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					Charlton Athletic FC and Status
     Healthier Living Programme
          Why was it planned

• Status Employment works with a lot of
  candidates with severe and enduring mental
  health needs using the Individual Placement
  and Support (IPS) model to help them back to
• Many of the candidates were not wanting to
  engage with employment straight away
  especially with the IPS direct methodology
          Why was it planned

• Status Employment also noticed that many of
  their candidates when engaging in
  employment were gaining more interest in
  other social inclusion activities
• That for those candidates who started
  participating in sport then they became more
  active and confident in looking for jobs
           Why was it planned

• Those Candidates who were engaging in sport
  were using health services less and retention
  was greater for those candidates.
• Football plays a major cultural role in the UK.
  It attracts approximately 29 million people
  every year at live matches alone in addition to
  the millions who watch it regularly on
          Why was it planned

• Psychologists are becoming increasingly aware
  of the impact that football can have on mental
  health. It is thought to have an impact on
  emotions, relationships, identity and self-
  esteem. In a recent study, 25% or 1 in 4 of all
  those who would describe themselves as a
  fan, said football was one of the most
  important things in their lives
            Why was it planned

• For young men in particular, the opportunity to
  externalise tension and emotion is important to
  maintaining health. One in four experience a mental
  health problem in any one year and suicide is the
  most common form of death for young men under
  the age of 35. This age group is one of the most
  dominant in football crowds across the country
• We had also entered a five a side contest and we had
  lost so being very competitive we had to improve!!
          Why was it planned

• Charlton Athletic Football club under the
  auspices of their community trust had a remit
  to tackle social inclusion for the wider
  community of South London
• Charlton had worked in Kent and in Oxleas
  offering football training to people receiving
  mental health services and had also seen the
  positive benefits
           Why it is important

• While in excess of 30 million people regularly
  watch football, figures from the Football
  Association show that 7 million adults
  regularly play football. Football has an even
  more beneficial impact on mental health as
  exercise is known to have a positive effect on
  our mental well-being.
             How was it Funded

• After an agreement between Charlton Athletic and
  Status Employment we approached the Football
  Foundation for Funding
• Each person would be offered a lifestyle coach, this
  coach will work using techniques learnt from
  Individual Placement and Support. This will be using
  a individualised life style plan for each person.
  Looking at their opportunities for socially inclusion,
  this will include, training education, moving towards
  and gaining employment.
          How was it Funded

• The Football Foundation agreed to fund two
  thirds of the project if we could find match
• We approached the Trustees of South London
  and Maudsley hospital trust for the match
  money which they agreed.
• The Project started in October of 2008
                Our Aim

            To improve the health
        and employment prospects
of people living with enduring mental health
Each 10 week programme consists
• 10 half-day training sessions with Charlton
  Athletic professional coaches
• Use of an all-weather dome
• Use of astroturf all-weather surface
• Free match tickets to all participants
• A tour of the Charlton Athletic grounds
     Training sessions at the Status
      Employment Office include:
•   Access to an IPS Employment Consultant
•   Health and Safety at work
•   Confidence building
•   Healthy lifestyle / Healthy food
•   Social inclusion
•   Positive thinking / Mental well-being
      Training sessions at the Status
    Employment Office include (contd):
•   Communication skills
•   Body language / Dress sense
•   Telephone skills
•   Work behaviour
•   CVs and interview techniques
•   Journey planning
           Purpose of Course

• To engage candidates in activities relating to
  work – ‘not just another job club’
• To give candidates the opportunity to reflect
  on their lives, identify where they want to be
  and provide support for them to make realistic
  choices on how to progress
• To provide structure and consistency making it
  difficult for candidates to return to doing
             Outcomes to date
• Getting paid employment      Travelling on public
  transport without parents
  Attending NVQ, further and higher education courses
  Learning to read and write
  Becoming mentors
  Engaging with work-related services
  Organising holidays abroad together
What benefits does it have
 for Charlton Athletic FC?
       The Benefits To The Club

• For Charlton Athletic it has allowed them to
  work with a wider footballing community a
  community that many football clubs would
  not normally work with
• It is showing to the wider public that Charlton
  are positive with all aspects of disabilities.
• It offers variety for Coaches which retains the
  interest in the job
       The Benefits To The Club
• It allows for positive Stadium days as
  presentations on the pitch gives a positive
  message that the club is wider than just
• It sends out a positive image of Charlton
  Athletic Football club to the wider football
  audience. It also sends out a challenging
  message to other football clubs.
• Fans are proud of Charlton’s involvement
The Training Sessions

At Charlton's Training Ground
What difference have you seen in
       the participants?
    What Benefits have we seen for the
•   Vast improvement of Self Esteem
•   Candidates changing negatives into positives
•   Weight loss
•   Fitness
•   Team bonding both on and off the pitch
•   Social networking
•   A Feeling of belonging to the club
In Conclusion
              In Conclusion
• All the candidates who have participated on
  the course have made tremendous strides
  towards employment with some gaining paid
  work others choosing alternative routes
  including education, volunteering and
  mentoring. As well as this there has been a
  noticeable difference in their self esteem,
  their mental health and well being with all
  candidates continuing to engage both in the
  football and with their job search
               In Conclusion

• In the second year we are looking to be joining
  our candidates with other groups within
  Charlton Athletic to join the Positive Mental
  Health league. With one of the candidates
  who has been on the course is currently going
  on to his level 2 coaching course and is hoping
  to be the coach of the team.
“It has made me feel strong and given me such a
   sense of achievement that I now feel I can try
   other things that I once thought were
                            Letitia has become a
                              Mentor supporting
                                other Candidates
“My headmaster used to tell us that success
 comes from hard work… and when I work
 hard, nothing, and I repeat nothing, will stop
 me from achieving my goals.”

                      Jude is now completing an
                       NVQ Level 2 in Care Work

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