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									                           Republic of the Philippines
                             Regional Office No. IX
                                Zamboanga City
                          Tel./Fax No. (062) 991-2673


TO:           PO/CO/Division/RTWPB-IX Heads & Staff


DATE:         01 January 2011

        To serve as blueprint in the implementation of various priority programs
and services in Zamboanga Peninsula Region for Calendar Year 2011,
hereunder are the thrusts and priorities of DOLE, Zamboanga Peninsula Region,
to wit:

        1. Enhance the supervisory knowledge and skills of the program
           managers, focal persons, and senior officers in the regional, provincial
           and city offices through the conduct of “Program Planning and
           Management Training” early this year to be facilitated by the Internal
           Management Service Division (IMSD). Furthermore, IMSD and the
           Technical Support Services Division (TSSD) in coordination with the PESO
           Academy shall design and facilitate training workshops for program
           managers and selected staff on Community Organizing, Project
           Proposal Preparation, Training of Trainers, etc.;

        2. Intensify implementation of Project LEAP through the conduct of
           inspection for covered establishments including those that refused to
           attend the Training and Advisory Visits (TAVs) and failed to submit the
           checklist in the case of establishments covered under the Self-
           Assessment (SA). All Field Offices (FOs) are advised to conduct listing
           of new establishments and update the existing masterlist not later than
           January 31, 2011, as basis in the issuance of inspection authority and
           the provision of checklists;

        3. Monitor developments on action plans submitted by the employers
           who participated in the TAVs and regularly conduct seminar-
           workshops to covered establishments vis-à-vis the target for 2011. Also,
           FOs are advised to prioritize distribution of checklists to organized
           establishments to include those that employ 200 and above workers;

        4. DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP) funds shall be equitably
           allocated in ten (10) districts based on the approved appropriation for
           2011. Priority shall be the areas (Provinces, Cities and Municipalities)
           that have not yet received any livelihood assistance, and the principle
           on “first come, first to qualify, and first to be served” shall be
           consistently applied. Proposed projects shall be in accordance with
           the mandates and deliverables of the Department that would
           immediately generate income and employment. However, concerned
           field offices (FOs) which failed to submit/endorse proposals to the
   Regional Office (RO) for evaluation and deliberation, their allocation
   for a given period shall be given to the other FOs which submitted
   viable proposals. The Sibugay Rubber Rehabilitation Program shall be a

5. FOs shall continuously monitor and evaluate the DILP projects
   particularly those that were funded in calendar years 2008, 2009, and
   2010, and intensify “100% liquidation” of funds. Priority shall be directed
   towards providing technical assistance to both the beneficiaries the
   Accredited Co-Partners (ACPs) in the implementation of projects and
   to follow-up and retrieve liquidation reports and supporting
   documents. Monitoring tools in the M & E Manual shall be used to
   gather the necessary data and information for analysis and evaluation,
   and to simplify the reporting system;

6. DOLE-9 Audit Task Force shall submit an audit and monitoring plan and
   continue to render technical assistance to FO counterparts, ACPs, and
   beneficiaries to sustain project implementation and operation;

7. RO, through the TSSD and IMSD, shall finalize and print the M & E
   Manual for distribution to all FOs and concerned units;

8. All Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) pledges shall be
   collated by the RO not later than January 10, 2011and approval shall
   be issued not later than January 15, 2011. In case there will be an
   excess on the amount pledges vis-à-vis the total available SPES grants,
   pro-rata maybe used and priority to be catered are employers in the
   private sector(at least 50%). TSSD shall analyze the pledges and submit
   sharing allotments to the ORD for approval. Implementation shall be in
   accordance with the approved Omnibus Guidelines for SPES for CY
   2011 and the new SPES guidelines;

9. RO, through TSSD, shall facilitate the organization of the “DOLE-9
   Intermediaries’ Council.” It shall compose of the following:

      a.   ZamPen PESO Managers Association
      b.   ZamPen Occupational Safety and Health Network
      c.   ZamPen Guidance Counselors Network
      d.   Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council
      e.   Federation of Family Welfare Committees
      f.   Union Officers Club
      g.   ZamPen Productivity Council;

10. FOs should focus on the promotion of DOLE’s programs/services and
    strengthening of intermediaries in the City/Provincial level, while RO
    thru TSSD will take charge on the strengthening and facilitating of the
    federation or regional association of intermediaries;

11. FOs to work with Local Government Units (LGUs), Non-Government
    Organizations (NGOs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Technical
    vocational Institutions (TVIs), and Private Educational Institutions (PEIs),
    for the institutionalization of PESOs;

12. RO, in coordination with the FOs, guidance counselors, PESO
    managers, and other program partners, shall advocate the Project
   Jobs Fit (PJF) in the private and public schools. Moreover, TSSD shall
   facilitate the conduct of another round of consultation among the key
   players to update the PJF with the emerging jobs and skills in the

13. TSSD, in coordination with the concerned FOs and PESOs, shall
    facilitate re-planning the Skills Registry System (SRS) Program to cover
    six areas and strengthen advocacy campaign in the barangay level.
    SRS focal persons shall submit plan of activities to include monitoring,
    evaluation, and strategies to address program complementation

14. RO thru TSSD, in partnership and/or convergence with the concerned
    intermediaries, shall design and conduct capability building
    seminars/trainings for Private Recruitment and Placement Agencies
    (PRPA) owners/managers and authorized representatives, and
    Job/Service Contractors to strengthen the employment facilitation

15. FOs, in coordination with the Rotary Clubs and the City/Provincial TIPCs,
    shall continue to undertake preliminary activities in preparation for the
    Awarding of the Regional Search for Outstanding Employers and
    Employees in the Private Sector scheduled on May 1, 2011;

16. Technical Resource Team (TechReT) to develop and finalize the M & E
    System within the first two months of 2011 as well as to design other IT
    systems that are relevant and appropriate in the implementation of the
    Department’s programs and services(DO18-02, PRPA, RWA, AEP, etc).
    Advised further to update, maintain, and enhance the existing
    Websites, Automated Document Tracking System, and the Financial
    Monitoring System;

17. RO and FOs to visit and use the DOLE ZamPen facebook as another
    means of transmitting and receiving official data and communications
    and social networking requirements;

18. Need to redefine and/or fine tune TSSD staff’s workload assignment vis-
    à-vis the position;

19. RO and FOs to create and/or strengthen the communication groups to
    be able to establish or improve the systems and protocols of all
    incoming and outgoing communications including reports, write ups
    and press releases;

20. RO thru TSSD shall organize the Sports and Cultural Committee (to be
    chaired by a nominee of the staff union) in January 2011 as part of the
    Champion Teams, and prepare and submit an action plan in
    preparation for the major events of the Department for CY 2011 such
    as but not limited to the Labor Day, June 12 celebration, DOLE
    anniversary, etc.;

21. IMSD to conduct inventory of supplies, materials and equipment and
    to plan for procurement of equipment and the repair and
    maintenance of vehicles;
       22. The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB-9) shall
           work with DOLE9 and promote the implementation of         the “One
           Locality, One Industry, One Service Quality” approach to increase
           productivity and competitiveness of both the employers and the
           workers and to promote local community tourism in ZamPen;

       23. RTWPB-9 shall arrange, coordinate, and work with the FOs for the
           conduct of Labor Relations, Human Relations and Productivity (LHP)
           and Training and Advisory Visits (TAV) Seminars;

       24. RTWPB-9 to design a training proposal for the conduct of the “Training
           on Facility Evaluation and Time and Motion Study” to be attended by
           selected RTWPB and DOLE-9 staff;

       25. The Board shall continuously review the existing wage rates, structures
           and levels to address the social and economic concerns of both the
           management, labor and the community;

       26. The Board shall plan a study tour among the members and secretariat,
           if possible, outside the country for benchmarking. An activity proposal
           shall be prepared and submitted to NWPC for funding;

       27. The Voluntary Code for Good Practices in the Fishing/Canning Industry
           shall be promoted by the TSSD in cooperation with Zamboanga City
           Office and launching/signing of the same shall be scheduled not later
           than January 31, 2011;

       28. The PESO Academy shall continue to conduct courses not only for
           PESO managers but to include GCNet members, other intermediaries
           and DOLE/RCC staff;

       29. The SENA implementation shall be continuously monitored by all RCC

       30. The Testing and Job Coaching Center shall be commissioned within
           the 1st qtr. of 2011; and

       31. Awarding and recognition of outstanding performance of staff and
           units in the implementation of programs and services as well as in the
           conceptualization of local initiatives.

     Updating of priorities is subject to the issuances of the Secretary of Labor
and Employment in accordance with the 22-point Labor and Employment
Agenda of the Aquino administration.

       Please be guided accordingly.

                                            (Original Signed)
                                            PONCIANO M. LIGUTOM, CEO VI
                                            Regional Director

c.c.   -Usec. Lourdes M. Trasmonte
       -Asec. Ma. Joji Aragon
       -All units

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