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					 A Publication of the Junior League of St. Petersburg

                                                                Volume 13 Issue 3
                                                                      Winter 2010

A Publication of The Junior League of St. Petersburg, Inc.
                        JLSP 3rd Annual Partnership Ball
                        Walking in a Winter Wonderland...
Partnership Ball 2010

                                                       Winter   2   Edition
                                                                    Inside the Issue
         M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T            Nuts and                                                 Membership
The Junior League of St. Petersburg is an         Bolts
organization of women committed to
promoting voluntarism, developing the President’s Perspective
potential of women and improving the League Calendar
community through the effective action and Cyberbullying
leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is
                                                                             4                             Hott Flashes - The

exclusively educational and charitable.
                                                  Council Reports                                          Our
                                                  Clothes To Kids
The Junior League of St. Petersburg envisions

                                              Partnership Ball 2010
a community where individuals and families                                                                 Dr. Steve Nelson p. 5
                                              Community Council
have access to resources that assist in the                                                                Paula Blanda p. 9
                                              Education and Training
development of healthy life skills.                                                                        Rodgers p. 10
                                            Golf - PAR TEE                                                 Tradewinds p. 10
                                            Public Affairs and SPAC
      REACHING OUT STATEMENT                                                                               The St. Petersburg Times p. 12
                                            Development Council                                            Bright House Networks p. 13
The Junior League of St. Petersburg reaches and Partnership Ball                                           ABC Action News p. 14
out to women of all races, religions and                                                                   CW 44 p. 15
national origins who demonstrate an interest in                                                            Dr. Christopher Nelson p. 16
and commitment to voluntarism.
                                                  League                                                   Redman Steele p. 25
                                                                                                           Diamonds Direct p. 29
                                                  History                                                  Bright House Networks p. 31
                                                  The Power of
                                                  About Our Founder
                                                                             20                            Canterbury p. 32

President - Lauri Lee
President Elect - Donna Mainguth                  Did You Know and
Communications VP - Lisa Johni
Community VP - Cathy McKyton
                                                  Around the League
Development VP - Tirrah Switzer

Finance VP - Melanie Humlicek                     Celebrations
Membership VP - Corinne Flanagan                  Spotlight
                                                  Birthday Girls
Corresponding Secretary - Samantha Nevins
Recording Secretary - Courtney Vandenberg
Sustaining Advisor - Ginny Sexton                 Reflections
Parliamentarian - Tiffany Webb
                                                  Past President’s
Nominating Chair - Andrea Winning

Assistant Treasurer -Christine Casey

Junior League of St. Petersburg, Inc.
500 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N. Suite 201
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705
727-895-5018 727-894-8065 (fax)
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 -2
Email:                                                          The Junior League of St. Petersburg publishes the
                                                      CauseWay four times per Junior League year in September 2010, December 2010, March 2011
                                                                                           and June 2011.

                                                                   For deadlines and advertising information, please visit the Junior League’s
                                                                                  website at or contact us at
                                                                                 Circulation is approximately 600 households.

                                                                        The CauseWay is created by the Communications Committee:
                                                                                    Rachael Russell - Chair/ Editor

                                                            Amanda Amann, Simone Bennett, Brittany Black, Brooke Himot and Katie Mulford

                                                                    Winter   3   Edition
                          President’s Perspective
President’s Perspective

                          The holiday season is upon us! We’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving and
                          Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s are just days away. As we reflect
                          upon 2010, take a moment to reflect on your volunteer activities as well.

                          Did you volunteer at Care Fair? Did you feel that sense of accomplishment by
                          serving the children in our community? Were you able to give of your time for such
                          events as the Times Festival of Reading or participate in a performance of the
                          Rainbow Fish puppet show? Did you give freely of your time on a Saturday to help
                          with the Halloween Extravaganza at Great Ex or did you help foster children
                          celebrate National Adoption Month with The Heart Gallery? Have you experienced
                          the joy of volunteering at Clothes To Kids and giving away a week’s wardrobe to
                          each child who walks through the doors? Were you able to participate in some of
                          our Done in A Meeting projects such as holiday card writing to our military
                          personnel, or bring a rattle for the sick babies in All Children’s Hospital NICU?
                          Whatever volunteer path you have chosen, I hope it has been fulfilling to you! I look forward to your
                          continued enthusiasm for supporting our community through your spirited volunteer activities in 2011.

                          During this holiday season, let's remember that not all gifts are wrapped in shiny paper and decorated with
                          ribbon and bows. There are many intangible gifts we can share with those who deserve special recognition;
                          for who they are, what they do, and the importance they play in our lives.

                          Here's a 20-item emotional gift guide that I hope will be meaningful for you in this season of celebration:

                          - To yourself...respect, confidence and faith.
                          - To a friend...a heartfelt and caring spirit.
                          - To a family member...dedication, communication and understanding.
                          - To our natural and preservation.
                          - To a good cause...generosity and ardent advocacy.
                          - To a open door of hospitality.
                          - To our military and first responders...honor and appreciation.
                          - To a customer or client...excellent service.
                          - To the ill and hurting...concern and healing comfort.
                          - To the hungry and homeless...compassion and emergency services.
                          - To the abused, neglected and abandoned...hope and security.
                          - To someone with a special challenge...recognition and acceptance.
                          - To the addicted and troubled...a positive path to recovery.
                          - To an infant and toddler...attachment, attention and safety.
                          - To a child and teen...patience, guidance and a good example.
                          - To a parent in need...a helping hand.
                          - To an elder, reverence...gratitude and dignified care.
                          - To everyone you see, friends and strangers alike...smiles and positive energy.
                          - To people of every age...unconditional love.
                          - To all the peoples of the world...justice and peace.

                          With warmest wishes for the New Year,


                                                                      Winter   4   Edition
It’s an unpleasant topic. School districts don’t want to    standard that applies to all of the school districts in

talk about it. Kids talk about it but don’t necessarily     Missouri, modifying the recently passed House Bill
tell their parents about it. Parents talk about it among    No. 1543 in Missouri.
themselves and hope it doesn’t happen to their
children.                                                   After that, who knows? SLIC is open to working with
                                                            Leagues and organizations in other states to develop
We’re talking about cyber-bullying, and it almost           a true national standard – the first – to educate school
always starts at school. For the most part, cyber-          administrators as well as parents on what can be
bullying is like other forms of bullying – and kids         done to create an effective approach to dealing with
survive it and move on. But sometimes they don’t –          cyber-bullying across the country.
as we saw in the recent suicides of Rutgers University
freshman Tyler Clementi and Massachusetts high         What are the stakes? Well, just look at the statistics.
school student Phoebe Prince.
                                                            According to the National Crime Prevention Council,
It’s not that there aren’t laws against bullying.           cyber-bullying is a problem that affects almost half of
According to Bully Police USA, 45 states now have           all American teens.
anti-bullying laws and most include cyber-bullying
elements. The problem comes in the lack of a
                                                            According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, over
uniform standard for schools to deal with the cyber-
                                                            half of cyber-bullying victims do not know their
bullying threat, which changes rapidly with the
                                                            perpetrator’s identity.
advance of technology and social media.
                                                            According to the Crimes against Children Research
The fact is, there are no national standards for
                                                            Center at the University of New Hampshire, 19% of
schools to adopt on cyber-bullying. At the state level,
                                                            children surveyed received unwanted sexual
laws typically direct the school districts under their
                                                            solicitations and approaches online along with
jurisdiction to develop their own procedures to deal
                                                            harassing incidents, including threats, rumors, or
with bullying, lumping cyber-bullying in with
                                                            other offensive behavior making them feel very or
everything else. Which means each district’s policy
                                                            extremely upset or afraid.
will differ from every other district. Which leaves a lot
of room for “mistakes” to happen.
                                                            Can we completely eliminate cyber-bullying? No.
                                                            Can we help make parents more aware and school
That’s why the State Legislative Issues Committee
                                                            administrators more responsive? Yes. Can we make
(SLIC) of the St. Louis Junior League is trying to
                                                            our children safer? Absolutely.
make a difference. Starting with St. Louis-area
school districts, the League is working with school
administrators to formulate a standard approach to
cyber-bullying. But SLIC’s perspective is much
broader than that. Working with Missouri State
Representative Sue Allen, Missouri Senator Jane
Cunningham and Tina Meier, founder of the Megan
Meier Foundation, SLIC’s goal is a cyber-bullying

                                                       Winter   5   Edition
                          General Membership Meetings
2010 - 2011 League Year

                          Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. The venue will be open starting at 6:30 PM for
                          socializing, committee sign-ups, etc. The meetings begin at 7:00 PM. Meeting minutes can be
                          found at The September Dinner meeting will be at the downtown Hilton. There will
                          be a social hour starting at 5:30 p.m., dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. and the meeting will start
                          at 7:00 p.m.
                                                               Month                               Date

                                                            July (Optional)                         20th

                                                       September Dinner Meeting                     21st

                                                               October                              19th

                                                              November                              16th

                                                               January                              18th

                                                              February                              15th

                                                                March                         Cluster Meetings

                                                                 April                              19th

                                                          May Annual Dinner                         17th

                          New Member Meetings
                          Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. The meetings begin at 6:30 PM. Check your
                          eblast or the website to confirm the location of the meeting.

                                                              Month                                  Date

                                                               June                                   8th

                                                               July                                   13th

                                                              August                                  10th

                                                            September                                 14th

                                                             October                                  12th

                                                            November                                  9th

                                                            December                                  14th

                                                             January                                  10th

                                                             February                                 14th

                                                              March                                   14th

                                                               April                                  5th

                                                                       Winter   6   Edition
Membership Events
Below are the membership events for the 2010 - 2011 as planned by the printing of this

                                                                                                                                                             2010 - 2011 League Year
CauseWay. Check the website, e-blasts and future CauseWays for more information and
additional events!

                        Event                                            Date                                             Location

                 ACH Holiday Party                                  December 13th                                 All Children’s Hospital

                    Puppet Show                                  January 10th and 25th                          St. Petersburg Public Library

         The Par-Tee TIme Golf Tournament                       Saturday February 5th                                     Bayou Club

                    Puppet Show                                  February 7th and 28th                          St. Petersburg Public Library

                    Puppet Show                                   March 14th and 21st                           St. Petersburg Public Library

                   CTK Sorting Day                                   February 26th                                           CTK

             80th Anniversary Celebration                               March 3rd                                            TBD

CauseWay Deadlines
Below are the publication deadlines for the 2010 - 2011 CauseWay. If you would like to capitalize
on discounted member advertising rates to promote your business contact us at or find more information on the website under “Support Us.”

                                               Event                                               Date

                                                 Fall                                      August 20th, 2010

                                                Winter                                   November 19th, 2010

                                                Spring                                    February 18th, 2011

                                               Summer                                          May 20th, 2011

                                            Delegate                                            Volunteer
                                            verb |ˈdeləˌgāt|

                                            entrust (a task or responsibility)                  a person who freely offers to take part in an
       Buzz Words                           to another person                                   enterprise or undertake a task. • a person who
                                                                                                works for an organization without being paid.
                                                                 Community                                         Serve
                                  Legacy                   a group of people living together in one
                                                                                                                   perform duties or services for (another
                                  noun |ˈlegəsē|           place, esp. one practicing common
                                                                                                                   person or an organization) • provide
Communicate                       a thing handed down by a ownership • all the people living in a
                                                                                                                   (an area or group of people) with a
verb                              predecessor              particular area or place
                                                                                                                   product or service
share or exchange information,
news, or ideas : • impart or pass on                    What will be your...                              Impact
(information, news, or ideas)                                                                             noun
                                                                                                          the action of one object coming forcibly into
                                                                                                          contact with another • the effect or influence
                                                                                                          of one person, thing, or action, on another

                                                                      Winter     7   Edition
                                                                                           URGENT NEEDS
Signature Project

                                                                                      Boys pants sizes 6-16
                                                                                      Young Men’s 18-54
                                                                                      Girls 6-10
                                                                                      Wardropes distributed year to date:


                    Clothes To Kids
                    School is back!
                    By Patti Hanks

                    Back to school time was busy at Clothes To Kids,           There are no other programs like Clothes To Kids in
                    and with two stores open this year, we were able to        Pinellas County.  Children shop in a bright and
                    serve 250-300 children every week from July to             cheery boutique-like atmosphere and receive a
                    December!  Our Saturday schedule is mostly filled           week's worth of school clothing and uniforms. 
                    by members of JLSP and we are grateful to Julie            Recently we partnered with the Childrenʼs Initiative
                    Ann Scott and the members of her committee for             Program (modeled after that Harlem Childrenʼs
                    keeping us open and shopping on the weekends.              Zone)  at Fairmount Park Elementary School.  CTK
                    We are working on a new schedule for 2011 and              provided school wardrobes and uniforms for the
                    Julie Ann will be helping CTK put together a regular       students in need of these items.  With the help of
                    2nd and 4th Saturday schedule – a consistent JLSP          JLSP, plans are in the works for a shopping day with
                    “crew!”                                                    the children at Childʼs Park YMCA.

                    Thank you for the great clothing drive at the JLSP         The mission of Clothes To Kids is to provide new and
                    general membership meeting and the delivery of 48          gently used clothing to low-income, school age
                    packages of brand new socks and 72 packages of             (K-12) children in Pinellas County, free of charge.  To
                    brand new underwear.  Big thanks to the new                date, CTK has provided more than 50,000
                    member class and board members for donating 143            wardrobes to financially disadvantaged children in
                    uniform tops, 58 uniform bottoms, and 113 pairs of         Pinellas County.  The bottom-line goal of the
                    new socks.  We are thrilled to see how this                program is to ensure that our community's school-
                    partnership is helping children in our community.          age children have adequate clothing so that they can
                                                                               focus on learning.  Itʼs hard to fit in when your
                                                               Winter   8   Edition
                                                      Signature Project
clothes donʼt fit!  Each child receives a
complete school wardrobe (five new pairs
of underwear, five new pairs of socks, five
tops, four bottoms, a dress, a pair of
shoes, and a jacket in season).  Children
may "shop" at a CTK store two times
each year.

Hope to see you soon as a volunteer at
Clothes To Kids – or at the back door
dropping off clothes.  We especially need
little boyʼs pants, youth boyʼs jeans, and
uniform tops (white, light blue, and navy)
in all sizes.  We keep the shopping going
because of people like you!   Happiest
holidays to all of you at the Junior League
of St. Petersburg!

                               Winter   9   Edition
      Florida Resident Special

                 at your tropical island hideaway
                      that’s not too far away!
                      Stay 2 or more nights and save an additional
                       15% off our already low rates. Plus you'll get
                       a TradeWinds Surf n' Sun Scratch Off Card
                             at check-in. Every card's a winner!
                             Prizes range from a beach bag with
                      two towels to $500 TradeWinds Gift Cards.
               Hurry, this offer expires December 24, 2010.
       Reservations must be made directly with TradeWinds at
   or call 800.360.4023.

      Proof of Florida residency required upon check-in. This promotion cannot be
      combined with any other special offer, resort credit, coupon or group rate.
      Offer subject to change without notice.

                                Winter   10   Edition
JLSP 3rd Annual Partnership Ball
Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

                                                                                                                      Partnership Ball 2010
The Partnership Ball Committee would like to thank everyone who supported Third Annual Junior League of
St. Petersburg Partnership Ball – Winter Wonderland – A Wish of Hope Under a Starry Night. Over 300
guests attended the “sparkling” snowy event that benefitted the JLSP and our 2010 partner, Vincent House on
December 3rd at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront. Guests enjoyed a holiday-inspired evening of fabulous
food, entertainment by Lounge Cat & Shutter Booth and exhilarating Live & Silent Auctions by local auctioneer,
Blake Kennedy.

Guests started to arrive at 6:30 pm to start their bidding on over 100 Silent Auction Items, to learn more about
the Live Auction Items at Dinner and participate in the JLSP Partnership Ball Opportunity Drawing and Wish
Tree. At 8:30 pm, the guests were escorted into the Ballroom and seated at Tiffany Blue or White Satin Tables
dressed in white hydrangea centerpieces and candelabras donated by Redman Steele Floral Design Studio.
As the Guests dined by candlelight, ABC Action News Meteorologist, Wayne Shattuck, welcomed the guests
and introduced them to JLSP 2010-2011President, Lauri Lee and Vincent House Executive Director, Elliott
Steele. After the entrée, local auctioneer favorite, Blake Kennedy, took the floor and started to sell the fabulous
Live Auction Items from a Northern California Vacation to Grandstand seats at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day

Our 2010 partner, Vincent House, was founded in 2003.
Vincent House was the outcome of a community grass roots
effort led by Dianne and Elliott Steele. Their mission took
shape in 2001, after an inspirational meeting with Public
Defender Bob Dillinger on the critical need for psychiatric
rehabilitation services in Pinellas County. The mission of
Vincent House is to assist, promote and celebrate individuals
living with mental illness in their effort to improve social and
vocational skills and become employed in the community.
This mission lead by Vincent House follows the JLSP’s Vision
of “individuals and families having access to resources that
assist in the development of healthy life skills.” Support
received from this event will assist them in gaining more staff
for Vincent House.

In addition, support received from the Partnership Ball will
enrich our signature community event, Back-to-School Care
Fair, which supplies physical exams, immunizations and
backpacks filled with school supplies to more than 1,500
children in Midtown each year. Funds will also be used to
continue the JLSP’s popular community programs such as
Library Puppets, and Give-A-Book as well as various other
community outreach projects.

Again, thank you to all who supported the Partnership Ball.
From purchasing tickets to donating items for the auction,
each one of these “wishes” made the Winter Wonderland –
A Wish of Hope under a Starry Night a great success.

                                                      Fall   11   Edition
                       JLSP 3rd Annual Partnership Ball
                       Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

                                     Your newspaper.
St. Petersburg Times

                                     Your life.
                           Every day, the Times brings you and your family the stories happening
                           in your community, including school news, calendar of events,
                           neighborhood announcements, local sports and much more. And don’t
                           forget to keep up with the latest social scene in Mary Jane Park’s
                           “On The Town” column, every Sunday in Neighborhood Times.

                          For home delivery, call 877-843-8463
                          or visit

                          MEVT2737                                                             SP63270

                                                     Winter   12   Edition
JLSP 3rd Annual Partnership Ball
Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

                                                            Bright House

                                    Winter   13   Edition
                            JLSP 3rd Annual Partnership Ball
                            Walking in a Winter Wonderland...
                            Partnership Ball Sponsors
Partnership Ball Sponsors

                            Thank you to all of the generous Partnership Ball Sponsors
                              Platinum – Presenting Sponsors                                 Knight Enterprises
                                        Ami Jewelers                                         Ms. Joann Martino
                                    St. Petersburg Times                                     Optimal Outcomes
                                                                                               Mr. John Posey
                                         Gold Sponsor                                  Windmoor Healthcare of Clearwater
                                       Pinch Penny Press                                        Media Sponsors
                                        Wish Sponsors                                         St. Petersburg Times
                                          BB & T Bank                                           ABC Action News
                                              Divas4                                              WTOG CW44
                                    Guardian Pooled Trust                                    Bright House Networks
                                Junior League of St. Petersburg
                                                                                                Event Patrons
                                       Board of Directors
                               National Alliance on Mental Illness                            A Linen Valley, Inc
                                         Vincent House                                       J. Thor Productions
                                   Colleen and Frank Russo                                    Lounge Cat Band
                                                                                                 PKS Rentals
                                       Hope Sponsors                                             Rent-All City
                                Doyle Wealth Management, Inc.                          Redman Steele Floral Design Studio
                                        Fontana,CPAs                                             ShutterBooth
                                 Kitty Hawk Investments, Inc

                                                               Winter   14   Edition
JLSP 3rd Annual Partnership Ball
Walking in a Winter Wonderland...
Friends of the Junior League of St. Petersburg Partnership Ball

                                                                                                         Partnership Ball Sponsors
1st Dance Studio                    Great Explorations Children’s       Old Fashioned Lawn Care
Aerial Innovations, Inc.            Museum                              Paul W. Long Appliances
Allegiant Travel Company            Green Bench Florist                 Paula Deen Enterprises
Amaris’ Aesthetics                  Gulf Rent-A Car                     Vickie Payton
American Girl                       Harvey’s 4th Street Grill           Pink Petticoat
American Stage Theater Co.          Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront      Postcard Inn on the Beach
Ami Jewelers at the                 Noreen & Steve Hodges               Practically Pikasso
Renaissance Vinoy Resort            International Diamond Center        Prep Rite Painting
The Armed Forces Military           J.Con Salon & Spa                   PRP Wine
Museum                              J.Thor Productions                  r.m. fotography
Asolo Repertory Theater             Janice James                        Renaissance Vinoy Resort &
Barcelona Equipment                 Lisa Johni                          Golf Club
Barefoot Beach Resort               JLSP Care Fair Committee            Reno Beach Surf Shop
Bayou Dance Club                    JLSP Communications                 Resumes by John Sattler, CPC
Jenny Beckus                        Committee                           Ringside Café
Bella Brava                         JLSP Clothes To Kids                Rosie’s Clam Shack
Bernie’s & Son Jewelers             Committee                           Colleen and Frank Russo
Black Orchid Landscaping            JLSP Historian Committee            Sacred Space Yoga
Brickman Concerts, Inc. – Jim       JLSP Literacy Committee             Schakolad Chocolate Factory -
Brickman                            JLSP Education & Training           Tampa
Victoria Brock                      Committee                           Science Center of Pinellas
Bull Fitness                        JLSP Membership Development         County
Café Alma                           Committee &New Members              Mark Schwartz
Henry and Ellen Campen              JLSP Placement Committee            Stephanie & Patrick Sikes
Capital Marketing Concepts          JLSP Sunshine Committee             Skin Deep Spatique
Cason Photography                   JLSP Golf Tournament                Corrie & Bill Stover
Clearwater Boxing                   Committee                           St. Pete Brasserie
Coldstone Creamery                  Annica Keeler                       St. Petersburg Times
Collective Tattoo & Gallery         Ruth Kent                           Starbucks Pinellas Park
Judy & Terry Cunniff                Laura Lee Designs                   Starlite Cruises
The Dali Museum                     Lauri and Darrell Lee               Sunken Gardens
David A Straz Jr. Center for the    Carol & Michael Lowe                David Switzer
Performing Arts                     Marion’s                            Tampa Bay Rays
 Bernadette Dean                    Mary Kay by Kate Gogolan            Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo
Deborah Grooms Photography          Mary Kay by Lynne Sutherland        Time for Wine
Derby Lane                          The Melting Pot                     Tradewinds Island Resorts on
Dizzy Daisy Designs                 Middle Grounds Café                 St. Pete Beach
Dinner Done!                        Marianne Monoc                      University of Florida Gators
DIVAS4                              MOSI                                Scott Wagman & Beth Houghton
Don CeSar Beach Resort – A          Katie Mulford                       Steve Westphal & Nancy Safford
Loews Hotel                         Muvico Theaters                     Tiffany & Rob Webb
Doubletree Hotel Tampa              Murray’s Tree Service               White Cloud Laundromat
Westshore Airport                   The NoHo Bistro                     Jenna Worden-Brooks
Dr. William Adams, Plastic &        Norsk Woodshop                      Wyndham Tampa Westshore
Reconstructive Surgeon              Nova 535                            Zen Zen Wines
Edible Arrangements – Pinellas
Elise Schreiner Photography
Ellen & Henry Campen
Embellish Boutique
Florida Aquarium
Florida Orange Groves, Inc.
The Florida Orchestra
Debra Ford
Fourth Street Shrimp Store
Fresh Market
Glazer Children’s Museum
                                                Winter   15   Edition
                       Heart Gallery                                                          Junior League members in
                                                                                              attendance decorated cookies with
                       On November 20th, the                                                  the 50 Heart Gallery children who
  Community Outreach

                       Community Outreach                                                     attended Great Explorations that
                       Committee hosted a cookie                                              Saturday. The kids ranged in age
                       decorating station at the Heart                                        from infants to teenagers and they
                       Gallery event at Great                                                 were all excited to decorate and
                       Explorations. The Progress                                             devour their delicious cookies. The
                       Energy Heart Gallery of                                                event and the Heart Gallery had
                       Pinellas & Pasco is a local                                            excellent news coverage by Bay
                       organization whose mission is                                          News 9. The day was a huge
                       to provide an emotionally safe                                         success as the main goal was to
                       way to promote local adoptions.                                        give the children a day of fun and
                       The Heart Gallery features the                                         to leave them with smiles on their
                       photos and stories of foster                                           faces.
                       children ready for families. The

Literacy Committee                                                      come to help out. You will be so glad you did. The
                                                                        children will make your day.
The Literacy Committee is hard at
work and having a great time in the                                                In addition to our puppet show we are busy
process. This year the committee                                                   with Give-A-Book. This year we have given
spent the Summer creating a new                                                    out hundreds of books to the children of our
Puppet Show for the children of St.                                                community, first at The Back to School Care
Petersburg. The puppet show is                                                     Fair at the end of the Summer and then at of
put on twice a month at the Main                                                   the St. Pete Times Festival of Reading this
Library on 9th Avenue North in St.                                                 fall.
Petersburg. The schedule is as
follows: Junior League Puppet                                                      We have prepared a fantastic collection of
Show "Rainbow Fish" - Mondays at                                                   children’s books that are all autographed by
10:00 a.m. - Main Library                                                          the authors. The collection will be put up for
Auditorium - October through                                                       auctions at this year’s Partnership Ball.
March - October 4 & 18, November
1 & 15, December 6 & 13, January                                                     We are currently planning to join Kids Create
10 & 24, February 7 & 28, March 14                                                  !at the All Children’s Hospital Holiday Party
& 21. This is not just any puppet                                                    where we will give out books and read to the
show, we have lots of bubbles and fog and even a                        children of All Children’s. Creating healthy tomorrows …
dancing fish routine! Please come out to watch us or                    for one child for All Children.

                                                          Winter   16    Edition
Education and Training

                                                                                                          Education and Training
                             Enroll  today  at
                                      CLASS  STARTS  11/16

 University of JLSP
 By Gina Stephens

 The 2010 University of JLSP was a success! Members of the League learned about a wide variety of topics
 from guests and some of our own league members and sustainers. Survey results were overwhelmingly
 positive! Members of each course “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that their speaker was engaging, and would
 recommend their course to a friend. The Education and Training committee also received wonderful
 suggestions for future courses. Thank you to the members for your participation, and a special thank you to
 our speakers for an outstanding job!

                                               Dr. Eddie Ariss
                                     Putting Passion Back Into Your Life

                                               John Gross, MD
                                        Injury Prevention for Athletes

                                        Brian D. Treby, J.D., L.L.M.
                                      Real Women Have Estate Plans

                                               Tiffany Webb
                                    Parliamentary Procedure Boot Camp

                                     Jan Herzik and Margaret Bowman
                                          Past Presidents Panel

                                               Tami Shadduck
                             How to Talk with Your Child About Sensitive Issues

                                               Winter   17   Edition
                       Development Council
Development Council

                       By Taylor Montgomery

                       Save the date and register now for the JLSP
                       2011 Par Tee Golf Tournament, which will take
                       place on February 5, 2011! Join us as we
                       celebrate Mardi Gras at The Bayou Club
                       JLSP style!

                       The scramble format golf tournament will
                       begin with a 12:00 pm shotgun start on the
                       beautiful private Bayou Club golf course.

                       At 4:00 pm guests, family and community
                       members are invited to join us for the 19th
                       Hole Launch Party featuring a wine tasting,
                       music, silent auction and chance drawing for
                       an Electra Cruiser donated by Northeast

                       The Last Shot Awards Ceremony Dinner will
                       begin at 6:00 with delicious cuisine and prizes
                       for the golfer with the best score, longest
                       drive, and the golfer with the best Mardi Gras
                       themed golf gear just to name a few.

                       Individual entry fee for the golf tournament
                       and Last Shot Awards Ceremony Dinner is
                       $125; a four-some is $500.

                       Tickets to the 19th Hole Launch Party which
                       includes the awards dinner are available for

                       For more information contact Taylor
                       Montgomery at or 727-895-5018.
                       Registration is now open online:

                      Need a new shirt for your next Community Outreach event?
                      You can now buy JLSP items on our new CafePress Website.
                      Simply go to:

                      A portion of the proceeds will benefit JLSP. The items you
                      purchase will be directly shipped to you so order now if you want a
                      new shirt before the next event!

                                                                      Winter   18   Edition
Development Council

                                                                                                   Development Council
                       $5,000- Platinum Level- Presenting Sponsor
                                  All benefits of Gold Level plus:
                       Exclusive sponsorship at this level in your industry
  Prominent recognition as “Presenting Sponsor” in all Par-Tee Golf Tournament promotional
              materials including print and electronic media and event information
                                   Upgrade to Four Foursomes
            Prominent recognition in the Par-Tee Golf Tournament invitation/brochure
 Advertising upgrade to one full page color ad in the Junior League of St. Petersburg Causeway
                       First right of refusal for this level for the next year

                                     $2,500- Gold Level
                                 All benefits of Silver Level plus:
                                   Upgrade to Two Foursomes
 Recognition in all Par-Tee Golf Tournament promotional materials including print and electronic
                                   media and event information
                 Recognition in the Par-Tee Golf Tournament invitation/brochure
                       Company name/logo on signage displayed at event
   Advertising upgrade to one half page ad in the Junior League of St. Petersburg Causeway
           Company logo and link posted on Junior League of St. Petersburg website

                                     $1,000- Silver Level
                                       One Foursome
                          Company logo/listing on event signage
                             Verbal recognition during the event
     One one-fourth page ad in the Junior League of St. Petersburg Causeway publication
         Company listing and link posted on Junior League of St. Petersburg website

                                     $250- Hole Sponsor
                                           Signage at Hole
                    Listing on Junior League of St. Petersburg League website
          Includes (4) VIP tickets, advertisement in event program and JLSP newsletter.

                                             Winter   19   Edition
                 Public Affiars
                 JLSP Public Affairs
                 On SPAC - State Public Affairs Committee
Public Affairs

                 Public Affairs Committee represents the Junior League in the Statewide Public Affairs Committee
                 aka "SPAC" - so look to hear updates in the near future regarding the exciting activities. For example, the
                 SPAC committee has chosen to focus on key issues with human trafficking - and our league will be
                 partnering with Tampa to strategize and to take action.

                 FL SPAC is supporting three issues this legislative year.

                 The first priority is the issue of Foster Care in general. Specifically, we are interested in kids aging out of the
                 system and closing some loopholes in that legislation which has led to some abuses of the system, as well
                 as continuing the Title IV waiver which continues and possibly expands federal dollars into the system (the
                 waiver allows some money that would just go to kids actually in the system be used for prevention methods,
                 and helping to keep those kids with their parents - has resulted in close to 30% reduction in kids being
                 placed in foster care), as well as pursuing other legislation that helps with kids in the foster care system in

                 The second priority is the issue of cybercrimes, and includes both sexual predators targeting our kids online,
                 as well as cyber bullying (kids bullying kids online).

                 The third issue is booster seat legislation.

                 In summary, our committee is the essence of the Junior League. When Mary Harriman and other like
                 minded women started the League it was to address key issues within the community: to improve health,
                 nutrition and literacy among immigrants living in the lower east side of Manhattan.

                 Our committee’s goal is to research and present key public policy and community issues to our
                 membership so that we can collectively, like the earlier JL pioneers, take action to address these issues. A
                 couple of examples are the JLSP’s vital support and involvement in the opening of the Ronald McDonald
                 House and Great Explorations. It was the Public Affairs committee who reported concerns within our
                 community to its members, issues were voted upon and then action was taken to address the issue and
                 solve the problem. These examples like so many other actions women in our league have taken are why we
                 are a part of this great make a difference.

                 JLSP Facts
                 1970: Donated $36,000 to All Children’s Hospital to operate its pediatric-cardiology diagnostic center.
                 1976: A commitment of $42,500 for a crime prevention program with the City of St Petersburg
                 1980: First time in almost 50 years that we had a 50-50 membership of working and non-working members.
                 1981: 50th anniversary of the JLSP
                 1983: Donated $38,489 to four community projects from money raised by the Thrift Shop and the 50th
                       Anniversary Follies.
                 1984: Aerobathon to raise money for children’s museum

                                                                Winter   20   Edition
Public Affiars
JLSP Public Affairs
Advocating and Educating

                                                                                                                 Public Affairs
By Erika Rodriguez Interim Public Affairs Chair

The Public Affairs committee would like to thank you for attending, attentively listening, and hopefully
learning at the October General Membership Meeting. I would like to offer those of you that were unable to
attend a synopsis and those of you that did a review of the key points and highlights of the evening. First I
will begin much like we did that night. The objective of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is to assist the
League(s) in determining, through research and outreach, which needs in the community are not being met
and need our support. Our President, Lauri Lee, made it part of her strategic plan to begin searching for
focus areas in our community based on identifiable needs, so that we may be educated and able to make
decisions collectively as to where we will share our resources next. This is how a signature project like
Clothes To Kids and Care Fair are born. We begin the journey by having keynote speakers to raise your
awareness and answer your questions.

At the October GMM we were very fortunate to have the Executive Director of the Juvenile Welfare Board,
Gay Lancaster and County Commissioner Karen Seel, a former President of the Junior League of Dunedin/
Clearwater, take time out of their very busy schedules to speak to the mission of the immediate concerns
and needs of the organizations they represent. The four main areas of concerns were homelessness, health
care and human services, unemployment, and housing.

With regard to women and children under the age of 18, 34% of the homeless in Pinellas are female and a
staggering 31% are under the age of 18. Contrary to the school of thought that many of the homeless come
from another state because the climate in Florida is more conducive to living on the streets, she informed us
that over 80% were born in Pinellas County.

The “laundry list” is long but solutions are not impossible. Being a part of this committee has provided me an
opportunity to learn from outstanding women. Here is an example of solutions that if selected we can
contribute to in the years to come:

    •    Culturally Competent Mentors for Parents
    •    Quality Pre-School
    •    Quality Improvement for Day-Care Centers
    •    Education & Advocacy to connect economic & social benefit of early learning

The Public Affairs Committee will continue to bring speakers to your GMM to encourage you to engage in
this process of determining the direction and focus area of Your League. Each of us plays very different
roles in the League but we are all here for very common reasons. This is where it begins.

ODI Representatives
Congratulations to the following seven members who will attend the Organizational Development Institute
(ODI) in March 2011 as delegates of the Junior League St. Petersburg: Samantha Nevins, Kristin Connell,
Lydia Bennett Bailey, Stephanie Sikes, Shane Davis, Rachael Russell, and Taylor Montgomery.

                                                    Winter   21   Edition
The Power of Association
Call it the multiplier effect. Sure, one League out of 292 can make a difference in its own community, but
harness the power of 292 Junior Leagues and you can make a big difference around the world. The Leagues

                                                                                                                             Public Affairs
are never more powerful than when acting together, toward a common goal.

Spousal abuse was just beginning to be identified as a major social problem in the 1970s when the Junior
League of Bronxville started working with the county probation department to develop court assistance
programs for abused wives (and husbands). With no federal legislation addressing the issue of spousal
abuse, JLB’s work in Westchester County, N.Y. – one of the most affluent counties in the country – was a
catalyst for AJLI’s broader role in advocating for the enactment of the Family Violence Prevention and
Services Act, the only federal funding source dedicated directly to domestic violence shelters and programs,
in 1984. AJLI leadership as well as League members testified in Congress in support of the Act. Leagues
also helped to build awareness about domestic violence among women and children in advance of the
addition of the Violence Against Women Act provisions to the Crime Bill in 1994.

Also in the 1980s, alcoholism among women – wives and mothers – was still a problem many people
preferred to ignore. In 1985, AJLI launched its Woman to Woman initiative, a three-year public awareness
program to educate the public to the gender-specific impact of alcohol abuse cutting across socioeconomic
boundaries. Within three years, more than 100 Leagues in the U.S., Mexico and Canada were participating
in the initiative and there were more than 1 million copies of AJLI’s “Woman to Woman: Alcoholism and You”
brochure distributed. AJLI also sponsored the first major national conference on women and alcohol in 1988
with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, with funding from Allstate Insurance and
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Corp.

Maternal and children’s health have been a key focus of The Junior League for all of its 110-year-history. In
the 1990s, concerns about parents delaying or skipping vaccinations for their children emerged when
infectious diseases like measles – which had been brought under control in the U.S. and other Western
countries through vaccination – and other childhood diseases, many of them preventable, were killing
thousands of infants a year. In 1991, with 100% League participation, AJLI orchestrated the Don’t Wait to
Vaccinate campaign in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of

Childhood obesity became one of the biggest children’s health issues of the 2000s, but the Junior League of
Calgary started early in the decade with a program called Junior Chefs that became the model for Junior
Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen, one of the most successful volunteer programs to address childhood
obesity. Junior Chefs began in Calgary schools in 2001 to help children develop long-term
nutritional knowledge. Now, as Kids in the Kitchen, Leagues in more than 200 cities in Canada, the
U.S., the UK and Mexico have made the program an important part of their community impact
strategies. To date, the program has directly touched tens of thousands of children and adults.

So there you have it: 1 good idea + many Leagues = greater community impact.

JLSP Historical Data Request Form
The Junior League of St. Petersburg now has a Historical Data Request form. Please note the two-week provision on
the form which will allow the Historian Committee time to research your request to provide you the best possible
information. Information will be provided in "raw data" form which will allow each member the opportunity to tailor the
information to their specific needs. Please be as specific as possible in your request. With almost 80 years of history, a
request that simply says "thrift shop" could return several hundred documents when really one or two are the actual
information needed. If you have any questions, please contact Debi Ford, League Historian, at The
Historian Committee looks forward to providing you the best we have to offer to help you!

                                                          Fall   22   Edition
About Our Founder
You know her as the founder of The Junior League. And it’s a remarkable story. At 19, a young New York
debutante, daughter of one of the richest men in America, mobilizes a group of 80 other young women, hence

                                                                                                                 About Our Founder
the name “Junior” League, to work to improve child health, nutrition and literacy among poor immigrants living
on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

According to Wikipedia, “As word of the work of the young Junior League women in New York spread, women
throughout the country and beyond formed Junior Leagues in their communities. In time, Leagues would
expand their efforts beyond settlement house work to respond to the social, health and educational issues of
their respective communities. In 1921, approximately 30 Leagues banded together to form the Association of
Junior Leagues of America to provide support to one another. With the creation of the Association, it was
Mary that insisted that although it was important for all Leagues to learn from one another and share best
practices, each League was ultimately beholden to their respective community and should thus function to
serve that community’s needs.”

You also know how the story ends: The Junior League goes on to become one of the most successful
women’s volunteer organizations in the world, with 292 individual Leagues and 160,000 members in four
That’s all true…but there’s more to her story than that.

At 27, after her father’s death, she takes over management of her family’s estate, now a National Historic
Landmark, becoming in the process an accomplished farmer and a life-long advocate of farming co-

At 29, she marries for love but becomes a young widow at 41 when her husband – the athlete and sculptor
Charles Cary Rumsey – is killed in a car accident, leaving her with three young children.

At 47, defying her family’s political tradition, she publicly joins the Democratic Party, a move significant
enough at the time that The New York Times memorializes it as an important political news story of the day.

At 53, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appoints her to chair the first government consumer rights group, the
Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) of the National Recovery Administration (NRA), and she goes on to promote
the formation of consumer groups across the country. In that role, she is one of the highest-ranking women in
the administration.

And less than a year later, she dies of injuries suffered in a horseback-riding accident. A superb horsewoman
throughout her life, Mary Harriman died young from injuries that today would not likely have proven fatal.

At her memorial service, a year later at the New York Junior League headquarters in Manhattan, political,
civic and philanthropic leaders came to pay tribute. Eleanor Roosevelt, a friend of decades and a colleague
in the earliest days of The League, said, “She helped all those she came in contact with who needed her

Which is not a bad way to be remembered.

So Happy Birthday, Mary – your work lives on.

                                                   Winter   23   Edition
                                               S     E   Q   U   O    I    A         C   L   U   B

              Financial Obligation 2010 - 2011

                 I. Financial Obligations
                     The financial obligation of $100 is assessed as of May 1 of the fiscal year to which it applies. The
                     financial obligation must be paid in full on or before December 31 for a member to remain in good
                     standing. A late fee of $25 will be applied to any balances outstanding on financial obligations after
                     December 31.
              Menu Options for 2010-2011 Financial Obligation:
                        o Partnership Ball Ticket ($75.00 each per member, up to 2 tickets. Any additional tickets
                           purchased by members are $100 each.)
                           o   Participant in Golf Tournament $125 each
                           o   19th Hole Party $40
                           o   Golf Opportunity Ticket $5 each
                           o   Partnership Ball Opportunity Ticket $5 each
                           o   Endowment Fund (any monetary increment)
                           o   Annual Giving Fund (any monetary increment)
              Please keep in mind:
                 1) Each member’s financial obligation must be paid by 12/31/10.
                 2) If you are late, i.e. paying after 12/31/10, there is a $25 late fee.
                 3) The financial obligation can be paid online or by sending your check to JLSP Headquarters.
                 4) When you pay, please specify clearly exactly what you would like in return. For example, choose your
                    menu option(s) ahead of time and specify on your check or in the notes section online what you want
                    that totals $100 (or more).

              Thank you!                                                       Does your committee have an event or
              Partnership Ball 2010 Committee Members                          meeting coming up?
              Kristin Connell- Chair                                Before you do your shopping be sure to check the
              Stephanie Sikes – Chair-Elect                         Membership Closet at Headquarters for supplies
              Jenna Worden – Brooks                                 already on hand. Over the years the League has
              Judy Cunniff                                          accumulated an inventory of left over supplies that
              Katie Hatcher                                         you may be able to use. We have an abundance of
              Mollie Holden                                         plates, cups, napkins, utensils, colored paper, etc.
              Jessica Lowe                                          This is just a small list of the items on hand. If you
              Denise Oglesby                                        need any type of supplies for your event or meeting,
              Elise Schreiner                                       please call Gigi at Headquarters (895-5018) to set up
              Nikki Soda                                            a time to stop by before you go and spend League
              A big thank you to our committee advisors             funds! You will also need to notify Gigi of any supplies
              Donna Mainguth                                        used/taken when she is not there so that we can
              Tirrah Switzer                                        continue to keep track of our inventory. Thank you!
              Ann Vickstrom
              Tiffany Webb
              Special Thanks
              Maria Chapman for her time in designing the 2010 Partnership Ball Power Point Presentation
              Gigi Fleming for keeping us organized at Headquarters
              Mary Ann Will for her time in designing the 2010 Partnership Ball Program
              Maria Rawls for her guidance in decorations

                                                             Winter   24   Edition
Congratulations to all the JLSP New Moms and their lil

                                                                                                                 Around The League

Mary and Charley Harris announce the birth of their fourth child, Lucy
Elizabeth, on 10/10/10. She was born at 11:46 p.m. and weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz.
Her brothers, Reid and Owen, and sister, Emily, are happy to have a new
little sister.

Engagement Announcement:
Amanda Amann and Geoff McQueen
Elise Schreiner and Ross Preville

Joceyln Ande Lee December 12th

Congratulations to all the JLSP Winter Brides!
Molly Featherstone and Greg Holden
Ashlyn Wier and Gill Lazenby
Ashley Surdgk and Bill Gonelli

• What an amazing event put on by an amazing handful of hard working JLSP members! Congratulations to
  the entire Partnership Ball Committee, led by Kristin Connell. A fabulous and fun time was had by all thanks
  to the PB Committee. The League and our community cannot thank you enough for all your tireless and
  hard work! Thank You!!!
• Thank you to the Community Council for the generous sponsorship of the November GMM refreshments!
• Education & Training planned and implemented a diverse University of JLSP curriculum– congratulations
  on an outstanding job!
• Kudos to the Historian Committee – all of the Junior League of
  St. Petersburg scrapbooks are digitally preserved and
  catalogued as of this month. This was an enormous effort and
  invaluable to the league. Thank you ladies!
• Ashley Surdyk and Heidi Hobbs for always showing up early to
  GMM to set up and then taking such great attendance records.
• Rachael Russell for all her dedication and hard work with the
  CauseWay and within the Communications Committee.
• Congratulations to Lisa Johni as the new Communications VP.
• Thank you to the Public Affairs Committee for coordinating
  fabulous guest speakers at the October General membership
                                                                                        Call Bryan or
• With much appreciation, we thank Margaret Bowman for being                                    Trip
  the quest speaker at our September meeting.

The Communication Council has some VERY exciting news and
changes that are in the works. Be on the look out for a new                                 6700 Central Avenue
online CauseWay and so much more.
                                                                                        St. Petersburg, Fl 33707
If you have stills in graphic design we are looking for you! Email                                  727.343.1020
us at
                                                                                          Toll Free 866.682.1020

                                                    Winter   25   Edition
              Reflections from Past Presidents
                                                                       (Curry) were a part of that group. It was
             Carol Russell

                                                                       extremely apparent once he started describing
             Year(s) served as President: 1995-1996                    the group who they were and if you know Ginger
                                                                       and Leslie Ann you would understand that. It
             What were the most significant events that                was such a powerful lesson to us on the strength
             occurred during your Presidency? Please share             of our personalities.
             a brief story or bit of history. (For example, were
                                                                       During my training as President I went to a
             there any “first’s?”)                                     conference and one of the key note speakers was
                                                                       Hillary Clinton. I was not a huge Hillary fan but
             First One Day Sale “Bag A Bargain” held at                was amused that I was going to hear her speak.
             University of South Florida, St. Petersburg -             The president of AJLI shared this story with us
             Campus Activity Center                                    about her encounter with Hillary. Prior to the
                                                                       event, as she was in the "holding room", Hillary
             Did anything funny, amusing, shocking, etc. happen        was firing all sorts of personal questions at her.
             during your presidency that would be interesting to       "Where was she born, how many children did she
             share with the membership?                                have, was she employed", etc. She asked these
                                                                       questions, heard the answers but never pursued
             Amusing...Mikhail Baryshnikov and the White               any of them into a full blown conversation.
             Oak Dance Project returned to the Mahaffey                Seemingly to the AJLI president, she was
             Theater for a second fundraising performance              unconcerned and uninterested in her but was
             benefiting the Junior League of St. Petersburg.           merely marking time. Much to her surprise when
             Please note...this was prior to Mr. Baryshnikov's         Hillary spoke to us she incorporated every
             role as Aleksandr Petrovsky.                              answer that the AJLI President had given into her
                                                                       speech to us, making it extremely personal.
                                                                       What a lesson for me on the power of personal
             Kim Brett                                                 presentation.
             Year(s) served as President: 1996-1997
                                                                      Finally, on another conference Carol Russell and
             What were the most significant events that occurred      I went to San Francisco. We had been in the
             during your Presidency? Please share a brief story or conference all day and were decked out for the
             bit of history. (For example, were there any “first’s?”) occasion; our best dress, nice shoes, jewelry
                                                                      and, of course, a great bag. We had a break in
             It was an incredibly memorable year for me, with the afternoon and heard that Nordstroms had a
             such sweet memories of the Executive                     shoe outlet nearby. Foolishly, Carol and I
             Committee, Board and Membership but I don't              investigated where it was and how to get there.
             have any incredible history or funny stories. My         We learned that it was a distance away but there
             year was the year, however that we voted to              was bus service to the area. In our excitement
             initiate the Care Fair. The girls worked on the          and in our finery, we hopped on the bus,
             event all year and the first one was held the            oblivious to the dangers that may present
             summer that my term ended. Clearly, the                  themselves to us. We were talking to each other
             creation of that event by my membership was              and chatting with those around us, sharing with
             incredibly insightful and significant as the event       them our shopping goals and destination.
             carries on to this day.                                  Unbeknownst to us we were being cased and
                                                                      when we arrived at our destination, which was a
             On a personal note, one of my fondest memories relatively desolate transfer stop, one man got out
             as my board retreat which was held at the Vinoy. of the bus. As we began to exit behind him, a
             Steve Pease agreed to administer a personality           sweet man we had befriended discretely grabbed
             test to each of my board members to assist us in our attention and advised us to stay on the bus
             understanding one another and helping us work            until the next stop as he was afraid for our safety.
             together as a strong unit. Unbeknownst to us,            We, of course followed his advice, and saw the
             after the results of the test were known to him he other man watch our bus leave with us still in it.
             sat us in accordance to how we performed on the We were sooooo grateful for the kindness of
             test. That seating resulted in all the nurturers         strangers and embarrassed by our lack of
             sitting together, all of the type "A"s sitting           traveling finesse.
             together etc. When he began his presentation he
             started to describe the group of nurturers/
             caregivers. Ginger Levick and Leslie Ann Smith
                                                         Winter   26   Edition
    December Birthday Girls!!!

                                                                                                   Around The League
     Donna Nagelsen
     Dorothy Hobach
     Elsie Slicker
1    Mary Evertz                                                       Dahlgren Scarritt
     Norma Harris                                                      Joyce Wilson
     Sallie Blocker                   Becky Wells                 1    Madge McFall
                                 1    Glynna Gilbert                   Natalie McMasters
3    Sharon Jackson                                                    Peggy Murrell
                                      Jennifer Treby
     Kirby Bryan                      Katherine Franckle               Andrea Winning
5                                2
     Samantha Berger                  Lyn Greene                  2    Samantha Nevins
                                      Melanie Blanchard                Stacy Brandenstein
7    Jenny Martin
                                      Leslie Waechter             4    Erika Rodriguez
     Audrey Wedding              3    Tiffany Babb
     Diane Winning                                                     Anne Shamas
11                                                                6
     Marion Ballard              4    Annamaria Dickhaus               Jillian Doyle
     Mary Margaret Winning
                                 5    Janice Willingham           7    Karen Baybut
     Megan Pott
13   Susan McLean                7    Kristi Aussner              8    Mary Wyatt Allen
     Stephanie Percifield         8    Fay Nielsen                 9    Mary VanSciver
14   Stephanie Sikes
                                 9    Mary Paul                   10   Victoria Rahall
     Corrie Stover
15                                    Carol Mathis                12   Carolynn "Carrie" Johnson
     Liz Bradley                 10   Laura Schuetz
16   Danielle Flynn                                               13   Mardi Bessolo
                                 11   Simone Bennett
17   Jenn Maxwell                                                 14   Lolly Macdonald
                                 12   Peggy Weniger
18   Jane Ferguson                                                     Lora Hogan
                                 13   Karen Anthony                    Paula Gower
     Anne Long
19                                    Danielle Cole               16   Amy Shoukry
     Robyn Oeth                  14   Virginia Parker
20   Elise Minkoff                                                18   Jane Sayler
                                      Betsy Fleming
                                 16                               19   Evelyn Collins
     Jennifer Dal Sasso               Joann Barger
21   Sandra Lowe
     Stephanie Hayes                  Kimberly Jackson            20   Heather Orsini
                                 17   Virginia Rowell
22   Tirrah Switzer                                               21   Kari Mainelli
                                      Amy Landers
     Carole Cowan                19   Erika Franz                 22   Karen Hajek
24                                    Sally Wallace
     Georgia Mattern
                                                                       Corinne Flanagan
25   Cynthia Weatherby                Ginger Jones                     Nancy Burgess
                                 20   Mary Harris
     Jeanne Heibner                                                    Dorothy Lang
27                                                                27
     Lyndsey Shaw                     Dona Mullaney                    Stephanie Everhart
                                 21   Megan Schultz
     Laura A. O'Dell                                                   Janette McCurley
28                                                                28
     Susanna Johnston-Versandi        Danielle Weitlauf                Mary Lou DeVoe
                                      Donna Sue Marks
29   Margaret Bowman             22                               29   Kim Brett
                                      Janet Raymond
                                      Mary Reed
30   Jane Stovall
                                 23   Lauri Lee
31   Amy Rettig
                                 25   Candie Firebaugh
                                 26   Shawn Ulrich
                                      Adrienne Forkois
                                      Christine Kirchner
                                 28   Jean Catanese
                                      Rachael Russell

                                 29   Lisa Johni
                                 30   Debby Obst

                                       Winter      27   Edition
                            S   E   Q   U      O    I   A         C   L   U   B

                        e Crne
The Cooking Corner

                      Th Co

                     We hope you celebrate
                      the season with all
                      your favorite taste.

                                            Fall   28   Edition
        JLSP Sustainers
        The Junior League of St. Petersburg Sustainers Welcomed the New Member Class of
        2010-2011                                 !

                                                                                                                                                         Hot Flashes
        Chris Hilton hosted the Sustainer Fall Social this
        year at the Parkshore Plaza Condominium
        Community Room on beautiful Beach Drive. The
        event was held on September 28 and the leaves
        were crisp and the wine flowed as 14 New Members,
        6 Active Board Members including Donna Mainguth
        (President Elect), Corinne Flanagan (Membership
        Vice President), Samantha Nevins (Corresponding
        Secretary), Andrea Winning (Nominations), Gayle
        Freeland (Communications), Courtney Vandenberg
        (Recording Secretary) and our Membership
        Development Chairs and Advisors (Maria Rawls,
        Corrie Stover, Lisa Johni, Victoria Rahall, and Lydia
        Bailey) and 52 Sustainers enjoyed the fabulous hor
        devours and festivities that the evening provided.

                                                                            Top to Bottom
                                                                            Susan McLean with her niece Kara Bond.
                                                                            Suzanne Earle, Sharon Kleitsch and Marilyn Hobbs
                                                                            Debra Ford, Marty Wallace and Jean Catanese share
                                                                            Judy Stanton tries her luck at selling tickets to New

                                                                                         Wishing the
                                                                                Junior League of St. Petersburg
                                                                                  a Happy 80th Anniversary
                                                                                    from Diamonds Direct!
                                                                               The pearl pendant is the signature piece to celebrate the League’s Anniversary

!                                                                                 Elegant and exquisite
                                                                              14 karat white gold necklace
                                                                               with a black Tahitian pearl
                                                                                pendant surrounded with
                                                                              diamonds in a unique design.
                                                                                   Retail value $1250

                                                                                         Opportunity tickets are $10 each or 3/$25.
                                                                                  All prodeeds will support the JLSP’s community and leadership programs.
                                                                                            Purchase tickets at each General Membership Meeting
                                                                                                    and at the Sustainer Holiday Luncheon.
                                                                                Winner will be announced at the JLSP’s Anniversary Celebration in March 2011.

                                                                                                             DIAMONDS DIRECT
                                                                                                                  FINE JEWELERS


                                                                Fall   29   Edition
                                Special Thanks
Hot Flashes

                  Special thanks go to Cathy Ball for coordinating
                 the food and to Gigi Fleming, Chris Hilton, Judy
                Stanton, Diane Winning, Shirley Bassett, Susan
                 McLean, Johanna Nekvasil, Debra Ford, Cathy
                  Ball, Ann Vickstrom, Charlotte Kendall, Linda
                 Dobbs, Gaby Gramling and Cynthia Weatherby
                for providing the wonderful appetizers and goodies.
                   Also, many thanks to Elise Minkoff, Chris and
                  Bob Hilton, Charlotte Kendall, Diane Winning,
                    Ann Vickstrom and Cynthia Weatherby for
                           staying to clean-up afterwards.

              Top to Bottom
              Chris Hilton, Mary Kate Slocumb and her mother, Past
              President Ann Slocumb are all smiles after the 50/50 drawing
              Connie Smith and Diane Winning
              New Members enjoying the festivities
              Harriet Dyer and Charlotte Kendall
              Chris Hilton, Samantha Nevins, Donna Mainguth and Corrie




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