Financial Sanctions The Al'Qa'Ida and Taliban by meghan-annerien

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                                              Bank of England
                                              News Release
                                                                          10 December 2004


       This news release is issued in respect of the financial measures taken against Al-Qa’ida and
       the Taliban.

       The Bank of England, as agent for Her Majesty’s Treasury, issues this news release to advise
       that the UN Sanctions Committee has approved a number of amendments to existing entries
       on the UN Consolidated List maintained under Resolution 1390 (2002). The entities and
       individuals whose identifying information has been amended continue, along with all other
       individuals and entities appearing on the UN Consolidated List, to fall within the UK financial
       sanctions regime under the Al-Qa’ida and Taliban (United Nations Measures) Order 2002 (S.I.
       2002/111, as amended by S.I. 2002/251).

       (Deleted information appears in strikethrough. Additional information is shown in italics)


       1. ABD AL WAHAB, Abd Al Hafiz ABD AL HAFIZ, Abd Al Wahab
          DOB: 07/09/1967
          POB: Algeri, Algeria
          a.k.a.: (1) DI ROMA, Rabah (2) MOULOUD, Ferdjani (3) MOURAD
          Address: Via Lungotevere Dante, Rome, Italy (Domicile)

       2. ABDALLA, Shadi, Mohamed, Mustafa
          DOB: 27/09/1976
          POB: (1) Irbid, Jordan (2) Beje, Iraq (3) Alhamza (4) Athamse
          a.k.a.: (1) ABDALLA, Shadi, Mohammed, Mustafa (2) ABDALLAH, Shadi
          (3) ABDALLHA, Shadi (4) ABDEKHADIE, Emad (5) ABDELHADIE, Emad
          (6) ABDELHADIE, Zidan, Emad (7) AL HUT (8) AL SITAWI, Emad (9) HASAN,
          Shadi, Mohammed, Mostafa (10) ZAIDAN (11) ZIDAN
          Nationality: Jordanian of Palestinian origin
          Passport no.: (1) Jordanian passport no.: D 862 663, issued in Irgid, Jordan, on 10/08/1993
          (2) Jordanian passport no.: H 641 183, issued in Irgid, Jordan, on 17/04/2002 (3) German

                                                                                            Cont’d …

   International travel document no.: 0770479, issued in Dortmund, Germany on 16/02/1998
   Address: Rue de Pavie 42, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
   Other Information: Name of father is Mohamed Abdalla. Name of mother is Jawaher
   Abdalla, née Almadaneie. The a.k.a. ‘Shadi Mohammed Mostafa Hasan’ is used in
   Belgium. The a.k.a. ‘Al Hut’ means ‘The Shark’ in English. Currently in detention awaiting
   trial. Imprisoned in Germany after being convicted

3. ABDERRAHMANE, Kifane KIFANE, Abderrahmane
   DOB: 07/03/1963
   POB: Casablanca, Morocco
   Address: Via S. Biagio, 32 or 35, Sant’ Anastasia (NA), Italy

4. ABDULLAH, Abdullah, Ahmed EL ALFI, Abdullah, Ahmed, Abdullah
   DOB: 06/06/1963
   POB: Gharbia, Egypt
   a.k.a.: (1) ABU MARIAM (2) AL-MASRI, Abu Mohamed (3) SALEH
   Nationality: Egypt
   Other information: Afghanistan

5. ABDURRAHMAN, Mohamad, Iqbal
   DOB: 17/08/1958
   POB: Tirpas-Selong Village, East Lombok, Indonesia
   a.k.a.: (1) A RAHMAN, Mohamad, Iqbal (2) ABDURRAHMAN, Abu Jibril (3) ABU
   JIBRIL (4) MUQTI, Fihiruddin (5) MUQTI, Fikiruddin (6) RAHMAN, Mohamad, Iqbal
   Nationality: Indonesian
  Other information: In December 2003 was reportedly detained in Malaysia

6. AHMAD, Mustafa, Muhammad OSMAN ABU EL YAZEED, Mustapha, Ahmed,
   DOB: 27/02/1955
   POB: El Sharkiya, Egypt
   a.k.a.: (1) AHMED, Mustapha, Mohamed (2) SAI’ID, Shaykh

7. AL-GHOZI, Fathur, Rohman
   DOB: 17/02/1971
   POB: Madiun, East Java, Indonesia
   a.k.a.: (1) ABU SAAD (2) ABU SA’AD (3) AL GHOZI, Fathur, Rahman (4) AL GHOZI,
   Fathur, Rohman (5) AL-GHOZHI, Fathur, Rohman (6) ALGHOZI, Fathur, Rahman
   (7) ALGHOZI, Fathur, Rohman (8) AL-GHOZI, Fathur, Rahman (9) AL-GOZHI, Fathur,
   Rahman (10) AL-GOZHI, Fathur, Rohman (11) AL-GOZI, Fathur, Rahman (12) AL-
   GOZI, Fathur, Rohman (13) ALI, Randy (14) ALIH, Randy (15) ALIH, Randy, Adam
   (16) AZAD, Rony (17) BIN AHAD, Rony, Azad (18) BIN AHMAD, Rony, Azad
   (19) BIN AMAD, Rony, Azad (20) EDRIS, Anwar, Rodin (21) FREEDOM FIGHTER
   (22) JAMIL, Sammy, Sali (23) JAMIL, Sammy, Salih (24) RANDY, Alih (25) RODIN,
   Edris, Anwar
   Nationality: Indonesian
   Passport no.: Philippines GG 672613
  Other information: Reportedly killed in October 2003 in the Philippines

                                                                                   Cont’d …

8. ALÌ, El Heit EL HEIT, Ali
   DOB: (1) 20/03/1970 (2) 30/01/1971
   POB: Rouba, Algeria
   DI ROMA, Alì (2) MOHAMED, Kamel
   Address: (1) Milan (Domicile) (2) Via D. Fringuello, 20, Rome, Italy

9. ALI, Jim'ale, Ahmed, Nur JIM'ALE, Ali, Ahmed, Nur
   DOB: 1954
   a.k.a.: (1) JIMALE, Ahmed, Ali (2) JIM'ALE, Ahmad, Nur, Ali (3) JUMALE, Ahmed, Nur
   (4) JUMALI, Ahmed, Ali
   Nationality: Somali
   Address: P.O. Box 3312, Dubai, UAE
   Other information: Mogadishu, Somalia. Profession is Accountancy.

10. AL-KADR, Ahmad, Sa’id KHEDR, Ahmed, Said, Zaki
    DOB: 01/03/1948
    POB: Cairo, Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) AL KADER, Ahmed, Said (2) AL-KANADI, Abu Abd, Al-Rahman
    Nationality: Is a Canadian national and thought to be an Egyptian national Canadian

11. AL-SAYYID, Tariq, Anwar, Ahmad AHMED, Tariq, Anwar, El Sayed
    DOB: 15/03/1963
    POB: Alexandria, Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) FARAG, Hamdi, Ahmad (2) FATHI, Amr, Al-Fatih

12. AMDOUNI, Mehrez
    DOB: 18/12/1969
    POB: Asima-Tunis, Tunisia
    a.k.a.: (1) FUSCO, Fabio (2) HASSAN, Mohamed (3) THALE, Abu
    Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Passport no.: 0801888
    Address: of no fixed address in Italy
    Other information: Reportedly arrested in Istanbul, Turkey and deported to Italy

13. ATIF, Muhammed EL GOHARY ABU SINNA, Sobhi, Abd Al Aziz, Mohamed
    DOB: (1) 1956 (2) 1951 (3) 1944 17/01/1958
    POB: Alexandria El Behira, Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) ABDULLAH, Sheik Taysir (2) ABU SITTA, Subhi (32) AL MASRI, Abu
    Hafs (43) ATEF, Mohamed (54) EL KHABIR, Abu Hafs, Al Masri (65) TAYSIR
    Nationality: Thought to be an Egyptian national
    Other information: Senior lieutenant to UBL

14. ATWAH Muhsin, Musa, Matwalli ATWAH DEWEDAR, Muhsin, Moussa, Matwalli
    DOB: 19/06/1964
    POB: Dakahliya, Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) AL-MUHAJIR, Abdul, Rahman (2) AL-NAMER, Mohammed, K, A
    (3) RAHMAN, Abdel (4) RAHMAN, Abdul
    Nationality: Thought to be an Egyptian national Egypt
    Other information: Afghanistan
                                                                      Cont’d …

15. BAHAJI, Said BAHAHJI, Said
    DOB: 15/07/1975
    POB: Haselünne, Lower Saxony, Germany
    Nationality: Germany and Morocco
    Passport no.: Provisional German Passport No. 28642163 (issued by the city of Hamburg)
    National identification no.: BPA No. 1336597587
    Address: Formerly resident at: Bunatwiete 23, 21073 Hamburg, Germany

16. BEN ABDALLAH, Aouadi, Mohamed, Ben Belgacem
    DOB: (1) 11/12/1974 (2) 12/11/1974
    POB: Tunis, Tunisia
    a.k.a.: (1) AOUADI, Mohamed, Ben, Belgacem (2) AOUADI, Mohamed, Ben Belkacem
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Passport no.: L 191609 issued on 28/02/1996
    National identification no.: 04643632 issued on 18/06/1999
    Address: (1) Via A. Masina n. 7, Milan, Italy (2) Via Dopini No 3, Gallarati, Italy
    Other information: Codice Fiscale DAOMMD74T11Z352Z. Name of mother is Bent
    Ahmed Ourida. Sentenced for three and a half years in Italy on 11/12/2002

17. BEN ASSEN, Haddad, Fethi HADDAD, Fethi, Ben Hassen
    DOB: (1) 28/03/1963 (2) 28/06/1963
    POB: Tataouene, Tunisia
    Address: (1) Via Fulvio Testi, 184, Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Italy (2) Via Porte Giove, 1,
    Mortara (PV), Italy (Domicile)
    Other information: Fiscal Code HDDFTH63H28Z352V

18. BEN HENI, Lased
    DOB: (1) 02/05/1969 (2) 05/02/1969
    POB: Libya
   Other information: In Germany the case was dismissed, he was convicted in Italy on
   11/12/2002 and received a six year sentence

19. BEN MOHAMED, Ayadi, Shafiq, Ben Mohamed BEN MOHAMED, Ayadi, Shafiq
    DOB: (1) 21/03/1963 (2) 21/01/1963
    POB: Sfax, Tunisia
    a.k.a.: (1) AIADI, Ben Muhammad (2) AIADY, Ben Muhammad (3) AYADI CHAFIK,
    Ben Muhammad (4) BEN MOHAMED, Ayadi Chafig (5) BEN MOHAMED, Ayadi
    Shafig (6) BIN MUHAMMAD, Ayadi Chafiq (7) EL BARAA, Abou
    Nationality: (1) Tunisian (2) Bosnian
    Passport no.: (1) E 423362 issued in Islamabad on 15/05/1988 (2) Bosnian passport no.
    0841438 issued on 30/12/1998, expired on 30/12/2003
    National identification no.: 1292931
    Address: (1) 129 Park Road, London, England, NW8 (2) 28 Chausse Di Lille, Moscron,
    Belgium (3) Helene Meyer Ring 10-1415-80809, Munich, Germany (4) Street of Provare,
    No. 20 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Last registered address in Bosnia)
    Other information: Tunisia. He is in Dublin, Ireland. Name of mother is Medina Abid. The
    Belgian address is a PO Box. Belgian Authorities state that this person never resided in
    Belgium. Reportedly living in Dublin, Ireland. Name of father is Mohamed. Name of
    mother is Medina Abid

                                                                                     Cont’d …

20. BEN MOKHTAR, Bouchoucha, Mokhtar, Ben Mohamed
    DOB: 13/10/1969
    POB: Tunis, Tunisia
    a.k.a.: (1) BOUCHOUCHA, Mokhtar (2) BUSHUSHA, Mokhtar
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Passport no.: K/754050 issued on 26/05/1999
    National identification no.: 04756904 issued on 14/09/1987
    Address: Via Milano n. 38, Spinadesco (CR), Italy
    Other information: Codice Fiscale: BCHMHT69R13Z352T. Name of mother is Bannour
    Hedia. Convicted in Italy on 11/12/2002 and received a three and a half year sentence

21. BEN SALAH, Essid, Sami, Ben Khemais
    DOB: (1) 10/02/1968 (2) 02/10/1968
    POB: Menzel Jemil Bizerte,Tunisia
    a.k.a.: (1) EL MOUHAJER, Omar (2) ESSID, Sami, Ben Khemais (3) SABER
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Passport no.: K/929139 issued on 14/02/1995
    National identification no.: 00319547 issued on 08/12/1994
    Address: Via Dubini n. 3, Gallarate (VA), Italy
    Other information: Codice Fiscale: SSDSBN68B10Z352F. Name of mother is Saidani
    Beya. He was detained in Italy

22. DARKAZANLI, Mamoun
    DOB: 04/08/1958
    POB: Damascus, Syria
    a.k.a.: (1) ABU ILYAS (2) ABU LUZ (3) AL SURI, Abu Ilyas
    Nationality: Syrian and German
    Passport no.: 1310636262 (Germany), expires 29/10/2005
    National identification no.: German ID no 1312072688, expires 20/08/2011 29/10/2005
    Address: Uhlenhorster Weg 34, Hamburg, 22085 Germany

23. DUMONT, Lionel
    DOB: (1) 21/01/1971 (2) 29/01/1975
    POB: Robaix Roubaix, France
    a.k.a.: (1) ABU HAMZA (2) ANTONIO, Di Karlo (3) ARFAJ, Imam, Ben Yussuf
    (14) BILAL (25) BROUGERE, Jacques (36) HAMZA (7) HAMZA, Arfauni, Imad, Ben
    Yousset (8) RENE, Merlin, Oliver, Christian
    Address: of no fixed address in Italy
    Other information: International arrest warrant issued for him by Interpol. Arrested in
    Germany on 13/12/2003, extradited to France on 18/05/2004. As of October 2004 he is in

24. DWIKARNA, Agus
    DOB: 11/08/1964
    POB: Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Other information: Currently incarcerated in the Philippines Arrested 13/03/2002,
    sentenced 12/07/2002 in the Philippines

                                                                                    Cont’d …

    DOB: 03/04/1974
    POB: Marrakesh, Morocco
    Nationality: Morocco
    Passport no.: H 236483 (issued on 24/10/2000 by Embassy of Morocco in Berlin)
    Address: 21073 Hamburg, Göschenstrasse 13

26. ES SAYED, Abdelkader, Mahmoud EL SAYED, Abd El Kader, Mahmoud, Mohamed
    DOB: 26/12/1962
    POB: Egypt
    a.k.a.: ES SAYED, Kader
    Address: Via del Fosso di Centocelle n.66, Rome, Italy
    Other information: Codice Fiscale: SSYBLK62T26Z336L

27. ESSABAR, Zakarya
    DOB: 13/04/1977
    POB: Essaouria, Morocco
    Nationality: Morocco
    Passport no.: M 271351 (issued on 24/10/2000 by the Embassy of Morocco in Berlin)
    Address: Last rRegistered resident at Dortmunder Strasse 38, 22419 Hamburg, Germany
    Other information: E 189935

28. FARID, Aider AIDER, Farid
    DOB: 12/10/1964
    POB: Algeri, Algeria
    a.k.a.: ALI, Achour
    Address: Via Milanese, 5, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Italy
    Other information: Fiscal Code DRAFRD64R12Z301C

29. HASANAYN, Nasr, Fahmi, Nasr HASSANNEIN, Nasr, Fahmi, Nasr
    DOB: 30/10/1962
    POB: Cairo, Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) HUSSEIN, Naser, Fahmi, Naser (2) SALAH, Muhammad

30. HIMMAT, Ali, Ghaleb
    DOB: 16/06/1938
    POB: Damascus, Syria
    Nationality: Switzerland Italy since 1990
    Address: (1) Syria (2) Italy (3) via Posero 2, ch-6911 Campione D'Italia, Italy
    Other information: Swiss Authorities state that they have no data of a Swiss passport
   issued to that person and that this person does not have Swiss Nationality

31. HUBER, Armand, Albert, Friedrich
    DOB: 1927
    a.k.a.: HUBER, Ahmed
    Nationality: Switzerland
    Address: Rossimattstrasse 33, 3074 Muri b. Bern, Switzerland
    Other information: No Swiss passport under the name issued for this person

                                                                                     Cont’d …

32. IDRIS, Nasreddin, Ahmed NASREDDIN, Idris, Ahmed
    DOB: 22/11/1929
    POB: Adi Ugri, Ethiopia (now Eritrea)
    a.k.a.: (1) NASREDDIN, Ahmad, I (2) NASREDDIN, Ahmed, Idris (3) NASREDDIN,
    Hadj, Ahmed (4) NASREDDINE, Ahmed, Idriss
    Nationality: Italian
    National identification no.: Italian ID Card No. AG 2028062, expiry date 09/07/2005 or
    07/09/2005. Foreign ID card no: K 5249
    Address: (1) Corso Sempione 69, 20149 Milan, Italy (2) no: 10, Rmilat, Villa Nasreddin,
    Tangiers, Morocco (3) Piazzale Biancamano, Milan, Italy (4) Rue De Cap Spartel,
    Tangiers, Morocco
    Other information: Italian Fiscal Code: NSRDRS29S22Z315Y. Mr. Nasreddin left his
    residence at 1 via delle Scuole, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland in 1994 and moved to Morocco

33. JARRAYA, Khalil
    DOB: (1) 08/02/1969 (2) 15/08/1970
    POB: (1) Sfax, Tunisia (2) Sereka, former Yugoslavia
    a.k.a.: (1) AMR (2) AMRO (3) AMROU (4) AZIZ, Ben Narvan, Abdel (5) BEN
    NARVAN, Abdel, Aziz (6) OMAR (7) YARRAYA, Khalil
    Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Address: (1) Dr Fetah Becirbegovic St. 1, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (12) Via
    Bellaria n.10, Bologna, Italy (23) Via Lazio n.3, Bologna, Italy

34. KISHK, Samir, KISHK, Samir, Abd El Latif, El Sayed
    DOB: 14/05/1955
    POB: Gharbia, Egypt

35. L’HADI. Bendebka BENDEBKA, L’Hadi
    DOB: 17/11/1963
    POB: Algeri, Algeria
    a.k.a.: (1) AL HADI, Abd (2) HADI
    Address: (1) Via Garibaldi, 70, San Zenone al Po (PV), Italy (as of 17/12/2001) (2) Via
    Manzoni, 33. Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Italy (Domicile)

36. MAAROUFI, Tarek, Ben Habib
    DOB: 23/11/1965
    POB: Ghardimaou, Tunisia
    a.k.a.: ABU ISMAIL
    Nationality: Belgian national since 08/11/1993
    Address: Gaucheret 193, 1030 Scherbeek, Brussels, Belgium

37. MAHAMUD, Abdullkadir, Hussein
   DOB: (1) 12/10/1966 (2) 11/11/1966
   POB: Somalia
   a.k.a.: MAHAMUD, Abdulkadir, Hussein
   Other information: Florence, Italy

                                                                                    Cont’d …

38. MOHAMED, Mansour MANSOUR, Mohamed
   DOB: 30/08/1928
   POB: (1) Egypt (2) UAE
   a.k.a.: AL-MANSOUR, Dr. Mohamed
   Nationality: Switzerland
   Address: Obere Heslibachstrasse 20, 8700 Kuesnacht, ZH, Switzerland
   Other information: Zurich, Switzerland. No data of a Swiss passport issued to that name

39. MOSTAFA, Mostafa, Kamel IBRAHIM, Mostafa, Kamel, Mostafa
    DOB: 15/04/1958
   POB: Alexandria, Egypt
   a.k.a.: (1) ABU HAMZA (2) ABU HAMZA AL-MASRI (23) AL-MASRI, Abu Hamza
   (34) AL-MISRI, Abu Hamza (45) EAMAN, Adam, Ramsey (56) MUSTAFA, Mustafa,
   Kamel (67) MUSTAPHA, Kamel, Mustapha (78) MUSTAPHA, Mustapha Kamel
   Nationality: British
   Address: (1) 8 Adie Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0PW, UK (2) 9 Albourne Road,
    Shepherds Bush, London W12 0LW, UK
   Other information: Under investigation in the United Kingdom

40. MOUSTAFA, Abbes ABBES, Moustafa
    DOB: 05/02/1962
    POB: Osniers, Algeria
    Address: Via Padova, 82, Milan, Italy (Domicile)

41. MUSTAFA, Nada, Youssef EBADA, Youssef, Mustapha, Nada
    DOB: (1) 17/05/1937 (2) 17/05/1931
    POB: Alexandria, Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) NADA, Youssef (2) NADA, Youssef, M. (3) NADA, Youssef, Mustapha
    National identification no.: Italian ID Card no AE 1111288, expiry date 21/03/2005
    Address: (1) via Arogno 32, 6911 Campione d'Italia, Italy (2) via per Arogno 32, ch-6911
   Campione d'Italia, Italy (3) via Riasc 4, ch-6911 Campione d'Italia I, Italy

42. MZOUDI, Abdelghani
    DOB: 06/12/1972
    POB: Marrakesh, Morocco
    a.k.a: (1) MAZUTI, Abdelghani (2) MAZWATI, Abdelghani
    Nationality: Moroccan
    Passport no: (1) Moroccan passport no. F 879567, issued 29/04/1992 in Marrakesh,
    Morocco, valid until 28/04/1997, renewed until 28/02/2002 (2) Moroccan passport no.
    M271392, issued 04/12/2000 by the Moroccan Consulate Embassy in Berlin, Germany
    National identification no: Moroccan personal ID no. E 427689, issued 20/03/2001 by the
    Moroccan Consulate General in Düsseldorf, Germany
    Address: op de Wisch 15, 21149 Hamburg, Germany (Last registered)
    Other information: Currently (June 2003) being held in custody in Germany

                                                                                   Cont’d …

43. OTHMAN, Deramchi DERAMCHI, Othman
    DOB: 07/06/1954
    POB: Tighennif, Algeria
    a.k.a.: YOUSSEF, Abou
    Address: (1) Piazza Trieste, 11, Mortara, Italy (Domicile as of October 2002) (2) Via
    Milanese, 5, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Italy
    Other information: Fiscal Code DRMTMN54H07Z301T

44. SAFI, Rahmatullah
    Title: General
    Position: Taliban representative in Europe
    DOB: (1) Circa 1948 (2) 21/03/1913
    POB: Tagaab district, Kapisa province, Afghanistan
    Nationality: Afghan

45. SALEH, Nedal SALEH, Nedal, Mahmoud
    DOB: (1) 01/03/1970 (2) 26/03/1972
    POB: Taiz, Yemen
    a.k.a.: (1) HITEM (2) SALEH, Nedal, Mahmoud, N
    Address: (1) Via di Saliceto n.51/9, Bologna, Italy (2) Via Milano n.105, Casal di Principe,
    Caserta, Italy
    Other information: Arrested in Italy 19/08/2003

46. SAYADI, Nabil, Abdul, Salam
    DOB: 01/01/1966
    POB: El Hadid, Tripoli, Lebanon
    a.k.a.: ABU ZEINAB
    Nationality: Belgian since 18/09/2001
    Address: Vaatjesstraat 29, 2580 Putte, Belgium
    Other information: Spouse of Patricia Vinck. Married on 29/05/1992 in Peshawar, Pakistan

47. SHIHATA, Thirwat, Salah ALI, Tharwat, Salah, Shihata
    DOB: 29/06/1960
    POB: Egypt
    a.k.a.: (1) ABDALLAH, Tarwat, Salah (2) THIRWAT, Salah, Shihata (3) THIRWAT,

48. VINCK, Patricia, Rosa
    DOB: 04/01/1965
    POB: Berchem, Antwerp
    a.k.a.: VINCK, Souraya, P
    Nationality: Belgian
    Address: Vaatjesstraat 29, 2580 Putte, Belgium
    Other information: Spouse of Nabil Sayadi

                                                                                     Cont’d …

49. YACINE, Ahmed, Nacer NACER, Yacine, Ahmed
    DOB: 02/12/1967
    POB: Annaba, Algeria
    a.k.a.: DI ANNABA, Yacine
    Address: (1) Rue Mohamed Khemisti, 6, Annaba (DZZ), Italy (2) Vicolo Duchessa, 16 and
    Via Genova, 121, Naples, Italy (Domicile)

50. YOUCEF, Abbes ABBES, Youcef
    DOB: 05/01/1965
    POB: Bab El Aoued, Algeria
    a.k.a.: GIUSEPPE
    Address: (1) Via Manzoni, 33, Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Italy (Domicile) (2) Via Padova,
    82, Milan, Italy (Domicile)

51.ZEINAB, Mansour, Fattouh FATTOUH, Zeinab, Mansour
   DOB: 07/05/1933
   Address: Obere Heslibachstrasse 20, 8700 Kuesnacht, ZH, Switzerland


     a.k.a.: (1) Barakaat Globetelcompany (2) Al Barakat Telecommunications Ltd
     Address: (1) Mogadishu, Somalia (2) Hargeysa, Somalia (3) P.O. Box 3313, Dubai, UAE

   a.k.a.: (1) Al Haramain Al Masjed Al Aqsa (2) Al Haramayn Al Masjid Al Aqsa (3) Al-
   Haramayn and Al Masjid Al Aqsa Charitable Foundation
   Address: (1) Hasiba Brankovica No. 2A, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Branch)
   (2) Bihacka St. 14, Sarajevo (3) Travnick, Potur mahala St. 64
                     Other information: Closed by Bosnian Authorities

   a.k.a.: (1) Barakaat Bank of Somalia Ltd. (2) Baraka Bank of Somalia
   Address: (1) Mogadishu, Somalia (2) Dubai,UAE

   a.k.a.: (1) DHDS (2) El-Ahouel
  Other information: A branch of GIA formed as a result of the break that occurred in 1996
  when Afghanistan Veteran Kada Benchikha Larbi decided to oppose the head of GIA

    a.k.a.: (1) Fondation Secours Mondial (2) Fondation Secours Mondial – Belgique a.s.b.l.
   (3) Fondation Secours Mondial – Kosova (4) Fondation Secours Mondial vzw
   (5) Fondation Secours Mondial ‘World Relief’ (6) FSM (7) GRF (8) Secours mondial de
   France (9) SEMONDE (10) Stichting Wereldhulp – Belgie, v.z.w.
   Address: (1) 49 rue du Lazaret, 67100 Strasebourg, France (2) 9935 South 76th Avenue,
   Unit 1, Bridgeview, Illinois 60455, U.S.A. (3) House 267 Street No. 54, Sector F – 11/4,
   Islamabad, Pakistan (4) Mula Mustafe Baseskije Street No. 72, Sarajevo, Bosnia (5) P.O.

                                                                                   Cont’d …

   Box 1406, Bridgeview, Illinois 60455, U.S.A. (6) P.O. Box 6, 1040 Etterbeek 2, Brussels,
   Belgium (7) Put Mladih Muslimana Street 30/A, Sarajevo, Bosnia (8) Rr. Skenderbeu 76,
   Lagjja Sefa, Gjakova, Kosovo (9) Rruga e Kavajes, Building No. 3, Apartment No. 61,
   P.O. Box 2892, Tirana, Albania (10) Rue des Bataves 69, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels,
   Belgium (11) Saray Cad. No. 37 B Blok, Yesilyurt Apt. 2/4, Sirinevler, Turkey
   (12) Vaatjesstraat, 29, 2580 Putte, Belgium (13) Ylli Morina Road, Djakovica, Kosovo
   Other information: Other Foreign Locations are Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh,
   Chechnya (Russia), China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Ingushetia (Russia), Iraq,
   Jordan, Kashmir, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Syria. US.
   Federal Employer Identification: 36-3804626. V.A.T. Number: BE 454,419,759. Belgian
   addresses incorrect - These are the addresses of Putte et Bruxelles de l’Association sans
   but Lucratif since 1998

    a.k.a: (1) JTJ (2) al-Tawhid (3) al-Zarqawi network (4) Monotheism and Jihad Group
    (5) Al-Qaida of Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers (6) Qaida of the Jihad in the Land of
    the Two Rivers (7) Tanzeem Qa’idat al Jihad/Bilad al Raafidaini (8) Tanzim Qa’idat
    Al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (9) The Organization Base of Jihad/Country of the Two
    Rivers (10) The Organization Base of Jihad/Mesopotamia (11) The Organization of
   Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers
    Other information: Led by Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi

   f.k.a.: Al Taqwa Management Organization Sa
   Address: Viale Stefano Franscini 22, Ch-6900 Lugano Ti, Switzerland
   Other information: Liquidated and deleted from Commercial Registry

   a.k.a.: (1) Groupe Combattant Tunisien (2) GICT (3) Groupe Islamiste Combattant

    f.k.a.: (1) Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry (2) Al Taqwa Trade, Property and
    Industry Company Limited (3) Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Establishment
   (4) Himmat Establishment
   Address: (1) c/o Asat Trust Reg., Altenbach 8, 9490 Vaduz FL, Liechtenstein (2) Via
   Posero, 2, 22060 Campione d’Italia, Italy
   Other information: In liquidation

    Address: Kaertner Ring 2/2/5/22, 1010 Vienna, Austria
    Other information: Company dissolved in October 2002, deleted from Company Registry
   as of November 2002. Premises vacated November 2002

The additional information will be added to the consolidated list which is maintained on the
Bank’s website.
                                                                                     Cont’d …

The Bank issued a number of Notices under Article 4 of the Terrorism (United Nations
Measures) Order 2001 (S.I. 2001/3365), directing that any funds held for on behalf of certain
of the individuals and entities detailed above must be frozen. This was because Her Majesty’s
Treasury have reasonable grounds for suspecting that the individuals and entities are or may
be persons who commit, facilitate or participate in the commission of acts of terrorism.

The United Nations Sanctions Committee subsequently added these individuals and entities to
the UN Consolidated List maintained under Resolution 1390 (2002). The individuals and
entities therefore also fall within the UK financial sanctions regime under the Al-Qa’ida and
Taliban (United Nations Measures) Order 2002 (S.I. 2002/111, as amended by S.I. 2002/251).

Financial institutions are requested to check, in the light of this new information, whether they
maintain any accounts or otherwise hold any funds for the entities and individuals named. If
so, they should freeze the accounts or other funds and report their findings to the Bank of


Note to Editors

Previous Notices and news releases related to Terrorism, Al-Qa’ida and the Taliban and a
consolidated list of individuals and entities subject to these and other UK financial sanctions
regimes are available from the Financial Sanctions pages of the Bank of England’s website:

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