; MSc Intensive Homeopathic Pharmacy
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MSc Intensive Homeopathic Pharmacy


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									                                                 British Institute of Homeopathy– Republic of Ireland
                                                                            BIH Ireland
                                                       MSc in Homeopathic Pharmacy
                   The main aim of the Master in Homeopathic Pharmacy is to provide participants with an
               opportunity for deepening and upgrading of skills in the natural sciences that can be used as a
                  supplement to conventional medicine, an opportunity for professional specialization in the
                   composition, processing, production-counter and prescription of homeopathic medicines.
                The Master is designed to increase knowledge on disciplines still unknown but to which many
              patients around the world turn. Also, this is also an excellent opportunity to learn and / or deepen
                    their knowledge of English as the Master taught in English by teachers of BiH Ireland .

       Eligibility                                                          Venue
Students/Graduates from Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology                     BIH Ireland’s Campus in St. Patrick Street, Cork city, Republic of Ireland.

       Programme                                                           Course Duration
                                                                         MSc Distance Module in Homeopathic Pharmacy will start on February
     The INTENSIVE MASTER COURSE is articulated in 2 modules:            7th, 2011. MSc Residential Module will start in Cork city on July 11th,
                                                                         2001 and it will last for 4 weeks.
     MODULE 1 – On line (5 months)                                       This is a 6 months intensive Master Course (1040 hours of which 520
     Students will receive keys to access to our on line platform and    classrooms hours + 520 hours of practical training).
     will receive by post Cdrom to access to course contents off-line.   Lessons and training sessions will take place every day from monday to
     On line contents include:

     Avogadro Limit in potencies and its implications
     Theory of Homeopathic Prescriptions Dispensing Decimal, Cen-        Maximum 60 students.
     tesimal, Millesimal and LM potencies
     Homeopathic Materia Medica

                                                                             Course fee
     Proprietary Homeopathic medicines
     Bach Flower Remedies
     Biochemic Remedies (cells salts / tissue salts)
     Miasms                                                              € 2600 (Vat incl)
     Classical Homeopathy
     Arndt Schultz Law                                                   Course fee includes:
     Nosodes                                                             Intensive distance+ residential training course; Course material (books,
     Isodes                                                              notes, manuals, etc); MSc Diploma recognised internationally; ECTS/
     Organotherapy                                                       CFU; integrated practical training; Help and tutoring while preparing
     Theory of Constitutional Prescribing                                thesis; English Language intensive course ( 20 hours or 28 hours);
     Allergies                                                           Utility of Campus facilities (internet, library, etc); Health Insurance
     Over the Counter prescribing                                        (only to EU students); sports

     MODULE 2 – On Campus ( 4 weeks)                                     Course fee does not include
     Module 2 requires 4 weeks attendance on Campus. Module 2            ~ accommodation
     includes further study of homeopathic theory and principles and     ~ food
     practical training.                                                 ~ flight and/or alternative transportations
     Practical training will be held at BIH Ireland Students Clinic,
     local public and private clinics and at Cork Homeopathic Dispen-
     sary from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 5 pm.
     On campus topics include:
                                                                          Deadline for Application forms is February 5th, 2011
     Quality Control procedures
     Current Good Manufacturing Practice
     Dispensing                                                               Admissions & Selection Criteria
     Medication Techniques
     Storage and Care of Homeopathic Medicines
     Material Specifications                                              Candidates from any country may apply to the Master.
     Labelling                                                            To be eligible to apply for the Master's programme students must satisfy
     Stock potencies                                                      to both of the following conditions:
     Computerised Homeopathy
     Case Taking and Repertorisation                                      ~ be the holder of a Bachelor's degree (a minimum of three years' study
     Homeopathic Pharmacy Research                                        at a university and corresponding to the equivalent of 180 ECTS) in the
     Combination Remedies                                                 fields of Medicine or Psychology
     Practical Homeopathic Pharmacy (equipment provided)                  ~ master English language at least at a basic level

                                                                          Applicants should complete relevant Application Form downloadable on
                                                                          the website (‘Register’ section in the Master course description’s page)
                                                                          and return it for approval.
                                                                                                 For further information please visit
   Practical Training will take place at:
   - Public and/or Private Clinics                                                              www.bihireland.com or contact us at
   - Students Clinic at Cork Homeopathic Dispensary                                                     info@bihireland.com

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