Mid-Wales Four Wheel Drive Club Limited
                                 Torque Dirty

                                                         AUGUST 2008

                               WHAT’S NEWS


Aeron Valley Vintage Society Show is being held at Cilfforch Farm, Aberaeron on
Saturday 9th August 2008.

Thank you for all those members that have said they will be attending, with their
vehicles, at the above show. It should be good day hopefully accompanied by some
good weather.

I am taking a break in my holiday so I will see you there.

Malcolm Sumner

                             SHORT NEWSLETTER
I am sorry that this is such a short newsletter but I have still not received any
paperwork, results or monies from the May Trial held on 18th May 2008 at Cae Glas.
If anyone knows of their whereabouts could they please contact Malcolm Sumner.

I also feel that it is too short notice for someone to have compiled a report from the
July Trial at Abercoed Quarry, Tregaron. As soon as this and the results are received
I will publish them.

                             ***SMART ANSWER***

A lorry driver was driving along on a country road. A sign came up that read
' Low Bridge Ahead.' Before he realised it, the bridge was directly ahead
and he got stuck under it. Cars are backed up for miles. Finally, a police car
comes up. The policeman got out of his car and walked to the lorry's
cab and said to the driver, 'Got stuck, eh?'

The lorry driver said, 'No, I was delivering this bridge and ran out of petrol!'

                      Mid-Wales Four Wheel Drive Club Limited
                                   Torque Dirty

                                    CLUB DATES
17th AUG             Tim Mackley & Chris Spittle

21st SEPT            JPR

26th SEPT            Club A.G.M. – venue to be confirmed.

19th OCT             Martin James

16th NOV             Vacant

14th DEC             1st Trial for 2009 Club Championship

20th DEC             Christmas & Presentation Dinner, The Talbot,

If anyone wants to assist, where there is only one C.o.C., please let us know.
As a matter of safety there should be the minimum of two persons present when setting
out. Also should have a signing-on form so person(s) can sign-on for cover by the
M.S.A. permit.

C.o.C. is still required for November.

The diary will be updated with venues as soon as the C. o. C.s let the Competition
Secretary know.

                                NOVEMBER 2008 TRIAL

There has still not been any notification of a C-o-C for the November Trial on Sunday
16th. This will be the last trial of the 2008 Club Championship.

If anyone is able to assist please let any member of the Committee know or come along
to the A.G.M. to volunteer. If you haven’t done the job before assistance can be given
and a site found.

                      Mid-Wales Four Wheel Drive Club Limited
                                   Torque Dirty

                        THREE OF THE VERY BEST
Three of our enthusiastic members, Simon Crowe, Les Price and Marc Price, are
worthy of congratulations for their sterling efforts in the All Wheel Drive Clubs (AWDC)
40th Anniversary event at Walters Arena, Glyn Neath at the end of May.

They not only took part in the modified trial, they cleaned up for the Mid Wales Four
Wheel Drive Club, taking first, second and third places in Class 2. I should point out
here that the AWDC have 5 trials classes. Class 1 is for modified vehicles equivalent to
our Class 5. Class 2 is for modified vehicles without fiddle brakes but with other ‘mods’
such as diff locks, which are permitted. Class 3, 4 and 5 are for RTV motors.

So in a modified trial the sections are designed to be challenging for the Class 1
motors with the unlimited ‘mods’, including fiddle brakes. So it goes without saying that
these events are even more challenging for our lads with open ‘diffs’ and no fiddles,
although shunts are allowed at the discretion of the CoC. Oh, and don’t worry Angus,
100 inch or over motors are allowed an elected shunt. No mean feat then to beat the
AWDC regulars at their own game.

Simon Crowe was the winner of Class 2 with Les 2nd and Marc 3rd (although Marc was
classified in Class 1, must be because he’s so young !). Well done all of you.
Simon’s win could well have been aided by a new technique he has developed. This is
based on observing other competitors who get seriously cross-axled and stop (whether
Class 1 or 2). Simon then drives the section with the centre diff lock disengaged and
drives straight through the trouble spot, marvellous. Simon ever modest won’t take any
credit for this, he puts it down to forgetfulness having disengaged the diff lock on a
long run between sections.

I took part in the Pro-Mod trial on the previous day and had a good drive until exiting
on the penultimate section. I had a heavy landing resulting in a broken front half shaft
so was unable to get very far in the last section. So, as I don’t lie under the motor at
trials anymore, I did not compete in the modified trial.

If any other club members wish to compete in any All Wheel Drive Club events you do
not need to join. They will allow you to compete by merely paying the entry fee and
producing your Mid Wales Four Wheel Drive Club membership card. Details of their
events can be found on their website.

Muddler 6.

                     Mid-Wales Four Wheel Drive Club Limited
                                  Torque Dirty

                    NOTABLE DATES 2008


3                    British International Motor Show, Excel, London ends

9                    Aeron Valley Vintage Show, Cilforch Farm, Aberaeron.

16 – 17              Rd 4 Britpart MSA Cross-Country Championship –
               venue TBA

23-25                North Wales LRC – (ALRC)Interclub – Plas Coch
                     Anglesey. (Excellent trial & weekend away)


13/14                Rd 5 Britpart MSA Cross-Country Championship –
                     Radnor Forest

19 – 21              Good Wood Revival Meet

25 – 28              Baja GB – Aberystwyth


26th OCT             Clocks go back


7–9                  Rd 6 Britpart MSA Cross-Country Championship –
                     Seven Sisters

14–16                Classic Car Show, B’ham

22 -23               Scottish Borders Hill Rally 2008


20                   Christmas & Annual Presentation Dinner,
                     The Talbot, Tregaron.

                              NEXT TRIAL
     If anyone has any notable dates for the diary that they think other members
     may be interested in please pass them to Malcolm Sumner.

    9th TRIAL 2008

                    Mid-Wales Four Wheel Drive Club Limited
                                 Torque Dirty

DATE:                 17th August 2008

VENUE:                Mid Wales Activity Centre, Dolebolion Farm,

C.O.C.                Tim Mackley & Chris Spittle

Scrutineering 8-30 to 9-15am

There are catering facilities for hot food on the site. Please use them as this is
our first visit to the site and it may enable us to use this site again, in the
future. I am reliable assured the food is first class.

                                     To Devils Bridge B4343

   To Aberystwyth

                                                                 Mid Wales
                                           Mill St               Centre.

                                                                     To Strata Florida

                       To Tregaron

Map Reference SN 736 664


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