Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - Volume 44, Number 17
       Pilgrim Congregational Church - UCC, 55 Coolidge Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420-1899

                                                             community of faith that will embrace them.
           PASTOR’S CORNER                                   Extend an invitation.
                                                                          WORSHIP EVENTS
    This Sunday evening, I attended the first
meeting of the Lexington Center for Jewish,
Christian, Muslim Understanding. The format
was simple – a Muslim woman, a rabbi, and a
Christian clergyman each spoke about the the
central tenets of their faith. I didn’t envy
Alden Flanders, the priest at Our Redeemer
Episcopal Church who was the spokesperson
for Christianity. How do you say what this                                   OCTOBER 27
complicated faith means in a 10-minute                                   STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY
presentation? He did a fine job as did the
other presenters.                                            Samuel Boehm’s Baptism
                                                             Bob Carey, Stewardship Moment
     The audience represented all three faiths               Tom Collins accompanying the
as well as people who had no religion. The                   congregational                hymn on
Q&A period afterward was fascinating. There                  conga drums.
was one theme that often surfaced. It was
                                                                          NOVEMBER 03
how divisive and harmful religions are.
                                                                   PLEDGE SUNDAY ~ COMMUNION
People frequently started their question with
the statement, “I’m not religious, but I’m                   All Saints Day
spiritual.”                                                  The Whole Church in Mission
                                                             Sylvia Ferrell-Jones, Stewardship Moment
     Although it appears that religions can
inspire hatred and divisions, I believe that                             NOVEMBER 10
violent people co-opt religions for their                        VINCE MARAVENTANO PREACHING
political ends. It’s unfair and naïve simply to
blame religion. Rabbi Howard Jaffee had us                   Jillian Stevens’ Baptism
laughing when he commented, “People say                      Choir singing, “Keep Your Lamps”
religion should be abolished because so
much harm is done in its name. But think
about it, far more damage is done in the
name of parenting, and nobody suggests
abolishing that.”

     I came away from the evening, again,
grateful that I am part of the United Church of
Christ, a denomination that is comfortable
with interfaith dialogue. I also thought about
those people who were negative about                                       NOVEMBER 24
religion. Do they know that there is an open-                           THANKSGIVING SUNDAY
minded, welcoming congregation here in
Lexington where their search would be                                     NOVEMBER 26
respected? Many people are longing for a                        INTERFAITH THANKSGIVING SERVICE
        ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 2

                                                   orientation, marital status, economic
St. Brigid’s Church ~ 7:30 pm                      status, and physical, mental, and
                                                   emotional abilities.
                                                       Therefore, we members of Pilgrim
    On Sunday, November 24, there will be a
                                                   Congregational Church, UCC, declare
congregational meeting immediately after the
                                                   ourselves to be an Open and Affirming
service. The purpose of this meeting will be
                                                   church, in response to the call of the United
to vote on the following resolution to become
                                                   Church of Christ on July 2nd, 1985, and in the
an Open and Affirming church:
                                                   leading of the Holy Spirit on this day,
          Opening Hearts and Minds                 November 24th, 2002.
           Rationale and Statement
                                                       Please feel free to speak to anyone on
     As members of Pilgrim Congregational          the OHM committee with any concerns or
Church, UCC, we strive to follow Christ’s          questions you may have regarding this
example to love one another, to promote            upcoming vote. Thank you!
justice and peace, and to resist oppression.
We believe that we are one body in Christ          OHM Committee:
and that our diverse perspectives and                   Danielle Cassettari    Harry Hutson
experiences bring strength to that body. We             Sharon Cassettari      Martha Kimball
commit ourselves to reconcile those                     Carol Whitney Chytil       Mary Mackie
individuals who have been excluded from full            Tom Collins            Lori Porter
participation in the life of the church. Each           Chris Emery            Duncan Todd
and every person is a child of God.                     Beth Graham          Judy Brain, ex-
     We acknowledge that churches have                  Kathy Hanlan
discriminated against individuals and
perpetuated injustices because of
differences. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
trans-gendered persons have suffered greatly
as a result of fear, ignorance, and
misunderstanding. We hope to make the
church a safe and affirming place for them
and their families.

    In response to these theological                OPENING HEARTS AND MINDS
directives and in an endeavor to welcome all       OPPORTUNITIES FOR DISCUSSION
people, we make the following statement
public and challenge ourselves to live up to it:       In this issue of Pilgrim’s Progress is a
                                                   copy of the Opening Hearts and Minds
So that we might honor the Biblical call to        resolution. If you have questions or
love one another as God first loved us, we         comments regarding the OHM resolution, two
welcome into the full life and ministry of         opportunities will be provided for you to
the church all people of any race,                 discuss them. The first will be Tuesday,
nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual        October 29 at 7:30 pm at the home of Martha
           ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 3

    and Dick Kimball, and the second on                     Since 1998 the increase in our pledge
    November 17 in the sanctuary following a                 income has not kept pace with the
    brief coffee hour after worship. We’ll do our            increase in our expenses; we have
    best to answer your questions and encourage              managed to more or less close this gap
    discussion on your comments.                             every year through special gifts and other
                                                             sources of income, but we cannot count
                                                             on these extraordinary sources of income
                                                             always to be there.

                                                              We hope that if you have not yet made a
                                                          pledge, you will join our core membership in
          PLEDGE DRIVE FOR 2003                           helping to keep the ministries of Pilgrim
                                                          vibrant. It can be a way of saying “Thank
        Fall is in the air, which means it is time        you” for the benefits you may have received
    once again to ask for your financial                  through your connection with the church.
    commitment for the upcoming year. Although            Perhaps it is Judy’s thought-provoking
    we welcome financial donations in any form,           sermons. Or the friendships you have
    the best for the church is a “pledge” – a             developed. Or the wedding you attended
    commitment now to contribute a certain sum            here (perhaps your own!) Or working on the
    over the course of the upcoming year. By              Antiques Show. Or participating in a moving
    knowing our pledges in advance, the church            memorial service. Or listening to the
    can better anticipate income and thus budget          wonderful music that fills the sanctuary every
    our expenses.                                         Sunday morning. Or the experience of doing
                                                          mission work in Central America or Boston.
        As you consider the amount of your                Or perhaps just knowing that Pilgrim will be
    pledge to Pilgrim for 2003, please keep in            there for you whenever you need it.
    mind the following:
                                                               In these unsettling times, we can make a
      The Church School has more students                difference in the world by supporting a place
       now than at any time in recent memory,             that reaches out to others with meaning,
       which means more supplies and                      hope, comfort and peace. We hope you
       equipment to buy if we are to maintain our         share our sentiment and will pledge
       high level of quality education.                   accordingly. Thank you for your
                                                         consideration and support.
      Michael Diorio, our new Music Director,
       has ideas for expanding the musical                Sincerely,
       experience at Pilgrim, but budget
       constraints keep him from implementing             Jeff Boehm, Derek Gardiner, David McClave
       some of his ideas.                                 Stewardship Committee
      Judy and the staff received no salary              P.S. – Pledges will be accepted in worship
       increases in 2002 in an effort to control          service on Celebration Sunday, November 3,
       expenses, yet our budget for this year still       2002. However, if you won’t be in service that
       shows a shortfall of $6,000.                       day, or would simply like to pledge early, we
                                                         have enclosed a pledge card and a return
        ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 4

envelope for your use. Thanks again for                  Prepaid tickets at $4.00 each are
your consideration.                                 available at coffee hour or the church office or
                                                    call Jean Moseley at 781-862-8411.
                                                         Please drop off your volunteer forms or
                                                    call Marge Johnson at 781-641-9866 to sign
                                                    up to help November 6, 7, 8 or 9. Can’t find
                                                    your form? Pick one up on the table in the
     Copies of the budget are available on the
literature table in the narthex. Tom Murphy
will be available at coffee hour on October 27          Please drop of all country store items at
to answer any questions you may have.               the church for pricing before Monday,
                                                    November 4.

PILGRIM’S 28TH ANNUAL ANTIQUES                      Thank you,
        SHOW AND SALE                               The Antiques Show Committee
      The Antiques Show! What does it mean          SPIRITUAL COMPANIONING GROUP
and is it worth all the work and time? It is fun.
It is getting to know people. It is seeing the            Seeking greater spirituality? Consider
community enjoy an event at our church. It is       participating in a small group ministry. The
getting help from outside our church to             group will meet to share concerns, pray
support our mission program and extra               together, listen prayerfully, and respond. We
projects, this year the Big Brother and Big         will provide space for deepening relationships
Sister Program and church school                    with God and one another. There will be an
furnishings. In the past we supported the           initial two-hour meeting during which we will
Heifer Project, Habitat for Humanity, our           view a tape of Dr. Wayne Dyer's presentation
building fund, seed money for the pastor’s          "There is a Spiritual Solution to Every
office, the roof, the furnace, and painting and     Problem" and discuss our process. We will
repairs too numerous to list after 27 years.        then meet weekly over 5 or 6 weeks. For
                                                    more information contact Vince Maraventano
     So what do you need to know to help?           at or 617- 327-
Just what you already do know! Can you              6691.
make change for tickets at the entrance or
sell things at the Country Store? How about
making a cake or pie or cutting them into                        HEIFER PROJECT
serving pieces? Can you make sandwiches,
peel and chop vegetables, move small                     As we approach the Thanksgiving season
nursery school furniture, set up tables and         this November, the children will focus on
chairs, or help dealers by bringing in their        World Hunger by learning more about Heifer
merchandise?                                        Project
                                                    International. The cornerstone of the Heifer
   The help of many makes this truly a
                                                    Project is "Passing the Gift", which requires
whole church effort. We, together, have
                                                    the recipient of a heifer (or other animal
made this a first rate show. Let’s continue to
                                                    appropriate to the region) to pass on the first
make Pilgrim proud.
                                                    born to another in need. All recipients receive
        ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 5

training in animal health, community               a Family" starring Brooke Shields, Anne
development, and care for the environment.         Meara, and Whoopie Goldberg. Come enjoy
There will be an opportunity for all to            a good movie - along with free popcorn and
contribute with envelopes available on             soft drinks!
November 24, Heifer Sunday at Pilgrim. The
proceeds from the October yard sale at                  A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL
Pilgrim were also designated for this
worthwhile purpose.                                     Our 8th Annual Yard Sale was again a
                                                   huge success. Much heartfelt thanks to
                                                   everyone who helped make this possible;
                                                   those who provided all the wonderful
                                                   donations, those who helped price and set up
                                                   on Friday, and those who helped with sales
                                                   and clean up on Saturday. We made
                                                   $700.00. A portion of this will purchase some
                                                   furniture for the nursery and a portion will go
                                                   toward the Heifer Project. What a good
                                                   Thanks again!
     The second annual holiday card signing
for inmates at MCI Concord will be held on         Ginger Aspell
November 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Pilgrim Hall.
Please bring a package or two of holiday                        WITH GRATITUDE
cards - preferably suitable for any religion.
These cards will accompany the gift bags                Even before the lovely rousing hand
which they will receive during the holidays.       given us at this past Sunday communion
This will be a time of fellowship and fun for      service, both Nancy and I have realized how
Pilgrim women -                                    powerfully Pilgrims have supported us in
refreshments, conversation, and holiday            these muddled waters in which we’ve found
music.                                             ourselves wallowing. Well, it’s our faiths and
                                                   strengths combined with all your calls, cards,
The Mission Committee                              visits, and especially your prayers which are
                                                   bringing us ashore, so to speak, and we have
                                                   renewed hopes I’ll once again trod the paths
                                                   of golfdom. How could we possible repay you
                                                   all for the love and support you’ve all shown
                                                   us?!! We do at least send you all our deepest
                                                   gratitude and love. This small gathering led
                                                   by Judy is quite omnipotent.
                                                   Thank you,
    Just a reminder that OHM will be hosting
a Friday Flicks on October 25th at 7:00 p.m.       Les Savage
in Pilgrim Hall. The film will be "What Makes
        ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 6

CHRISTMAS WREATHS FOR SALE                         10      Walt Burge
                                                   11      Jane Beckwith
      Beginning the first week in November,                Richard Lania
Alex Moir will be taking orders for Christmas      12      Jeff Boehm
Wreaths. The wreaths are 20 inches with a          14      Margaret Matthews
red bow and cost $10.00. This is a fundraiser      17      Becky Brzeczek
for Boy Scout Troop 119 based at Hancock                   Christopher Unger
Church. The wreaths will be delivered the                  Gabriel Unger
first week of December.                            18      Lisa Schlecht
                                                   19      Ruth Dalrymple
     PILGRIM’S PROGRESS ON LINE                    20      Derek Corbin
                                                           Wendy Costello
     As most of you know we have started an        22      Alex Moir
email list so you may get Pilgrim’s Progress       25      Mildred Bartee
on line instead of by post if you prefer to        26      Sal Jones
receive it that way. We will continue to send      27      Evan Jones
all newsletter subscribers issues by post                  Timothy Savage
when we have inserts that will be missed by                Marie Tulin
email. For this reason, we would like to limit     28      Lillian Rehder
the number of inserts that would make it
necessary to do this. Therefore, if you do         If your name is missing from this list, call or
have an insert to submit for the newsletter,       email the office: 781 862-0357 -
please do so by email if possible so we are
able to send your message by email as well.
Thank you.

                                                        COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD

                                                           CARY LECTURE SERIES
                                                        “Religious Diversity in Lexington”.
DATE NAME                                          Professor Diana Eck from Harvard will give a
                                                   talk entitled, “Religious Diversity in Lexington,
 2      Pearl Hoyt                                 the Commonwealth, and the United States,”
        Christina Cowan Sym                        on Saturday, November 16th, 2002 at 8:00 pm
 5      Robert Mason, Jr.                          at the Hancock Church, 1912 Mass Ave.
 6      Dick Kimball
 8      Peter Sjoberg                                  Diana L. Eck is Professor of Comparative
 9      Harry Hutson                               Religion and Indian Studies at Harvard
         ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 7

 Divinity School. A well-known award-winning
 author and scholar of religion in India, she is
 deeply involved in the study of religious
 pluralism and the practice of dialogue among
 major world religions.

     Professor Eck will address questions
 which face us in Lexington and the entire
 United States. How have the growth of
 Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism forever
 changed the American landscape? How are
 the religions themselves changing in

   The next Pilgrim’s Progress deadline
       will be November 3 at noon.

          Educational Ministries

Dear Friends,
  This is the time of the year when the entire congregation starts to
         ____________________________________Pilgrim’s Progress 25 October 2002 - page 8


                                                   Pilgrim Youth Fellowship

Jr. PYF held a Lock In on Saturday, October 19th. During this event the
youth were locked into the church from Saturday until Sunday
morning. Games, fun, food, fellowship and worship were all part of
the experience. This event is a much anticipated fun filled night which
helps to bond the youth as a group. Group leaders Jim and Cathy
Hamilton and Debra Adams had as much fun as the youth.
Sr. PYF will have a small Halloween Party meeting on Oct. 27th. Sr.
PYF will also hold a Lock-In on Nov. 16-7 if we are able to find an adult
male chaperone.
Thank you to those youth in both groups who shared their time to help
make the yard sale a success. Helping the church community is part
of both groups focus on mission to others.

        Thank you to the teachers who
make each Sunday a delight. Checking              The Antique Auction is coming
in on the classrooms, finds me wondering          up in November and they have
who is enjoying the experience more, the          generously donated a great
children or the teachers. There is much           portion of the proceeds to the
lively discussion in older grades and fun         Education Program. The monies
activities in the lower grades. Regardless        have been used to purchase
of age group, each teacher is sure to             chairs for the children and a
base the experience on some theological           large, movable divider.
or biblical theme. It is marvelous to hear        It would be wonderful if families
the enthusiasm of both children and               were able to contribute some
teachers.                                         help to the auction so that we
        Also, a thank you to Anita Bradley        can assure its success.       The
who shared her book Wiggles to the 4/5th          following areas where your
grade class and inspired them to read             family can help are 1) bake pies
and to write. Perhaps if you also have            2) put a poster in your place of
something to share, you too might join us         work or in stores near your
some morning.                                     workplace 3) Be a porter starting
                                                  at 1pm on Thursday. To sign up
                                                  or to find other areas where your
         Dates to Remember:                       help is needed please call
 Nov. 16-7 Sr. PYF Lock in- overnight
                                                  Marjory or Warren Johnson at
 Nov. 24   Mission Trip info. Mtg. (more

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