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PATTERNS by hedongchenchen



Unit Project by Mrs. Scabbyrobe’s
       3rd Grade Classroom
           Table of Contents
1.   Pattern?        6.    Pattern Word
2.   Multicultural         Search
     Patterns        7.    Zuni Pottery
3.   New Learning    8.    Sand Paintings
4.   Alphabet        9.    Reflections
5.   Rug Patterns    10.   Credits
What is a Pattern?
 A pattern is an
  artistic or decorative
 A composite of traits
  or features
  characteristic of an
  individual or group.
Multicultural Patterns

              Cultural patterns
               studied were China,
               Hawaiian, Northwest
               Coast, Navajo, Plains
               Indian, Ancient Egypt,
               and Zuni.
              We found many
               shapes, colors, objects,
               animals, symbols, etc…
New Learning
                  Basic knowledge base
                   for multicultural
                  Essential learning:
                   Applied Learning,
                   Communication, Fine
                   Arts, Mathematics,
                   Reading, SS
                   Geography, SS History,
                   and Writing.
Hieroglyphic Alphabet
Created in Ancient
  Egypt, the
  Alphabet was used
  to communicate in
Symbols of animals,
  like birds, tigers,
  snakes and owls
  were used.
              Rug Pattern
 We explored
  patterns in Navajo
 Designs that were
  geometric with
  diamonds, squares,
  lines, zigzags,
  objects and colors.
Pattern Word Search
 We  observed patterns even in word
 Our word search had words associated
  with patterns.
 Words like Alphabet, Animal, Circular,
  Color, Connect, Diamond, Lines,
  Number, Object, Pattern, etc….
Zuni Pottery Design
 As a reinforcement
  of patterns, we
  explored the Zuni
  culture pottery
 We colored with
  earthy tones.
 We saw the sun in
  Zuni pottery.
Sand Painting
 Sand Paintings have
  many patterns of
  objects, shapes,
  colors, and styles.
 We individualized
  our designs and
  made them of
Reflections from our              “Mrs. Scabbyrobe showed us
                                   different patterns of different
 journal frame of                  cultures. We saw different
                                   things, they were cool.” Alina
 patterns we saw                  “I saw eagles, birds, whales,
 from different                    and snakes, dragons, and
 cultures.                         patterns, they were cool.” Kaleb
                                  “Totem poles, Diamonds,
   Hawaiian, China,               zigzags and patterns.” Deryk
    Ancient Egyptian,             “I saw different things, some
    Native Northwest               were shapes, butterflies, and
                                   the sun.” Katie
    Coast, Hopi Indian, Zuni      “Colors, shapes, and patterns.”
    Indian, Navajo and             Darren
    Plains Indian.
More Reflections
   “Sun, birds, snakes, flowers,          “I saw cool pictures.” Iola
    cool.” Erendira                        “I saw all sorts of different
   “Birds, sun, snakes, and                patterns.” KC
    wildflowers, wow.” Mariah
                                           “I saw birds, fish, flowers, and
   “Snakes, birds, patterns, and
    butterflies.” Nereyda                   animals.” Christopher
   “I saw different patterns were         “Mrs. Scabbyrobe showed us
    cool.” Krystal                          different cultures.” Monica
   “We saw sun, and I like this           “Birds, flowers, snakes, circles,
    stuff.” Aleck                           was cool.” Tiffany
   “I saw different cool patterns.”       “Good snakes, birds, and sun.”
    Dulce                                   James
   “I saw whales, temples, circles.”      “Was awesome!” Mrs.
    Elijah                                  Scabbyrobe
Credits: 3rd Grade Harrah Elementary
 Krystal, Myranda, Emerson, Elijah, Deryk,
  Alina, Katie, K.C., Dulce, Monica, Darren,
  Nereyda, Ashley, Tiffany, Christopher,
  Mariah, Kenneth, Juan, Zack, Bryan, Iola,
  James, Kaleb, and Erendira.
 Mrs. Scabbyrobe (Student Teacher)
 Mr. Hammerberg (Cooperating Teacher)
 Mrs. Rice (Teacher Aide)

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