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variables career advancement-Liliana Constantinescu


Personal Information
                                                                    Liliana Constantinescu
Name (for internal purposes only - a number will be reported)
Position and level* (see below)                               Analyst programmer
                                                                    National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics
Please comment on the prestige of the organisation
compared with other organisations visited or your knowledge
of the sector in general                                            The National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI), with a time-honoured tradition and over 35 years of active participation in the Romanian information science and technology development, is the leading Romanian ICT research - development and innovation centre.
University/Affiliation                                              Economical University, Bucharest
Age Group                                                           50-60
Bachelor's degree (subject)                                         Informatics in the Economy field
Master's degree (subject)
Doctoral degree (subject)
Other qualifications (incl professional or other continuing
education courses)
If known, Working Experience (yrs)                                                                                              32
Working Experience in Technology Transfer (yrs)                                                                                 32
Children (number?)
Any evidence of a career break - maternity leave or studying
abroad for example

Career History
1st ~Job                                                            Analyst programmer

1st job turning points - for example reasons for changing
place of work

2nd ~Job
Was there promotion from the previous post?

2nd job turning point - for example reasons for changing
place of work

3rd ~Job
Was there promotion from the previous post?

3rd job turning point - for example reasons for changing
place of work

Current Position
Year started in this organisation                                                                                            1976
Was the previous position in academia, industry, within
another intermediary, public sector, other?
Was there promotion from the previous position?
Average Monthly Earnings                                            800 euro
Contract: full or part time                                         Full time
Contract: temporary or permanent                                    Permanent
Has the individual been promoted since joining the                  Yes

Is there other evidence of career progression? For example
have there been any change in the tasks the individual has
been required to perform since joining the organisation, do
they have greater responsibility, international roles etc.

Misc - (current position)
Is there evidence of decision making - involvement in
organisational matters and decision making.
Is there evidence of leadership - responsibility for a team or
specific area of activity; supervising colleagues.
Is there evidence of representation - on professional boards
or institutional committees.
Is there evidence of liaison and networking - participating
in and developing external networks and other relationship
building. Liaision with stakeholders, policy makers and other
key players.
Please list all mentioned networks: 1) universities and
research institutes 2) companies 3) education organisations
4) funding bodies 5) regional and local public policy makers
6) ministries responsible for science, technology and
innovation 7) international policy actors (e.g. EU, OECD),
8) private investors, business angels 9) other intermediary
organisations, public and private.
Was the individual aware of old boy networks in this field?   No
Is there evidence of planning and managing resouces -         No
contribution to the overall management of the department in
areas such as budget management, financial and business
Level of expertise - is there evidence of national or         No
international recognition; contribution to the development of
the field.

Control Factors
Current Organisation
When was the organisation established?                                                                                       1970
How many people are employed by the organisation?                                                                              200
Is there a career path within the current organisation?             Yes
Is it clearly defined, for example different levels/grades*?        Yes

Where no grades exist have other measures been introduced
which are indications of advancement for example greater
levels of responsibility, more complex portfolio of cases?
Are there activities to support performance and career
development within their current organisation? For example
performance review, coaching, mentoring.
Does the organisations have ways of judging individual              Yes
success - for example levels of income generation, number
of licence deals, spin-outs etc.
Do you have a sense of how 'flexible' working practices are         No
within this organisation? (Example extent to which
employees can work part-time, flexible working hours,
possiblities to work at home etc.)
Are there actions taken within the organisation to promote          Yes
equal opportunities? (formal or informal)

Individual experiences of work
Did the interviewee mentioned any barriers which may have           No
curtailed their career progression?
Did the interviewee mention any situations in which being           No
female had influenced their work life?
Has the interviewee mentioned any factors which they                Hard work and professionalism at the workplace
attribute to successful career progression? (For example
mentoring, supervision, career counselling, personal support
by colleagues or collegial support)?

Final Comments
In your own opinion to what extent has this individual              Dedicating enough time for the career
achieved career progression? - here we are asking the
interviewer to come up with some sort of value judgement
based on their knowledge of the interview.

* This is an example of the different levels/grades that may exist within an organisation

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