving chats for         moose, bighorn sheep,
compliance, FaceTime's solutions integrate full with OCS. From   black bears, coyotes,
OCS Platform reporting to ethical walls in Group Chat, and Live
Meeting management and recording you'll find out more about:     cougars, eagles, hawks and
                                                                 scores of smaller animals -
       Key capabilities that help you maximize return on your   chipmonks galore delight
        OCS investment                                           wildlife-watchers of all ages.
       Getting complete visibility and reporting over employee  Wildflower-lovers are never
        use of UC and implementing specific acceptable use       disappointed in June and
        policies across all modalities
                                                                 July when the meadows
       Extending your current message retention architecture to
        accommodate regulatory and eDiscovery requirements for and hillsides are splashed
        OCS                                                      with botanical color.
       OCS Call Admission Control policy management and
        reporting                                                   NEW -   click here for Highest
       OCS session data recording and reporting                    Altitude WEB Cams in the
       Managing, monitoring and recording Live Meeting, Group
       How FaceTime integrates with Microsoft OCS, Active
        Directory and other existing network infrastructure
        technologies                                                -

Key requirements of a highly scalable architecture for supporting
corporate and mobile workers in a UC environment.
            "Managing Migration Madness"

- Microsoft MCS Migration - from start to finish
- Using Active Directory to smooth organization migration to MCS
- Drop and Insert - adding MCS without spending money on older
- Branch Offices and MCS - Survivability techniques                 -
- Improving Reliability at the core with "Crossover Gateway         -
 - AudioCodes SPS - When it's time to forklift out the PBX - PBX to
MCS - No Rush - Easing the Transition"
 - SIP Trunking with MCS - Interoperability and Security Solutions

                  MCS & QoS
 "Irrational Exuberance" - Myth versus Reality

- MCS platform is not QoS-Ready - Understanding the Myth of
QoS in today's network

- Testing your QoS today - Benchmarks, whoops and RGE

- Planning the "endpoint-to-endpoint" impact of an MCS

- Analyze your infrastructure:

         - Hardstuff - routers, switches, cable, power, WiFi and . .

        - Softstuff - training, support, users, Office 2010
featureset, what else

- Upgrading your infrastructure - building in QoS for today and
- Test your infrastructure and then test it again - lessons learned
from Toyota

- Dealing with the Extinction of the PBX - dial plans, routing, call
centers, etc.

- Phase in the MCS integration

- Internal deployment

- External deployment

- Voice deployment

- Advanced/Enterprise deployment

           MCS from Past to Presence
- By 2012 Presence will be the standard
          - 80s someone called your desk (pink message slip)
          - Then voice mail could be sent to another location
          - Now can enable and block presence. Partners and
vendors can see your calendar, live meetings cut travel times,
traceable IMs allow for instant communication
- You Can Set MCS and Forget It
- MCS vs PBX - Why?
          - Can I leverage my current equipment?
          - Get rid of your PBX lines
          - Projects on IT lists can be rolled into MCS
- MCS Will Replace Email - But Don't Tell Microsoft
          - Gen Y isn't emailing
          - Exchange will be a Unified Communication platform
          - Will reduce email storage space
- Traceback Traceability
          - Social networking - companies don't know what
employees are saying
          - Allow employees to communicate but protect your

  MCS-SIP Future Network Architecture
MCS/SIP-Session Initiation Protocol Network

- Signaling-Server Virtualization - Benefits of Server Virtualization
aka Abstraction
        - Distributed user endpoints and application servers
        - Scalable growth with QoS-Quality of Service control
        - MACS* via signaling "abstraction"
        *Moves, Adds, Changes & SAS-Stand Alone Survivability -
SAS enables backup for SIP devices by the multiple "abstract"
local or cloud SBC-Session Border Controllers and Media

- Trunking - Benefits of SIP Trunking
        - Session and Signaling control layers for:
                - On-net (IP PBX to IP PBX)
                - Off-net (IP PBX to local PSTN)
                - Off-net (IP PBX to LD/IDDD PSTN)
                - SPOC/SMOC-Single/Multiple Point of Connection
                - National control points for access (vendors)
                - Migration path to ALL-SIP & IMS-3GPP

- Number Transparency - Benefits of Number Transparency
        - End-to-end media control (transparency) for voice or
other media types
        - Access to SS7-Signaling System 7 applications for text
messaging, mobility or call center routing
        - Enterprise control over call completion whether PSTN or
SIP rather than provider
        - Migration path to E.164 & IMS-IP Multimedia Service &
3GPP-Third Generation Partner Project Release 6
- Routing - Benefits of SIP Routing
        - Eliminates "mesh" network mess
        - Add intelligent Session Layer 5 routing
        - Maintains end-to-end media transparency
        - Add media CoS-Classes of Service
        - Adds SPOC-Single Point of Contact with NOC-Network
Operations Center
        - Migration path to ALL-SIP & IMS-3GPP

- Proxy Peering Networks - Benefits of SIP Proxy Peering
        - Platform for multi-vendor services
        - Ensures multiple CoS & QoS options
        - Migration path to ALL-SIP & IMS-3GPP
        - Foundation for any future network needs


     Here's some of the great MCS solutions
                 presenting at
             MCS Forum Expo:

 Uncommon Solutions presents MCS Solutions
 Uncommon Solutions' MCS-certified engineers design, deploy
 and integrate MCS solutions. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner
 with the 1st Microsoft-approved MCS appliance designed to
 facilitate real-time communication services and improve
 business processes. Uncommon Solutions is uncommon in
 our ability to address business goals with IT solutions that
 measure cost against value. Click here for more information.

 Fontel Presents MCS Solutions
 Fontel, Inc. is a wholesale distributor specializing in MCS optimized
end-point devices. Our GN Jabra headsets offer a seamless
intuitive communication experience. Jabra has been working with
Microsoft since the very first deployment. Today, Jabra offers the
most extensive portfolio of headset solutions optimized for MCS in
the market. We also offer MCS optimized web camera's and
speakerphones! Call us at 800-238-0787, e-mail or visit our web site at

911 ETC Presents MCS Solutions
VoIPConnect is a monthly subscription service that provides
organizations with E911 connectivity to PSAP-Public Service
Answering Point's. Using a SIP-Session Initiation Protocol or
PSTN-Public Switched Telephone Network connection, 911 calls
are routed to a Voice Positioning Server, which then delivers the
call and precise location information to the appropriate PSAP. In
addition, 911 ETC's SoftLoc application can prompt a soft phone
client to update their location information in real time for accurate
911 call delivery. For more information visit

FaceTime Communications presents Security, Management
and Compliance for OC
Whether it's ensuring your users only utilize MCS and
blocking access to other real time communications tool, or
applying disclaimers, setting user policy and archiving chats
for compliance, FaceTime's solutions integrate full with MCS.
From MCS Platform reporting to ethical walls in Group Chat,
and Live Meeting management and recording you'll find it all -
click here.

Gold Systems presents MCS Solutions
Gold Systems is a unified communications specialist and a
Microsoft Gold Certified Managed Partner, developing voice-
driven solutions using IVR and speech recognition. Offerings
include phone self-service and contact center solutions built
on Office Communications Server 2007 R2, and unified
messaging deployment and telephony interfaces to Exchange
Server 2010. Phone 303-447-2774- email

SNOM presents MCS Solutions
snom technology is a global manufacturer of SIP-based IP
telephones for business, carrier and high-end consumer
markets. Based on open standards, feature-rich and
affordable, snom's products are engineered to fulfil their
vision of ubiquitous, standards-based VoIP/SIP/MCS. Based in
Berlin, snom's sales/distribution network extends to over 40
countries at

AudioCodes Presents MCS Solutions
AudioCodes is a leading manufacturer of Media Gateways for
Microsoft Unified Messaging & Unified Communications, including
Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. Utilizing
AudioCodes Media Gateways, businesses are able to interface
Microsoft communications applications to a wide range of TDM
PBXs, IP-PBX, SIP Trunking and legacy PSTN trunking facilities.
With unsurpassed voice quality, reliability, flexibility and scalability,
AudioCodes Media Gateways have earned many accolades and
should be your first choice when deploying Microsoft Unified
Communications. Visit more
NOVUS presents MCS Solutions
Since 1983, Novus, LLC has been supporting manufacturers'
reseller channels worldwide, serving over 15 countries on 4-
continents. Engaged at the inception of VoIP, our thorough
understanding of VAR's needs and end-user expectations has
positioned Novus as the leading distributor of snom IP telephones
deployed on Microsofts' MCS platform at

NET presents MCS Solutions
NET's VX Series Intelligent Voice Gateways and Switches are
specifically designed to provide the enterprise-class integration,
interoperability, and security with scalability required for successful
adoption of VoIP and Unified Communications into new and
existing voice and PBX environments. Founded in 1983, NET
(Network Equipment Technologies Inc.) is headquartered in
Fremont California at

Aastra presents MCS Solutions
Aastra USA is the North American business unit of Aastra
Technologies Limited, (TSX:"AAH"), a leading company at the
forefront of the enterprise communications market. With more
than 50 million installed lines around the world, offers one of
the most complete portfolios of unified communications
solutions available today.

       Aastra Announces IP Phones for Microsoft
         Communications Server Wave "14"

FaxCore presents MCS Solutions at OCS Expo
FaxCore is the 21 century fax solution that combines the
Microsoft .NET platform, a web interface and innovative fax
over IP deployment opportunities into a single solution. A
strategic partner of Dialogic, means all the advantages of the
Dialogic platform are leveraged by FaxCore for leading edge
deployments and unparalleled reliability. Click her for for more information.

GreenAppx presents MCS Solutions
GreenAppX has assembled the industry-leading applications
for corporate 1) email, 2) network security, 3) data back-up
and 4) office processes. These four categories contain critical
applications that are crucial to the day-to-day management of
any business. The start-up and recurring expense associated
with traditional software deployments addressing these four
categories are beyond the budgets of most small to mid-size
enterprises. Click here for for more
   Peaceful UC-Co-Existence Avaya's one-X
         Microsoft's Communicator

Click here for shown on the MCS Forum web site is the
animated tutorial of this written explanation.

Shown on the screen is a brief tutorial on Avaya's one-X and
Microsoft's Communicator. Figure 1 explores some of the
concepts integrating Avaya's PBX system with Microsoft
Communications Server (MCS).

Figure 2 shows how aggregated or integrated Presence
occurs between one-X & MCS.

In addition, Presence is distributed to TDM desksets, SIP
desksets, mobile devices, softphones, browser phone access
and others. In one-X, there is:
- Click-to-call from Outlook & Internet Explorer;
- Click-to-email/IM from Avaya one-X Communicator.
- Avaya uses SIMPLE-SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence

Figure 3 shows how SIP works for telephony between the one-
X client and MCS.
Avaya one-X, Microsoft Communicator and others
communicates using SIP methods to make direct connections
to SIP endpoints. This is one example of the SIP signaling
methods for an Outbound Call. Since SIP signaling methods
vary, specific call processing may succeed or fail between SIP
systems of different manufacturers.

Explained in the next part of the animated tutorial Figure 4,
shows SIMPLE-SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence
Leveraging Extensions for IM . SIMPLE is also used for multi-
chat rooms as shown here.

In Figure 5, is Avaya's integrated telephony Avaya CS1000
and Microsoft MCS-Microsoft's Communications Server
- Direct SIP, Dual Forking and Dual Forking with RCC-Remote
Call Control
- Public (E.164) and private dial plan support
- Software based integration
- CS1000 MCM handles signaling
- Support legacy endpoints
- Direct SIP integration with Exchange Server and 2007 Unified
Avaya Services DMCC-Device, Media, and Call Control service
enables access to Avaya Communication Manager first- and
third-party call control capabilities via Java and .NET APIs,
and an XML protocol description.

Figure 6, it shows SIP is more than telephony, presence,
video, its multimedia often called "rich media."

This remainder of tutorial focuses primarily on RCC-Remote Call
Control** but RCC is part of an MCS-PBX integration environment.
MCS integration/implementation in the following configurations:
1 - Standalone via gateway
2 - Standalone via direct SIP
3 - Co-existence via dual forking
    - Direct SIP + PBX is qualified against Microsoft Dual-forking
4 - Co-existence via dual forking with RCC-Remote Call Control
   - PBX supports Dual forking plus RCC-Remote Call Control and
  - CSTA-Computer Supported Telephony Application

*Regarding SIMPLE, IM-instant messaging is more than just one-
to-one messaging. For example, MSRP-Message Session Relay
Protocol defines a mechanism for sending instant messages within
a peer-to-peer session, negotiated using the SIP and SDP-Session
Description Protocol. Here is an explanation of the necessary tools
for establishing multi-party IM sessions or chat rooms (like the
original BBS-Bulletin Board Systems) with MSRP. SIMPLE-SIP for
Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions - is a
working group that focuses on the application of the Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP, RFC 3261) to the suite of services
collectively known as IMP-Instant Messaging and Presence. The
IETF has committed to producing an interoperable standard for
these services compliant to the requirements for IM outlined in
RFC 2779 (including the security and privacy requirements there)
and in the CPIM-Common Profile for Instant Messaging
specification, developed within the IMPP working group. As the
most common services for which SIP is used share information in
common with IMP, the adaptation of SIP to IMP seems a natural
choice given the widespread support for current state of the SIP

**CSTA is an OSI protocol stack that provides an open system
interface to a PBX-Private Branch eXchange, ACD-Automatic Call
Distributor or CO-Centrex central office switching. CSTA uses,
among other technologies, SALT-Speech Application Language
Tags specification and its SMEX-Simple Messaging Exchange
element, telephony call control capabilities in MSS-Microsoft
Speech Server to allow a developer to create sophisticated
telephony-based speech applications that can exploit both basic
call control services such as ANI-Automatic Number Identification
(caller ID) and DNIS-Dialed Number Identification Service (800),
using the included basic call controls, or extended call control
services, to create custom call controls.
 MCS Forum seeks nominations for:
 - Leadership
- Technical Achievement
- Solution Innovation
For more send request to

       Click here for OFFICIAL NEWS from

          Microsoft Announces Microsoft
           Communications Server "14"

Microsoft officially released more details today on the next release
of OCS (further to the previous post on OCS in 2010 - The UC 14
Wave). The details were made in a keynote presentation by
Gurdeep Singh Pall (VP Communications Group, Microsoft) at
VoiceCon 2010 in Orlando.

The next release is code named "Microsoft Communications
Server 14" (notice the word "Office" has been dropped from the
server product name).

Here is a breakdown of some of the features talked about today:

    1. Location Awareness Capabilities:
          o Built into the next release of Communicator (Wave
               14) and used by OCS on the server-side.
                 o     Location information can be manually set by the
                       user, or it can be auto-set on the corporate LAN.
                  o The location information can be sent on the SIP
                       channel and used for 911 features.
2.   Native E911 Support (in Microsoft Communications Server 14).
3.   Tighter integration with SharePoint, Exchange, and Office.
4.   SharePoint Integration:
         o New Communicator "skill search" functionality built into the
              next release of Communicator that searches SharePoint
              profiles to find people with the skills you are looking for.
         o Initiate audio and video communication directly from
              SharePoint search results.
         o Phonetic based search in Communicator to locate
              associated SharePoint information.
5.   Voicemail Features:
         o Visual voicemail capabilities directly integrated into
              Communicator 14.
         o Multi-language translation capabilities (with Exchange
              2010 voicemail integration).
         o Ability to jump to a specific point in voicemail.
6.   Call Admission Control:
         o The ability to use bandwidth information and policies to
              know if a video call can be initiated.
7.   Branch Office Survivability:
         o Several Microsoft Partners (i.e. AudioCodes, Dialogic,
              Ferrari electronic AG, HP, and NET) announced Branch
              Appliances that provide local telephony services in the
              event of a wide area network failure.

     Link to: Three Amigos - MS Education Gurus
        Like: Where is the latest PBX compatibility list for
       Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging or via TechNet

     NEW - June 7-11 Dates in Boulder Announced
     Click here to register.
  OCS Forum Presents - MCS R2 - Ultimate Course
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 Critical Course for Planning MCS Design & Certification Study
          for Exam 70-638, Exam 70-262 and other tests

 MCS Forum announced its new OCSR2 Ultimate course. "R2 and
 Wave 14 coming in 2010 confirms Microsoft place in the new
 telecommunications networking business," noted Tom Cross MCS
 Forum CEO. "R2 is having a significant impact on corporate voice
 telecommunications strategies indicating the end of the TDM-time
 division multiplexed PBX-Private Branch eXchange systems is now
 insight. Microsoft is also driving companies like Cisco, Nortel,
 Avaya, NEC, Mitel, ShoreTel to rethink their featuresets and
 capabilities because while R2 is a new game when Wave 14 is
 released in 2010, their days are numbered," Cross commented.

 This five -day (5-day) "hands-on" lab course with 700+ page
 manual focuses on the core components of MCS 2007 R2,
 - Instant Messaging (IM) between everyone in the organization in
 the office or remote
 - Application and Desktop sharing for true collaboration
 - Audio/Video Conferencing including internally hosted audio
 conference calls and Live Meetings
 - Integration with Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging
 - Securing the environment to protect communications

 The course provides many hands-on labs to practice and reinforce
 learning of many new concepts. After completing this course,
 students should be able to design, install, configure, maintain,
 monitor, and troubleshoot the core components of OCS 2007 R2.

 Click here for a complete outline.

  Call Tom Cross at 303-594-1694 for

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                       Get SIP Smart

Proxies are signaling - Media servers are

Special 1.5 day SIP Training after the MCS Expo limited to
10 attendees from Thursday 0900-1600 and Friday 0800-1100 - $495
for MCS Forum attendees and $895 for all others.

Click here for outline (please note all topics may not be covered
due to timeframe)

"The SIP/VoIP courses are more than a superb primer on VoIP/SIP
technology; they are an indepth business plan for a VoIP/SIP
implementation. In addition, the VoIP/SIP diagnostic and
troubleshooting guide is the most thorough approach to VoIP QoS
available. I need information that informs but does not overwhelm.
Information that guides but not drives you away. The courses provide
insights and actionable information that has helped me get the
technology we need sooner but saved me a considerable amount in
understanding what we didn't need. The SIP course especially is a
valuable one which provides much needed information in a readily
understandable format." Paul Daubitz - President - ATI-

All Students in SIP Planning Guide Course will
receive this New Cisco SIP Trunking Book
(published 2-4-2010).
SIP Trunking is one of the first complete books to planning, evaluating,
and implementing high-value SIP trunking solutions. Most large
enterprises have switched to IP telephony, and service provider
backbone networks have largely converted to VoIP transport. But
there's a key missing link: most businesses still connect to their service
providers via old-fashioned, inflexible TDM-Time Division Multiplexed
trunks. Cisco® authors show how to use Session Initiation Protocol
(SIP) trunking to eliminate legacy interconnects and gain the full
benefits of end-to-end VoIP. Written for enterprise decision-makers,
network architects, consultants, and service providers, this book
demystifies SIP trunking technology and trends and brings
unprecedented clarity to the transition from TDM to SIP interconnects.
The authors "separate the true benefits of SIP trunking from the myths
and help you systematically evaluate and compare service provider
offerings. This book includes detailed cost analyses, including
guidance on identifying realistic, achievable savings." SIP Trunking
also introduces essential techniques for optimizing network design and
security, introduces proven best practices for implementation, and
shows how to apply them through a start-to-finish case study. Some of
the concepts explored in the book are
· Discover the advanced Unified Communications solutions that SIP
trunking facilitates
· Systematically plan and prepare your network for SIP trunking
· Generate effective RFPs for SIP trunking
· Compare SIP deployment models and assess their tradeoffs
· Address key network design issues, including security, call admission
control, and call flows
· Manage SIP/TDM interworking throughout the transition
· This IP communications book is part of the Cisco Press® Networking
Technology Series. IP communications titles from Cisco Press - SIP
Trunking book by Christina Hattingh, Darryl Sladden, ATM Zakaria
Swapan was first published February 4 - 2010.

      "Essense of Presence & Tele/Presence"
             If you have any any doubt about it,
  this should help you understand the power of "presence
          For complete video, click here.

              Courtesy: Dialogic

        IPv6 Rocky Mountain Summit

May 26-27 - Click here - Get IPv6 Smart + Beer
                   and Gear

        Understanding SIP Signaling

     Click here for the animated tutorial.
Click here for early registration

   NEW - Cisco's Tim Szigeti Speaks at T/P Expo and
signs his book "Cisco TelePresence Fundamentals."

Speech Title: Best Practices: TelePresence Design
- TelePresence Technologies Overview
   - Simplicity, Quality & Reliability
- TelePresence "Best Practices"
   - System
   - Room
   - Network

Tim Szigeti, CCIE#9794, is a Technical Leader in the Enterprise
Systems Engineering team at Cisco Systems. His role is to design
network architectures for the next wave of medianet applications,
including TelePresence, IP video surveillance, digital media systems
and desktop video. He has also specialized in Quality of Service
technologies for the past decade, during which he has authored many
technical papers, including the Enterprise QoS Design Guide and the
TelePresence Design guide. He has also co-authored the Cisco Press
Books: End-to-End QoS Network Design and Cisco TelePresence

    Understanding and Troubleshooting Video Conferencing

Tele-Presence Forum provides learning and educational services
  on audio, video - tele/presence, web conferencing and other
  aspects of tele/presence and is the sponsor of Tele/Presence
         Forum Expo. More information can be found at

From MS Team MCS - helpful MCS TechTips

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Whether you're new to Microsoft Communications Server and
Unified Communications, simply looking for some helpful
hints, or trying to get some serious information, we'll
help you find what you need.

     MCS "Crash Course" Hands-On Half Day
  Getting MCS up in 3 hours - Coming fall 2010

The developer sandbox is open for

We are a group of Microsoft Communications Server
developers working together through a web-community to promote
Communications Server development, to increase our skills and assist
others. The founders of this site are firm believers in the potential of
MCS and are committed to doing our part to make this community
grow. On this site you will find many Microsoft MVPs for MCS who are
willing to share their expertise with others.We are big evangelists for
OCS and seek every available opportunity to speak out about it.

CrossTalk Named One of the Top-10 Telecommunications
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Previous Videos (note these videos may not all be updated by the
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- Getting To Know Microsoft Office Communicator
- OCS User Creation
- Mediation Server
- Edge Server

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MCS Forum provides classroom and webseminar training as well as a non-production
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