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Language Teaching Centre, Brighton
Teacher Training and Development Programmes

Teacher Training
Cambridge ESOL CELTA Course
If you want to work in English language teaching either in
Britain or abroad, the Cambridge ESOL CELTA (Certificate in
English Language Teaching to Adults) is one of the most widely
recognised and well-established ELT qualifications in the world.
                Our four-week, full-time course is designed as an        LTC Language
                initial training for people (including both native
                                                                         Teaching Centre Brighton
                speakers and non-native, advanced speakers of
                                                                         LTC Language Teaching Centre Brighton is a
                English) with little or no experience of ELT. It is an
                                                                         year-round English language school which is
                extremely practical introduction to the theory
                                                                         accredited by the British Council. It is also
                and methodology of English Language Teaching.
                                                                         a member of English UK, the Association
                We have been a centre for Cambridge ESOL                 of British Council Accredited schools. The
                CELTA courses here at LTC since 1989 and                 school has been a centre for a wide variety
                have established an excellent reputation for             of English courses for overseas students of
                teacher training. Over 60% of our trainees               all age groups for over 30 years. We have a
                come through personal recommendation.                    permanent staff of around 10 and a student
                We offer advice on everything from initial               population of up to 200 students from
                funding for the course to how to find a job              around 40 different countries. Our teachers
                once you have qualified.                                 are all qualified and experienced. This
                                                                         means you are training in an international
                Course Teacher Trainers                                  environment in an ELT organisation with
                The course is staffed by a team of well-                 a reputation for quality. You will find a
                qualified, very experienced teacher-trainers             hard-working but friendly and informal
                who are in close contact with developments in            atmosphere. The school is convenient for all
                the ELT field and have overseas and UK teaching          facilities and local accommodation can easily
                and training experience. Most of our trainers            be arranged for you.
                are also external assessors for Cambridge.
                                                                         Brighton and Hove is a lively, cosmopolitan
                The Language Teaching                                    city on the south coast, only 50 minutes by
                Centre Group                                             train from London, and the school is situated
                The Language Teaching Centre group of                    in a residential area just 10 minutes by bus
                schools has three centres in the UK and                  from Brighton city centre or 5 minutes’ walk
                one in Paris. Each year LTC schools teach                from the centre of Hove.
                over 5000 students, offering a range of
                programmes for adult and junior students
                as well as English Plus and English for
                Specific Purposes courses.
Details of the Course
The course centres around gaining a total         Assessment, Certificate                          ➔ Sample Timetable for
of six hours of real classroom experience,
                                                  and Report                                         the first two days
teaching multi-lingual students of English
                                                  There is continuous and integrated
from day two onwards. As well as basic                                                               Monday
                                                  assessment throughout the course
teaching skills, the syllabus also covers                                                            09.00-11.30
                                                  which covers all aspects of the syllabus.
language awareness development, awareness                                                            Introduction to the
of the learner, the principles of teaching, the   Assessments are validated by an external           programme and the group
use of appropriate resources and materials        assessor appointed by the Cambridge ESOL
and continuing professional development.          Certificate Committee who will come to
                                                                                                     The Teaching /Learning context,
There is also input on finding jobs and           observe the course on one day. There is            resources and visual aids
careers in English Language Teaching.             no other practical or written examination.         __________________
The timetable includes supervised lesson          Candidates who fulfil the necessary                Introduction to the basic
planning, six hours of supervised teaching        criteria are awarded the Cambridge                 teaching skills: classroom
practice, peer observation, feedback,             ESOL Certificate with Grade A, Grade B             management
weekly tutorial support, input sessions           or Pass. Results will generally be issued
                                                  within one week of the end of the course           15.45-17.00
on the areas of the syllabus listed above
                                                                                                     Teaching Practice preparation/
and 6 hours of directed observation of            and certificates sent out on receipt from
                                                                                                     Introduction to Teaching
experienced teachers.                             Cambridge. LTC Language Teaching Centre            Materials and levels of students
                                                  Group will also give each candidate a detailed     __________________
Our day runs from 9am to 5pm, providing
                                                  report with an assessment of their individual      Homework
141 hours of instruction and teaching practice.                                                      Prepare your first lesson.
                                                  progress, performance and potential.
We have courses with up to 12 trainees                                                               Review first day’s input.
(a maximum of 6 trainees to one tutor  ,                                                             __________________
teaching at a minimum of 2 levels).                                                                  Tuesday
Written Assignments                               ‘It’s an excellent, very practical                 Supervised teaching
                                                                                                     practice preparation
During the course you have to complete                                                               __________________
                                                  course and you learn such a
some short assignments (up to an overall                                                             11.45-13.00
total of 3,000 words) on four topic areas:        lot in a very short time. I now                    Teaching Practice/ Peer
the learner, the classroom, language and                                                             Observation and Feeback
                                                  teach English in Switzerland’                      __________________
materials. These are spaced out over the
                                                  Amanda Travers                                     14.00-15.30
course and you are given clear guidelines
                                                                                                     The Grammar of Vocabulary/
and support.                                                                                         Ways of teaching Vocabulary
                                                                                                     Teaching receptive skills:
                                                                                                     reading and listening
                                                                                                     Prepare your second lesson
           Entry Requirements                                    There is also a well-stocked training library
                                                                 which contains the books recommended on
           To apply you must meet                                the Cambridge ESOL Reading List, including
           the following requirements:                           multiple copies of the most essential texts
           Be at least 20 years old at the                       Employment Opportunities
           start of the course
           ______________________                                As a long established teacher-training centre,
           Have a standard of education                          we are regularly notified by post, fax and
           which would allow entry to                            email/internet of overseas teaching posts
           Higher education in your                              available to newly-qualified Cambridge ESOL
           country. Minimum 2 “A” levels                         Certificate teachers and we give details to
           (or equivalent) in UK.                                participants on the course. We also give a
                                                                 session on careers advice. In addition there
           Have an awareness of language                         is a free job placement service open to all
           and a competence in English, both
                                                                 successful CELTA course trainees run by
           written and spoken, that enables
                                                                 Cambridge and International House.
           you to follow the course.
                                                                 In general terms there are usually UK
           Previous teaching experience is not required,         vacancies for teaching on summer courses
           although some applicants may have general             and these could possibly lead to continued
           or ELT teaching experience and wish to                teaching work during the year. However most
           consolidate their background knowledge and            trainees gain their initial experience abroad
           gain a widely-recognised ELT qualification.           and while contracts can start at any time of
                                                                 the year, September and January tend to be
                                                                 the busier recruitment times.
           How to Apply
           All applicants are required to fill in the
           application form and do the pre-interview             Teacher Development
           task. This is available from the school or on
           our website. If your application is up to the
           required standard you will be asked to attend         LTC Brighton has a number of experienced
           an interview in person, which lasts between           senior practitioners who are able to
           45 minutes and an hour It may be possible to
                                     .                           provide customised input into teacher
           arrange a telephone interview with you under          development programmes designed by our
           exceptional circumstances, e.g. if you are            academic team. We can provide development
           applying from abroad. This would involve you          sessions combined with higher level English
           phoning or skyping the school at a pre-arranged       programmes, or development seminars in
           time. The call would last about 30 minutes.           their own right. All this can be designed to a
                                                                 flexible timetable around additional activities
                                                                 such as visits to schools, colleges and higher
           Facilities at                                         education institutions in Brighton.

           LTC Brighton                                         ➔ Examples of areas covered in recent
                                                                     courses include:
           At LTC we provide your basic teaching
                                                                 ∑   Vocabulary
                                                                     awareness/ways of
                                                                                            ∑   Class observations
                                                                                                (at LTC and also at
                                                                     teaching vocabulary        local state schools)
           The school has a wide stock of materials with
           up-to-date course books, supplementary books,
                                                                 ∑   Language awareness:
                                                                     ways of focusing on
                                                                                                Exam teaching
                                                                                                Using supplementary
                                                                     grammar                    materials/resources
           recorded material, and teaching aids for
           your use in the classroom. There are facilities       ∑   Teaching techniques
                                                                     for speaking skills
                                                                                            For additional
           including a language laboratory, videos and                                      information, please
           DVDs, a self access centre with computers and                                    contact the school
                                                                                            or see our website
           other standard equipment such as overhead                              
           projectors and audio equipment.

           Language Teaching Centre Brighton
           55-61 Portland Road, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5DQ, England
           t: +44 (0)1273 735975 f: +44 (0) 1273 732884 e:

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