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  Volume 26         Nme3
                     u br                                          strving Higkline Community Col&   with Excelkncc                                                  Nov. 7,1986

Hazardous materials
awareness high at HCC
Photo by G m Mudl                                Under this law, employers must
                                              compile a master of which identi-
                                              fies each chemical, its potential dan-
                                              gers and places i t on a Materials Safety
                                              Data Sheet. This master list, as well as
                                              safety training, must be made availa-
                                              ble to every employee before a chemi-
                                              . ais handled.
                                                 Each chemical must also clearly
                                              markedwith a label that identifies and
                                              warns individuals of particular dan-

                                              lungs, and severebums.
                                                 According to Tony Martello, HCC
                                              Director of Purchasing, “The admin-         According to Mary Malins, Business Center coordinator, the center has already received great
                                                                                          community response and support
                                              istration wants the staff and the
                                              faculty to be informed about chemi-

Labels such as these wl s o be familiar
                      i on
sights in many areas aroundcampus.
                                              cals that are hazardous chemicals.”
                                                 The day before quarter officially
                                                                                          HCC small business
                                              began, all faculty and staff members
 By Gregg S. M u d                            were invited to a seminar concerning
                                               the chemicals in their workplace.
                                                                                          center ready for action
                                                  This was the classified staff’s sec-    By Monika DeUe
   In May of 1986 the Washington
                                               ond hazardous chemical education           and Robert Antonelli
 State Workers Right to Know Law               opportunity.The first trainingsession
 became effective. The Right to Know
                                               was heldlate last spring. Administra-      “There are a couple thousand   small business& in the Highlinearea, and there
 Law is a series of statutes designed to
                                               tion hasordered two videotapesfor the   are just as many people wishing they could start one,” claimed Betty
 educate workers to the potential haz-
                                               ongoing training of HCC staff. One of
 ards posed by chemicals usedin their                                                  Colasurdo, HCC Director of ContinuingEducation.
 daily work environment. .                                                                HCC’s new Small Business Development Center, the first in South King
                                                                                       County, is a resourceand advising center people who currently own a small
                                                                                       business aswell as for those who     wish to enterinto the small business world.
Quick response keeps                                                                      Colasurdo said althoughthe failure rate of small businesses is 80 percent,
                                                                                       many people just decide they don’t want to do it any more. “But then there are
water damage at a minimurn                                                             people who really want to succeed. They’re experienced in business ideas,but
                                                                                       not in management skills. This is where we can help.”
                                                                                           Colasurdo wished to locatethe center o f f a p u s in the heart of the business
                                               damaged area was confined mostly to community, while maintaining the connection .toHCC. Mary Malins, the cen-
                                               Bldg. 4, rooms 104 and 109, and Bldg. ter’s coordinator, also felt this was a g d decision because many business
                                                                                        people are intimidated by ”going back to school.” The center is located in
                                                                                        Tukwila next to the TukwilalSeaTac Chamber of Commerce office, which is
 a       million doliars to repair, accord-                                                                     f
                                                                                        the busiest chamberoi e in South King County.
 n to Robin Fritchman, director of
 ig                                               There are also‘hiddenleaks’              “Thisis the perfect location,” claimed Malins, “Business people come to     the
 facilities andoperations.                     which are hard to locate‘because they chamber office for     information and the chamber can refer them over here.” The
    The latest water damage occurred           are covered by dropped ceilings.                                      of
                                                                                        center also conducts some its classes in the chamber’s conference room.
                                                  Seepage problemssometimes per-           The center will focus onthe needs of businesees with 20 employees or less.
 during the rainstorm d Oct. 25-26,
 when tweand-a-half h h e s of rain            sist long after a rain because of the “The typical business we wl be targeting wl probably have three to five
                                                                                                                        l                 il
 fell over a 24 hour       i
                          eo .
                         prd Flat rmfs         circuitous paths water can before employees,” claimed Malins. “Many’of the businesw we help wl probably
                                               being located.
                                                                                        be homebased and may not be very secure.      ”
 with inadequate water drainage and
 roofs and decks constructed with T-              “Part of the current crises has been    The first step toward small business success a reality check, a i d hblins,
                       the a .
 beams contributed to dm                       caused by deferred maintenance of “People are always 80 excited in the bg n gbut they have to realize the
                                                                                                                                  ei i ,
    “Maintenance Supervisor Stan               roofs. The state c pa funding sys. sacrifices they whave to make.
                                                                   ail                                     li               ”
  Shaw has done a marvelous job re
                                               tem has not allowed college to do           Malins said that a small business owner often feels lonelyand
                                               reroofing concurrent with deteriora- center will function clb a support system
  s w n g to the damage but can’t keep                                                                                            where ownerslink upwith one another
  up with leaks reported all over cam-         tion,” said Fritchman.                    and share their        ocrs
                                                                                                                c nen.
  pus,” said Fritchman.                           AsTech Systems of Sumner watt            “A businessownm has to have persistence and know when and wherc                         tom
     Damage from the storm resulted in
                                               awarded $212,875 to r e d several help,” said W i n s ; The center offen c W in f             w            ch~ificationa;  .
  $Z,soO additional repair        costs.
                                   The                  PlrrWUW”                                                           #w#wr)rlrt3

                                                                                                                                                ”                                  ..e..   .   ..
                                                                                                                                                                                               I    -
     D 3
      l                                                                                                                                             C
                                                                                                                                                   H C Thunderword Nov. 7.1986

    Past president remembers life during his reign
     By Karen Kyle                                                                                                                       everyone worked long and hard for
                                                                                                                                         what they needed.
        “I real good about what I’ve
          feel                                                                                                                             Nlan said that the new   computer-
     seen today,” said the first president                                                                                               ized registration system is considera-
     of Highline C o l l w , Dr. Pat Allan,                                                                                              bly more efficient than the oldman
     after visiting the  campus on October                                                                                               ual system.
     27. Allan and his first  secretary,
     Florence Merryman toured thecam-                                                                                                      Allan was also impressed with the
     pus andreminiseed together, visiting                                                                                                new library.
     old faculty friends,                                                                                                                  When Allan was president at HCC.
                                                                                                                                         the librarywas located in what is
      Said Allan, “There have been tre-                                                                                                  now the administration  building.
    mendous changesand
    improvements.”                                                                                                                         The former HCC president also
                                                                                                                                         said he liked the open, friendlier feel-
       Since leaving 14 years ago, Allan                                                                                                 ig
                                                                                                                                         n of the new administration     build-
    said he was delighted to see the col-                                                                                                ig
                                                                                                                                         n which is twice big as the
    lege is still muchas i t was when he                                                                                                 administration buildingthat Allan
    was president. “The college is in                                                                                                    worked out of.
    wonderful shape!” he added.                                                                                                                            and lives in Port
                                                                                                                                            Allan is retired
     There were 400 students when                                                                                                         Orchard. He golfs and travels around
    HCC first opened in 1961, he said.                                                                                                    the countrywith his wife.
                                                   Former HCC president. Dr. Pat Allan.                           Photo by G r q l Mu&
                                                                                                                                           It was important for him to taper
      Allan recalled when students even
    slept outside overnight in their sleep                                                                                               off his career by working as a coun-
    ing bags in front of the student louge     gathered and heId demonstrations.              When Allan was president, eve-             selor for awhileafter retiring, he
    building in order to register earlyfor     Allan laughed as he recalled the            ryone involvedwith HCC was doing              explained. This helped him adjust to
    classes. Allan also remembers when         times when students added soapand                             time.
                                                                                           things for the first                          the sudden change ofnot working
    the fountain near building 5, was          green dye to the fountain tomake a            Memyman added that nothing                  anymore. Allan added, “I’m still a
    running. That was where students           more colorful statement.                    seemed impossible at that timeand             nut for community colleges!”

    Child Care Center enriched by semors
    By Darrell Baskin                                       to
                                                  In addition          center’s mission in the program. They donate their
                                                of providingquality and affordable time because they claim to have a
      HCC’s Child Care Development child               care, the staff has addedeven-    desire to work with young children.
    Center has continued to expand in ing child care and a cross generation The volunteers also have plenty of
    in hopes of being of greater benefit to program.                                      time todevote,
    Highline and the surrounding com-             Evening child care is available Mon-      Volunteer Anne Dietrich said, “the
    munity.                                     day through Wednesday, 7 p.m. to 10 idea for the program was for the kids         -
                                                p.m., for the children     of students, to benefit from having a grandparent,
                                               .faculty and staff. F e are determined but Ithink the grandparents benefit
                                                according to the amyunt of hours per fromihaving the kids.”
                                                week a child is left at the center. A        Rileycalled it a “modei program in g
                                                drop-in service is also available.        the community,’*  and said, “It i s one
                                                   “This opens doors for people to of the few of its kind in the area.”
                                                attend college when couldn’t       Riley           praised the assistance of the
                                                attend otherwise,” said Joyce Riley, volunteers, and said, “They add en-
                                                programcoordinator. “It providesrichment             to the program because   of
                                                quality care for children away from their diversified backgrounds.” She           S t ~ ~ e l l i ~ by ane n in Child care
                                                                                                                                                     ~ v expert he
                                                their parents at night.”                  said
                                                                                         volunteers             further help by Center                       Photo by Grcgu M u d
                                                  The Cross Generation Program, also increasing the adult-to-child ratio of
                                                known as ‘grandparenting’ vdunteers, the center without increasing costs.           Future plans for the center include
                                                utilizes residents of the Wesley Care        The center, located on campus in an expanded evening child care sche-
                                                Center, whichis located in Des Bldg. 18-A, i s staffed byfourchild                dule.
                                                Moines. The volunteers work as class- care specialists. Students from HCC’s
       Halloween fun in the Child Care Center   room helpers.                             Early Childhood and Education pro-        For more information, contact Joyce
                            Photo by G m M u d     Six volunteers are currentlyatwork     grams also assist in the center.        Riley at ext. 224,

    Success rate high in reading lab
    By Monika Delle                            there
                                                 are      2413 students.”                  lment, in the Spring of 1986, students hension skills, build their vocabulary,
                                                                                           in Highline’s reading lab and reading i m p v e their study skills and improve
    ’ The taste of success is sweet for         BaiIey attributes this success to the classes madegrade-level gains greater their r a i grate.
                                                                                                                                    e dn
    the instructors and students who use increased availability of reading assess- than a national average developed by
    Highline’sreading lab. A 136 percent ment tests. “Thetest is a 30-minute researchers, claims Bailey. The na-                The reading lab has enough flexi-                   1

    increase in enrollment and grade level descriptive test, not a diagnostic test tional average was a gain of one grade bility to fit into any student’s sche-
    gains of two-and-a-half times       the like the SAT,” Bailey explains. “It’s per year, while Highline stvdents           dule. Students may arrange their own
    national average aretheresults        of a non-threatening philosophy about averaged a gain of two-and-a-half time to come into the lab, sign up for
    offering a reading assessment test theto     and
                                           studentprovides               information grades per                          many credits    as they think they
    incoming and
          students           hard
                               work      by about where they would      be placed for
                                                                                 can                                              complete duringquarter,
                                                                                                                                                    the and
    everyone.                                 the most level
                                                    efficient            of learning.     The reading returning
                                                                                                   lab      is work
                                                                                                           for                      with materials which meet their
                                              The test simply determines what           students who may not be sure wheth- own special needs.
        Enrollment has more than doubled reading class a studentshould be erthey are reading at college level,
     since last year, according to reading enrolled in, not what grade level the current students who would like to             The reading lab is located in Bldga
       instructor Edith Bailey. “Last year student is reading at.”
     lab                                                                                update their skills andstudents in 19, room 202. I t is open from 8 a.m.
     at this time, there were 105 students                                              English as a Second Language. They
                                                                                                                         to      9 p.m. Moqday Thursday
     enrolled in the reading lab. This year     In addition to the increase in enrol- may    choose to work on their cornpre- and 8 a.m. to.$ p.m. Fridays.

      I t is theconstitutionalobligation of   ilar to that used in the Revised Code the nearest integer, Plus one-of                        that body, and one shall be appointed
    the Highline College Student Union to of Washington. The following new By-                                                            by the Instructional Council
    inform the students of Highline Come laws have been introduced:                    Article VI11 A, Section 2:                         be a member of that body. These
    munity College of proposed changes toArticle         1, Section 8:                 Two members of the Advisory k r d                  members shall serve staggered      two-
    the By-laws of the HCSU. The struc-          A quorum of the hecutive COUncil shall be members of the college’s full-                               o
                                                                                                                                          year terms. N faculty member may
    ture of the By-laws is presently being shall consist of one-half of the mem- time faculty. One shall beappointed by                   serve more than one consecutive term
    changed to a numbering system sim- k r s h i p of the Council, m ~ n d e d to the Faculty Senate and be a member
                                                                               UP                                                         without the approval of the HCSU.

    HCC Thunderword       Sov. 7.1986

    Thrower McLaumn darts his way to victory
                                                                                            organizing a state “shoot-off.”                 said.
                                                                                                                                           he        The world champion dart
                                                                                               Mchughlin is alsoaprofessional
                                                                                            dart instructor. In the past, he has           shooters usually learned how to shoot
                                                                                            taught dart-shooting at South Seattle          darts when they ‘were five to seven
                                                                                            Community College,EdmondsCom-                  years old.
                                                                                            munity College and also at HCC. In                                   not
                                                                                                                                              Dart Throwing is just a matter
                                                                                            January of 1985, HCC had a team                of “aiming and shooting.” When Mc-
                                                                                            together for a “dartathon,” held at            Laughlin shows the basic principlesof
                                                                                            Sportsworld. The team rs d over
                                                                                                                          ae i             the sport, one realizes there is a whole
                                                                                            $7000 for the Children’s Orthopedic            science behind a good throw. First of
                                                                                            Hospital.                                      all, a personmust stand correctly. The
                                                                                               At present, McLaughlin is teaching          right foot should be placed forward at
                                                                                                                  l a
                                                                                            five students at his c lpub. They call         a 40degree angle. The bodyshould
                                                                                            him and ask if he has time to “come                              e.
                                                                                                                                           rest on the right l g (This is for right-
                                                                                            down and play,” and he usually does.           handed dart throwers. The opposite is
                                                                                            “An hour lesson for a pint of beer is          true for left-handers.)The only part of
                                                                                            what I charge them,” he said with a            the body that should move the lower
                                                                                            humorous twinlde, and i t is not hard          part of the arm. The position i s what
                                                                                            to tell that these evening meetings are        shouldcorrect theaim rather than      the
                                                                                            true pleasures to him.                         arm. A personmust not push thedart,
                                                                                               T w o evenings a week, McLaughlin           but throw it. And now to the main
                                                                                            plays in league-plays in Seattle. He           point-thedart itself. All dartshooters
    Dennis McLaughlin takes aim                                       Photo by Dum Baumgnri plays for two leagues, one the Seattle         have their own favorite
                                                                                            Area DartingAssociation, and theother          “dartweigh” that they’ll reach their
    By Charlotta Due                            worth $17,000 and one of biggest in is the Emerald
                                                                             the                             City Darting    Organiza-     best results with. McLaughlin shoots
                                                the U.S.. McLaughlin placed 13th in tion. In the latter organization, he                   with a 26-gram dart. He c n tell the
        “If you can throw a rack eight feet that first event.                               teaches two begmningteams in league-           difference between a and a 30 gram
    and hit a wall, you can throw darts,”           Other tournaments he has competed plays. Nobody on the team has been                   dart. A slim dart is preferred, he says,
     claimed Dennis McLaughlin, who a in have had prizes rangingfrom $O O playingfor more than two months and
                                         is                                                                                                because the large darts will hit and
     dart champion, professional dart in- 7,000. Examplesare the Portland Open both teams are in first place in the fall                   bounceoff if thrown into the same
     structor andthe maintenance mechanic and the Boise Idaho Open. He ranked league.                                                      area of the board. In order toget a slim
     at HCC.                                     third in the Boise tourney. The biggest       SADA and ECDO are members of a              dart that’s still heavy, tungsten is
                                                 tourney he’s ever played in was a main o@nization in California, known                    used, which is a heavier metal. These
        McLaughlin learned how to throw O O      $ O tournament in Honolulu, as the North American Dart Organi-
                                                  l,  O                                                                                    darts will be more expensive.An aver-
     darts about 13 years ago. Once       a      where he used to live.                     zation.                                        age setof tungstendarts costs $50-60.
     devoted golfer, he lost a finger in a          McLaughlin has not only competed           As in all sports, it takes a lot of prac-   McIaughlin’s darts cost him $180, and
     table saw accident, which put an    end
                                                 in North American tournaments. He tice to become a             professional. Mc-          that was nine years ago! But, as Mc-
     to his golf career. Like the true Irish-
                                                 has even been  found shooting his darts Laughlinpractices two to three hours              Laughlin put it, “For $10 you’ve got
     man Mchughlin is, he said he like to in places like Australia and New Zea- a day and on weekends. “The really
                                                                                                                                           everything you need.If you haven’t got
     “hang out” in pubs, and that is  where land. In those events he recouped good onespractices four hours aday,”
                                                                                                                                           $10, buy a set for three dollars!’’
     most dart players can be found. When enough money pay for his flight and
     a friend introducedhim to the sport, he     -+e*.

     realized t i was both the sport he
     liked to play arid’w;is%-m.              --
                                                 ament which wl take place in Bel-
                                                                    i                        By Damell Baskin                                  The Faculty Senate has made a
        It took McLaughlin a year of train-
                                                      -   ”

                                                 levue this month. He said the tourna-          Winter quarter 1386, the Facuity                                the
                                                                                                                                            recommendation to administration
     ing before he could compete in major                                                    Senate completed a poll asking HCC              of HCC for the implementation of a
     tournaments. At that time was self- ment, witha $lO,OOO purse, is a god instructors if the current grading sys-
                                 he                                                                                                         decimal grading system.
     employed. He used to get off the bus one for this area.
                                                    “In my opinion Seattle is behind, tem should be changed. Of 1 5 faculty  6                  Dr. Shirley- Gordon,president of
     outside the pub in the mornings after                                                   members polled, 123 of them (75 per-            HCC, said the system is under con-
     havingworked a whole night-shift. He maybe 10 years, in darts,” he said.
      would throw darts six hours before            McLaughlin claimed that there are cent) recommended a change.                            sideration and adecision a n be ex-
     going home    and gettingsome sleep.         600 to 700 registered dart players in         The system uncier cons;d’eration is          pected “in several months.”
                                                  the Seattle area. West Seattle has called decimal grading. This system                       The system ”...must not jeopardize
         Since that time,McLaughlinhas            seven teams, while Tacoma has five differsfromletter grades, because                      students in seeking employment and
      competed in several tournaments. He teams in its only dart-shootingbar.                grades can range in increments of              transfer,” and should be “easily under-
      started with small pub tourneys and            “It’s very localized here, while in tenths from 4.0, which is A, through
                                                                                                                         an                 stood,” she said.
      advanced through the years to greater California, or o the East Coast, you 0.0, which is an F.
      tournaments. Now, McLaughlin said would find seven pubs out of ten have                                                                  Prior to any change, Gordon said she
      he has reached point when he       wins dartboards and dartshooters,” Mc-                 Under thenew system, instructors            wanted to make sure the system is
      50 to 60-percent of the l c l tourna- Laughlinsaid.
                                oa                                                            would beable togradestudents accord-           “compatible to those used by other
       ments, where prizes are  $”soO.               McLaughlin is trying to find out ingto their actual performance instead                schools in the area and to those senior
                                                                                                                                            institutions to which HCC students
         McLaughlin’s first important tour. how many dart organizations there of subjectively raising or lowering the

       ney was the North American Open, are in Washington State. His goal is grade of a borderline student.
                                                                                                                                               Dave Brown, last year’s chairman of
                                                                                                                                            the Faculty Senate and a strong sup-

        Michael Bush remembered

        By Matt Esget                                                                          involved with student govern-
                                                                                                                                            porter of the change, said,” It will give
                                                                                                                                            a more precise evaluation of student
           At the next Board of Trustees                                                       ment.                                            Ed Olney, Director of Management
        meeting, members will decide                                                              Bush was an HCSU senator                     Systems, reportedthat the computer
        whether ornot to name the newly                                                       who represented HCC at meet-                                                  a
                                                                                                                                              technology needed to managedecimal
        remodeled student lounge after                                                        ings of the Washington Associa-                 grading system is already in operation
        Michael Bush, a student who died                                                      tion of Community CollegeStu.                   on campus.
        last spring.                                                                          dents meetings. At the WACCS
                                                                                              meetings Bush promoted       ideas
            At the November 13th meeting
         the Board will decide on resolu.
         tion 86-2 which-will officially
                                                                                              that would have helped the HCC
                                                                                              student body.
                                                                                                   On February 16,1986 Bush died
         name the lounge after Michael                                                                                                        Beginning November 7, barrels will
         Bush.                                                                                  of a heart attack. He was 24 years          placed at strategic points on campus.
                                                     chosen as the best idea.                   old.
            The proposed name change for                                                                                                    These barrels will be used as recepta-
          the student lounge,located in                Resolution 86-2 has seven arti-              Justbefore he died Bush par-            cles for canned food in the 15th annual
          Bldg.8, is the of the Highline
                       idea                          cles that sum up why the lounge             ticipated in a dart marathon where         HCC food drive.
          College Student Union. HCSU                should be named after Bush. The             he threwdarts for        15 hours             The food drive is sponsored by the
          members thought of i t last year           resolution includes who he was,             straight to raise m,oney   for the         Highline chapter of the Washington
           when the time came to graduate.       ‘   what HCSU would like todo and               Children’s Orthopedic Hospital.            Public Employees Association. All
           Members of the Student Union              why this came about.                            Michael is missed not only by          canned goods collected go to needy
           wanted something to remember                Bush was a student who at-                the student government but also            families in the Highline area.
           Bush by, Theonewas brought                tended HCC last year and was                by the student M y .                          The Thanksgiving food drive will
           up and chosen as the best idea.                                                                                                  end November 21 at 10 a.m.

               D-r.a   A                                                                                                                                          HCC Thunderword Nov. 7.1986

                Jeff Renner explains fall fon Dhenomena This variety of fog is seen mostly
                By Anna McAUister
                                                      during thefall and winter months.
                   “There are two different kinds of             fog,
                                                        Radiation explained   Renner,
                fog,” explained Jeff Renner, KING 5
                                             of       occurs when the Northwest has been
                Broadcasting, “The first is radiation getting a lot of              The
                fog, which not really caused radi-
                            is                    by  ground is saturated.
                ation.The second is advection fog,      This wetness, combined    with longer
                which we see during summer            nights allows the airbecome cooler,
                months.”                              which makesfor radiation fog*
                   The fog South King County     has    The wet saturated air air m l s at
                 beenexperiencing is what     Renner       and        fog,
                                                      night becomes explained
                 termed “radiation fog.”              Renner.

                                                                                                         Poverty Bay appears clear for fishermen as fog drapes above the shoteline into early

                                                                                                            This is why the fog is dense and so a view across the sides the road,” he
                                                                                                         close to the ground.                    said.Renneralsowanted to remind
                                                                                                            Renner offered few suggestions
                                                                                                                            a                for owners of the fog lampsto make sure
                                                                                                         those who have to travel through the theyareproperlyaimed.        “If they’re
                                                                                                                                                 not, they could force another driver
                                                                                                            “Keep an eye out,” said Renner,“If   the road,” he said.
                                                                                                         it’s freezing, there may ?x black ice.”     o
                                                                                                                                                   F g is usuallyaccompanied  by     a
                                                                                                         The moisture at groundlevel can be-     temperature inversion, noted Renner,
                                                                                                         come ice quickly when there freez- and that traps pollution. suggested
                                                                                                                                      are                                 He
                                                                                                         ing temperatures.                       people with respiratory illnesses
                                                                                                            Renner also suggested mounting fogwatch air quality chartsin the news-
                                                                                                         lamps onto vehicles.  “The lamps offer papers or on television.
                 RadTrtit-n fog casts eerie pall over local roadway          photo by Robsft Anionelli

                  Fear of public speaking examined at HCC seminar
                  By Monika Delle                                        anecdotes enhance
                                                               stories and       can               “This topic isn’t covered in speech               skillsandexaminenewconcepts       in
                                                          business and interpersonal commun-       courses, but the telephone is a major             speech communication. New mate-
                 “Forty percent of all Americans fear ication.                                     communicationmethoduponwhich                                     by
                                                                                                                                                     rials produced members       of the
                 public speaking more than they fear      “It’s easier to remember facts if you businessesarebecomingheavily         re-             speech communication field will also
                 death,”claimsMary Gates, HCC    speech have an interestingstory to go along       liant,*’said Gates.                               be available for preview.
                  instructor organizer
                           and              of Speech with them,” claims Miles.                       At 11 a.m., HCC speech instructor
                                                                                                   Lee Buxton, will talk aboutpower and                 Gatesstresseseducation for com-
                  Communication Day.                        At 9 a.m. Jean Mane Brough, 30th
                                                                                                                                                     municating in the 21st century is an
                                                                                   highlight corn- its effect on communication.
                     The seminar, which i s open to the district legislator, will . .
                                                    -.A-        . . .                                    44-
                                                                                                          *    I    . .                              i m m n n t goal of the seminar. Illiter-
                 ~ t ; r e t M $ E % ? & G m to m      .             e us*cGEG$Zon              in aren’talwaysavailable in a formal                 acy limitsmany people’s      access to
                   12 p.m.Featuredare five speakers politics. Diane Young, Highline speech         speech   course,” Gates.
                                                                                                                   said    “There                    information to oral communication.
                  from HCC’s speech department and instructor, will teach         how to ‘con- just
                                                                                  time.” isn’t                                         \             “Communication has changed drasti-
            sume’ the
    communication.                                                                                                                                   cally from the fifth century to now,”
                     At 8 a.m., HCC speech  instructor      At 10 a.m., Marjorie    Morton will       The seminar will provide an oppor-             Gates continued, “And     it will keep
                  Chuck Miles will discuss ways     present        Your Tetephoneand You.          tunity for students to updatetheir                changing.”

                 New programs aid enrollment retention
                 By Teri Wilks                            screens out students who need  a read- cessfully interact with thecommunity. funding cutbacks during the past few
                                                          ing course raise their skill up to
                                                                     to               level         Another new program is the voca- years,hasbeengreatlyre-expanded
                      After a 10 percentdrop in enrol- par*                                      tional electronic components course, this year.
                  lment Winter Quarter of 86, HCC’s          Also new this year the Early Start designed to allow students from Seat- New courses include several aimed
                  Dean of Instruction, Dr. Robert program, a college-orientation course tle Occupational Industrial Center to at small business owners and courses
                  McFarland, said enrollment retention for first-time students. Ninety-eight                              S.O.I.C. closed designed for senior citizens. Students
                                                                                                 finish their training. The
                  i s a major concern.                    studentsparticipated in thecourse,     this summer due to budget cuts.           enrolled in these courses meet at five
                      Efforts to ensure the academic suc- which was heldbefore Fall Quarter         The telecourse program, where stu- centers in the Highline area.
                  cess of students at Highline,while      began.          said course
                                                                McFarland the                    dentslearnvia a combination of pre-Fifteenhundredstudentsarecur-
                  acceptable enrollmentlevels are main- shows    studentshow     to maketheir    tapedprograms,wasexpanded to five rently enrolled in the new and ex-
                  tained include the implementation of academic experiencea success.             courses.These       range panded
                                                                                                               courses     from        programswhich                    reflects a
                  onenew policy, three new programs          HCC recentlyopenedCommunity         accounting to a study of the human growth trend.
                  andtheexpansion of threeexisting IntegrationProgramcenters in Bel- brain.OnehundredandseventY-thr@McFarlandadmittedhe                                 is pleased
                  programs.                                levue and Normandy Park. There,       students currently participate in the with the results of the new programs.
                      The new policy requires all newly- physically and mentally handicapped televised course Continued
                                                                                                               program.                                 efforts will, be made -to
                  enrolledstudentsat HCC to take a students from group homesr skills e
                                                                                     l an           TheContinuingEducationProgram;increaseadmissionsand,maintain
                  reading competency  test.     The test which will enable them enter and suc- which was reduced becauseof f d r l enrollment.
                                                                                                                                  e ea

                            HCC Thunderword                           torials should be kept to a 300 word            Contributing n ic :
                                                                                                                                    rt n                                                         I
                                                                      maximum (500 for guest editorials).
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                                                                      Anythinglonger wl be subject to                  Teresa Adamaki          Charlotta Due              PachiaJohnson

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                           the journalism students of Highline        Thunderwordmust be signed in order
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                           expressed are not necessarilythoseof         The Thunderword office is located              Frank Brandt                  a
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                           the College o its students.                in Bldg. 10, room 105. Office hours
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                           pus population. Letters guest edi-         ton.

                            Thubdcrword   Nv

                      .Editorials and Comment

                       Robert Antonelli                 Managing Editor
                      Anna McAl1istt.r                      News Editor
                      Ellen Dah1          Arts & Entertainment &litor
                      Jeff Hensley                         Sports Editor
                      Gregg Musolf                         Photo Editor
                      Matt Esget                 National Commentator

                      Pat Pritchett                              Advisor

6                     Editorial                                                I

        -* CL

                      Student lounge
                      shouldn't be named
                        On November 73, the Board of Trustees
                      will decided whether or not to     name the stu-
                      dent lounge after the late Michael    Bush. It is
                      the opinion of the Thunderword thatthe
                      lounge should not be given a name.
                        I the lounge were named after Bush, a
                      precedent would be set: at the present no            Sanctuary message tip of iceberg
                      other student has beenmemorialized in this           By Robert AntoneUi
                        Although Bush     accomplishedmuch for the                                               the government in Washington              was not the admission of refu-
                                                                                               Inthepasttwo                                                gees but that city governments
                      college and is widely admired, naming the                                                  D.C. a rapidly growing discont-
                                                                                               years,citizens                                              have no place meddlingwith fed-
                      lounge is still inappropriate.                                                             ent among the public with offi-
                                                                                               across the na-                                              eral foreign policy. Perhaps the
                        I t is the opinion of the Thunderword that                                               cial policy in Central America.
                                                                                               tion have put                                               city council was high-handed,
                      Bush should be remembered in some other                                  forth ballot        On November 4, the citizensof           passing such a controversial or-
                      way. Perhaps the new HCSUoffices could be                                measures de-      Seattle were presented with an            dinance without a clear concen-
                      named in his memorium, since most of                                     signatingtheir    opportunity toexpress their dis-          sus of its citizens' opinions.
                      Bush's accomplishments       were   realized                             cities as areas   content. They did just that.
                      through his participation in HCC student
                        I t is natural and correct remember tho*
        f             who have worked hard in the          pursuit of
                      excellence, but the naming the entire     lounge
                      after Bush                      rnernornmTRlS-"
                                   seems to-tziRX?"tliii
                      iness a little too far.

                      Remember the needy
                      through HCC food drive
                                                                           CBN's Pat Robertson
                        The annual food drive for Highline has
                      begun and the WPEA, Washington Public
                      Employees Union, is sponsoring it to help
                                                                           for president?N o thanks
                                                                           By Matt Esget                                                          would be to replace old judges
                                                                                                                  shaking the tree for support in
                      needy families in the Des Moines area.                                                     ,his campaign that he officially in the Supreme Court. T h i s
                         In the past, the'response from HCC has              In 1988 a presidential election      hasn't started yet.             could change the ruling that
                      been great, but now there are more hungry            wbe held in the United States
                                                                            i                                                                     makes abortion lawfulto one
                                                                                                                      Robertson's 25-year-oldCBN
                      families than ever.Weas students, with               as well as in Korea, and Europe.                                        making it illegal, which is what
                                                                                                                  network has a huge following in Reagan tried to do back in '84
                      the chance to educate and better ourselves,          In the U.S., President Reagan is
                                                                                                                  audience members and financial
                      should help people who are less fortunate.           a lameduck,meaningthathe                                                  Robertson believes that if re-
                                                                                                                  support. It has b e estimated
                         More praise should be given to those              has already served two full terms                                      ligion isn'ttaught in schools,
                                                                                                                  that Robertson's nonprofit or-
                      students or faculty members who donate               as president and constitutionally                                      then atheism is. He feels that
                                                                                                                  ganization makes about $230
                      food and make it a succes~.                          cannot run again.                                                      when youteach children lessons
                                                                                                                  million a year for programming
                         Remember to donate food now becauseOne                                                                                   a b u t math, reading, and writing
                                                                             Some contenders that haveal-         and operations.
                      day you may be the hungry person on the                                                                                      they should also be taught about
                                                                           readycommittedthemselves to                              aln
                                                                                                                    CBN has a mi g list that God and "correct" morals by his
                       other end of the line.                              thecampaign     trail include          sends out messages asking for interpretation.
                                                                           Go Bush (R),Jack Kemp (Rh              donations, which are rarely not
                       Aids fear unfounded                                 Mario Cuomo (D), Gary Hart             answered,andRobertson has             the
                                                                                                                                                      On issue        of third-world
                                                                                                                                                    debts Robertson has a good idea.
                -,,    when donating blood                                 @), and one person  who has
                                                                           semicommitted himself to the
                                                                                                                  decided to use this to his
                                                                                                                  advantage!.                       He would like to restructure
                         The fall quarter  blood drive was held on         runningis: Pat Robertson(C).               Robertsonhas been using this          their debts so they can be paid
                       October 29. The Puget Sound Bloodmobile                                                     mailing list to collect donations        off, This is a good idea,but a lot
                       arrived at i t s usual spot behind ,Bldg. 8,          The letter after a perm's                                                      of people have tried to do  the
                                                                           name  identifies the party the          for hispresidential campaign.
                        ak d
                       p r e and waited.                                                                            He is specifying what the money         same        with
                                                                                                                                                                  thing minimal            re-
                                                                           personaffiliatedwith. For ex-                                                    sults.
                         The goal for the blood drive was s t at
                                                              e            ample, (R) is for Republican,@)         is to be used for, but the problem
                       100 pints. Seventyae were collected, but            is for Democrat, and (C) is for
                                                                                                                   is that hehasn'tsaidthat         he                   has
                                                                                                                                                               Robertson some           good
                       the sponsors of the event were pleased any-         Christianity.                               i
                                                                                                                   w for president unless he                ideas,buthisreligion    will, no
                       way. During Spring quarter, only 64 pints                                                    gets a certainnumber of sup             doubt, interfere with the proper
                       were collected.
                                                                              Christianity?                        porters. standon
                                                                                                                    Robertson's                   some     ,order@.the presidency.
                         The AIDS scare has frightened many                    Robertson is president of the            issues seems to be exactly' the,
                                                                                                                                                               When election time comes, the
                       qtudents away from donating blood.                   Christian Bmadcaating Network ame Reagan'swhenhe was                           "realqueation will be, "Does
                         It is not possible to contract AIpS from           a n d a p w e r f u l t d e v i s i a n ~ ~ running in 1 8 ; a stop to the      religion mix with politics?"and
                                                                                                                                    90                       the answer is, "no."
                       the sterile n e l s
                                    e de         in the blood with.
                                            ' u s e d                       list for CBN. In fact, CBNhas a spending of $25 far a screw or
                       drawal. Misinformation continues to stop             following of nearly 70 million $700 for a stepladder. President                     If Robertson is elected pre-
                       possible donors from donating blood.                            n
                                                                            viewers o all its cableand                                                       sident of the United States,
                                                                                                                        Reagansaid     the same thing
                                                                            s t le network channels.
                                                                              a i
                                                                                et                                                                           either people will be willing to
                         Another blood drive is scheduled for Jan.                                                      aboutgovernmentinefficiency
                       uary 21 in the same place, behind Bldg. 8,              In the past few years Robert-
                       With any luck, possible donors w take l
                                                             i              son has hinted at his political
                       time to l a the facts about AIDS b f
                                er n                           em           ambitions, but in the past few
                       r&singIo give their much-neededblood.                themonthshe has been r@y

                                                                                                                                                                                                 e   C
    ;*~*~.~.~.~.~.~~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~,~.~.o.;.o.~.*.,.* .....................- .
                                 .,     ......................... .-.-.            I..                         -

    Arts and Entertainment
    Paintings by M q e r , Tremaine on exhibit
    By Kari Povlsen                          Virgin Islands and the Ozark Moun-
                                             tains. In his paintings, Meyer shows
       An exhibit featuring artwork by       the natural beauties of the earth.
    DutchMeyer, 39,and GeraldTrernaine,         “It’s a strange thin% to do art because
    56, staff and faculty members, respec-               rn
                                             You’re bi g Yourself,” MeYer said-
    tively, at Highline Community College                                     n
                                             “It’s like letting m ~ ~ read eyour
    is on display now through    e.
                                Dc   11on    diary.”
                  .     .                       He stressed how his art is always
                                             changing, but he finds such change
                                                Tremaine, like Meyer,can transfer


     Gerald Trernaine

     the fourth floor of the library.
        Meyer is a self-taught artist who is a
     carpenter six months out of the year
     and devotes the other six months to                                                      Some of the artwork by Meyer and Tremaine on display on the fourth floor of the HCC library.
      his artwork.
        Meyer started his artistic career as a
      potter and glaze technician, but found
      his interests leaned more toward paint-
      ‘“Art comes t m t , a d Meyer.
         “Art is a lifelong commitment.”
      said Meyer, adding that his aesthetics
      were built up through travel, H has
      lived in Scotland, and has visited the

      Local funny tolks amuse nighttime crowd
     By Matt Esget                                 Warmenhoven’s act has a very im-           improvised feel to his act, the two-girl        Reagan, sports, and suspicious activi-
                                                                      uses theaudience
                                                 provised feel toit. He                       act called the Sympathy Cards usedan            ties, and rodeos, which was only the
           Monday night, November 3rd’           to his full advantage, involving them        a cappella style of music to get their          first part of the act. After only 15 min-
     was Comedy Night at Highline Com-           in his funnyimpromptu which shows            message across.                                 utes into his act, my face hurt from
     munity College. The featured players        his sharp wit.                                  The Sympathy Cards’ use of songs             laughing so hard and so much.
     were Carl Warmenhoven, the Sym- i                                              1         was anexcellent choice for an act with
     pathy Cards, and the famous CoMoody                                                      two girls who have terrific voices and
     farm comic Chris Alpine,                                                                 are in perfect harmony.
       Warmenhovensaid hisfirst audience                                                         Out of eight songs, their best were
     was while he was involved with his                                                       “If I See You,” a revenge song for all
     student government in high school. He                                                    the men who have never called back,
     would often give jabs at his boring                                                      “Drivers’ Language,” which is about
     principal.                                                                               all those words you call other drivers,
                                                                                              and “Bad Dancers,”dealing with those
                                                                                              people who can’t dance but act like
                                                                                              they can. “Bad Dancers” was also one
                                                                                              of their better songs, showing off their        The Sympathy Cards                             3       i
                                                                                              voices.                                            The twojokes that really stick out
                                                                                                 The headliner, Chris Alpine, was             in my mind involve the old smoking
                                                                                              worth the entertainingwait. He has a            honasmoking question airline ticket
                                                                                              very off-beat sense of humor.                   sellers ask. The other has to do with
                                                                                                 Before Alpine was involved with              Hindus, cows, arid a quarteqxwnder
                                                                                              stand-up comedy, he used to teach o  lg         with cheed.
                                                                                              cabin building. In order to keep the                 l
                                                                                                                                                Athe variety in Alpine’s act kept
                                                                                              students’ attention, he would crack             you guessingas to what was going to
                                                                                              jokes, until one day when a student             be next. This- was a good feeling to
                                                   The fashion show piece, involving          told him he   should take his act on the        have from anycomedy act.
                                                 HCC students Lisa, Lance, and Thor,          road,                                             The two-and=a-half-hour comedy                   I

                                                 was a good example of how he usedthe            Alpine’s favorite clubs to perform at        show was entertaining, funny, and
                                                 audience for laughs. Watching him            are Swanies, located in downtown                interesting. With the improvisation of
     Carl Warmenhoven                                                                         Seattle, and Giggles in the Udistrict.
                                                 parade the students around on stage                                                          Carl Warmenhoven, the singingof the
       In the late ~ O ’ S ,Warmenhoven got and give outrageous names to their                   His first competition was a Laff-Off         Sympathy Cards, and the off-the-wall
     involved in open cornpititions with his clothes was hilarious.                           when he   was29. Hecame in 12th place           humor of Chris Alpine, the show was a
     own and collected material from his       Another student got dragged into a             in that competition, In the following           SUCce88.
     basement parties with friends, Re- seemingly safesituation and ended up                  Laff-Off he  came in2nd place, which is            The only disappointment Ifelt was
     cently, he has opened up for other big- wearing a “King” brand condom on                 easy to see why, after his performance           that there was a small audience for the
     name comedians such asRobin Willie                                                       at HCC Wednesday night.                          number of students at Highline, but
     ams and Steven Wright.


Arts and Entertainment
                                                                                  Gary Oldman (Sid) was not    even interestedin punk rock in 1977, when it was
‘Sid and Nancy’ details                                                           new and vibrant. was 18 then and admits to beinginto movies, Elton John
                                                                                  and Rod Stewart.

                                                                                    Chloe Webb (Nancy) comes off more a close friend of the real Nancy

horrors of drug abuse                                                             than as someone with extensive theater experience who has
                                                                                  and drama forfour years. Shedoes arealistic,convincingjob of portrayinna
                                                                                  girl starved for attention and love.

By Ellen Dahl
                                                                                    Sid and Nancy makes a lot more sense to thosewho are already interested
      and Nancy. A1l Eric                                    cox.
                                                 Directed6w Ak         wfihy      in punk culture, particularly the punk culture of 1977 London. For anyone
ls)          and Abbewml. with& Oldman, Chloe Webb, Drav &hofMud.else, the people wl seem like abunch ofmeaningless,violentapathetics.
                                     ,                                                                il
    Sid and Nancy is a realisticattempt to tell the story of Sid Vicious. bassist Sidand Nancy opens F w y , Nov. 7 at the Varsity Theater, 4329
                                   Sex Pistols, and his love for Nancy Spungen, Unillersity Way N.E. in the U-district.
                                                                       ~~   ~~

for the legendarypunk band the
an American modelliving in London. Both of them are heroin addicts, and the
film is already heralded a strong argument
                         as                      against dmg abuse.
    The filmdoesn’t say much about drugsdirectly, but the damage potential
                                                                                 ‘Soul Man’ falls short
won becomes obvious.I t is very clearSid and particularly Nancy have been
messed up badly. At times their brains just aren’t working. Nancy acts like a
dumb, obnoxious spoiled   brat. She is also extremely touchy. One little corn-
                                                                                 ot promising preview
mcnt to leave someone else alone, even Sid, wl set her off like a rocket, E y Robert Antonelli
                                         from          il
screaming andcarrying on. She is disgusting, but supposedly accurate to the
real Nancy.                                                                        Soul Man. A Steve Tisch Production. Directedby Steve Miner. Screenphy ly
                                                                                   &ml Bktck. With C. Thomas Howell, Rae Lkwn Chong, Arye Gross, James B.
                                                                                  When I  first saw the previews,Soul Man struck me as a slightly cock-eyed,
                                                                               but enjoyable, attempt to bring levity to the subject of racial quotas in the
                                                                               higher education system. was severely disappointed, however, whenIsaw
                                                                               the film in its entirety. Soul Man is not only sloppily executed and insensitive
                                                                               to its subject, but portrays blacks two-dimensional, easily duped
                                                                                                                   as                                 cartoon
                                                                               characters as well.
                                                                                  Racism notwithstanding, Soul Man’s main failing lies in either director
                                                                               Miner or editor Black’sinability to infuse aconsistent tone throughout.     The
                                                                               film vascillates between aNational Lampoon exploitation and a half-hearted
                                                                               effort to address an important social issue. At the same time, an attempt is
                                                                               made to mimic the strong character types successfully portrayed in other
                                                                               youth-orientedfilms such as the flaky parentsin Risky Business, the exagger-
                                                                               ated snobs in St. Elmo’s Fire and the hippie-holdout scientist from Real
                                                                                  The story beg~ns   with MarkWatson andhis friend Gordon receivingtheir
                                                                               acceptances to Harvard Law School. Mark discovers, however, that Dad
                                                                               (JamesB. Sikking) wl not foot the bill for his education. After a series of
                                                                               brief scenes, it is obvious Mark wl not be able to obtain abank loan, nor
                                                                               convince either his father or his father’s wacky psychiatrist   that ‘Dad should
                                                                               cough up the dough.’
                                                                                  Finally, through the use of a radically new  tanning formula, Mark is able to
                                                                                pass himself off as a black, and therefore his tuition through a scholar-
                                                                                ship slated for a black who resides the Los Angeles area.
                                                                                  The premise which rationalizes Mark’s fraud is that he hasn’t really
                                                                                deprived anyone because no one else has applied the scholarship. Iwas not
                                                                                convinced, however,that a qualified black student couldnot be found in
   Sid’s irresponsibility and Idon’t-careattitude made nle wonder how the       the Los Angeles area.
band ever got  anything done in the studio. One of the guitarists, with his       Once at Harvard, Mark must dealwith a variety of problems presented by
curly hair and big’eyes, looks too innocent be in their band; his dirty lan-
                                             to                                 his new color. Some of the scenes are humorous,an intermural basketball
guage seems forced, as he’s just trying too hard to bea crudepunk like the
                         if                                                     game, for example,but most are overblown and silly.     The filmis riddled with
others. Also, the one playingJohnny Rotten is too showy on stage.               youth appeal cinema cliches:   there aretoo many evil parents and smart-
   Several other details don’t seem to be accurate. For one thing, the audien-                                                       as
                                                                                mouth kidswhose overblown antics are palmed off precociousness.I’m not
ce’s cheering for the Sex Pistols at concerts. Punk bands don’t c l themselves                               as
                                                                                sure how characters vapid Mark and Gordon gotinto Harvard in the first
part of “rock & roll”; it was a whole culture 1977 London. They didn’t
                                                in                              place.
have T-shirtswith 50 neat little rips in them either. We know that started
                                                          all                      The film’s only redeeming   performances comefrom James B. Sikking, as
in ‘83 with Jennifer Reals’ ripped collarin Fkzshdance, and then the fad pro-   Mark’s dad, JamesEarl Jones, as a tough criminal law professor, and Rae
gressed toneatly ripped shirts being sold in department stores. Punks’ ripped Dawn Chong, who plays over-worked singleparenustudent and the object
clothing consisted of large holes their jeans’knees and casually ripped
                                   in                                       T-  of Mark’s affections. Overall Soul Man is simply too cavalier to recieve much
shirts held togetherwith safety pins.                                           credibility. Through shoddy direction andediting, a potentially powerful, and
   Other than those details mentioned, the acting excellent. While watching humorous, treatment of an important issue is reduced to drive-in pap. A more
 the actors playing Nancy and Sid,is easy to forget oneis actually viewing
                                      it                                        appropriate title would be Porkjl;- Gbes to Haward.
 actors, not thereal Nancy and Sid. For me, was amazingto find out that

 Music, dance numbers in this fall’s Showcase of Talent
   This quarter’s showcaseof talent                                                                                      featuringbothsolodancesandnumbers
 programwill be heldon November8 at                                                                                      performed by theentire cast.
 8 p.m. at the Artists-Lecture Center.                                                                                     The program’s musical background
   The program will feature Martin                                                                                       includes tapes ranging from Michael
 Campbell, bass baritqne, and Federal                                                                                    Jackson’s “Rockin”Robin” tosegments
    “Pzazz”    from        Unlimitd.                                                                                     from “A Chorus Line’% soundtrack.
                   1 -’r?                                                                                                  The “Pzazz”members have appeared
   The show is design&for the entire                                                                                     at Disneyland and Expo ‘86. Their
 family.                                                                                                                 dancing and musical backgrounds are
   Campbellwill include operatic arias,                                                                                  designed to appealtochildrenand
 as well as Brmdway show tunes, in                                                                                       adults alike.
 his performance. He has appearedin a                                                                                       The program is being coordinated
 number of operas     throughoutthe                                                                                       by Gordon Voiles,  HCC music instruc.
 country and is scheduled as a soloist                                                                                    tor.
 for “SingingChristmas         Tree”                                                                                                    il
                                                                                                                            Tickets wl be sold at the door and
 program in Tacoma for this holiday                                                                                       the cost of admission is two dollars for
 .season.                                                                                                                 adults and dollar for those thirteen
  Linda Knudtsen, director of Dance                                                                                       and under.
 Unlimited,has scheduled a piogram



    Arts’and Entertainment
    ‘Cherry Orchard St.’opens Nov. 13

                                                                                           Wednesday,          12-         Crime HCC students and senior citizens,$  2
                                                                                           and PunishmentFilm Series continues for HCC staff and the general public.
                                                                                           with Chinatown. In this film, set in Wednesday, Nov. 19-Honors     Collo-
                                                                                           seedy 1930’s Southern California, Jack quy presents “Kane, Hearst and
                                                                                           Nicholsonplaysa private detective Welles: An
                                                                                                                                                                                      d -

                                                                                                                                            American        Trilogy.”         ’   I

                                                                                           who develops a love affair with his Speaker will be Herb Blisard, In-
                                                                                           female client, played by Faye Duna- structor in communications,human-
                                                                                           way, while he searches for her hus- ities, and cinema and photography     at
                                                                                           band’s murderer. The 1974 film w Yakima Valley Noon,C.C.            Artists-
                                                                                           be shown at 7 P.m., Artists-Lecture Lecture Center, Bldg. 7, free.
                                                                                           Center, Bldg. 7.-Cost is $1 for HCC
                                                                                           students and senior citizens, $2 for
                                                                                           HCC staff and the general    public.
                                                                                           Wednesday,Nov.12-Honors         Colb
                                                                                           quy presents “American Art, Educa-      Return of the
                                                                                           tionand Science.”Speakers will be
                                                                                           three membersof the Highline Panel:     Moldy Oldies
    Jennifer Hopkinsas Banyevskayaand Matt Rau as Gayw in Ce orclrard Street, a
                                                           hw                                Ellen Hofmann, art history;Robin
    Russian dramatic commiy by Anton Chekhov.               Photo by Rokrl A t .i
                                                                            nvll           Buchan, education; and     Charles           TODAY!
                                                                                           Stores, biology-12 noon,     Artists-
       Chekhov sees his characters from outside, with entirely unsentimental cool- Lecture Center,Bldg. 7, free.
    ness and irony. The Gayev family is being broken apart by powerful forces
                                                                                                                                           Friday, Nov. 7
                                                                                           Wednesday, Nov. 19“Crime      and
    rooted deep in history andin the society aroundthem, andalso by thecomple- Punishment Film Series continues                               NOON
    mentary weaknesses that these forces showup inside the Gayevs themselves. with The Lute Show, from 1977. Art
    Their comic inability to bring themselves to make the sacrifices necessary to Carney and Lily Tomlin star in this
                                                                                                                                              Bldg. 7
    save something from.the wreck-their inability even to grasp fully what has contemporary mystery comedy in-                       Artists-Lecture Center
    happened to them-are in their way as agonizingly deepresponse as willed spired by the1940’s private-eye genre.
                                                                a                 the
    selfdestruction of the great tragic heroes.                                                                                       Hear those favorite
                                                                                           “It is thenicest,warmest,funniest
       Tickets are available through the    College Bookstore,and at the door at 7:30 and most touching movie you’ll ever             tunes of yesteryear
    p.m.,one half-hour before curtain time. Cost is $2 for students and senior             see about blackmail, mystery and             performed by
    citizens, $4 for thegeneral public. The play runs Nov. 13-14-15 and       20-21-22at 8 murder.” Time-? p.m., Artists-
                                                                                                                   ’                      C
                                                                                                                                        H C musicians
    p.m. at HCC’s “Little Theatre,” Bldg. 4.                                               Lecture Center,Bldg. 7. Cost is $1for

                                  Jungle Juice    35 Price
                                          ALL DAY                                                                                             J

Cross hn giant awakens with fury
By Hans Helmcke                              place with atime of 21:23, and Denny
and Jeff Hensley                             Turcinec finished seventh in 21:37.
                                              Highline’s other finishers were John
   The HCC crassauntry team took Russell llth, Gary Strand 13th’ Mike
first place in the Highline Thunder-      Cleland 19th,and ClaytonBarnes 20th.
bird Invitational, Oct. 25, over a field
of six other community college teams. Highline runners also competed in
                                          the University of Washington Invita-
    Highline scored 37 points en route tional on Oct. 18andfinished with
to their second championship three an overall sixth place against a field
weeks. This raceproved to be their of eleven major college teams which
toughest win yet, though, theyas          includedthe U of W, University of
 barely edged a strong from               Montana,andWesternWashington
 Clackamas Community College. Clack- University.
 amas scored 42 points for their second
 place finish.                                Adam Leahy was first for Highline
                                          wilth a time of 25 minutes, 25 seconds.
    Head coach, Mike White attributed Other      Thunderbird  finisherswere
the strong showing to the effort put Todd       Baerney 26:37, Gary       Strand
out by HCC’s runners. White credited 2733, Everett        Owens        Denny
each  runner for performing to the Turcinec 28:58, Clayton Barnes29:37,
fullest of their individual conditioning. and Ed Holterman 33:59.
    Clackamas CC hadbeenrated          in     The team is now preparing for the
 thepreseasonastheteam           to beat. twomost important, and final races
 White feels thehemayhavehad            a of theseason.On         Nov. 6 they wl  il
 hand in creating a deception of HCC’s run in theRegion 1 Championships
 strength by never running the squad at Fort Dent in Tukwila, and             the
 in fullforce in that period of time.     season will end with theclimaxat
    Thematch up        with Clackamas the Conference Championships, Nov.
 broughtoutHighline’sentireteam,           14, at-onMemorialGolfCourse
 which helped push forward the over- in Everett. .
 all positioning of HCC’s seven
                            top                                                           Coach Mike White, right, says the success of his team will depend on the ability of
 finishers. With other HCC runners            CoachWhiteexpectstherace          be-                                                        of
                                                                                          his runners to remain healthy for the remainder the season.
 in the pack, the possibility was there    tween HCC andGreen River to be
 for them to finishahead of Clacka- close in theregionalchampionships,
 mas’runnersandraisetheirscore:            because  Highline will be competing from Clackamas, thus far in the sea- chances in the Nov. 14 championships.
                                                                                     son. Smith was anticipated to be the However, if hehasnotwholly                          reco-
 equivalent points are awarded each without its top runners.
                                  to                         two         Todd
 runner for the numbered position    they Baerney, the team’s second strongest       runner to beatearly in theseason, vered, there will be the extra burden
 cross the line. In Cross Country, the     runner will miss the event because of but accordingto White, has                          placed   on HCC’s sixthandseventh
 team with the lowest score wins.          illnessandtoprunnerAdam           k h y   “notevenProved to be a factor” to runners to move forward far enough
                                           will sit out because White feels there Leahy’s running.                                   to make up the difference.
    Otherteams in the race werethe would be no benefit to have him
 University of  Washington’ssecond                                                     Afterdefeating Clackamas,            HCC
                                           compete with the more       important                                                        I t appearsthesleepinggianthas
 team,andcommunitycollegesfrom                                                       established that it wastheteam to
                                           Conference Championships following                                                        awaken with a fury, but has caught
 SkagitValley,Bellevue,GraysHar-                                                     match. But with Baerney sitting out,
                                           so closely.
 bor, and Shoreline.                                                                 White         the
                                                                                           believes advantage     has                thesnifflesfromthecrisp             fall air.
    Adam Leahy was once again High-            b h y , who graduated from Pasco      rotatedback to Clackamas. If Baer- Success of the team now appears                          to
 line’s lead runner,’ winning the event    High School, is a first yearrunner        ney is healthy for the      Conference          hingeon m ~ rest for the giant, in
 as well, with atime of 20 minutes, 49 for Highline.Whitementionedthat               Championships,Whitesayshe                will order to maintain a healthy m y of
 seconds. Todd b e r n e y came in fifth h h y has      twice
                                                            beat       MikeSmith     not be ‘too’ worried about the team’s Properly functioning segments.
                                                 -   0                   0      1

Bolinger counting points early
                                                                                            handle stress several months of the           tookmeawhile     to adjustthatfirst
                                                                                            year, getting along with fellow team-         year, but Ilearned a lot too.”
                                                                                            mates,havingrespect for the sport
                                                                                                                                             Bolinger is the first to admit that
                                                                                            and being an accomplished student.
                                                                                                                                   .      .coachinn a basketball team is time-
                                                                                              Bolinger has coached the women’s

                                                                                                                                           consuming. “It is one of the few areas
                                                                                            team for ,nineyearsandpreviously
                                                                                                                                           you still have command of, and being
                                                                                   the         for
                                                                                                              men’s seven.
                                                                                                                                           in charge is an exhilaration, but more
                                                                                             “The m difference Ihaveobservedas
                                                                                                                                           than that, it’s real competition. Being
                                                                                            a coach i s when a guy gets hurt in a
                                                                                                                                           involved is the motivating force behind
                                                                                            ball gamehe is always trying to be
                                                                                            ‘macho’ about it, When a girl gets                               I
                                                                                                                                           the coaching and think we play some
                                                                                            hurt, at the time it’svery traumatic.          exciting basketball.”
                                                                                            The flip side of the coin is when the
                                                                                            guy acknowledges heis injured it will
                                                                                            take a certain amountof time for him
                                                                                            toget back into thegame. On the               other
                                                                                            hand, the girl tries to play too soon.
                                                                                            That is,.,the, difference I have
                                                                                                         ’   i.

                                                                                              Ten.yearsago an opportunity arose
                                                                                            and Bolinger ma& the switch tocoach-
                                                                                            ingthe women’s team.esaid, “At the
                                                                                            time I wondered if I wouldhave to
                                                                                            make anychanges in my approach to
                                                                                            coaching a women’s team. Ididn’t
                                                                                            have a lot of experience in coaching a
                                                                                            womenb team- and consequently it

                                                                                                                                      .    .   . .-   ..
                                                                                                                                                                        .    .

    Page 10                                                                                                                                        HCC Thunderword Sov. i. 19%

    Volleyball players improving play skills
    B y Jeff Hensley                                                                                                                         Darci happens to be one of   three set-
                                                                                                                                           ters on the team, and is now under fire
                                                                                                                                           to improve, along with the other two.
      Littleman said that the team is try-
                                                                                                                                           Darci describes Littleman as a “per-
    ing to become more aggressive to the
                                                                                                                                           fectionist,,, saying that even when the
    ball. This means that the players need
                                                                                                                                           players feel that they are doing well.
    to become a bit more
    “scrappy” with their play. Littleman                                                                                                     “He pushes you to concentrate,”
    believes that disciplined volleyball is                                                                                                Darci stated of Littleman.
    still necessary to consistently win.
    However, Littleman explained that the                                                                                                    “Weallneed topickitupalittlebit,”
    players can tend to slack off and rely                                                                                                                     l
                                                                                                                                           Littleman said. A of the players need
    on other members too much without                                                                                                      to expand their capabilities more, no
    incorporating a little scrappiness.                                                                                                    just the setters or any other particula
                                                                                                                                           individuals. Every player needs to b
      “We’re a bunch of nice people,”                                                                                                      doing better off bad balls. He furthe1
    explained player Darci Hickman. A                                                                                                      stated that a good pass will increase
    graduate from P a mHigh School, Darci                                                                                                  the chances ofgetting a good set, and
    further stated that the T-bird women                                                                                                   thus a g d spike.
    are developing a ‘killer instinct.,
                                                                                                                                             Littleman says that it is time for the
      Darci also said that the players are
                                                                                                                                           players to decide if they really want to
    beginning to trust each others’ indi-
                                                                                                                                           be volleyballers and whether or not
    vidual playing ability. This has been a
                                                                                                                                           they wish to win the conference
    difficult step as players have never
                                                                                                                                           championships. Littleman says the
    competed as a joint team before this
                                                                                                                                           players have to want it and be willing
    year. The development of trust is criti-
                                                                                                                                           to work hard to achieve that goal, not
    cal to the team’s ability toachieve suc-
                                                                                                                                           just see what happens.
    cess when playing disciplined game.

      Littleman compared the cooperation                                                                                                     According to Littleman, the team
    to the likeness of a
                       chain. Each player                                                                                                  has shown that it is capable ofplaying
    is connectedto acontinuous chain,                                                                                                      at the level of performance necessary
    and when one moves,the others must                                                                                                     to achieve the championship. The
    also move.                                                                                                                             problem lies in that the players have
                                                                                                                                           not managed to sustain this level for
                                                                                                                                           long enough periods, though progress
      Ideally that is way the system is                                                                                                    is evident in this too.
    supposed to work. However, this year’s
    members started the season, completely
                                                                                                                                             Not much time remains to raise
    unfamiliar with the system Littleman
                                                                                                                                           their performanceendurancebefore
    teaches. Each coach has hidher own
                                                                                                                                           the 1986 regular season concludes on
    methods, and in addition, college vol-
                                                                                                                                           Nov. 19, when the HCC T-birds will
    leyball is more sophisticatedthan the HCC players have been trying to improve individual performance for betterment of the team’s
                                           play. According to coachjohn Littleman, the T-Bird women are primarily concentrating on doing                     Community College.
                                                                                                                                           travel to Shoreline
    young players were accustomed     to   better off ‘bad’ halls. Above, spiker Gaylene MacDonald makes what she can of a low set.
    from high school.                                                                                                                         Provided HCC winstheir volleyball
       Even a well oiled chain defense is          HCC playerstipped a number of             quick sets and hittingthe ball harder.        league play, they will not needto com-
     not perfect. A disciplined defense is       balls over the net themselves, earlier        Littleman said the team needs bet-          pete three days later, in the Regional
     designed primarily for coveringspikes.      this season. As Darci explained, the        ter sets,to progress on this now. Cur-        Championships, which will give other
     Littleman says that this is because the     team was “cautious” in their rallies,       rently the team is good at attacking                          to
                                                                                                                                           teams a chance advance to the Con-
     better teams will use this style of play.   and wouldjust make sure the ballgot         from the middle but needs to increase         ference Championships;                           i

     However, this leaves the team vulner-       over the net, typically by using tips.      its ability to attack from the ends of
     able to “junk” volleyball. For this rea-       Littleman stated during the early        the net. The T-bird women need this             HCC volleyballers will make only
     son, the T-bird women are now con-          Season, that this year’s women would        versatility to strengthen their chances       one more appearancein the Pavillion,
     cnetrating on utilizing some “scrappy”      need long rallies to score, because they    of winning the conference champion-           NOV. The 7 pm scheduled match
     play in order to cover weakness of
                             the                 lacked the strength of previoussquads.      ships. Littleman expects the setters to       will pit HCC in play against Bellevue.
     discipline defenses which is in cover-      Now though, they are trying to end          have the capability of turning a bad          Highline defeated Bellevue in a three
     ing tips over the net.                      these rallies more quickly, with use of     pass into a g d set.                          game sweep on Oct. 17 of this year.

     Talented wrestlers to compose new squad
     By Mike Foster                                  will be Bob Miller, 135; Charley
                                                 white                                       and Oregon to get schools to wrestle                              ~ Sports get a
                                                                                                                                               Though m ~other t
                                                 Black, 158; Mike Schelde, 177: and his      against.                                            deal
                                                                                                                                           great more       attention than wres-
            outstandin% team,”Coach Mike         brother, Chris Schelde, who is the lone                                                    tling, Augoustini would like the sport
     Augoustini commented,’with obvious          heavyweight.                             Augoustini would like to see as many              to get the attention it deserves. High-
     pride. “We have four state high school                                                              for
                                                                                        people as possible their first major                line will wrestle in a exhibition against
     champions and five runner-ups.” With           As a tribute to the Thunderbird meet    against    Simon Fraser, a top                  PLU Nov. 18 at HCC.
     this kind of talent on the Thunderbird      sports program, Highline is one of the wrestling squad from Canada. They
     wrestling squad, HCC will truly be          few remaining schools in the state to                                                        Here is the home schedule forthe
     outstanding,                                support a wrestling program. Only wiil meet Nov. 21 at Highline at 7:30                    86-87 season:
                                                 five schools in the state have wres- p.m. HCC is perhaps the smallest col-
       With so many excellent wrestlers on       tling: HCC, Central Washington, East- lege in the Northwest that has a wres-
     the squad, Augoustini found i t diffi-      ern Washington, Pacific Lutheran and tling team, but they should proveto
     cult to single out a certain individual.    Big Bend CC. Yes, even a school with
     He mentioned that Chol An,       from       an excess of30,000 students, the UW, meet the challenge of most of the
     Camas, WA, will be a tough wrestler.        and the Cougars of Washington State schools they wrestle against. Augous-
     He will go at 126 pounds. Another           can’t supporta wrestling program. tini does not see why Highline should
     strong wrestler will be Paul Harris,a       WSUdropped their program last year, succumb to any whool they wrestle
     transfer from the University of Las                W
                                                 and U hasn’t had one for the past 10
     Vegas. He will go at 167. Other key         years, HCC must go far to get meets, against, because they have the talent
     athletes wrestling for the green and         which meansgoing to schools in Idaho to match.

        HCC Thunderword Nov. 7.1986                                                                                                                               P8ge 11

        Sports                                                    .

        Men’s B-ball coaches use understanding
        By Hans Helmcke                             Only three of Highline’s 14 players states how many minutes wl be     il           During this month, the team will
                                                 were involved with the program last allow& for    each activity.                    continue to practice and develop as
                                                 year. When players come to a new                                                    they prepare for the upcoming season
           At a recent    practice, the Men’s                                               Highline’s manager, Ken Hardtke,
                                                 college basketball program,  either                                                 which starts on Nov. 22 at Centralia.
        Basketball   players    showed their                                             is also an important part of the team.
                                                 from high school or another college,                                                                         il
                                                                                                                                     Their first home gameswl be played
        camaradarie, as well as various other
                                                 it takes time to l a the new sys- According to the players, there is no
                                                                    er n                                                             Nov. 26 against Tacoma, and then
        elements that wl contribute to the
                                                 tem. The coaches are faced with the doubt that the team would not func-             Nov. 29 against North Idaho.
        development of their team.
!                                                challenge of teaching this system to tion as well without his services. Ful-
           The key factor for the team this                                              lington states, “Ken does a great job
                                                 the players.
        year isthe players get along with                                                for us. He always hasthe basketballs
        each other well. Teammates support          So far this year, the coaches and out early, and he does a lot of extra
        each other with encouraging com-         players at Highline feel the transition work also.”
        ments, and they show a willingness       is going well. The coaches firmly, but
        to learn, according to player Greg       positively, reinforce what they have       As for how the team is shaping up
        Fullington.                              taught, and at the same time have       so far, Fullington says team members
           Fullington also says    the players   patience with the players, realizing enjoy playing together, and as time
        have a lot of   confidence in their      that it’s important to let them get to  goes on, they will begin to come
           During practice, coaches Fred Har-
        rison and assistant Paul Gerry are
    i   actively involved     in the player’s
        development. If a player is having
        trouble understanding something, the
        coach wl take him aside and explain
        it in greater detail.

         Swimmers make final preparations for season
         By Mike Foster                          PLU, which placed third in the
                                                 nation a year ago. This meet is               DAY    DATE           MEET                   WHERE            TIME
           With thefirst swim meet fast          important to the squad becauseof
         approaching, Coach Milt Orphan                               l
                                                 the competition it w be facing.               Fri.   Nov. 7         CWU JV                 Ellensburg       2 0 0 p.m.
         says the first meet against Central                                                   Fri.   Dec. 5,6       PLU lnvite
                                                    Orphan thinks this meet is impor-                                                       Tacoma           6:30 p.m.
         Washington University’s J V s is to                                                   Fri.   Jan. 9         Portland CC             Portland        4:OO p.m.
         “find where the kids are.”               tant because Highline will swim
                                                                                               Sat.   Jan. 10        Lewis & Clark          Portland         1O:OO a.m.
            Orphan i s essentially using this     NCAA distances, instead of the shor-         Fri.   Jan. 16        Evergreen              Olympia          4:OO p.m.
         duel in Ellensburg as a tune-up for      ter distances they would swim                Sat.   Jan. 24        Oregon                 Highline         1000 a.m.
         upcoming meets. CWU’s varsity            against smaller schools, The longer          Fri.   Feb. 6         Evergreen               Highline        4:OO p.m.
         squad was ranked first in the nation     distances should make this meet an           Thurs. Feb. 19                                Portland        All day
         last year in the small college poll.     exceptional challenge,both physi-            Fri.   Feb. 20        Small College           Portland         l
                                                                                                                                                             A day
            HCC’s next meet, the Pacific Luth-    cally and mentally. With the gap             Sat.   Feb. 21        Championship            Portland         l
                                                                                                                                                             A day
         eran Invitational on Dec. 5 and 6, is    between the two meets, Orphan will
         the meet the team is pointing toward.    be able to DreDare his swimmers for     I

                                                               “Something is going to have                              McConnaughey’s sources indicated that peo

            SPORTS                                             to happen,” McConnaughey
                                                               stated, noting that the athletic
                                                                                                                      ple in the Child Care Center were “being paid
                                                                                                                      an inadequate amount.”
                                                               programs can not continue as
                                                                                                                        Mackintosh further enlightened the situation
                        COMMENT                                they have, even on the cut.
                                                               rent budget.
                                                                                                                      by explaining the state did not fund the college
                                                                                                                      the difference for ‘o a’ budgets which also
                                                                  The current budget was cut
                                                                                                                      include food services, parking, and the book
                   BHdget cuts                                 by 14 percent for 1986, but
                                                               only some of the costs were      Don McConnaughey
                                                                                                                      store. Thus Highline was forced to come up
                                                                                                                      with the difference.
                                                               hit-by this. Most severely lessened were travel
          By Jeff Heneley                                      and new equipment budgets. These areas happen            The student activities budget was less than
                                                               to be ones where cuts were least affordable,           expected for others reasons, amongstthese were
            Sports at Highline play a part in student edu-         However, athletics are not the only program        a $375,000 revenue and $lO,OOO in interest from
          cation as do other sources available on campus.                                            l
                                                                to suffer the 14 percent cut. A programs              reserve revenue.
          However, unless the athletic department can get       financed by the Student’s Activities budget took
          some ‘budget relief’ by nextyear; there wl be a
                                                    l           an equal loss. This additionally includes; drama,        The revenue, attained from enrollment was
          necessity to make some difficult decisions. This      music, tutoring, child care, studentgovernment,       less the anticipated acceding to predictions made
          would almost certainly mean cancelation of cer-       Thunderword publication, and others.                  after viewing last fall’s registration numbers.
          tain sports.                                                                                                This added to the problem with not drawing as
                                                                 Will some  of theseprograms be axed next             much interest from s t d funds, because reserve
             AccordingtoDonMcConnaughey,               HCC     year to allow others to be funded to a more ade-       revenues dwindled quickly this past summer to
          athletic director, sports are as much an educa-      quate amount?‘% comes down to making some              fund campus improvements, Thus less interest
          tional benefit as other programs available on                            choices which    we     haven’t    was accumulated for the budget too.
          campus. McConnau&ey stated that they too                                  made,” Bruce Mackintosh
          “help studentsrealize wme of their goals.”                                stated. Mackintosh, coorinator        Remaining budget portions include $45,OOO
             The problem is that the sports programs have                           of student activities, further     from the child care development center and
          been operating on roughly the same budget since                           mentioned  the     decision of     $17,000 from miscellanious sources, which are
          1975, even though their expenses have been on                             which to cut would be about        dances, games, plays, and others.
          a continuous climb. Officiating costs alone have                          as difficult as choosing one’s
          increased by over 50 percent during the past ten       Bruce Mackintosh religion.                             All of this adds up to a warning for HCC stu-
          years.                                                  The full root of the problem is deeply planted.     dents to anticipate changes as to which sports
                                                               Probably the largest cause comesfrom the newly         will remain a part of Highline. The possibility
             Also on the rise have been the costof uni-                                                               still looms faintly, that other options could be
          forms and travel. Currently, teams must pay          passed comparable worth act passed by the
                                                               state. This was to establish equality amongst          found, but McConnaughey has hesitantly begun
           4 0 a mile for use of the college van. Ten years
               ~                                                                                                      to face apotentially grim future.
           ago use of the van for athletic events was free.    sexes for job pay.


     Robbery victim OK,
     crime prevention tips
    By Steve Martin                             Chapman has also noticed several
                                             new crosscountry and all-terrain bi-
        The armed rob- of       an HCC em-                       this
                                             cycles on campus quarter.
     ployee last month is still under active    These bikes, like most    ten-speed
     investigation status, according to Sgt. bikes,are costly and over a million
     Fox of the Des Moines Police Depart-    of them are stolen each year.
     ment.                                      As a result, the economic impact on
        At this point, there have been no    bicycle theft victimshas increased
     other inadents of this typle reported   dramatically. Students and staff can
     thatcanbeconnectedwiththerobbery.       reduce the chance oftheft by marking
     According toSgt. Fox, “There is a lot   and registering   their bicycles.
     we can do with it at this point.”          Chapman suggested bicycle owners
        The victim, who was cut on the arm   stop by the Campus Security office
     by one of suspects,was taken to St.     and pick up aBicycleRegistration
     Joseph Hospital wherehe was treated                          are
                                             form. These forms provided at no                                                                                               i-

     and released.                           cost. Security is located downstairs in
       Jack Chapman, chief campus pol-
                             of              Building 6.                               survival skills for small businesses, financing for the small business owner,
     ice, had a few suggestions on how to       Chapman also encouraged owners         marketidimage and small business specialties.Most are one session classes,
     avoid becoming a victim. “When out,     to carve their driver’s license number                                             Al
                                                                                       offered evenings or on Saturdays. “ lof our teachers have owned their own
     stay near other people and keep in      on the bike. Electronic engravers    are  businesses, so they know what these people are going through,”W i n s said.
     well-lit areas and buildings,” he said. available free from local law enforce       M a l i n s g d for thecenter is to serve as a
                                                                                                                                      network between thecenters’clients
     “Children should be in sight at all     ment offices or at the Campus Secur-                                                          of
                                                                                       and peoplequalified to meet their needs. One the ways she plans to accomplish
     times. Billfoldsand wallets should be   ity office.                               this is to build a referral file containing pertinent informationabout each of the
     kept in a safe place on you all
                                 at times                                              centers’ clients as well as information from services which cater to small
    and don’t flash large amounts of cash      Bicycle thieves  often try to destroy a businesses.
    around.”                                 bicycle’s identification, so Chapman         Malins also plans to hold‘Brown Bag’ lunchtime lectures at the center: a
       Chapman    continued, “If you are     suggested people  add some hidden bulletin board that would serve as a resource center and publication ofa
    alone, use your best judgement about identification.For example, peoplecan newsletter which would includethe success stories of clients.
    getting into an elevator with a stran- write their driver’s license number on         Malins runs her own communications and management business“Human
    ger. It may be better to wait for the a card, twist the handlebar grip off, relations in business is very important. There is agreat need for communication
    next elevator.”                          and place the card just inside     the    skills.” She has also taught        marketing, management and organization and
       On the subject of armed robbery,      handlebar.                                creative salesmanship at several area colleges.
    Chapman said, “Do not panic. Avoid          Studentsand staff should also   carry    The center, as it exists now, is the result of several years of combined  effort
    rash actions. Try to get goodd e e p a case-hardened cable and lock they between the
                               a                                              so                       United States Small Business Administration, the state,Washing-
    tion of the suspect and stay  alert.” He can secure their bicyclesanytime they ton State       University and community     colleges. Three years ago, a committee
    stressed that robberysituations are want to leave them.The cable should formed by the Board of Education to research communitycolleges in  what
    very dangerousand common sense is be woundthroughthebike’s frame the State of Washington were doing forthe small business community. The
    needed escape        withlittle or no and both wheels,       then around a fixed committee examined         classes and workshops offered by community   colleges.
    injury.                                  object orbike stand.                        At the same time, the Small Business Administrationcontracted Washington
                                                                                       State University to offer small business training, research, and counseling
                                                                                       services. undertaking. State
                                                                                       with this Washington                                 the
                                                                                                                       Univetsity looked to communitycollegesfor help
    Water damage                             c t#r s f .D # e
                                              hi t C dLI m 4 l

    buildings using Hypalon as a single-   supervisor, recent experience, and a           A year rater, an agreement todeliver businesstraining was made between the
    plymembrane in anattemptto             current roofingconsultantsurvey,”           state and several community colleges. Each college that participated would
    compensate forthe lack of roof pitch. continued Fritchman.                         receive funds for every   hour of training offered.
       “We feelthis Hypalon membrane will    Before Fritchman put the wheels              HCC obtained an alottment large enough to pay a coordinator andrent an
    be a better roof systemthan the exist- inmotion for the $5OO,O00 project, he       office at an offaunpus   location.
    ing four-ply hot mopmembrane be- called six or seven public schools      that         “If thecollegewants funds from the state, we have to have something started.
    cause it is the same material used on have used the material.                      We have to have something theto offer    business community,” Colasurdo claims,
    rubber life rafts,” said Fritchman.                                                                        at
                                                                                       “The committee looks whether we haveenergy and commitment and gives us
       “Unless there is damage to insula-    “I interviewed both construction          dollar amounts accordingly.”
    tionunder the existing membrane, business managersand . maintenance                   Everyone involvedis pleased with the centers’ progressthus far. The r c p ee
    we’re going to to leave the four-plysupervisors, and had a very favorable
                   try                                                                 tion from the community and local Chambers       of Commerce has been ‘absolutely
    membrane intact and simply reroof response at all levels.We certainly              supportive,’ according to  Malins, who would    also like to see HCC students take
    with Hypalon.”                                                         i
                                           hope the new roofing system w help          an active rolein the centers’success.
       “The roofs were selectedbased       us overcome the disadvantages of a             “1 would love to have students comeand talk with me,” said Malins
    upon inputfrom the maintenance flat roof design.”                                  “If Icouldget a people to
                                                                                                        few          volunteer a couple of hoursof their time each week,
                                                                                       Iwould make job easier.” She encourages students to participatethe
                                                                                                      my                                                            in
                                                                                       referral network. Many students have     skills which would benefit both the small
    Hazardous materials                       Collhfnrradjhn”1                         business community as well as the each students’ personal economy. Malins
                                                                                       would also like to see student artwork displayed onthe walls of the center.
    the videotapes is designed especially sowwho buys an ordinary household
                                                                                       “As small business people come      through, Iwant to show them what’s availa-
    for the custodial staff, as their work cleaning solution is not required by
    involves nearly constant use of some law to fill out an MSDSform and label         ble,” said Malins “If I a n pull people together, maybe they’ll beginto talk about
    of the chemicals in question.            it as a hazardous chemical.               their concerns.”
                                                                                       FOF  more information, contact Betty Colasurdo at 878-3710 ext.341 or Mary
       Prior to starting work at HCC, each      Another commonly     usedchemical is Malins at the center, telephone     246-0428.
    new employee wlattend a healthand liquid correctionfluid. This solutionis                                                                                                       0   .

    safety orientation session. They wl not water soluble, and is consequently
                                          il                                                                                                                                    -       .)’
    also recieve information and training used in other applicationsb i d e s the                            Classifieds                                                    ”

    on chemicals they il use frequently. manufacturers’ intended
                         wl                                                        up s .
                                                                                  p r oe
       Department heads are required to plumbing, for example these correc-
    compile a  MSDSfor their department. tion fluids alsohave the ability to pro=
    These sheets are then sent to Central tect previously soldered joints. How-
    Services. A campus master list wl be ever,thesesolutions contain petml-
    available to all students, faculty and eum distillates which are harmful to
    staff members at thecirculationdesk the body. U e without proper ventila.
    of thelibrary,Bldg.25-117at themain tion, these solutions can lead to dizzi-
    security officeand in the purchasing ness and extreme cases, heart po
                                                       in                         rb
    office, telephone extension  210.        lems,
       Some of the departments directly         Some other  hazardous material8
    affected by the law are the art depart- usedon campusareacetylenegas, and
                                        a ,
    ment, includingthe photography l b oil of wintergrem which contains
    the welding shop and the jewelry de methyl silusilate. “The r a problem
    partment                                 we have is all of the chemicals we use
       H l n Pawula, instructor for the each day,” said Pawula,
    jewelry department, said that in the        Under the W t to Know statutes,
     near future uhe will offer a two credit                         who come into
    class for jeweleraim OSHA standards                             ils materials will
    and mfety in the work place. Pawula                             .heirdangersand
     also pointedout that the a v q p per-

                                                            - . . . . .-   “   . ...-...._-   *_
                                                                                                   -   . ,   ..

                                                                                                                                                                                              e       C

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